Applied Catalysis B: Environmental

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ISSN: 0926-3373 (Print) 

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1 - 11 Carbon nitride coupled Ti-SBA15 catalyst for visible-light-driven photocatalytic reduction of Cr (VI) and the synergistic oxidation of phenol
Liu FH, Yu J, Tu GY, Qu L, Xiao JC, Liu YD, Wang LZ, Lei JY, Zhang JL
12 - 21 Controllable location of Au nanoparticles as cocatalyst onto TiO2@CeO2 nanocomposite hollow spheres for enhancing photocatalytic activity
Cai JB, Wu XQ, Li SX, Zheng FY
22 - 28 NiOX-Pt/C nanocomposites: Highly active electrocatalysts for the electrochemical oxidation of hydrazine
de Oliveira DC, Silva WO, Chatenet M, Lima FHB
29 - 40 New carbon xerogel-TiO2 composites with high performance as visible-light photocatalysts for dye mineralization
Bailon-Garcia E, Elmouwahidi A, Alvarez MA, Carrasco-Marin F, Perez-Cadenas AF, Maldonado-Hodar FJ
41 - 47 Aerosol spray assisted assembly of TiO2 mesocrystals into hierarchical hollow microspheres with enhanced photocatalytic performance
Tang C, Liu LF, Li YL, Bian ZF
48 - 57 Enhanced catalytic activity and stability for the electrooxidation of formic acid on lead modified shape controlled platinum nanoparticles
Perales-Rondon JV, Solla-Gullon J, Herrero E, Sanchez-Sanchez CM
58 - 69 Fe3+ doping promoted N-2 photofixation ability of honeycombed graphitic carbon nitride: The experimental and density functional theory simulation analysis
Hu SZ, Chen X, Li Q, Li FY, Fan ZP, Wang H, Wang YJ, Zheng BH, Wu G
70 - 76 Biomimetic photoelectrocatalytic conversion of greenhouse gas carbon dioxide: Two-electron reduction for efficient formate production
Shen Q, Huang XF, Liu JB, Guo CY, Zhao GH
77 - 83 BiVO4 nanowires decorated with CdS nanoparticles as Z-scheme photocatalyst with enhanced H-2 generation
Zhou FQ, Fan JC, Xu QJ, Min YL
84 - 91 Highly efficient photocatalyst based on all oxides WO3/Cu2O heterojunction for photoelectrochemical water splitting
Zhang J, Ma HP, Liu ZF
92 - 104 A stable Ag3PO4@PANI core@shell hybrid: Enrichment photocatalytic degradation with pi-pi conjugation
Liu L, Ding L, Liu YG, An WJ, Lin SL, Liang YH, Cui WQ
105 - 118 The influence of p-type Mn3O4 nanostructures on the photocatalytic activity of ZnO for the removal of bromo and chlorophenol in natural sunlight exposure
Qamar MT, Aslam M, Rehan ZA, Soomro MT, Basahi JM, Ismail IMI, Almeelbi T, Hameed A
119 - 127 Fabrication of 3D flower-like black N-TiO2-x@MoS2 for unprecedented-high visible-light-driven photocatalytic performance
Liu XF, Xing ZP, Zhang Y, Li ZZ, Wu XY, Tan SY, Yu XJ, Zhu Q, Zhou W
128 - 136 Series of MxWO3/ZnO (M=K, Rb, NH4) nanocomposites: Combination of energy saving and environmental decontamination functions
Wu XY, Wang JT, Zhang GK, Katsumata K, Yanagisawa K, Sato T, Yin S
137 - 149 Robust ruthenium catalysts for the selective conversion of stearic acid to diesel-range alkanes
Di L, Yao SK, Song S, Wu GJ, Dai WL, Guan NJ, Li LD
150 - 158 Absolute crystallinity and photocatalytic activity of brookite TiO2 samples
Bellardita M, Di Paola A, Megna B, Palmisano L
159 - 168 Cobalt promoted TiO2/GO for the photocatalytic degradation of oxytetracycline and Congo Red
Jo WK, Kumar S, Isaacs MA, Lee AF, Karthikeyan S
169 - 181 KOH-promoted Pt/Al2O3 catalysts for water gas shift and methanol steam reforming: An operando DRIFTS-MS study
Kaftan A, Kusche M, Laurin M, Wasserscheid P, Libuda J
182 - 188 Towards an understanding of the beneficial effect of mesoporous materials on the dehydrogenation characteristics of NH3BH3
Sullivan JA, Herron R, Phillips AD
189 - 201 CO elimination processes over promoter-free hydroxyapatite supported palladium catalysts
Boukha Z, Ayastuy JL, Gonzalez-Velasco JR, Gutierrez-Ortiz MA
202 - 210 Noble-metal-free hetero-structural CdS/Nb2O5/N-doped-graphene ternary photocatalytic system as visible-light-driven photocatalyst for hydrogen evolution
Yue ZK, Liu AJ, Zhang CY, Huang J, Zhu MS, Du YK, Yang P
