Applied Catalysis B: Environmental

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ISSN: 0926-3373 (Print) 

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1 - 14 Effect of Cu additives on the performance of a cobalt substituted ceria (Ce0.90Co0.1O02-delta) catalyst in total and preferential CO oxidation
Cwele T, Mahadevaiah N, Singh S, Friedrich HB
15 - 25 A new approach to polymer-supported phosphotungstic acid: Application for glycerol acetylation using robust sustainable acidic heterogeneous-homogenous catalyst
Betiha MA, Hassan HMA, El-Sharkawy EA, Al-Sabagh AM, Menoufy MF, Abdelmoniem HEM
26 - 32 Visible light photocatalytic activity enhancement of Ag3PO4 dispersed on exfoliated bentonite for degradation of rhodamine B
Ma JF, Liu Q, Zhu LF, Zou J, Wang K, Yang MR, Komarneni S
33 - 46 Steam reforming of n-butanol over Rh/ZrO2 catalyst: role of 1-butene and butyraldehyde
Harju H, Lehtonen J, Lefferts L
47 - 58 Effective heterogeneous electro-Fenton process for the degradation of a malodorous compound, indole, using iron loaded alginate beads as a reusable catalyst
Ben Hammouda S, Fourcade F, Assadi A, Soutrel I, Adhoum N, Amrane A, Monser L
59 - 67 Photodriven formation of FeNi bimetallic nano-mixture accompanied with efficient hydrogen evolution under atmospheric oxygen
Wang CJ, Chen Y, Lv XJ, Fu WF
68 - 73 Constructing carbon-nitride-based copolymers via Schiff base chemistry for visible-light photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Fan XQ, Zhang LX, Wang M, Huang WM, Zhou YJ, Li ML, Cheng RL, Shi JL
74 - 84 Synergetic effects of plasma and metal oxide catalysts on diesel soot oxidation
Ranji-Burachaloo H, Masoomi-Godarzi S, Khodadadi AA, Mortazavi Y
85 - 93 The selective deposition of silver nanoparticles onto {101} facets of TiO2 nanocrystals with co-exposed {001}/{101} facets, and their enhanced photocatalytic reduction of aqueous nitrate under simulated solar illumination
Sun DC, Yang WY, Zhou L, Sun WZ, Li Q, Shang JK
94 - 101 Sintering and coking resistant core-shell microporous silica-nickel nanoparticles for CO methanation: Towards advanced catalysts production
Lucchini MA, Testino A, Kambolis A, Proff C, Ludwig C
102 - 108 Efficient Ni-Mo hydrodesulfurization catalyst prepared through Keggin polyoxometalate
Alsalme A, Alzaqri N, Alsaleh A, Siddiqui MRH, Alotaibi A, Kozhevnikova EF, Kozhevnikov IV
109 - 114 New operation strategy for driving the selectivity of NOx reduction to N-2, NH3 or N2O during lean/rich cycling of a lean NOx trap catalyst
Mracek D, Koci P, Choi JS, Partridge WP
115 - 122 Construction of high-dispersed Ag/Fe3O4/g-C3N4 photocatalyst by selective photo-deposition and improved photocatalytic activity
Zhu Z, Lu ZY, Wang DD, Tang X, Yan YS, Shi WD, Wang YS, Gao NL, Yao X, Dong HJ
123 - 131 Influence of iridium oxide loadings on the performance of PEM water electrolysis cells: Part II - Advanced oxygen electrodes
Rozain C, Mayousse E, Guillet N, Millet P
132 - 141 Degradation of pharmaceuticals in wastewater using immobilized TiO2 photocatalysis under simulated solar irradiation
He YJ, Sutton NB, Rijnaarts HHH, Langenhoff AAM
142 - 152 Sol-gel synthesised WO3 nanoparticles supported on mesoporous silica for liquid phase nitration of aromatics
Kulal AB, Dongare MK, Umbarkar SB
153 - 160 Influence of iridium oxide loadings on the performance of PEM water electrolysis cells: Part I-Pure IrO2-based anodes
