Applied Catalysis B: Environmental

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ISSN: 0926-3373 (Print) 

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1 - 11 Activation of persulfate with vanadium species for PCBs degradation: A mechanistic study
Fang GD, Wu WH, Liu C, Dionysiou DD, Deng YM, Zhou DM
12 - 20 Aqueous phase (catalytic) wet air oxidation of ammonia: Thermodynamic considerations
Lousteau C, Ayadi H, Descorme C
21 - 32 Remarkable catalytic properties of rare-earth doped nickel ferrites synthesized by sol-gel auto-combustion with maleic acid as fuel for CWPO of dyes
Samoila P, Cojocaru C, Sacarescu L, Dorneanu PP, Domocos AA, Rotaru A
33 - 41 Highly dispersed TiO2 nanocrystals and carbon dots on reduced graphene oxide: Ternary nanocomposites for accelerated photocatalytic water disinfection
Zeng XK, Wang ZY, Meng N, McCarthy DT, Deletic A, Pan JH, Zhang XW
42 - 50 Lean NOx reduction over Ag/alumina catalysts via ethanol-SCR using ethanol/gasoline blends
Gunnarsson F, Pihl JA, Toops TJ, Skoglundh M, Harelind H
51 - 63 Designed oxygen carriers from macroporous LaFeO3 supported CeO2 for chemical-looping reforming of methane
Zheng YN, Li KZ, Wang H, Tian D, Wang YH, Zhu X, Wei YG, Zheng M, Luo YM
64 - 71 Harnessing Ag nanofilm as an electrons transfer mediator for enhanced visible light photocatalytic performance of Ag@AgCl/Ag nanofilm/ZIF-8 photocatalyst
Liu JX, Li R, Hu YY, Li T, Jia ZH, Wang YF, Wang YW, Zhang XC, Fan CM
72 - 83 The effect of sulfur dioxide on the activity of hierarchical Pd-based catalysts in methane combustion
Monai M, Montini T, Melchionna M, Duchon T, Kus P, Chen C, Tsud N, Nasi L, Prince KC, Veltruska K, Matolin V, Khader MM, Gorte RJ, Fornasiero P
84 - 94 Ultra-low loading of Ag3PO4 on hierarchical In2S3 microspheres to improve the photocatalytic performance: The cocatalytic effect of Ag and Ag3PO4
Yan TJ, Tian J, Guan WF, Qiao Z, Li WJ, You JM, Huang BB
95 - 103 Electrochemical and spectroelectrochemical analyses of hydrothermal carbon supported nickel electrocatalyst for ethanol electro-oxidation in alkaline medium
Cuna A, Plascencia CR, da Silva EL, Marcuzzo J, Khan S, Tancredi N, Baldan MR, Malfatti CD
104 - 111 Facile synthesis of a novel full-spectrum-responsive.Co2.67S4 nanoparticles for UV-, vis- and NIR-driven photocatalysis
Wu ZZ, Yuan XZ, Wang H, Wu ZB, Jiang LB, Wang H, Zhang L, Xiao ZH, Chen XH, Zeng GM
112 - 117 Enhancing charge density and steering charge unidirectional flow in 2D non-metallic semiconductor-CNTs-metal coupled photocatalyst for solar energy conversion
She XJ, Wu JJ, Xu H, Mo Z, Lian JB, Song YH, Liu L, Du DL, Li HM
118 - 126 Enhanced mineralization of pharmaceuticals by surface oxidation over mesoporous gamma-Ti-Al2O3 suspension with ozone
Bing JS, Hu C, Zhang LL
127 - 133 Passivation of defect states in anatase TiO2 hollow spheres with Mg doping: Realizing efficient photocatalytic overall water splitting
Gao LJ, Li YG, Ren JB, Wang SF, Wang RN, Fu GS, Hu Y
134 - 146 In-situ incorporation of binder during sol-gel preparation of Pd-based sulfated zirconia for reduction of nitrogen oxides under lean-burn conditions: Effect on activity and wash-coating characteristics
Majumdar SS, Celik G, Alexander AM, Gawade P, Ozkan US
147 - 155 Assessment of mechanisms for enhanced performance of TiO2/YAG:Yb+3,Er+3 composite photocatalysts for organic degradation
Pickering JW, Bhethanabotla VR, Kuhn JN
156 - 164 Assessment of mechanisms for enhanced performance of Yb/Er/titania photocatalysts for organic degradation: Role of rare earth elements in the titania phase