211 - 220 Optimal design and characterization of sulfide-modified nanoscale zerovalent iron for diclofenac removal
Song SK, Su MM, Adeleye AS, Zhang YL, Zhou XF
221 - 231 Performance of basic mixed oxides for aqueous-phase 5-hydroxymethylfurfural-acetone aldol condensation
Cueto J, Faba L, Diaz E, Ordonez S
232 - 240 Fe-g-C3N4/graphitized mesoporous carbon composite as an effective Fenton-like catalyst in a wide pH range
Ma JQ, Yang QF, Wen YZ, Liu WP
241 - 252 NiCoMnO4 nanoparticles on N-doped graphene: Highly efficient bifunctional electrocatalyst for oxygen reduction/evolution reactions
Pendashteh A, Palma J, Anderson M, Marcilla R
253 - 265 Performance of a Fe-N-C catalyst for the oxygen reduction reaction in direct methanol fuel cell: Cathode formulation optimization and short-term durability
Osrnieri L, Escudero-Cid R, Videla AHAM, Ocon P, Specchia S
266 - 277 Hydrodeoxygenation of furans over Pd-FeOx/SiO2 catalyst under atmospheric pressure
Yang JF, Li SS, Zhang LL, Liu XY, Wang JH, Pan XL, Li N, Wang AQ, Cong Y, Wang XD, Zhang T
278 - 289 Olefin Upgrading over Ir/ZSM-5 catalysts under methane environment
Lou Y, He P, Zhao LL, Cheng W, Song H
290 - 301 A model compound (methyl oleate, oleic acid, triolein) study of triglycerides hydrodeoxygenation over alumina-supported NiMo sulfide
Coumans AE, Hensen EJM
302 - 309 Highly active and stable alumina supported nickel nanoparticle catalysts for dry reforming of methane
Shang ZY, Li SG, Li L, Liu GZ, Liang XH
310 - 317 Gold promoted Cu/ZnO/Al2O3 catalysts prepared from hydrotalcite precursors: Advanced materials for the WGS reaction
Santos JL, Reina TR, Ivanova S, Centeno MA, Odriozola JA
318 - 330 Removal of NOx and soot over Ce/Zr/K/Me (Me = Fe, Pt, Ru, Au) oxide catalysts
Matarrese R, Morandi S, Castoldi L, Villa P, Lietti L
331 - 338 Solvent effect over the promoter addition for a supported NiWS hydrotreating catalyst
Woolfolk LG, Geantet C, Massin L, Laurenti D, De los Reyes JA
339 - 347 Enhancing the deN(2)O activity of the supported Co3O4 vertical bar alpha-Al2O3 catalyst by glycerol-assisted shape engineering of the active phase at the nanoscale
Gudyka S, Grzybek G, Grybos J, Indyka P, Leszczynski B, Kotarba A, Sojka Z
348 - 358 Comparison of photocatalytic reaction-induced selective corrosion with photocorrosion: Impact on morphology and stability of Ag-ZnO
Ma XL, Li H, Liu TY, Du SS, Qiang QP, Wang YH, Yin S, Sato T
359 - 369 Investigation of metal-exchanged mesoporous Y zeolites for the adsorptive desulfurization of liquid fuels
Lee KX, Valla JA
370 - 380 Microwave-assisted ammonia decomposition reaction over iron incorporated mesoporous carbon catalysts
Varisli D, Korkusuz C, Dogu T
381 - 390 Benefits and limitations of Pt nanoparticles supported on highly porous antimony-doped tin dioxide aerogel as alternative cathode material for proton-exchange membrane fuel cells
Cognard G, Ozouf G, Beauger C, Berthome G, Riassetto D, Dubau L, Chattot R, Chatenet M, Maillard F
391 - 399 Pt-impregnated catalysts on powdery SiC and other commercial supports for the combustion of hydrogen under oxidant conditions
Arzac GM, Montes O, Fernandez A
400 - 410 Gas phase 2-propanol degradation using titania photocatalysts: Study of the quantum efficiency
Munoz-Batista MJ, Caudillo-Flores U, Ung-Medina F, Chavez-Parga MD, Cortes JA, Kubacka A, Fernandez-Garcia M
411 - 418 Sunlight-driven photoelectrochemical sensor for direct determination of hexavalent chromium based on Au decorated rutile TiO2 nanorods
Moakhar RS, Goh GKL, Dolati A, Ghorbani M
419 - 429 Innovative carbon-free low content Pt catalyst supported on Mo-doped titanium suboxide (Ti3O5-Mo) for stable and durable oxygen reduction reaction
Esfahani RAM, Vankova SK, Videla AHAM, Specchia S
430 - 437 High-surface-area ceria prepared by ALD on Al2O3 support
Onn TM, Zhang SY, Arroyo-Ramirez L, Xia Y, Wang C, Pan XQ, Graham GW, Gorte RJ
438 - 450 Bitumen partial upgrading over Mo/ZSM-5 under methane environment: Methane participation investigation
He P, Zhao LL, Song H
