Applied Catalysis B: Environmental

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ISSN: 0926-3373 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Rational synthesis of silylated Beta zeolites and selective ring opening of 1-methylnaphthalene over the NiW-supported catalysts
Lee SU, Lee YJ, Kim JR, Jeong SY
10 - 17 Improved charge separation and surface activation via boron-doped layered polyhedron SrTiO3 for co-catalyst free photocatalytic CO2 conversion
Shan JJ, Raziq F, Humayun M, Zhou W, Qu Y, Wang GF, Li YD
18 - 29 Tungsten diselenide/porous carbon with sufficient active edge-sites as a co-catalyst/Pt-support favoring excellent tolerance to methanol-crossover for oxygen reduction reaction in acidic medium
Pan SY, Cai Z, Duan YQ, Yang L, Tang B, Jing BJ, Dai Y, Xu X, Zou JL
30 - 35 Designing of a spatially separated hetero-junction pseudobrookite (Fe2TiO5-TiO2) yolk-shell hollow spheres as efficient photocatalyst for water oxidation reaction
Waqas M, Iqbal S, Bahadur A, Saeed A, Raheel M, Javed M
36 - 44 Carbon dots decorated the exposing high-reactive (111) facets CoO octahedrons with enhanced photocatalytic activity and stability for tetracycline degradation under visible light irradiation
Shi WL, Guo F, Wang HB, Han MM, Li H, Yuan SL, Huang H, Liu Y, Kang ZH
45 - 52 Enhanced carbon dioxide conversion to formate on a multi-functional synergistic photoelectrocatalytic interface
Shen Q, Ma J, Huang XF, Yang NJ, Zhao GH
53 - 62 Removal of chromium (VI) by a self-regenerating and metal free g-C3N4/graphene hydrogel system via the synergy of adsorption and photo-catalysis under visible light
Wang X, Liang YH, An WJ, Hu JS, Zhu YF, Cui WQ
63 - 72 One-pot synthesis of C/Bi/Bi2O3 composite with enhanced photocatalytic activity
Hao Q, Wang RT, Lu HJ, Xie CA, Ao WH, Chen DM, Ma C, Yao WQ, Zhu YF
73 - 81 Pd or PdO: Catalytic active site of methane oxidation operated close to stoichiometric air-to-fuel for natural gas vehicles
Huang FJ, Chen JJ, Hu W, Li GX, Wu Y, Yuan SD, Zhong L, Chen YQ
82 - 91 New routes for complete regeneration of coked zeolite
Jia LY, Farouha A, Pinardb L, Hedan S, Comparot JD, Dufour A, Ben Tayeb K, Vezin H, Batiot-Dupeyrat C
92 - 100 Boron doped graphitic carbon nitride with acid-base duality for cycloaddition of carbon dioxide to epoxide under solvent-free condition
Zhu JJ, Diao TT, Wang WY, Xu XL, Sun XY, Carabineiro SAC, Zhao Z
101 - 108 NH2-MIL-125(TO/graphitic carbon nitride heterostructure decorated with NiPd co-catalysts for efficient photocatalytic hydrogen production
Xu JX, Gao JY, Wang C, Yang Y, Wang L
109 - 122 p-Nitrophenol degradation by heterogeneous Fenton's oxidation over activated carbon-based catalysts
Rodrigues CSD, Soares OSGP, Pinho MT, Pereira MFR, Madeira LM
123 - 131 AgIn dendrite catalysts for electrochemical reduction of CO2 to CO
Park H, Choi J, Kim H, Hwang E, Ha DH, Ahn SH, Kim SK
132 - 141 A sillenite-type Bi12MnO20 photocatalyst: UV, visible and infrared lights responsive photocatalytic properties induced by the hybridization of Mn 3d and O 2p orbitals
Wu XY, Li MM, Li J, Zhang GK, Yin S
142 - 154 Effect of gas compositions on SO2 poisoning over Cu/SSZ-13 used for NH3-SCR
Wijayanti K, Xie KP, Kumar A, Kamasamudram K, Olsson L
155 - 162 Palladium-exchanged small-pore zeolites with different cage systems as methane combustion catalysts
Lim JB, Jo D, Hong SB
163 - 172 One-step hydrothermal fabrication of visible-light-responsive AgInS2/SnIn4S8 heterojunction for highly-efficient photocatalytic treatment of organic pollutants and real pharmaceutical industry wastewater
