Applied Catalysis B: Environmental

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ISSN: 0926-3373 (Print) 

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1 - 5 New concept for old reaction: Novel WGS catalyst design
Garcia-Moncada N, Gonzalez-Castano M, Ivanova S, Centeno MA, Romero-Sarria F, Odriozola JA
6 - 18 Semiconductor/boron nitride composites: Synthesis, properties, and photocatalysis applications
Zhou CY, Lai C, Zhang C, Zeng GM, Huang DL, Cheng M, Hu L, Xiong WP, Chen M, Wang JJ, Yang Y, Jiang LB
19 - 26 Light-tuned switching of charge transfer channel for simultaneously boosted photoactivity and stability
Xie YS, Yuan L, Zhang N, Xu YJ
27 - 37 Stable multiphasic 1T/2H MoSe2 nanosheets integrated with 1D sulfide semiconductor for drastically enhanced visible-light photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Li N, Wu JJ, Lu YT, Zhao ZJ, Zhang HC, Li XT, Zheng YZ, Tao X
38 - 50 Catalytic upgrading of biomass pyrolysis vapors and model compounds using niobia supported Pd catalyst
Teles CA, de Souza PM, Rabelo-Neto RC, Griffin MB, Mukarakate C, Orton KA, Resasco DE, Noronha FB
51 - 60 Defect-induced efficient dry reforming of methane over two-dimensional Ni/h-boron nitride nanosheet catalysts
Cao Y, Maitarad P, Gao M, Taketsugu T, Li HR, Yan TT, Shi LY, Zhang DS
61 - 69 Visible-light-responsive graphene-functionalized Bi-bridge Z-scheme black BiOCl/Bi2O3 heterojunction with oxygen vacancy and multiple charge transfer channels for efficient photocatalytic degradation of 2-nitrophenol and industrial wastewater treatment
Deng F, Zhang Q, Yang LX, Luo XB, Wang AJ, Luo SL, Dionysiou DD
70 - 81 Persulfate-mediated catalytic and photocatalytic bacterial inactivation by magnetic natural ilmenite
Xia DH, He HJW, Liu HD, Wang YC, Zhang Q, Li Y, Lu AH, He C, Wong PK
82 - 92 Novel aqueous-phase hydrogenation reaction of the key biorefinery platform chemical levulinic acid into gamma-valerolactone employing highly active, selective and stable water-soluble ruthenium catalysts modified with nitrogen-containing ligands
Moustani C, Anagnostopoulou E, Krommyda K, Panopoulou C, Koukoulakis KG, Bakeas EB, Papadogianakis G
93 - 103 Amino acid-derived non-precious catalysts with excellent electrocatalytic performance and methanol tolerance in oxygen reduction reaction
Kwak DH, Han SB, Kim DH, Won JE, Park KW
104 - 110 Impact of SO2-poisoning over the lifetime of a Cu-CHA catalyst for NH3-SCR
Hammershoi PS, Jensen AD, Janssens TVW
111 - 118 Crystal-plane-dependent metal oxide-support interaction in CeO2/g-C3N4 for photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Zou WX, Deng B, Hu XX, Zhou YP, Pu Y, Yu SH, Ma KL, Sun JF, Wan HQ, Dong L
119 - 125 Bismuth vacancy mediated single unit cell Bi2WO6 nanosheets for boosting photocatalytic oxygen evolution
Di J, Chen C, Zhu C, Ji MX, Xia JX, Yan C, Hao W, Li SZ, Li HM, Liu Z
126 - 135 Photocatalytic hydrogen evolution and bacterial inactivation utilizing sonochemical-synthesized g-C3N4/red phosphorus hybrid nanosheets as a wide-spectral-responsive photocatalyst: The role of type I band alignment
Wang WJ, Li GY, An TC, Chan DKL, Yu JC, Wong PK
136 - 146 Systematic study of sol-gel parameters on TiO2 coating for CO2 photoreduction
Thompson WA, Perier C, Maroto-Valer MM
147 - 160 Hydrodeoxygenation of phenol on bifunctional Ni-based catalysts: Effects of Mo promotion and support
Kordouli E, Pawelec B, Kordulis C, Lycourghiotis A, Fierro JLG
161 - 167 Amorphous FeCoPOx nanowires coupled to g-C3N4 nanosheets with enhanced interfacial electronic transfer for boosting photocatalytic hydrogen production