Bhethanabotla VC, Russell DR, Kuhn JN
165 - 174 Accelerated photocatalytic degradation of organic pollutant over metal-organic framework MIL-53(Fe) under visible LED light mediated by persulfate
Gao YW, Li SM, Li YX, Yao LY, Zhang H
175 - 183 Phase transition of Fe2O3-NiO to NiFe2O4 in perovskite catalytic particles for enhanced methane chemical looping reforming-decomposition with CO2 conversion
Lim HS, Kang D, Lee JW
184 - 190 Two-dimensional g-C3N4/Ca2Nb2TaO10 nanosheet composites for efficient visible light photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Thaweesak S, Lyu MQ, Peerakiatkhajohn P, Butburee T, Luo B, Chen HJ, Wang LZ
191 - 198 Graphitic-C3N4 hybridized N-doped La2Ti2O7 two-dimensional layered composites as efficient visible-light-driven photocatalyst
Cai XY, Zhang JY, Fujitsuka M, Majima T
199 - 206 Natural microgranular cellulose as alternative catalyst to metal nanoparticles for H-2 production from NaBH4 methanolysis
Sahiner N, Demirci S
207 - 216 Dehalogenation of aromatic halides by polyaniline/zero-valent iron composite nanofiber: Kinetics and mechanisms
Giri S, Bhaumik M, Das R, Gupta VK, Maity A
217 - 261 Electrochemical advanced oxidation processes: A review on their application to synthetic and real wastewaters
Moreira FC, Boaventura RAR, Brillas E, Vilar VJP
262 - 268 Catalytic supercritical water gasification: Interaction of sulfur with ZnO and the ruthenium catalyst
Peng G, Ludwig C, Vogel F
269 - 280 Oxidation of furfural in aqueous H2O2 catalysed by titanium silicalite: Deactivation processes and role of extraframework Ti oxides
Alba-Rubio AC, Fierro JLG, Leon-Reina L, Mariscal R, Dumesic JA, Granados ML
281 - 288 Visible light selective photocatalytic conversion of glucose by TiO2
Da Via L, Recchi C, Gonzalez-Yanez EO, Davies TE, Lopez-Sanchez JA
289 - 297 Supramolecular organic nanofibers with highly efficient and stable visible light photooxidation performance
Wang J, Shi W, Liu D, Zhang ZJ, Zhu YF, Wang D
298 - 304 One-dimensional CdS@MoS2 core-shell nanowires for boosted photocatalytic hydrogen evolution under visible light
Han B, Liu SQ, Zhang N, Xu YJ, Tang ZR
305 - 313 Ethanolysis of Kraft lignin to platform chemicals on a MoC1-x/Cu-MgAlOz, catalyst
Yan F, Ma R, Ma XL, Cui K, Wu K, Chen MM, Li YD
314 - 325 Facile decoration of carbon fibers with Ag nanoparticles for adsorption and photocatalytic reduction of CO2
Ding J, Bu YF, Ou M, Yu Y, Zhong Q, Fan MH
326 - 334 Hierarchical flower-like SnSe2 supported Ag3PO4 nanoparticles: Towards visible light driven photocatalyst with enhanced performance
Tan PF, Chen X, Wu LD, Shang YY, Liu WW, Pan J, Xiong X
335 - 345 Nano silica and molybdenum supported Re, Rh, Ru or Ir nanoparticles for selective solvent-free glycerol conversion to cyclic acetals with propanone and butanone under mild conditions
Kapkowski M, Ambrozkiewicz W, Siudyga T, Sitko R, Szade J, Klimontko J, Balin K, Leltko J, Polanski J
346 - 354 Recent advances in the selective catalytic reduction of NOx with NH3 on Cu-Chabazite catalysts
Wang JH, Zhao HW, Haller G, Li YD
355 - 363 An initiative, simple vacancy remedy method and the effect on photochemical properties
Yang LQ, Xu Q, Teng F, Yu DF, Yang Y, Gu WH, Teng YR, Xu JJ, Guo Y
364 - 373 Preparation and characterization of Cu modified BiYO3 for carbon dioxide reduction to formic acid
Su TM, Tian H, Qin ZZ, Ji HB
