Applied Catalysis B: Environmental

Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, Vol.168 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0926-3373 (Print) 

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1 - 8 High-efficiency conversion of CO2 to fuel over ZnO/g-C3N4 photocatalyst
He YM, Wang Y, Zhang LH, Teng BT, Fan MH
9 - 13 Near-infrared light photocatalysis with metallic/semiconducting HxWO3/WO3 nanoheterostructure in situ formed in mesoporous template
Zhang L, Wang WZ, Sun SM, Jiang D
14 - 24 Modulation of the selectivity in partial oxidation of methanol over CuZnAl catalysts by adding CO2 and/or H-2 into the reaction feed
Carrazan SRG, Wojcieszak R, Blanco RM, Mateos-Pedrero C, Ruiz P
25 - 32 Dye-sensitized photoelectrochemical cell on plasmonic Ag/AgCl @ chiral TiO2 nanofibers for treatment of urban wastewater effluents, with simultaneous production of hydrogen and electricity
Wang DW, Li Y, Puma GL, Wang C, Wang PF, Zhang WL, Wang Q
33 - 41 Carbon monoxide and ethanol oxidation on PtSn supported catalysts: Effect of the nature of the carbon support and Pt:Sn composition
Asgardi J, Calderon JC, Alcaide F, Querejeta A, Calvillo L, Lazaro MJ, Garcia G, Pastor E
42 - 50 Synthesis, characterization, and catalytic evaluation of Co3O4/gamma-Al2O3 as methane combustion catalysts: Significance of Co species and the redox cycle
Wang Q, Peng Y, Fu J, Kyzas GZ, Billah SMR, An SQ
51 - 61 Novel visible-light-driven CQDs/Bi2WO6 hybrid materials with enhanced photocatalytic activity toward organic pollutants degradation and mechanism insight
Di J, Xia JX, Ge YP, Li HP, Ji HY, Xu H, Zhang Q, Li HM, Li MN
62 - 67 Assessment of catalytic dechlorination activity of suspended and immobilized bio-Pd NPs in different marine conditions
Hosseinkhani B, Nuzzo A, Zanaroli G, Fava F, Boon N
68 - 76 Catalytic reduction of NO with H-2 over redox-cycling Fe on CeO2
Prieto-Centurion D, Eaton TR, Roberts CA, Fanson PT, Notestein JM
77 - 86 Design and performance evaluation of the functional coating for air purification under indoor conditions
Lorencik S, Yu QL, Brouwers HJH
87 - 97 Ceria-supported Au-CuO and Au-Co3O4 catalysts for CO oxidation: An O-18/O-16 isotopic exchange study
Gamboa-Rosales NK, Ayastuy JL, Boukha Z, Bion N, Duprez D, Perez-Omil JA, del Rio E, Gutierrez-Ortiz MA
98 - 104 One silver(I)/tetraphosphine coordination polymer showing good catalytic performance in the photodegradation of nitroaromatics in aqueous solution
Wu XY, Qi HX, Ning JJ, Wang JF, Ren ZG, Lang JP
105 - 113 Constructing ternary CdS/reduced graphene oxide/TiO2 nanotube arrays hybrids for enhanced visible-light-driven photoelectrochemical and photocatalytic activity
Li H, Xia ZB, Chen JQ, Lei L, Xing JH
114 - 124 Role of chlorophyll in Spirulina on photocatalytic activity of CO2 reduction under visible light over modified N-doped TiO2 photocatalysts
Phongamwong T, Chareonpanich M, Limtrakul J
125 - 131 Photocatalytic reduction of CO2 with water vapor on surface La-modified TiO2 nanoparticles with enhanced CH4 selectivity
Liu Y, Zhou S, Li JM, Wang YJ, Jiang GY, Zhao Z, Liu B, Gong XQ, Duan AJ, Liu J, Wei YC, Zhang LQ
132 - 140 Experimental and DFT study of the degradation of 4-chlorophenol on hierarchical micro-/nanostructured oxide films
Guerin VM, Zouzelka R, Bibova-Lipsova H, Jirkovsky J, Rathousky J, Pauporte T
141 - 155 Catalytic total oxidation of 1,2-dichloroethane over highly dispersed vanadia supported on CeO2 nanobelts
Dai QG, Bai SX, Li H, Liu W, Wang XY, Lu GZ
156 - 163 Activity of PdO/SiO2 catalysts for CH4 oxidation following thermal treatments
Gholami R, Smith KJ
164 - 174 A study on characterization and methane dry reforming performance of Co-Ce/ZrO2 catalyst
Paksoy AI, Caglayan BS, Aksoylu AE