Zhou P, Lai JP, Tang YH, Chao YG, Lin F, Guo SJ
168 - 176 Total organic carbon and total nitrogen removal and simultaneous electricity generation for nitrogen-containing wastewater based on the catalytic reactions of hydroxyl and chlorine radicals
Zhang Y, Li JH, Bai J, Li XY, Shen ZX, Xia LG, Chen S, Xu QJ, Zhou BX
177 - 183 Black hollow TiO2 nanocubes: Advanced nanoarchitectures for efficient visible light photocatalytic applications
Ziarati A, Badiei A, Luque R
184 - 197 Intrinsic kinetics of steam methane reforming on a thin, nanostructured and adherent Ni coating
Minette F, Lugo-Pimentel M, Modroukas D, Davis AW, Gill R, Castaldi MJ, De Wild J
198 - 211 Connecting structural, optical, and electronic properties and photocatalytic activity of Ag3PO4:Mo complemented by DFT calculations
Trench AB, Machado TR, Gouveia AF, Assis M, da Trindade LG, Santos C, Perrin A, Perrin C, Oliva M, Andres J, Longo E
212 - 224 Hydrodesulfurization of 4,6-dimethyldibenzothiophene over NiMo sulfide catalysts supported on meso-microporous Y zeolite with different mesopore sizes
Zhou WW, Wei Q, Zhou YS, Liu MF, Ding SJ, Yang Q
225 - 235 Supported N-doped carbon quantum dots as the highly effective peroxydisulfate catalysts for bisphenol F degradation
Hou JF, Li H, Tang YQ, Sun JY, Fu HY, Qu XL, Xu ZY, Yin DQ, Zheng SR
236 - 247 Synthesis and catalytic performance of Cu1Mn0.5Ti0.5Ox mixed oxide as low-temperature NH3-SCR catalyst with enhanced SO2 resistance
Yan QH, Chen SN, Zhang C, Wang Q, Louis B
248 - 254 CdS/Au/Ti/Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)(0.7)Ti0.3O3 photocatalysts and biphotoelectrodes with ferroelectric polarization in single domain for efficient water splitting
Song ZM, Hong B, Zhu XD, Zhang F, Li SK, Ding JJ, Jiang XM, Bao J, Gao C, Sun S
255 - 262 3D ordered MoP inverse opals deposited with CdS quantum dots for enhanced visible light photocatalytic activity
Song Y, Li NJ, Chen DY, Xu QF, Li H, He JH, Lu JM
263 - 273 Electronic structure of heterojunction MoO2/g-C3N4 catalyst for oxidative desulfurization
Chen K, Zhang XM, Yang XF, Jiao MG, Zhou Z, Zhang MH, Wang DH, Bu XH
274 - 283 Atomic layer deposition enabled MgO surface coating on porous TiO2 for improved CO2 photoreduction
Feng X, Pan FP, Zhao HL, Deng W, Zhang P, Zhou HC, Li Y
284 - 293 Z-scheme mesoporous photocatalyst constructed by modification of Sn3O4 nanoclusters on g-C3N4 nanosheets with improved photocatalytic performance and mechanism insight
Li CM, Yu SY, Dong HJ, Liu CB, Wu HJ, Che HN, Chen G
294 - 301 Facile preparation with high yield of a 3D porous graphitic carbon nitride for dramatically enhanced photocatalytic H-2 evolution under visible light
Luo B, Song R, Geng JF, Jing DW, Zhang YZ
302 - 308 Enhanced photocatalytic activity of PTCDI-C-60 via pi-pi interaction
Wei YX, Ma MG, Li WL, Yang J, Miao H, Zhang ZJ, Zhu YF
309 - 317 A self-sustaining monolithic photoelectrocatalytic/photovoltaic system based on a WO3/BiVO4 photoanode and Si PVC for efficiently producing clean energy from refractory organics degradation
Zeng QY, Lyu L, Gao YW, Chang S, Hu C
318 - 327 Noble-metal-free heterostructure for efficient hydrogen evolution in visible region: Molybdenum nitride/ultrathin graphitic carbon nitride
Gong SQ, Jiang ZJ, Shi PH, Fan JC, Xu QJ, Min YL
328 - 338 Effects of dielectric barrier discharge plasma on the catalytic activity of Pt/CeO2 catalysts
Wang BF, Chen BX, Sun YH, Xiao HL, Xu XX, Fu ML, Wu JL, Chen LM, Ye DQ
339 - 345 Selective reduction of CO2 by conductive MOF nanosheets as an efficient co-catalyst under visible light illumination