Deng F, Zhong F, Lin DC, Zhao LN, Liu YJ, Huang JH, Luo XB, Luo SL, Dionysiou DD
173 - 182 Hydrogen production over molybdenum loaded mesoporous carbon catalysts in microwave heated reactor system
Guler M, Dogu T, Varisli D
183 - 193 Hydrogen production by glycerol steam reforming catalyzed by Ni-promoted Fe/Mg-bearing metallurgical wastes
Sahraei OAZ, Larachi F, Abatzoglou N, Iliuta MC
194 - 199 Simultaneous photodegradation of multi-herbicides by oxidized carbon nitride: performance and practical application
Liu X, Li CS, Zhang Y, Yu JY, Yuan M, Ma YQ
200 - 208 Complete oxidation of formaldehyde at room temperature over an Al-rich Beta zeolite supported platinum catalyst
Zhang L, Chen L, Li YB, Peng YX, Chen F, Wang L, Zhang CB, Meng XJ, He H, Xiao FS
209 - 215 Photocatalytic reduction of CO2 to methanol by three-dimensional hollow structures of Bi2WO6 quantum dots
Jiang ZY, Liang XZ, Zheng HL, Liu YY, Wang ZY, Wang P, Zhang XY, Qin XY, Dai Y, Whangbo MH, Huang BB
216 - 230 A novel combination of oxidative degradation for benzotriazole removal using TiO2 loaded on (FeFe2O4)-Fe-II-O-III@C as an efficient activator of peroxymonosulfate
Jorfi S, Kakavandi B, Motlagh HR, Ahmadi M, Jaafarzadeh N
231 - 240 Study of Ag/CeO2 catalysts for naphthalene oxidation: Balancing the oxygen availability and oxygen regeneration capacity
Liu MH, Wu XD, Liu S, Gao YX, Chen Z, Ma Y, Ran R, Weng D
241 - 248 Fabrication of compressible and recyclable macroscopic g-C3N4/GO aerogel hybrids for visible-light harvesting: A promising strategy for water remediation
Tang L, Jia CT, Xue YC, Li L, Wang AQ, Xu G, Liu N, Wu MH
249 - 258 Solvothermal synthesis of I-deficient BiOI thin film with distinct photocatalytic activity and durability under simulated sunlight
Cui S, Shan GQ, Zhu LY
259 - 268 Construction of p-n heterojunction beta-Bi2O3/BiVO4 nanocomposite with improved photoinduced charge transfer property and enhanced activity in degradation of ortho-dichlorobenzene
Sun JJ, Li XY, Zhao QD, Tade MO, Liu SM
269 - 275 Influence of the halide and exposed facets on the visible-light photoactivity of bismuth oxyhalides for selective aerobic oxidation of primary amines
Han AJ, Zhang HW, Chuah GK, Jaenicke S
276 - 286 Transition metal-nitrogen co-doped carbide-derived carbon catalysts for oxygen reduction reaction in alkaline direct methanol fuel cell
Ratso S, Kruusenberg I, Kaarik M, Kook M, Saar R, Kanninen P, Kallio T, Leis J, Tammeveski K
287 - 300 Maximization of photocatalytic activity of Bi2S3/TiO2/Au ternary heterostructures by proper epitaxy formation and plasmonic sensitization
Paul S, Ghosh S, Barma D, De SK
301 - 313 Highly active Pt/NaxTiO2 catalyst for low temperature formaldehyde decomposition
Wang L, Yue HQ, Hua ZL, Wang HY, Li XB, Li LC
314 - 321 UV-LED/ilmenite/persulfate for azo dye mineralization: The role of sulfate in the catalyst deactivation
Silveira JE, Paz WS, Garcia-Munoz P, Zazo JA, Casas JA
322 - 328 Localized Ti-III mediated dissociative electron transfer for carbon halogen bond activation on TiO2
Zhu Q, Wang YY, Zhang HN, Duan R, Chen CC, Song WJ, Zhao JC
329 - 343 Synergistic effect in MMT-dispersed Au/TiO2 monolithic nanocatalyst for plasmon-absorption and metallic interband transitions dynamic CO2 photo-reduction to CO
Tahir M
344 - 352 Surface modification of TiO2 nanoparticles by magnetic ions: Synthesis and application in enhancement of photocatalytic performance
Farbod M, Kajbafvala M
353 - 361 Visible-light-driven photocatalytic system based on a nickel complex over CdS materials for hydrogen production from water