374 - 380 Highly efficient photocatalytic H-2 evolution over MoS2/CdS-TiO2 nanofibers prepared by an electrospinning mediated photodeposition method
Qin N, Xiong JH, Liang RW, Liu YH, Zhang SY, Li YH, Li ZH, Wu L
381 - 387 Photocatalysis assisted simultaneous carbon oxidation and NOx reduction
Liao LJ, Heylen S, Sree SP, Vallaey B, Keulemans M, Lenaerts S, Roeffaers MBJ, Martens JA
388 - 396 Preparation of vertically aligned WO3 nanoplate array films based on peroxotungstate reduction reaction and their excellent photoelectrocatalytic performance
Zeng QY, Li JH, Bai J, Li XJ, Xia LG, Zhou BX
397 - 403 Identification of homogeneous [Co-4(H2O)(4)(HPMIDA)(2)(PMIDA)(2)](6-) as an effective molecular-light-driven water oxidation catalyst
Xu Q, Li H, Chi L, Zhang LG, Wan Z, Ding Y, Wang JD
404 - 417 Kinetic and mechanistic study of bimetallic Pt-Pd/Al2O3 catalysts for CO and C3H6 oxidation
Hazlett MJ, Moses-Debusk M, Parks JE, Allard LF, Epling WS
418 - 419 Comments on the application of the Scherrer equation in "Copper aluminum mixed oxide (CuAl MO) catalyst: A green approach for the one-pot synthesis of imines under solvent-free conditions", by Suib et al. [Appl. Catal. B: Environ, 188 (2016) 227-234, dot 10.1016/j.apcatb.2016.02.007]
Morato A, Rives V
420 - 429 Mechanism of the self-condensation of GlcNH(2): insights from in situ NMR spectroscopy and DFT study
Jia LY, Liu XC, Qiao Y, Pedersen CM, Zhang ZZ, Ge H, Wei ZH, Chen YY, Wen XD, Hou XL, Wang YX
430 - 437 Reduction of nitrophenols to aminophenols under concerted catalysis by Au/g-C3N4 contact system
Fu YS, Huang T, Jia BQ, Zhu JW, Wang X
438 - 445 FeOx magnetization enhancing E-coli inactivation by orders of magnitude on Ag-TiO2 nanotubes under sunlight
Mangayayam M, Kiwi J, Giannakis S, Pulgarin C, Zivkovic I, Magrez A, Rtimi S
446 - 453 Hydrodeoxygenation of 3-pentanone over bifunctional Pt-heteropoly acid catalyst in the gas phase: Enhancing effect of gold
Poole O, Alharbi K, Belic D, Kozhevnikova EF, Kozhevnikov IV
454 - 459 Efficient photoelectrochemical water splitting over Co3O4 and Co3O4/Ag composite structure
Hong TT, Liu ZF, Zheng XR, Zhang J, Yan L
460 - 472 Reaction mechanism and kinetics of DEET visible light assisted photocatalytic ozonation with WO3 catalyst
Mena E, Rey A, Rodriguez EM, Beltran FJ
473 - 488 Effect of metal-support interaction on activity and stability of Ni-CeO2 catalyst for partial oxidation of methane
Singha RK, Shukla A, Yadav A, Konathala LNS, Bal R
489 - 499 In situ synthesis of C-TiO2/g-C3N4 heterojunction nanocomposite as highly visible light active photocatalyst originated from effective interfacial charge transfer
Lu Z, Zeng L, Song WL, Qin ZY, Zeng DW, Xie CS
500 - 508 Green photocatalytic synthesis of vitamin B-3 by Pt, loaded TiO2 photocatalysts
Yurdakal S, Yanar SO, Cetinkaya S, Alagoz O, Yalcin P, Ozcan L
509 - 517 Energy-efficient fabrication of a novel multivalence Mn3O4-MnO2 heterojunction for dye degradation under visible light irradiation
Zhao JH, Nan J, Zhao ZW, Li N, Liu J, Cui FY
518 - 527 Fabrication of nitrogen doped graphene quantum dots-BiOI/MnNb2O6 p-n junction photocatalysts with enhanced visible light efficiency in photocatalytic degradation of antibiotics
Yan M, Hua YQ, Zhu FF, Gu W, Jiang JH, Shen HQ, Shi WD
528 - 538 Chemical and photocatalytic oxidative degradation of carbamazepine by using metastable Bi3+ self-doped NaBiO3 nanosheets as a bifunctional material
Ding YB, Zhang GL, Wang XR, Zhu LH, Tang HQ
539 - 549 Removal of nitrate and simultaneous hydrogen generation through photocatalytic reforming of glycerol over "in situ" prepared zero-valent nano copper/P25
