Applied Catalysis B: Environmental

Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, Vol.179 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0926-3373 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Photocatalytic reduction of CO2 by graphitic carbon nitride polymers derived from urea and barbituric acid
Qin JN, Wang SB, Ren H, Hou YD, Wang XC
9 - 20 Fabrication of a ternary plasmonic photocatalyst of Ag/AgVO3/RGO and its excellent visible-light photocatalytic activity
Zhao W, Li JH, Wei ZB, Wang SM, He H, Sun C, Yang SG
21 - 28 Effect of Fe on the photocatalytic removal of NOx over visible light responsive Fe/TiO2 catalysts
Ma JZ, He H, Liu FD
29 - 36 Enormous enhancement in photocatalytic performance of Ag3PO4/HAp composite: A Z-scheme mechanism insight
Chai YY, Ding J, Wang L, Liu QQ, Ren J, Dai WL
37 - 43 CO2 hydrogenation for C2+ hydrocarbon synthesis over composite catalyst using surface modified HB zeolite
Fujiwara M, Satake T, Shiokawa K, Sakurai H
44 - 53 Pd-Pt catalysts on mesoporous SiO2-Al2O3 with superior activity for HDS of 4,6-dimethyldibenzothiophene: Effect of metal loading and support composition
Vit Z, Gulkova D, Kaluza L, Kupcik J
54 - 60 Realizing nanosized interfacial contact via constructing BiVO4/Bi4V2O11 element-copied heterojunction nanofibres for superior photocatalytic properties
Lv CD, Chen G, Sun JX, Zhou YS, Fan S, Zhang CM
61 - 68 AgSbS2 modified ZnO nanotube arrays for photoelectrochemical water splitting
Han JH, Liu ZF, Guo KY, Zhang XQ, Hong TT, Wang B
69 - 77 In-situ regeneration of Au nanocatalysts by atmospheric-pressure air plasma: Significant contribution of water vapor
Zhu B, Li XS, Liu JL, Liu JB, Zhu XB, Zhu AM
78 - 87 Comparison of kinetics of acetone, heptane and toluene photocatalytic mineralization over TiO2 microfibers and Quartzel (R) mats
Le Bechec M, Kinadjian N, Ollis D, Backov R, Lacombe S
88 - 94 Kinetics of hydrogen evolution reaction in alkaline electrolysis on a Ni cathode in the presence of Ni-Co-Mo based ionic activators
Nikolic VM, Maslovara SL, Tasic GS, Brdaric TP, Lausevic PZ, Radak BB, Kaninski MPM
95 - 105 Influence of the surface oxygenated groups of activated carbon on preparation of a nano Cu/AC catalyst and heterogeneous catalysis in the oxidative carbonylation of methanol
Zhang GQ, Li Z, Zheng HY, Fu TJ, Ju YB, Wang YC
106 - 112 Enhanced visible-light-driven photocatalytic removal of NO: Effect on layer distortion on g-C3N4 by H-2 heating
Ho WK, Zhang ZZ, Xu MK, Zhang XW, Wang XX, Huang Y
113 - 121 A PEDOT-coated quantum dot as efficient visible light harvester for photocatalytic hydrogen production
Srinivasan N, Shiga Y, Atarashi D, Sakai E, Miyauchi M
122 - 127 Alumina coated nickel nanoparticles as a highly active catalyst for dry reforming of methane
Baktash E, Littlewood P, Schomacker R, Thomas A, Stair PC
128 - 138 Dry reforming of methane over CeO2 supported Ni, Co and Ni-Co catalysts
Ay H, Uner D
139 - 149 Influence of the niobium supported species on the catalytic dehydration of glycerol to acrolein
Garcia-Sancho C, Cecilia JA, Moreno-Ruiz A, Merida-Robles JM, Santamaria-Gonzalez J, Moreno-Tost R, Maireles-Torres P
150 - 159 Coprecipitation versus chemical vapour deposition to prepare Rh/Ni bimetallic catalysts
Benito P, Dal Santo V, De Grandi V, Marelli M, Fornasari G, Psaro R, Vaccari A
160 - 170 Visible-light-active oxygen-rich TiO2 decorated 2D graphene oxide with enhanced photocatalytic activity toward carbon dioxide reduction
Tan LL, Ong WJ, Chai SP, Goh BT, Mohamed AR
171 - 177 Tetrachlorobiphenyl removal from sludge matrix using mixed crystal Ti0.97Fe0.02Ni0.01O2 thin film
Tuncal T, Cifci DI, Uslu O
178 - 184 Pd@Pt core-shell nanostructures for improved electrocatalytic activity in methanol oxidation reaction
Lee YW, Lee JY, Kwak DH, Hwang ET, Sohn JI, Park KW