Zhu W, Zhang CF, Li Q, Xiong LK, Chen RX, Wan XB, Wang Z, Chen W, Deng Z, Peng Y
346 - 357 First pilot scale study of basic vs acidic catalysts in biomass pyrolysis: Deoxygenation mechanisms and catalyst deactivation
Kalogiannis KG, Stefanidis SD, Karakoulia SA, Triantafyllidis KS, Yiannoulakis H, Michailof C, Lappas AA
358 - 364 Enhanced photocatalytic NO, decomposition of visible-light responsive F-TiO2/(N,C)-TiO2 by charge transfer between F-TiO2 and (N,C)-TiO2 through their doping levels
Komatsuda S, Asakura Y, Vequizo JJM, Yamakata A, Yin S
365 - 380 The remarkable role of metal promoters on the catalytic activity of Co-Cu based nanoparticles for boosting hydrogen evolution: Ammonia borane hydrolysis
Filiz BC, Figen AK, Piskin S
381 - 392 Novel (NH4)(4) [NiMo6O24H6]center dot 5H(2)O - TiO2 composite system: Photo oxidation of toluene under UV and sunlight-type illumination
Munoz-Batista MJ, Bertolini GR, Cabello CI, Luque R, Rodriguez-Castellon E, Kubacka A, Fernandez-Garcia M
393 - 403 Ni catalysts with La as promoter supported over Y- and BETA- zeolites for CO2 methanation
Quindimil A, De-La-Torre U, Pereda-Ayo B, Gonzalez-Marcos JA, Gonzalez-Velasco JR
404 - 409 Electrostatically mediated selectivity of Pd nanocatalyst via rectifying contact with semiconductor: Replace ligands with light
Zhao TJ, Feng WJ, Zhang JJ, Zhang B, Liu YX, Lin YX, Wang HH, Su H, Li XH, Chen JS
410 - 421 Carbon nitride modified hexagonal boron nitride interface as highly efficient blue LED light-driven photocatalyst
Chen TS, Zhang QX, Xie ZJ, Tan CW, Chen P, Zeng YQ, Wang FL, Liu HJ, Liu Y, Liu GG, Lv WY
422 - 433 Co-catalyst-free photocatalytic hydrogen evolution on TiO2: Synthesis of optimized photocatalyst through statistical material science
AlSalka Y, Hakki A, Schneider J, Bahnemann DW
434 - 443 Enhancing photocatalytic performance of TiO2 in H-2 evolution via Ru co-catalyst deposition
Ouyang WY, Munoz-Batista MJ, Kubacka A, Luque R, Fernandez-Garcia M
444 - 453 Anchoring black phosphorus quantum dots on molybdenum disulfide nanosheets: a 0D/2D nanohybrid with enhanced visible - and NIR - light photoactivity
Feng RJ, Lei WY, Sui XY, Liu XF, Qi XY, Tang K, Liu G, Liu MH
454 - 464 Platinum/polypyrrole-carbon electrocatalysts for direct borohydride-peroxide fuel cells
Oliveira RCP, Milikic J, Das E, Yurtcan AB, Santos DMF, Sljukic B
465 - 470 Efficient photocatalytic hydrogen evolution on N-deficient g-C3N4 achieved by a molten salt post-treatment approach
Liu JY, Fang WJ, Wei ZD, Qin Z, Jiang Z, Shangguan WF
471 - 479 Cu-doped ZnO as efficient photocatalyst for the oxidation of arsenite to arsenate under visible light
Vaiano V, Iervolino G, Rizzo L
480 - 490 Support effects of NiW hydrodesulfurization catalysts from experiments and DFT calculations
de Leon JND, Antunes-Garcia J, Alonso-Nunez G, Zepeda TA, Galvan DH, Reyes JADL, Fuentes S
491 - 497 High yield of H2O2 and efficient S recovery from toxic H2S splitting through a self-driven photoelectrocatalytic system with a microporous GDE cathode
Qiao L, Bai J, Luo T, Li JH, Zhang Y, Xia LG, Zhou TS, Xu QJ, Zhou BX
498 - 508 Comparable investigation of unsupported MoS2 hydrodesulfurization catalysts prepared by different techniques: Advantages of support leaching method
Varakin AN, Mozhaev AV, Pimerzin AA, Nikulshin PA
509 - 517 Selective photodegradation of paracetamol by molecularly imprinted ZnO nanonuts
Cantarella M, Di Mauro A, Gulino A, Spitaleri L, Nicotra G, Privitera V, Impellizzeri G
518 - 524 Common-cation based Z-scheme ZnS@ZnO core-shell nanostructure for efficient solar-fuel production