Lucchetti R, Onotri L, Clarizia L, Di Natale F, Di Somma I, Andreozzi R, Marotta R
550 - 556 Iron-embedded nitrogen doped carbon frameworks as robust catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction in microbial fuel cells
Tang HL, Zeng Y, Zeng YX, Wang R, Cai SC, Liao C, Cai HP, Lu XH, Tsiakaras P
557 - 568 Kinetics of hydrogenation and hydrogenolysis of 2,5-dimethylfuran over noble metals catalysts under mild conditions
Louie YL, Tang J, Hell AML, Bell AT
569 - 579 Fe2O3/3DOM BiVO4: High-performance photocatalysts for the visible light-driven degradation of 4-nitrophenol
Zhang KF, Liu YX, Deng JG, Xie SH, Lin HX, Zhao XT, Yang J, Han Z, Dai HX
580 - 586 Fe/ZSM-11 as a novel and efficient photocatalyst to degrade Dichlorvos on water solutions
Gomez S, Lerici L, Saux C, Perez AL, Brondino CD, Pierella L, Pizzio L
587 - 596 Water-gas shift reaction over platinum/strontium apatite catalysts
Miao DY, Cavusoglu G, Lichtenberg H, Yu JF, Xu HY, Grunwaldt JD, Goldbach A
597 - 604 Photoelectrochemical hydrogen production by water splitting over dual-functionally modified oxide: p-Type N-doped Ta2O5 photocathode active under visible light irradiation
Suzuki TM, Saeki S, Sekizawa K, Kitazumi K, Takahashi N, Morikawa T
605 - 610 Carbon dioxide Fischer-Tropsch synthesis: A new path to carbon-neutral fuels
Choi YH, Jang YJ, Park H, Kim WY, Lee YH, Choi SH, Lee JS
611 - 619 Hybridization of rutile TiO2 (rTiO(2)) with g-C3N4 quantum dots (CN QDs): An efficient visible-light-driven Z-scheme hybridized photocatalyst
Li YH, Lv KL, Ho WK, Dong F, Wu XF, Xia Y
620 - 641 Heterostructures construction on TiO2 nanobelts: A powerful tool for building high-performance photocatalysts
Zhang XF, Wang YN, Liu BS, Sang YH, Liu H
642 - 652 Enhanced visible-light photocatalytic activity of carbonate-doped anatase TiO2 based on the electron-withdrawing bidentate carboxylate linkage
Liu JM, Han L, An N, Xing L, Ma HY, Cheng L, Yang JC, Zhang QC
653 - 663 Facilitation of the visible light-induced Fenton-like excitation of H2O2 via heterojunction of g-C3N4/NH2-Iron terephthalate metal-organic framework for MB degradation
Li XY, Pi YH, Wu LQ, Xia QB, Wu JL, Li Z, Xiao J
664 - 670 Construction of homojunction-adsorption layer on anatase TiO2 to improve photocatalytic mineralization of volatile organic compounds
Lyu JZ, Gao JX, Zhang M, Fu Q, Sun LN, Hu S, Zhong JB, Wang S, Li J
671 - 682 Molecular hydrogen production from wastewater electrolysis cell with multi-junction BiOx/TiO2 anode and stainless steel cathode: Current and energy efficiency
Cho K, Hoffmann MR
683 - 694 Dry reforming of methane over Ni/La2O3 nanorod catalysts with stabilized Ni nanoparticles
Li XY, Li D, Tian H, Zeng L, Zhao ZJ, Gong JL
695 - 703 Selective photocatalytic reduction of CO2 into CH4 over Pt-Cu2O TiO2 nanocrystals: The interaction between Pt and Cu2O cocatalysts
Xiong Z, Lei Z, Kuang CC, Chen XX, Gong BG, Zhao YC, Zhang JY, Zheng CG, Wu JCS
704 - 705 Response to Comments on the application of the Scherrer equation in "Copper aluminum mixed oxide (CuAl MO) catalyst: A green approach for the one-pot synthesis of imines under solvent-free conditions", by Suib et al. [Appl. Catal. B: Environ, 188 [2016] 227-234, doi:10.1016/j.apcatb.2016.02.007]
Kriz DA, He JK, Pahalagedara M, Suib SL
706 - 714 Ambient-temperature NO oxidation over amorphous CrOx-ZrO2 mixed oxide catalysts: Significant promoting effect of ZrO2
Wang AY, Guo YL, Gao F, Peden CHF