175 - 182 Photocatalytic degradation and decomposition mechanism of fluoroquinolones norfloxacin over bismuth tungstate: Experiment and mathematic model
Chen MJ, Chu W
183 - 194 Limonene photocatalytic oxidation at ppb levels: Assessment of gas phase reaction intermediates and secondary organic aerosol heterogeneous formation
Ourrad H, Thevenet F, Gaudion V, Riffault V
195 - 202 Deactivation and regeneration of a commercial SCR catalyst: Comparison with alkali metals and arsenic
Peng Y, Li JH, Si WZ, Luo JM, Wang Y, Fu J, Li X, Crittenden J, Hao JM
203 - 211 Effect of biomass ash in catalytic fast pyrolysis of pine wood
Yildiz G, Ronsse F, Venderbosch R, van Duren R, Kersten SRA, Prins W
212 - 219 Effect of Pt and Gd on coke formation and regeneration during JP-8 cracking over ZSM-5 catalysts
Kim S, Sasmaz E, Lauterbach J
220 - 227 Characterization of self-humidifying ability of SiO2-supported Pt catalyst under low humidity in PEMFC
Choi I, Lee H, Lee KG, Ahn SH, Lee SJ, Kim HJ, Lee HN, Kwon OJ
228 - 242 Feasibility of hydrogen production from steam reforming of biodiesel (FAME) feedstock on Ni-supported catalysts
Nahar G, Dupont V, Twigg MV, Dvininov E
243 - 249 Effective mineralization of organic dye under visible-light irradiation over electronic-structure-modulated Sn(Nb1-xTax)(2)O-6 solid solutions
Ren J, Ouyang SX, Chen HR, Umezawa N, Lu D, Wang DF, Xu H, Ye JH
250 - 265 Fluidizable La2O3 promoted Ni/gamma-Al2O3 catalyst for steam gasification of biomass: Effect of catalyst preparation conditions
Mazumder J, de Lasa HI
266 - 273 Cross-linked ZnIn2S4/rGO composite photocatalyst for sunlight-driven photocatalytic degradation of 4-nitrophenol
Chen JY, Zhang HM, Liu PR, Li YB, Liu XL, Li GY, Wong PK, An TC, Zhao HJ
274 - 282 3DOM BiVO4 supported silver bromide and noble metals: High-performance photocatalysts for the visible-light-driven degradation of 4-chlorophenol
Ji KM, Dai HX, Deng JG, Zang HJ, Arandiyan H, Xie SH, Yang HG
283 - 292 Activity enhancement and selectivity tuneability in aqueous phase hydrodechlorination by use of controlled growth Pd-Rh nanoparticles
Baeza JA, Calvo L, Rodriguez JJ, Carbo-Argibay E, Rivas J, Gilarranz MA
293 - 302 The simultaneous selective catalytic reduction of N2O and NOX with CH4 on Co- and Ni-exchanged mordenite
Campa MC, Pietrogiacomi D, Occhiuzzi M
303 - 312 The effect of metal deposition order on the synergistic activity of Au-Cu and Au-Ce metal oxide catalysts for CO oxidation
Nikolaev SA, Golubina EV, Krotova IN, Shilina MI, Chistyakov AV, Kriventsov VV
313 - 321 Enhancing upconversion emissions of Er3+/Tm3+/Yb3+ tridoped (NaY(WO4)(2)/YF3) through TiO2 coating and Bi3+ doping and its photocatalytic applications
Huang SQ, Lou ZY, Qi ZB, Zhu NW, Yuan HP
322 - 332 Hydrotreating activity of bulk NiB alloy in model reaction of hydrodenitrogenation of carbazole
Lewandowski M
333 - 341 Copper and Nitrogen co-doped TiO2 photocatalyst with enhanced optical absorption and catalytic activity
Jaiswal R, Bharambe J, Patel N, Dashora A, Kothari DC, Miotello A
342 - 352 Stability and activity of Pd-, Pt- and Pd-Pt catalysts supported on alumina for NO oxidation
Auvray X, Olsson L
353 - 362 Greener synthesis of dimethyl carbonate using a novel ceria-zirconia oxide/graphene nanocomposite catalyst
Saada R, Kellici S, Heil T, Morgan D, Saha B
363 - 369 Silica nanoparticles assisted photodegradation of acridine orange in aqueous suspensions
Selvaggi R, Tarpani L, Santuari A, Giovagnoli S, Latterini L
370 - 376 Dual function materials for CO2 capture and conversion using renewable H-2
Duyar MS, Trevino MAA, Farrauto RJ
377 - 384 Influence of Cu on the catalytic activity of FeBEA zeolites in SCR of NO with NH3
Boron P, Chmielarz L, Dzwigaj S
385 - 395 3-D flower like Ce-Zr-Cu mixed oxide systems in the CO preferential oxidation (CO-PROX): Effect of catalyst composition
Moretti E, Storaro L, Talon A, Riello P, Molina AI, Rodriguez-Castellon E