Li P, He T
525 - 532 Ultrathin PdPt bimetallic nanowires with enhanced electrocatalytic performance for hydrogen evolution reaction
Lv H, Chen X, Xu DD, Hu YC, Zheng HQ, Suib SL, Liu B
533 - 545 Bimetallic Pt-Pd co-catalyst Nb-doped TiO2 materials for H-2 photo-production under UV and Visible light illumination
Caudillo-Flores U, Munoz-Batista MJ, Fernandez-Garcia M, Kubacka A
546 - 556 Electrochemical CO2 reduction to formate at indium electrodes with high efficiency and selectivity in pH neutral electrolytes
Hegner R, Rosa LFM, Harnisch F
557 - 567 A superior active and stable spinel sulfide for catalytic peroxymonosulfate oxidation of bisphenol S
Xu HD, Wang D, Ma J, Zhang T, Lu XH, Chen ZQ
568 - 575 Under vacuum synthesis of type-I heterojunction between red phosphorus and graphene like carbon nitride with enhanced catalytic, electrochemical and charge separation ability for photodegradation of an acute toxicity category-III compound
Muhmood T, Xia MZ, Lei W, Wang FY
576 - 585 Alkaline zirconates as effective materials for hydrogen production through consecutive carbon dioxide capture and conversion in methane dry reforming
Mendoza-Nieto JA, Duan YH, Pfeiffer H
586 - 591 Fabrication of BiVO4 photoanode consisted of mesoporous nanoparticles with improved bulk charge separation efficiency
Zhang H, Li HL, Wang ZY, Zheng ZK, Wang P, Liu YY, Zhang XY, Qin XY, Dai Y, Huang BB
592 - 598 Highly crystalline sulfur-doped carbon nitride as photocatalyst for efficient visible-light hydrogen generation
Wang H, Bian YR, Hu JT, Dai LM
599 - 608 Hollownano-MgF2 supported catalysts: Highly active and stable in gas-phase dehydrofluorination of 1,1,1,3,3-pentafluoropropane
Jia ZH, Mao W, Bai YB, Wang B, Ma H, Li C, Lu J
609 - 617 Platinum and N-doped carbon nanostructures as catalysts in hydrodechlorination reactions
Ruiz-Garcia C, Heras F, Calvo L, Alonso-Morales N, Rodriguez JJ, Gilarranz MA
618 - 628 Directed aqueous-phase reforming of glycerol through tailored platinum nanoparticles
Callison J, Subramanian ND, Rogers SM, Chutia A, Gianolio D, Catlow CRA, Wells PP, Dimitratos N
629 - 637 Defects modified in the exfoliation of g-C3N4 nanosheets via a self-assembly process for improved hydrogen evolution performance
Wang J, Yang Z, Yao WQ, Gao XX, Tao DP
638 - 646 Defects rich g-C3N4 with mesoporous structure for efficient photocatalytic H-2 production under visible light irradiation
Ruan DM, Kim S, Fujitsuka M, Majima T
647 - 655 Crossing-link of experimental reducibility tests, XPS characterizations and DFT estimates on ferrite oxygen carriers in CLC
Liu S, Dong ZB, Xiang D, Jiang Y, Tao QB, Cao Y
656 - 663 Highly efficient visible-light driven solar-fuel production over tetra(4-carboxyphenyl)porphyrin iron(III) chloride using CdS/Bi2S3 heterostructure as photosensitizer
Li P, Zhang XH, Hou CC, Chen Y, He T
664 - 671 Cobalt-based cubane molecular co-catalysts for photocatalytic water oxidation by polymeric carbon nitrides
Luo ZS, Zhou M, Wang XC
672 - 672 Oxidation of furfural in aqueous H2O2 catalysed by titanium silicalite: Deactivation processes and role of extraframework Ti oxides (vol 202, pg 269, 2017)
Alba-Rubio AC, Fierro JLG, Leon-Reina L, Mariscal R, Dumesic JA, Granados ML
673 - 673 Photocatalytic degradation of fluoroquinolone antibiotics using ordered mesoporous g-C3N4 under simulated sunlight irradiation: Kinetics, mechanism, and antibacterial activity elimination (vol 227, pg 114, 2018)
Wang FL, Feng YP, Chen P, Wang YF, Su YH, Zhang QX, Zeng YQ, Xie ZJ, Liu HJ, Liu Y, Lv WY, Liu GG