Rozain C, Mayousse E, Guillet N, Millet P
161 - 171 Electrochemical advanced oxidation processes for sanitary landfill leachate remediation: Evaluation of operational variables
Moreira FC, Soler J, Fonseca A, Saraiva I, Boaventura RAR, Brillas E, Vilar VJP
172 - 183 The advanced removal of benzene from aerosols by photocatalytic oxidation and adsorption of Cu-TiO2/PU under visible light irradiation
Pham TD, Lee BK, Lee CH
184 - 192 A NIR-driven photocatalyst based on alpha-NaYF4:Yb,Tm@TiO2 core-shell structure supported on reduced graphene oxide
Wang WJ, Li YC, Kang ZW, Wang F, Yu JC
193 - 203 Demethoxylation of guaiacol and methoxybenzenes over carbon-supported Ru-Mn catalyst
Ishikawa M, Tamura M, Nakagawa Y, Tomishige K
204 - 212 Hybrid heterostructures based on hematite and highly hydrophilic carbon dots with photocatalytic activity
Araujo TC, Oliveira HD, Teles JJS, Fabris JD, Oliveira LCA, de Mesquita JP
213 - 219 Hybrid catalysts for the selective catalytic reduction of NO by NH3: The influence of component separation on the performance of hybrid systems
Salazar M, Hoffmann S, Tkachenko OP, Becker R, Grunert W
220 - 228 Photocatalytic overall water splitting promoted by SnOx-NiGa2O4 photocatalysts
Lv XJ, Zhou SX, Huang X, Wang CJ, Fu WF
229 - 235 Modelling of UV optical ageing of optical fibre fabric coated with TiO2
Indermuhle C, Puzenat E, Simonet F, Peruchon L, Brochier C, Guillard C
236 - 246 Aqueous phase electrocatalysis and thermal catalysis for the hydrogenation of phenol at mild conditions
Song Y, Gutierrez OY, Herranz J, Lercher JA
247 - 256 Photoelectrochemical water oxidation over fibrous and sponge-like BiVO4/beta-Bi4V2O11 photoanodes fabricated by spray pyrolysis
dos Santos WS, Almeida LD, Afonso AS, Rodriguez M, Mesquita JP, Monteiro DS, Oliveira LCA, Fabris JD, Pereira MC
257 - 265 Copper as promoter of the NiO-CeO2 catalyst in the preferential CO oxidation
Chagas CA, de Souza EF, Manfro RL, Landi SM, Souza MMVM, Schmal M
266 - 276 On the role of metal particle size and surface coverage for photo-catalytic hydrogen production: A case study of the Au/CdS system
Majeed I, Nadeem MA, Al-Oufi M, Nadeem MA, Waterhouse GIN, Badshah A, Metson JB, Idriss H
277 - 285 Insight on the photocatalytic bacterial inactivation by co-sputtered TiO2-Cu in aerobic and anaerobic conditions
Rtimi S, Giannakis S, Sanjines R, Pulgarin C, Bensimon M, Kiwi J
286 - 296 PtCo/CoOx nanocomposites: Bifunctional electrocatalysts for oxygen reduction and evolution reactions synthesized via tandem laser ablation synthesis in solution-galvanic replacement reactions
Hu S, Goenaga G, Melton C, Zawodzinski TA, Mukherjee D
297 - 305 Performance analysis of a non-platinum group metal catalyst based on iron-aminoantipyrine for direct methanol fuel cells
Sebastian D, Baglio V, Arico AS, Serov A, Atanassov P
306 - 315 In-situ reduction of Ag nanoparticles on oxygenated mesoporous carbon fabric: Exceptional catalyst for nitroaromatics reduction
Ji T, Chen L, Mu LW, Yuan RX, Knoblauch M, Bao FS, Zhu JH
316 - 325 Self doping promoted photocatalytic removal of no under visible light with bi2moo6: Indispensable role of superoxide ions
Ding X, Ho WK, Shang J, Zhang LZ
326 - 335 Ionic liquid-induced synthesis of a graphene intercalated ferrocene nanocatalyst and its environmental application