451 - 460 Layered double hydroxides derived Ni-x(MgyAlzOn) catalysts: Enhanced ammonia decomposition by hydrogen spillover effect
Su Q, Gu LL, Yao Y, Zhao J, Ji WJ, Ding WP, Au CT
461 - 469 Sub-micron Cu/SSZ-13: Synthesis and application as selective catalytic reduction (SCR) catalysts
Prodinger S, Derewinski MA, Wang YL, Washton NM, Walter ED, Szanyi J, Gao F, Wang Y, Peden CHF
470 - 478 Electrospun titania nanofibers segregated by graphene oxide for improved visible light photocatalysis
Zhang L, Zhang QH, Xie HY, Guo J, Lyu HL, Li YG, Sun ZG, Wang HZ, Guo ZZ
479 - 485 Nanotextured cupric oxide nanofibers coated with atomic layer deposited ZnO-TiO2 as highly efficient photocathodes
Kim MW, Yoon H, Ohm TY, Jo HS, An S, Choi SK, Park H, Al-Deyab SS, Min BK, Swihart MT, Yoon SS
486 - 494 Synthesis of SnO2/B-P codoped g-C3N4 nanocomposites as efficient cocatalyst-free visible-light photocatalysts for CO2 conversion and pollutant degradation
Raziq F, Qu Y, Humayun M, Zada A, Yu HT, Jing LQ
495 - 502 Probing the light harvesting and charge rectification of bismuth nanoparticles behind the promoted photoreactivity onto Bi/BiOCl catalyst by (in-situ) electron microscopy
Chang XF, Xie L, Sha WEI, Lu K, Qi Q, Dong CY, Yan XX, Gondal MA, Rashid SG, Dai QI, Zhang W, Yang LQ, Qiao XD, Mao L, Wang P
503 - 510 Transition metal doped cryptomelane-type manganese oxide catalysts for ozone decomposition
Ma JZ, Wang CX, He H
511 - 517 Fabrication of direct Z-scheme Ta3N5-WO2.72 film heterojunction photocatalyst for enhanced hydrogen evolution
Hsu WP, Mishra M, Liu WS, Su CY, Perng TP
518 - 526 A bio-inspired strategy to enhance the photocatalytic performance of g-C3N4 under solar irradiation by axial coordination with hemin
Chen X, Lu WY, Xu TF, Li N, Qin DD, Zhu ZX, Wang GQ, Chen WX
527 - 542 Ordered mesoporous "one-pot" synthesized Ni-Mg(Ca)-Al2O3 as effective and remarkably stable catalysts for combined steam and dry reforming of methane (CSDRM)
Jabbour K, Massiani P, Davidson A, Casale S, El Hassan N
543 - 551 Mesoporous manganese oxides for NO2 assisted catalytic soot oxidation
Wasalathanthri ND, SantaMaria TM, Kriz DA, Dissanayake SL, Kuo CH, Biswas S, Suib SL
552 - 560 Catalytic oxidation of 1,2-dichloropropane over supported LaMnOx oxides catalysts
Zhang CH, Wang C, Gil S, Boreave A, Retailleau L, Guo YL, Valverde JL, Giroir-Fendler A
561 - 572 Silica/titania composite-supported Ni catalysts for CO methanation: Effects of Ti species on the activity, anti-sintering, and anti-coking properties
Ren J, Li HD, Jin YY, Zhu JY, Liu SS, Lin JY, Li Z
573 - 581 Elimination of sulfaclozine from water with SO4 center dot- radicals: Evaluation of different persulfate activation methods
Ismail L, Ferronato C, Fine L, Jaber F, Chovelon JM
582 - 590 Oriented 2.0.0 Cu2O nanoplatelets supported on few-layers graphene as efficient visible light photocatalyst for overall water splitting
Mateo D, Esteve-Adell I, Albero J, Primo A, Garcia H
591 - 599 Dual modification of hematite photoanode by Sn-doping and Nb2O5 layer for water oxidation
Jeon TH, Bokare AD, Han DS, Abdel-Wahab A, Park H, Choi W
600 - 606 Photoelectrocatalytic degradation of phenol-containing wastewater by TiO2/g-C3N4 hybrid heterostructure thin film
Wei Z, Liang FF, Liu YF, Luo WJ, Wang J, Yao WQ, Zhu YF
607 - 616 Gold nanoparticles decorated Ag(Cl,Br) micro-necklaces for efficient and stable SERS detection and visible-light photocatalytic degradation of Sudan I
Cao Q, Liu X, Yuan KP, Yu J, Liu QH, Delaunay JJ, Che RC
617 - 628 Perovskite oxide ultrathin nanosheets/g-C3N4 2D-2D heterojunction photocatalysts with significantly enhanced photocatalytic activity towards the photodegradation of tetracycline
Jiang DL, Wang TY, Xu Q, Li D, Meng SC, Chen M
629 - 635 Core-shell LaPO4/g-C3N4 nanowires for highly active and selective CO2 reduction
Li ML, Zhang LX, Fan XQ, Wu MY, Wang M, Cheng RL, Zhang LL, Yao HL, Shi JL
636 - 651 Investigation on Fe-Co binary metal oxides supported on activated semi-coke for NO reduction by CO
Wang LY, Cheng XX, Wang ZQ, Ma CY, Qin YK