185 - 195 Design of a "high-efficiency" NH3-SCR reactor for stationary applications. A kinetic study of NH3 oxidation and NH3-SCR over V-based catalysts
Usberti N, Jablonska M, Di Blasi M, Forzatti P, Lietti L, Beretta A
196 - 205 Excellent photo-Fenton catalysts of Fe-Co Prussian blue analogues and their reaction mechanism study
Li XN, Liu JY, Rykov AI, Han HX, Jin CZ, Liu X, Wang JH
206 - 212 Effects of post-treatment method and Na co-cation on the hydrothermal stability of Cu-SSZ-13 catalyst for the selective catalytic reduction of NOx with NH3
Xie LJ, Liu FD, Shi XY, Xiao FS, He H
213 - 219 Low temperature dry reforming of methane over Pt-Ni-Mg/ceria-zirconia catalysts
Elsayed NH, Roberts NRM, Joseph B, Kuhn JN
220 - 228 Fabrication of novel heterostructured few layered WS2-Bi2WO6/Bi3.84W0.16O6.24 composites with enhanced photocatalytic performance
Zou JP, Ma J, Luo JM, Yu J, He JK, Meng YT, Luo Z, Bao SK, Liu HL, Luo SL, Luo XB, Chen TC, Suib SL
229 - 238 Characterization of BiOX compounds as photocatalysts for the degradation of pharmaceuticals in water
Ahern JC, Fairchild R, Thomas JS, Carr J, Patterson HH
239 - 248 High catalytic activity of magnetic FeOx/NiOy/SBA-15: The role of Ni in the bimetallic oxides at the nanometer level
Li XF, Liu WP, Ma JQ, Wen YZ, Wu ZC
249 - 261 Photocatalytic degradation of trichloroethylene in a continuous annular reactor using Cu-doped TiO2 catalysts by sol-gel synthesis
Vargas DXM, De la Rosa JR, Lucio-Ortiz CJ, Hernandez-Ramirez A, Flores-Escamilla GA, Garcia CD
262 - 275 Hydrogen production by methanol steam reforming: Catalytic performance of supported-Pd on zinc-cerium oxides' nanocomposites
Barrios CE, Bosco MV, Baltanas MA, Bonivardi AL
276 - 284 Electrochemical reforming of alcohols on nanostructured platinum-tin catalyst-electrodes
de la Osa AR, Calcerrada AB, Valverdea JL, Baranova EA, de Lucas-Consuegra A
285 - 291 Development of electrodeposited IrO2 electrodes as anodes in polymer electrolyte membrane water electrolysis
Lee BS, Ahn SH, Park HY, Choi I, Yoo SJ, Kim HJ, Henkensmeier D, Kim JY, Park S, Nam SW, Lee KY, Jang JH
292 - 304 Catalytic reactions of gamma-valerolactone: A platform to fuels and value-added chemicals
Yan K, Yang YY, Chai JJ, Lu Y
305 - 312 Study of the phenol photocatalytic degradation over TiO2 modified by sulfation, fluorination, and platinum nanoparticles photodeposition
Murcia JJ, Hidalgo MC, Navio JA, Arana J, Dona-Rodriguez JM
313 - 320 Improved catalytic methane combustion of Pd/CeO2 catalysts via porous glass integration
Hoffmann M, Kreft S, Georgi G, Fulda G, Pohl MM, Seeburg D, Berger-Karin C, Kondratenko EV, Wohlrab S
321 - 332 Stable Rh particles in hydrotalcite-derived catalysts coated on FeCrAlloy foams by electrosynthesis
Benito P, Nuyts G, Monti M, De Nolf W, Fornasari G, Janssens K, Scavetta E, Vaccari A
333 - 343 Enhanced photocatalytic properties of core@shell SiO2@TiO2 nanoparticles
Ullah S, Ferreira-Neto EP, Pasa AA, Alcantara CCJ, Acuna JJS, Bilmes SA, Ricci MLM, Landers R, Fermino TZ, Rodrigues UP
344 - 351 Investigation of nitrogen doped and carbon species decorated TiO2 with enhanced visible light photocatalytic activity by using chitosan
Shao Y, Cao CS, Chen SL, He M, Fang JL, Chen J, Li XF, Li DZ
352 - 362 Nanocarbons in different structural dimensions (0-3D) for phenol adsorption and metal-free catalytic oxidation
Indrawirawan S, Sun HQ, Duan XG, Wang SB
363 - 371 Highly efficient Z-Scheme Ag3PO4/Ag/WO3-x photocatalyst for its enhanced photocatalytic performance
Bu YY, Chen ZY, Sun CJ
372 - 379 Study of Fe(III)-NTA chelates stability for applicability in photo-Fenton at neutral pH
De Luca A, Dantas RF, Esplugas S
380 - 394 Impacts of niobia loading on active sites and surface acidity in NbOx/CeO2-ZrO2 NH3-SCR catalysts
Ma ZR, Wu XD, Si ZC, Weng D, Ma J, Xu TF
