Applied Catalysis B: Environmental

Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, Vol.197 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0926-3373 (Print) 

In this Issue (34 articles)

1 - 1 Forty years of catalysis by ceria: A success story
McCabe RW, Trovarelli A
2 - 13 Synergy between hydrogen and ceria in Pt-catalyzed CO oxidation: An investigation on Pt-CeO2 catalysts synthesized by solution combustion
Morfin F, Nguyen TS, Rousset JL, Piccolo L
14 - 22 Ceria-based electrolytes prepared by solution combustion synthesis: The role of fuel on the materials properties
Aliotta C, Liotta LF, La Parola V, Martorana A, Muccillo ENS, Muccillo R, Deganello F
23 - 34 Synthesis and full characterization of the phase-pure pyrochlore Ce2Zr2O7 and the K-Ce2Zr2O8 phases
Urban S, Dolcet P, Moller M, Che LM, Klar PJ, Djerdj I, Gross S, Smarsly BM, Over H
35 - 46 Nanostructured ceria-zirconia catalysts for CO oxidation: Study on surface properties and reactivity
Piumetti M, Bensaid S, Fino D, Ruiso N
47 - 55 CO oxidation and COPrOx over preformed Au nanoparticles supported over nanoshaped CeO2
Soler L, Casanovas A, Urrich A, Angurell I, Llorca J
56 - 61 Reconstruction of ceria-supported Pt-Co particles under H-2 and CO at 220 degrees C
Lorito D, Ruocco C, Palma V, Giroir-Fendler A, Meunier FC
62 - 72 WGS and CO-PrOx reactions using gold promoted copper-ceria catalysts: "Bulk CuO-CeO2 vs. CuO-CeO2/Al2O3 with low mixed oxide content"
Reina TR, Ivanova S, Laguna OH, Centeno MA, Odriozola JA
73 - 85 Complex interplay of structural and surface properties of ceria on platinum supported catalyst under water gas shift reaction
Meira DM, Ribeiro RU, Mathon O, Pascarelli S, Bueno JMC, Zanchet D
86 - 94 CeO2-modified Au/TiO2 catalysts with outstanding stability under harsh CO oxidation conditions
del Rio E, Hungria AB, Tinoco M, Manzorro R, Cauqui MA, Calvino JJ, Perez-Omil JA
95 - 104 Synergic effect of Cu/Ce0.5Pr0.5O2-delta and Ce0.5Pr0.5O2-delta in soot combustion
Rico-Perez V, Aneggi E, Bueno-Lopez A, Trovarelli A
105 - 115 CO and soot oxidation activity of doped ceria: Influence of dopants
Mukherjee D, Rao BG, Reddy BM
116 - 124 Catalytic diesel particulate filters with highly dispersed ceria: Effect of the soot-catalyst contact on the regeneration performance
Di Sarli V, Landi G, Lisi L, Saliva A, Di Benedetto A
125 - 137 Nanostructured ceria-praseodymia catalysts for diesel soot combustion
Andana T, Piumetti M, Bensaid S, Russo N, Fino D, Pirone R
138 - 145 Hydrogen production from hydrocarbons over Rh supported on Ce-based oxides for automotive applications
Gomes SR, Bion N, Duprez D, Epron F
146 - 158 N2O decomposition over CuO/CeO2 catalyst: New insights into reaction mechanism and inhibiting action of H2O and NO by operando techniques
Zabilskiy M, Djinovic P, Tchernychova E, Pintar A
159 - 167 Structure-reactivity relationships in VOx/CexZr1-xO2 catalysts used for low-temperature NH3-SCR of NO
Vuong TH, Radnik J, Kondratenko E, Schneider M, Armbruster U, Bruckner A
168 - 183 Dry reforming of methane over 5 wt% Ni/Ce(1-x)Pr(x)o(2-delta) catalysts: Performance and characterisation of active and inactive carbon by transient isotopic techniques
Vasiliades MA, Makri MM, Djinoviec P, Erjavec B, Pintar A, Efstathiou AM
184 - 197 Elucidating the interaction between Ni and CeOx in ethanol steam reforming catalysts: A perspective of recent studies over model and powder systems
Liu ZY, Senanayake SD, Rodriguez JA
198 - 205 Reactions of ethanol over CeO2 and Ru/CeO2 catalysts
Mudiyanselage K, Al-Shankiti I, Foulis A, Llorca J, Idriss H
206 - 213 Ce-promoted Ni/SBA-15 catalysts for anisole hydrotreating under mild conditions
Yang YX, Ochoa-Hernandez C, Pizarro P, O'shea VAD, Coronado JM, Serrano DP
214 - 221 CeO2 morphology-dependent NbOx -CeO2 interaction, structure and catalytic performance of NbOx/CeO2 catalysts in oxidative dehydrogenation of propane
Liu YM, Luo LF, Gao YX, Huang WX
222 - 235 Synergistic effect of bimetallic Au-Pd supported on ceria-zirconia mixed oxide catalysts for selective oxidation of glycerol
Olmos CM, Chinchilla LE, Rodrigues EG, Delgado JJ, Hungria AB, Blanco G, Pereira MFR, Orfao JJM, Calvino JJ, Chen XW
236 - 243 On the effect of Ce incorporation on pillared clay-supported Pt and Ir catalysts for aqueous-phase hydrodechlorination
Pizarro AH, Molina CB, Fierro JLG, Rodriguez JJ
244 - 253 The role of ceria in LSM-GDC composite cathode for electrochemical reduction of nitric oxide
Tan WY, Chen F, Gong L, Shi HG, Zhong Q
254 - 261 Structural and electrocatalytic properties of molten core Sn@SnOx nanoparticles on ceria
Bardini L, Pappacena A, Dominguez-Escalante M, Llorca J, Boaro M, Trovarelli A
262 - 270 High efficiency of Pt2+ - CeO2 novel thin film catalyst as anode for proton exchange membrane fuel cells
Fiala R, Figueroba A, Bruix A, Vaclavu M, Rednyk A, Khalakhan I, Vorokhta M, Lavkova J, Illas F, Potin V, Matolinova I, Neyman KM, Matolin V
271 - 279 Phosphorus poisoning during wet oxidation of methane over Pd@CeO2/graphite model catalysts
Monai M, Montini T, Melchionna M, Duchon T, Kus P, Tsud N, Prince KC, Matolin V, Gorte RJ, Fornasiero P
280 - 285 Modification of Pd/CeO2 catalyst by Atomic Layer Deposition of ZrO2
Onn TM, Arroyo-Ramirez L, Monai M, Oh TS, Talati M, Fornasiero P, Gorte RJ, Khader MM
286 - 298 In situ growth, structure, and real-time chemical reactivity of well-defined CeOx-Ru(0001) model surfaces
Grinter DC, Senanayake SD, Flege JI
299 - 312 Reactivity descriptors for ceria in catalysis
Capdevila-Cortada M, Vile G, Teschner D, Perez-Ramirez J, Lopez N
313 - 323 Enhanced oxidation activity from modified ceria: MnOx-ceria, CrOx-ceria and Mg doped VOx-ceria
Nolan M, Ganduglia-Pirovano MV
324 - 336 Dissociative adsorption of methane on the Cu and Zn doped (111) surface of CeO2
Carey JJ, Nolan M
337 - 342 Scanning tunneling microscopy studies of Mn-doped CeOx(111) interfaces
Ginting E, Peterson EW, Zhou J