Applied Catalysis B: Environmental

Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, Vol.234 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0926-3373 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Chemically heterogeneous nitrogen sites of various reactivity in porous carbons provide high stability of CO2 electroreduction catalysts
Li WL, Fechler N, Bandosz TJ
10 - 18 NiSn bimetallic nanoparticles as stable electrocatalysts for methanol oxidation reaction
Li JS, Luo ZS, Zuo Y, Liu JF, Zhang T, Tang PY, Arbiol J, Llorca J, Cabot A
19 - 25 A selective ion replacement strategy for the synthesis of copper doped carbon nitride nanotubes with improved photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Yan XX, Jia ZY, Che HB, Chen SQ, Hu P, Wang JS, Wang LZ
26 - 36 Gold nanobipyramid@cuprous oxide jujube-like nanostructures for plasmon-enhanced photocatalytic performance
Ma YJ, Zhu XZ, Xu SS, He GL, Yao L, Hu NT, Su YJ, Feng J, Zhang YF, Yang Z
37 - 49 Photocatalytic properties of the g-C3N4/{010} facets BiVO4 interface Z-Scheme photocatalysts induced by BiVO4 surface heterojunction
Wang Y, Tan GQ, Liu T, Su YN, Ren HJ, Zhang XL, Xia A, Lv L, Liu Y
50 - 55 Photocatalytic splitting of thiols to produce disulfides and hydrogen over PtS/ZnIn2S4 nanocomposites under visible light
Xu LZ, Deng XY, Li ZH
56 - 69 On the role of BmimPF(6) and P/F- containing additives in the sol-gel synthesis of TiO2 photocatalysts with enhanced activity in the gas phase degradation of methyl ethyl ketone
Yan YG, Keller V, Keller N
70 - 78 Synthesis of a Bi2O2CO3/ZnFe2O4 heterojunction with enhanced photocatalytic activity for visible light irradiation-induced NO removal
Huang Y, Zhu DD, Zhang Q, Zhang YF, Cao JJ, Shen ZX, Ho WK, Lee SC
79 - 89 Control over energy level match in Keggin polyoxometallate-TiO2 microspheres for multielectron photocatalytic reactions
Zheng H, Wang CH, Zhang XT, Li YY, Ma H, Liu YC
90 - 99 Phosphate group grafted twinned BiPO4 with significantly enhanced photocatalytic activity: Synergistic effect of improved charge separation efficiency and redox ability
Guo Y, Wang PF, Qian J, Ao YH, Wang C, Hou J
100 - 108 Surface states as electron transfer pathway enhanced charge separation in TiO2 nanotube water splitting photoanodes
Zhu H, Zhao MM, Zhou JK, Li WC, Wang HY, Xu Z, Lu L, Pei L, Shi Z, Yan SC, Li ZS, Zou ZG
109 - 116 Construction of CdS/CoOx core-shell nanorods for efficient photocatalytic H-2 evolution
Liu Y, Ding SP, Shi YQ, Liu XF, Wu ZZ, Jiang QQ, Zhou TF, Liu NK, Hu JC
117 - 129 Shape selectivity vapor-phase conversion of lignin-derived 4-ethylphenol to phenol and ethylene over acidic aluminosilicates: Impact of acid properties and pore constraint
Liao YH, d'Halluin M, Makshina E, Verboekend D, Sels BF
130 - 142 Removal of benzothiophene and dibenzothiophene from hydrocarbon fuels using CuCe mesoporous Y zeolites in the presence of aromatics
Lee KX, Tsilomelekis G, Valla JA
143 - 152 Pd@zeolitic imidazolate framework-8 derived PdZn alloy catalysts for efficient hydrogenation of CO2 to methanol
Yin YZ, Hu B, Li XL, Zhou XH, Hong XL, Liu GL
153 - 166 Effects of the promotion with bismuth and lead on direct synthesis of light olefins from syngas over carbon nanotube supported iron catalysts
Gu B, Ordomsky VV, Bahri M, Ersen O, Chemayskii PA, Filimonov D, Khodakov AY
167 - 177 Enhanced molecular molecular oxygen activation of Ni2+-doped BiO2-x nanosheets under UV, visible and near-infrared irradiation: Mechanism and DFT study
Li J, Wang J, Zhang GK, Li Y, Wang K
178 - 186 Pressure dilution, a new method to prepare a stable Ni/fumed silica catalyst for the dry reforming of methane