395 - 406 Promotion effect of ultraviolet light on NO plus CO reaction over Pt/TiO2 and Pt/CeO2-TiO2 catalysts
Huang K, Lin LL, Yang K, Dai WX, Chen X, Fu XZ
407 - 411 Photocatalytic reduction of nitrate ions to dinitrogen over layered perovskite BaLa4Ti4O15 using water as an electron donor
Oka M, Miseki Y, Saito K, Kudo A
412 - 421 Promoting effect of trace Pd on hydrotalcite-derived Ni/Mg/Al catalyst in oxidative steam reforming of biomass tar
Chen JH, Tamura M, Nakagawa Y, Okumura K, Tomishige K
422 - 432 Fabrication of inverse opal TiO2-supported Au@CdS core-shell nanoparticles for efficient photocatalytic CO2 conversion
Wei YC, Jiao JQ, Zhao Z, Liu J, Li JM, Jiang GY, Wang YJ, Duan AJ
433 - 438 Photocatalytic Treatment of Cork Wastewater Pollutants. Degradation of Gallic Acid and Trichloroanisole using Triphenyl(thia)pyrylium salts
Martinez-Haya R, Barecka MH, Miro P, Marin ML, Miranda MA
439 - 444 Nickel-based anode with microstructured molybdenum dioxide internal reformer for liquid hydrocarbon-fueled solid oxide fuel cells
Kwon BW, Hu SZ, He Q, Marin-Flores OG, Oh CH, Yoon SP, Kim J, Breit J, Scudiero L, Norton MG, Ha S
445 - 457 Arylsulfonic acid functionalized hollow mesoporous carbon spheres for efficient conversion of levulinic acid or furfuryl alcohol to ethyl levulinate
Song DY, An S, Lu B, Guo YH, Leng JY
458 - 467 Facile synthesis of CeO2 hollow structures with controllable morphology by template-engaged etching of Cu2O and their visible light photocatalytic performance
Fang SM, Xin YJ, Ge L, Han CC, Qiu P, Wu LN
468 - 478 Cu-TiO2 systems for the photocatalytic H-2 production: Influence of structural and surface support features
Obregon S, Munoz-Batista MJ, Fernandez-Garcia M, Kubacka A, Colon G
479 - 488 Integrating CdS quantum dots on hollow graphitic carbon nitride nanospheres for hydrogen evolution photocatalysis
Zheng DD, Zhang GG, Wang XC
489 - 499 Integrated CO2 capture and photocatalytic conversion by a hybrid adsorbent/photocatalyst material
Liu LJ, Zhao CY, Xu JY, Li Y
500 - 508 Organic-acid-directed assembly of iron-carbon oxides nanoparticles on coordinatively unsaturated metal sites of MIL-101 for green photochemical oxidation
Qin L, Li ZW, Xu ZH, Guo XW, Zhang GL
509 - 520 Hydrogen production by bioethanol partial oxidation over Ni based catalysts
Kraleva E, Pohl MM, Jurgensen A, Ehrich H
521 - 529 Low-temperature CO oxidation by transition metal polycation exchanged low-silica faujasites
Tkachenko OP, Greish AA, Kucherov AV, Weston KC, Tsybulevski AM, Kustov LM
530 - 541 Esterification of oleic acid for biodiesel production catalyzed by 4-dodecylbenzenesulfonic acid
Alegria A, Cuellar J
542 - 550 Evaluation of H-2 effect on NO oxidation over a diesel oxidation catalyst
Azis MM, Auvray X, Olsson L, Creaser D
551 - 557 Gas-phase hydrodechlorination of mixtures of chloromethanes with activated carbon-supported platinum catalysts
Arevalo-Bastante A, Alvarez-Montero MA, Bedia J, Gomez-Sainero LM, Rodriguez JJ
558 - 573 A facile one-pot synthesis of TiO2-based nanosheets loaded with MnxOy nanoparticles with enhanced visible light-driven photocatalytic performance for removal of Cr(VI) or RhB
Lu DZ, Fang PF, Liu XZ, Zhai SB, Li CH, Zhao XN, Ding JQ, Xiong RY
574 - 582 Oxygen vacancies and interfaces enhancing photocatalytic hydrogen production in mesoporous CNT/TiO2 hybrids
Moya A, Cherevan A, Marchesan S, Gebhardt P, Prato M, Eder D, Vilatela JJ
583 - 588 Visible light activation photocatalytic performance of PbSe quantum dot sensitized TiO2 Nanowires
Gyori Z, Konya Z, Kukovecz A
589 - 598 IR studies of Fe modified ZSM-5 zeolites of diverse mesopore topologies in the terms of their catalytic performance in NH3-SCR and NH3-SCO processes
Gora-Marek K, Brylewska K, Tarach KA, Rutkowska M, Jablonska M, Choi M, Chmielarz L