Sonkaria S, Kim HT, Kim SY, Kumari N, Kim YG, Khare V, Ahn SH
336 - 346 Dual coke deactivation pathways during the catalytic cracking of raw bio-oil and vacuum gasoil in FCC conditions
Ibarra A, Veloso A, Bilbao J, Arandes JM, Castano P
347 - 355 Photochemical and photocatalytic isomerization of trans-caffeic acid and cyclization of cis-caffeic acid to esculetin
Parrino F, Di Paola A, Loddo V, Pibiri I, Bellardita M, Palmisano L
356 - 368 Selective oxidation of aromatic alcohols to aromatic aldehydes by BN/metal sulfide with enhanced photocatalytic activity
Meng SG, Ye XJ, Ning XF, Xie ML, Fu XL, Chen SF
369 - 374 Highly functional titania nanoparticles produced by flame spray pyrolysis. Photoelectrochemical and solar cell applications
Tantis I, Dozzi MV, Bettini LG, Chiarello GL, Dracopoulos V, Selli E, Lianos P
375 - 384 Removal of oxygen from (bio-)methane via catalytic oxidation of CH4-Reaction kinetics for very low O-2:CH4 ratios
Ortloff F, Bohnau J, Graf F, Kolb T
385 - 391 Partial oxidation of methane over Ni-0/La2O3 bifunctional catalyst III. Steady state activity of methane total oxidation, dry reforming, steam reforming and partial oxidation. Sequences of elementary steps
Nguyen TH, Lamacz A, Krzton A, Liszka B, Djega-Mariadassou G
392 - 404 Visible light-triggered vanadium-substituted molybdophosphoric acids to catalyze liquid phase oxygenation of cyclohexane to KA oil by nitrous oxide
She JL, Fu ZH, Li JW, Zeng B, Tang SP, Wu WF, Zhao HH, Yin DL, Kirk SR
405 - 413 Photocatalytic decomposition of hydrogen peroxide over nanoparticles of TiO2 and Ni(II)-porphyrin-doped TiO2: A relationship between activity and porphyrin anchoring mode
Tasserou L, Paez CA, Lambert SD, Eskenazi D, Heinrichs B
414 - 423 Photocatalytic reductive degradation of polybrominated diphenyl ethers on CuO/TiO2 nanocomposites: A mechanism based on the switching of photocatalytic reduction potential being controlled by the valence state of copper
Lei M, Wang N, Zhu LH, Zhou QL, Nie G, Tang HQ
424 - 430 Roles of water and dissolved oxygen in photocatalytic generation of free OH radicals in aqueous TiO2 suspensions: An isotope labeling study
Kondrakov AO, Ignatev AN, Lunin VV, Frimmel FH, Brase S, Horn H
431 - 438 Thickness-dependent photocatalytic activity of bismuth oxybromide nanosheets with highly exposed (010) facets
Li HP, Hu TX, Liu JQ, Song S, Du N, Zhang RJ, Hou WG
439 - 448 Accelerated deactivation studies of the natural-gas oxidation catalyst-Verifying the role of sulfur and elevated temperature in catalyst aging
Honkanen M, Karkkainen M, Kolli T, Heikkinen O, Viitanen V, Zeng LJ, Jiang H, Kallinen K, Huuhtanen M, Keiski RL, Lahtinen J, Olsson E, Vippola M
449 - 455 Environmentally effective photocatalyst CoO-TiO2 synthesized by thermal precipitation of Co in amorphous TiO2
Savio AKPD, Fletcher J, Smith K, Iyer R, Bao JM, Hernandez FCR
456 - 468 Visible light-assisted heterogeneous Fenton with ZnFe2O4 for the degradation of Orange II in water
Cai C, Zhang ZY, Liu J, Shan N, Zhang H, Dionysiou DD
469 - 475 Synthesis of niobium oxide nanoparticles with plate morphology utilizing solvothermal reaction and their performances for selective photooxidation
Tamai K, Hosokawa S, Teramura K, Shishido T, Tanaka T
476 - 484 Effect of Mn substitution on the promoted formaldehyde oxidation over spinel ferrite: Catalyst characterization, performance and reaction mechanism