Peng QX, Xue D, Zhan SZ, Ni CL
362 - 371 Effect of acid (CH3COOH, H2SO4 and H3PO4) and basic (KOH and NaOH) impurities on glycerol valorisation by aqueous phase reforming
Remon J, Jarauta-Cordoba C, Garcia L, Arauzo J
372 - 378 Lignin-based activated carbons as metal-free catalysts for the oxidative degradation of 4-nitrophenol in aqueous solution
Martin-Martinez M, Barreiro MFF, Silva AMT, Figueiredo JL, Faria JL, Gomes HT
379 - 390 CO gas sensitivity and its oxidation over TiO2 modified by PANI under UV irradiation at room temperature
Wang ZM, Peng XY, Huang CY, Chen X, Dai WX, Fu XZ
391 - 400 Titania nanosheet photocatalysts with dominantly exposed (001) reactive facets for photocatalytic NOx abatement
Yu JCC, Nguyen VH, Lasek J, Wu JCS
401 - 411 3D hierarchical nanostructures of iron oxides coatings prepared by pulsed laser deposition for photocatalytic water purification
Edla R, Tonezzer A, Orlandi M, Patel N, Fernandes R, Bazzanella N, Date K, Kothari DC, Miotello A
412 - 424 Photocatalytic CO2 reduction over V and W codoped TiO2 catalyst in an internal-illuminated honeycomb photoreactor under simulated sunlight irradiation
Xiong Z, Lei Z, Ma SM, Chen XX, Gong BG, Zhao YC, Zhang JY, Zheng CG, Wu JCS
425 - 431 Growth of C3N4 nanosheets on carbon-fiber cloth as flexible and macroscale filter-membrane-shaped photocatalyst for degrading the flowing wastewater
Shen XF, Zhang TY, Xu PF, Zhang LS, Liu JS, Chen ZG
432 - 438 Hot electron injection: An efficacious approach to charge LaCoO3 for improving the water splitting efficiency
Zhang BT, Liu J, Yue SZ, Teng YG, Wang ZJ, Li XB, Qu SC, Wang ZG
439 - 449 Synthesis of Z-scheme Ag2CrO4/Ag/g-C3N4 composite with enhanced visible-light photocatalytic activity for 2,4-dichlorophenol degradation
Gong Y, Quan X, Yu HT, Chen S
450 - 458 Exploring the photocatalysis mechanism on insulators
Dong F, Xiong T, Sun YJ, Lu LL, Zhang YX, Zhang HJ, Huang HW, Zhou Y, Wu ZB
459 - 466 Highly efficient and stable Ru/K-OMS-2 catalyst for NO oxidation
Adjimi S, Garcia-Vargas JM, Diaz JA, Retailleau L, Gil S, Pera-Titus M, Guo Y, Giroir-Fendler A
467 - 478 High efficiency for H-2 evolution and NO removal over the Ag nanoparticles bridged g-C3N4 and WS2 heterojunction photocatalysts
Ma YN, Li J, Liu EZ, Wan J, Hu XY, Fan J
479 - 491 Dibenzothiophene hydrodesulfurization with NiMo and CoMo catalysts supported on niobium-modified MCM-41
Mendez FJ, Franco-Lopez OE, Bokhimi X, Solis-Casados DA, Escobar-Alarcon L, Klimova TE
492 - 500 Ytterbium modification of pristine and molybdenum-modified hematite electrodes as a strategy for efficient water splitting photoanodes
Cots A, Gomez R
501 - 510 Enhancing photoactivity for hydrogen generation by electron tunneling via flip-flop hopping over Mobius strip-like RGO
Li Z, Tian B, Zhen WL, Zhanga WY, Zhang XQ, Wu YQ, Lu GX
511 - 516 Enhanced electrocatalytic activity and durability of Pt nanoparticles decorated on GO-PVP hybride material for methanol oxidation reaction
Dasdelen Z, Yildiz Y, Eris S, Sen F
517 - 525 Catalytic deoxygenation of model compounds from flash pyrolysis of lignocellulosic biomass over activated charcoal-based catalysts
Eibner S, Margeriat A, Broust F, Laurenti D, Geantet C, Julbe A, Blin J
526 - 537 Single-unit-cell layer established Bi2WO6 3D hierarchical architectures: Efficient adsorption, photocatalysis and dye-sensitized photoelectrochemical performance
Huang HW, Cao RR, Yu SX, Xu K, Hao WC, Wang YG, Dong F, Zhang TR, Zhang YH