Danghyan V, Novoa SC, Mukasyan A, Wolf EE
187 - 197 On the soot combustion mechanism using 3DOM ceria catalysts
Alcalde-Santiago V, Davo-Quinonero A, Lozano-Castello D, Bueno-Lopez A
198 - 205 Hydrogen bonds in heterojunction photocatalysts for efficient charge transfer
Jin ZY, Zhang QT, Chen JQ, Huang SL, Hu L, Zeng YJ, Zhang H, Ruan SC, Ohno T
206 - 212 TiO2-supported Ag nanoclusters with enhanced visible light activity for the photocatalytic removal of NO
Duan YY, Luo JM, Zhou SC, Mao XY, Shah MW, Wang F, Chen ZH, Wang CY
213 - 222 One-pot synthesis of sulfur and nitrogen codoped titanium dioxide nanorod arrays for superior photoelectrochemical water oxidation
Andoshe DM, Yim K, Sohn W, Kim C, Kim TL, Kwon KC, Hong K, Choi S, Moon CW, Hong SP, Han S, Jang HW
223 - 233 Cu-Al2O3-g-C3N4 and Cu-Al2O3-C-dots with dual-reaction centres for simultaneous enhancement of Fenton-like catalytic activity and selective H2O2 conversion to hydroxyl radicals
Xu SQ, Zhu HX, Cao WR, Wen ZB, Wang JN, Francois-Xavier CP, Wintgens T
234 - 246 Co-aromatization of methane with olefins: The role of inner pore and external surface catalytic sites
He P, Jarvis J, Meng SJ, Wang AG, Kou SY, Gatip R, Yung M, Liu LJ, Song H
247 - 259 Synthesis of silica@C-dots/phosphotungstates core-shell microsphere for effective oxidative-adsorptive desulfurization of dibenzothiophene with less oxidant
Zhang YQ, Wang R
260 - 267 Construction of urchin-like ZnIn2S4-Au-TiO2 heterostructure with enhanced activity for photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Yang G, Ding H, Chen DM, Feng JJ, Hao Q, Zhu YF
268 - 278 A magnetically separable SO4/Fe-Al-TiO(2 )solid acid catalyst for biodiesel production from waste cooking oil
Gardy J, Osatiashtiani A, Cespedes O, Hassanpour A, Lai XJ, Lee AF, Wilson K, Rehan M
279 - 289 Methane steam reforming in water deficient conditions on Ir/Ce0.9Gd0.1O2-x catalyst: Metal-support interactions and catalytic activity enhancement
Cheah SK, Massin L, Aouine M, Steil MC, Fouletier J, Gelin P
290 - 295 Incorporation of Fe-phthalocyanines into a porous organic framework for highly efficient photocatalytic oxidation of arylalkanes
He WL, Wu CD
296 - 310 Enhanced photoelectrochemical performance of Z-scheme g-C3N4/BiVO4 photocatalyst
Safaei J, Ullah H, Mohamed NA, Noh MFM, Soh MF, Tahir AA, Ludin NA, Ibrahim MA, Isahak WNRW, Teridi MAM
311 - 317 Three-dimension hierarchical heterostructure of CdWO(4 )microrods decorated with Bi2WO6 nanoplates for high-selectivity photocatalytic benzene hydroxylation to phenol
Chen P, Chen L, Zeng Y, Ding F, Jiang X, Liu N, Au CT, Yin SF
318 - 328 Induced effect of tungsten incorporation on the catalytic properties of CeVO4 systems for the selective reduction of NOx by ammonia
Gillot S, Tricot G, Vezin H, Dacquin JP, Dujardin C, Granger P
329 - 336 Pt-modified TaC as an efficient electrocatalyst for ethanol oxidation in acid and alkaline electrolytes
Jiang Z, Zhang Q, Liang ZX, Chen JGG
337 - 346 Structural identification of ZnxZryOz catalysts for Cascade aldolization and self-deoxygenation reactions
Baylon RAL, Sun JM, Koyarik L, Engelhard M, Li HQ, Winkelman AD, Wang Y
347 - 356 The role of iron-oxide aerosols and sunlight in the atmospheric reduction of Hg(II) species: A DFT plus U study
Tacey SA, Szilvasi T, Xu L, Schauer JJ, Mavrikakis M
357 - 364 Immunity of the Fe-N-C catalysts to electrolyte adsorption: Phosphate but not perchloric anions
Hu Y, Jensen JO, Pan C, Cleemann LN, Shypunov I, Li QF
365 - 377 CaSO4 deactivated V2O5-WO3/TiO2 SCR catalyst for a diesel power plant. Characterization and simulation of the kinetics of the SCR reactions
Odenbrand CUI