Liu P, He HP, Wei GL, Liang XL, Qi FH, Tan FD, Tan W, Zhu JX, Zhu RL
485 - 503 Integrated reduction and acid-catalysed conversion of furfural in alcohol medium using Zr,Al-containing ordered micro/mesoporous silicates
Antunes MM, Lima S, Neves P, Magalhaes AL, Fazio E, Neri F, Pereira MT, Silva AF, Silva CM, Rocha SM, Pillinger M, Urakawa A, Valente AA
504 - 512 Biomolecule-assisted self-assembly of CdS/MoS2/graphene hollow spheres as high-efficiency photocatalysts for hydrogen evolution without noble metals
Yu XL, Du RF, Li BY, Zhang YH, Liu HJ, Qu JH, An XQ
513 - 524 Kinetic assessment of dry reforming of methane on Pt plus Ni containing composite of fluorite-like structure
Bobrova LN, Bobin AS, Mezentseva NV, Sadykov VA, Thybaut JW, Marin GB
525 - 532 Plasma-photocatalytic conversion of CO2 at low temperatures: Understanding the synergistic effect of plasma-catalysis
Mei DH, Zhu XB, Wu CF, Ashford B, Williams PT, Tu X
533 - 540 Hydroxide SrSn(OH)(6): A new photocatalyst for degradation of benzene and rhodamine B
Luo YP, Chen J, Liu JW, Shao Y, Li XF, Li DZ
541 - 549 Effect of NaBH4 on properties of nanoscale zero-valent iron and its catalytic activity for reduction of p-nitrophenol
Bae S, Gim S, Kim H, Hanna K
550 - 561 Studies on the influence of H2S and SO2 on the activity of a PdO/Al2O3 catalyst for removal of oxygen by total oxidation of (bio-)methane at very low O-2:CH4 ratios
Ortloff F, Bohnau J, Kramar U, Graf F, Kolb T
562 - 569 A room temperature synthesizable and environmental friendly heterogeneous ZIF-67 catalyst for the solvent less and co-catalyst free synthesis of cyclic carbonates
Kuruppathparambil RR, Jose T, Babu R, Hwang GY, Kathalikkattil AC, Kim DW, Park DW
570 - 579 Modeling of three-way catalytic converter performance with exhaust mixture from natural gas-fueled engines
Zeng F, Hohn KL
580 - 586 Rigid linked dinuclear salph-co(III) catalyst for carbondioxide/epoxides copolymerization
Li X, Duan RL, Pang X, Gao B, Wang XH, Chen XS
587 - 597 Solvent-free in situ synthesis of g-C3N4/{001}TiO2 composite with enhanced UV- and visible-light photocatalytic activity for NO oxidation
Song X, Hu Y, Zheng MM, Wei CH
598 - 610 Catalytic total oxidation of 1,2-dichloroethane over VOx/CeO2 catalysts: Further insights via isotopic tracer techniques
Dai QG, Yin LL, Bai SX, Wang W, Wang XY, Gong XQ, Lu GZ
611 - 625 Catalytic oxidation of dimethyl disulfide (CH3SSCH3) over monometallic Au, Pt and Cu catalysts supported on gamma-Al2O3, CeO2 and CeO2-Al2O3
Nevanpera TK, Ojala S, Bion N, Epron F, Keiski RL
626 - 635 KCl flux-induced growth of isometric crystals of cadmium-containing early transition-metal (Ti4+, Nb5+, and Ta5+) oxides and nitridability to form their (oxy)nitride derivatives under an NH3 atmosphere for water splitting application
Hojamberdiev M, Wagata H, Yubuta K, Kawashima K, Vequizo JJM, Yamakata A, Oishi S, Domen K, Teshima K
636 - 644 Engineering of oxoclusters-reinforced polymeric materials with application as heterogeneous oxydesulfurization catalysts
Vigolo M, Borsacchi S, Soraru A, Geppi M, Smarsly BM, Dolcet P, Rizzato S, Carraro M, Gross S
645 - 645 Low temperature dry reforming of methane over Pt-Ni-Mg/ceria-zirconia catalysts (vol 179, pg 213, 2015)
Elsayed NH, Roberts NRM, Joseph B, Kuhn JN