538 - 549 A green solar photo-Fenton process for the elimination of bacteria and micropollutants in municipal wastewater treatment using mineral iron and natural organic acids
Villegas-Guzman P, Giannakis S, Rtimi S, Grandjean D, Bensimon M, de Alencastro LF, Torres-Palma R, Pulgarin C
550 - 562 Controllable synthesis of multi-responsive ferroelectric layered perovskite-like Bi4Ti3O12: Photocatalysis and piezoelectric-catalysis and mechanism insight
Tu SC, Huang HW, Zhang TR, Zhanga YH
563 - 571 Synthesis of "sea urchin"-like carbon nanotubes/porous carbon superstructures derived from waste biomass for treatment of various contaminants
Yao YJ, Lian C, Wu GD, Hu Y, Wei FY, Yu MJ, Wang SB
572 - 579 In-situ C-N-S-tridoped single crystal black TiO2 nanosheets with exposed {001} facets as efficient visible-light-driven photocatalysts
Yan X, Xing ZP, Cao Y, Hu MQ, Li ZZ, Wu XY, Zhu Q, Yang SL, Zhou W
580 - 591 Silica nanowires encapsulated Ru nanoparticles as stable nanocatalysts for selective hydrogenation of CO2 to CO
Dou J, Sheng Y, Choong C, Chen LW, Zeng HC
592 - 602 Selective conversion of guaiacol to substituted alkylphenols in supercritical ethanol over MoO3
Cui K, Yang L, Ma ZS, Yan F, Wu K, Sang YS, Chen H, Li YD
603 - 610 Pentanuclear Yb(III) cluster-based metal-organic frameworks as heterogeneous catalysts for CO2 conversion
Wei N, Zhang Y, Liu L, Han ZB, Yuan DQ
611 - 618 Well-designed 3D ZnIn2S4 nanosheets/TiO2 nanobelts as direct Z-scheme photocatalysts for CO2 photoreduction into renewable hydrocarbon fuel with high efficiency
Yang G, Chen DM, Ding H, Feng JJ, Zhang JZ, Zhu YF, Hamid S, Bahnemann DW
619 - 628 Hydrodeoxygenation of m-cresol over nickel and nickel phosphide based catalysts. Influence of the nature of the active phase and the support
Goncalves VOO, de Souza PM, Cabioc'h T, da Silva VT, Richard F
629 - 639 3D polymer hydrogel for high-performance atomic iron-rich catalysts for oxygen reduction in acidic media
Qiao Z, Zhang HG, Karakalos S, Hwang S, Xue J, Chen MJ, Su D, Wu G
640 - 644 Smart tuning of 3D ordered electrocatalysts for enhanced oxygen reduction reaction
Sun YF, Zhang YQ, Yang YL, Chen J, Hua B, Shi YX, Wang CA, Luo JL
645 - 657 Hybrid magnetic graphitic nanocomposites towards catalytic wet peroxide oxidation of the liquid effluent from a mechanical biological treatment plant for municipal solid waste
Ribeiro RS, Rodrigues RO, Silva AMT, Tavares PB, Carvalho AMC, Figueiredo JL, Faria JL, Gomes HT
658 - 671 Glycerol hydrodeoxygenation to 1,2-propanediol catalyzed by CuPd/TiO2-Na
Ardila AN, Sanchez-Castillo MA, Zepeda TA, Villa AL, Fuentes GA
672 - 682 Exploration of the mechanism of chemical looping steam methane reforming using double perovskite-type oxides La1.6Sr0.4FeCoO6
Zhao K, Zheng AQ, Li HB, He F, Huang Z, Wei GQ, Shen Y, Zhao ZL
683 - 692 Molybdenum-containing systems based on natural kaolinite as catalysts for selective oxidation of aromatic sulfides
Munoz M, Gallo MA, Gutierrez-Alejandre A, Gazzoli D, Cabello CI
693 - 704 Direct Z-scheme g-C3N4/WO3 photocatalyst with atomically defined junction for H-2 production
Yu WL, Chen JX, Shang TT, Chen LF, Gu L, Peng TY
705 - 714 Ag2C2O4 and Ag2C2O4/TiO2 nanocomposites as highly efficient and stable photocatalyst under visible light: Preparation, characterization and photocatalytic mechanism
Feng CX, Sun MM, Wang Y, Huang XS, Zhang AC, Pang YH, Zhou YM, Peng LS, Ding YT, Zhang L, Li DL
715 - 726 Influence of the oxide support reducibility on the CO2 methanation over Ru-based catalysts
Dreyer JAH, Li PX, Zhang LH, Beh GK, Zhang RD, Sit PHL, Teoh WY