396 - 407 Investigation of spillover effect in hydrotreating catalysts based on Co2Mo10- heteropolyanion and cobalt sulphide species
Pimerzin AA, Nikulshin PA, Mozhaev AV, Pimerzin AA, Lyashenko AI
408 - 415 Construction of ZnO/TiO2 photonic crystal heterostructures for enhanced photocatalytic properties
Zheng XZ, Li DZ, Li XF, Chen J, Cao CS, Fang JL, Wang JB, He YH, Zheng Y
416 - 422 CO methanation promoted by UV irradiation over Ni/TiO2
Lin XH, Lin LL, Huang K, Chen X, Dai WX, Fu XZ
423 - 428 Highly efficient hydrogen generation from formic acid-sodium formate over monodisperse AgPd nanoparticles at room temperature
Yang L, Hua X, Su J, Luo W, Chen SL, Cheng GZ
429 - 440 Kinetic modelling of the NOx reduction by H-2 on Pt/WO3/ZrO2 catalyst in excess of O-2
Hahn C, Endisch M, Schott FJP, Kureti S
441 - 447 E. coli inactivation by visible light irradiation using a Fe-Cd/TiO2 photocatalyst: Statistical analysis and optimization of operating parameters
Feilizadeh M, Mul G, Vossoughi M
448 - 457 Fabrication of a novel bifunctional material of BiOI/Ag3VO4 with high adsorption-photocatalysis for efficient treatment of dye wastewater
Wang SM, Guan Y, Wang LP, Zhao W, He H, Xiao J, Yang SG, Sun C
458 - 464 Photocatalytic CO2 reduction with H2O over LaPO4 nanorods deposited with Pt cocatalyst
Pan B, Luo SJ, Su WY, Wang XX
465 - 471 Fabrication of sulfur-doped g-C3N4/Au/CdS Z-scheme photocatalyst to improve the photocatalytic performance under visible light
Li WB, Feng C, Dai SY, Yue JG, Hua FX, Hou H
472 - 482 Critical influence of g-C3N4 self-assembly coating on the photocatalytic activity and stability of Ag/AgCl microspheres under visible light
Kang SF, Fang Y, Huang YK, Cui LF, Wang YZ, Qin HF, Zhang YM, Li X, Wang YG
483 - 489 A wide-spectrum-responsive TiO2 photoanode for photoelectrochemical cells
Hu ZF, Yu JC, Ming T, Wang JF
490 - 496 Photocatalytic NO removal on BiOI surface: The change from nonselective oxidation to selective oxidation
Dong GH, Ho WK, Zhang LZ
497 - 508 Hydrogen by steam reforming of ethanol over Co-Mg incorporated novel mesoporous alumina catalysts in tubular and microwave reactors
Gunduz S, Dogu T
509 - 514 Insights into the twofold role of Cs doping on deN(2)O activity of cobalt spinel catalyst-towards rational optimization of the precursor and loading
Grzybek G, Stelmachowski P, Gudyka S, Duch J, Cmil K, Kotarba A, Sojka Z
515 - 523 Inorganic hydroxide fluorides as solid catalysts for acylation of 2-methylfuran by acetic anhydride
Frouri F, Celerier S, Ayrault P, Richard F
524 - 530 Hydrogen production from propane steam reforming over Ir/Ce0.75Zr0.25O2 catalyst
Hou TF, Yu B, Zhang SY, Zhang JH, Wang DZ, Xu TK, Cui L, Cai WJ
531 - 539 Cu and Fe modified derivatives of 2D MWW-type zeolites (MCM-22, ITQ-2 and MCM-36) as new catalysts for DeNO(x) process
Rutkowska M, Diaz U, Palomares AE, Chmielarz L
540 - 549 Ultra-low loading Ru/gamma-Al2O3: A highly active and stable catalyst for low temperature solar thermal reforming of methane
Simakov DSA, Luo HY, Roman-Leshkov Y
550 - 558 The fabrication of innovative single crystal N,F-codoped titanium dioxide nanowires with enhanced photocatalytic activity for degradation of atrazine
Zhang YL, Han C, Nadagouda MN, Dionysiou DD
559 - 571 Degradation of acidic aqueous solutions of the diazo dye Congo Red by photo-assisted electrochemical processes based on Fenton's reaction chemistry
Solano AMS, Garcia-Segura S, Martinez-Huitle CA, Brillas E
572 - 576 Improving photocatalytic hydrogen production of metal-organic framework UiO-66 octahedrons by dye-sensitization
Yuan YP, Yin LS, Cao SW, Xu GS, Li CH, Xue C
577 - 577 Photocatalytic carbon oxidation with nitric oxide (vol 166, pg 374, 2015)
Liao L, Heylen S, Vallaey B, Keulemans M, Lenaerts S, Roeffaers MBJ, Martens JA