Applied Catalysis B: Environmental

Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, Vol.164 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0926-3373 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Vertical single or few-layer MoS2 nanosheets rooting into TiO2 nanofibers for highly efficient photocatalytic hydrogen evolution
Liu CB, Wang LL, Tang YH, Luo SL, Liu YT, Zhang SQ, Zeng YX, Xu YZ
10 - 17 Enhancing the catalytic oxidation capacity of Pt/TiO2 using a light pre-treatment approach
Scott J, Irawaty W, Low G, Amal R
18 - 30 The catalytic methanation of coke oven gas over Ni-Ce/Al2O3 catalysts prepared by microwave heating: Effect of amorphous NiO formation
Qin ZF, Ren J, Miao MQ, Li Z, Lin JY, Xie KC
31 - 39 Vanadium pyrophosphate oxides: The role of preparation chemistry in determining renewable acrolein production from glycerol dehydration
Feng XZ, Yao Y, Su Q, Zhao L, Jiang W, Ji WJ, Au CT
40 - 47 Hierarchical MoS2/Bi2MoO6 composites with synergistic effect for enhanced visible photocatalytic activity
Chen YJ, Tian GH, Shi YH, Xiao YT, Fu HG
48 - 60 A study of the hydrodenitrogenation of propylamine over supported nickel phosphide catalysts using amorphous and nanostructured silica supports
Badari CA, Lonyi F, Drotar E, Kaszonyi A, Valyon J
61 - 69 Synthesis of Ni and Ni-Cu supported on carbon nanotubes for hydrogen and carbon production by catalytic decomposition of methane
Shen Y, Lua AC
70 - 76 Production of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural from glucose using aluminium doped MCM-41 silica as acid catalyst
Jimenez-Morales I, Moreno-Recio M, Santamaria-Gonzalez J, Maireles-Torres P, Jimenez-Lopez A
77 - 81 Enhanced catalytic activity of potassium-doped graphitic carbon nitride induced by lower valence position
Zhang M, Bai XJ, Liu D, Wang J, Zhu YF
82 - 91 Photocatalytic degradation and electricity generation in a rotating disk photoelectrochemical cell over hierarchical structured BiOBr film
Li K, Zhang HB, Tang YP, Ying DW, Xu YL, Wang YL, Jia JP
92 - 99 Manganese oxide octahedral molecular sieve (OMS-2) as an effective catalyst for degradation of organic dyes in aqueous solutions in the presence of peroxymonosulfate
Luo SL, Duan L, Sun BZ, Wei MY, Li XX, Xu AH
100 - 112 Insights into durable NiCo catalysts on beta-SiC/CeZrO2 and gamma-Al2O3/CeZrO2 advanced supports prepared from facile methods for CH4-CO2 dry reforming
Aw MS, Zorko M, Djinovic P, Pintar A
113 - 119 (nBu(4)N)(4)W10O32-catalyzed selective oxygenation of cyclohexane by molecular oxygen under visible light irradiation
Wu WF, Fu ZH, Tang SB, Zou S, Wen X, Meng Y, Sun SB, Deng J, Liu YC, Yin DL
120 - 127 Morphology control and photocatalytic characterization of yttrium-doped hedgehog-like CeO2
Xu B, Zhang QT, Yuan SS, Zhang M, Ohno T
128 - 134 Influence of Ir content on the activity of Pt-Ir/C catalysts for hydrogen iodide decomposition in iodine-sulfur cycle
Wang LJ, Han Q, Hu SZ, Li DC, Zhang P, Chen SZ, Xu JM, Liu BJ
135 - 143 Synthesis and support composition effects on CH4 partial oxidation over Ni-CeLa oxides
Pantaleo G, La Parola V, Deganello F, Calatozzo P, Bal R, Venezia AM
144 - 150 MoP nanosheets supported on biomass-derived carbon flake: One-step facile preparation and application as a novel high-active electrocatalyst toward hydrogen evolution reaction
Cui W, Liu Q, Xing ZC, Asiri AM, Alamry KA, Sun X
151 - 158 Bi3+ self doped NaBiO3 nanosheets: Facile controlled synthesis and enhanced visible light photocatalytic activity
Ding YB, Yang F, Zhu LH, Wang N, Tang HQ
159 - 167 3D-hierarchically structured MnO2 for catalytic oxidation of phenol solutions by activation of peroxymonosulfate: Structure dependence and mechanism
Wang YX, Sun HQ, Ang HM, Tade MO, Wang SB
168 - 175 The promotion effect of hydrogen spillover on CH4 reforming with CO2 over Rh/MCF catalysts
Qian LP, Cai WJ, Zhang L, Jie Y, Tang M, Yue B, He HY
176 - 183 SrAl2O4 spinel phase as active phase of transesterification of rapeseed oil
Mierczynski P, Chalupka KA, Maniukiewicz W, Kubicki J, Szynkowska MI, Maniecki TP
184 - 191 Catalyst-assisted chemical looping for CO2 conversion to CO
Galvita VV, Poelman H, Detavernier C, Marin GB
192 - 203 Oil-in-water self-assembled Ag@AgCl QDs sensitized Bi2WO6: Enhanced photocatalytic degradation under visible light irradiation
Liang YH, Lin SL, Liu L, Hu JS, Cui WQ
204 - 216 Nature of active sites in Ni2P hydrotreating catalysts as probed by iron substitution
Zhao HY, Oyama ST, Freund HJ, Wlndarczyk R, Sierka M
217 - 224 Plasmon-induced photoelectrocatalytic activity of Au nanoparticles enhanced TiO2 nanotube arrays electrodes for environmental remediation
Wu L, Li F, Xu YY, Zhang JW, Zhang DQ, Li GS, Li HX
225 - 233 Vanadium and alumina modified with groups I and II elements for CO2 and coke reaction under fluid catalytic cracking process
da Silva TC, Pinto JF, Santos FM, dos Santos LT, Aranda DAG, Ribeiro F, Batalha N, Pereira MM
234 - 240 Controllable sonochemical synthesis of Cu2O/Cu-2(OH)(3)NO3 composites toward synergy of adsorption and photocatalysis
Wang SB, Zhang XW, Pan L, Zhao FM, Zou JJ, Zhang TR, Wang L
241 - 250 1D-MnO2, 2D-MnO2 and 3D-MnO2 for low-temperature oxidation of ethanol
Bai BY, Li JH, Hao JM
251 - 260 Fabrication of CeO2/LDHs self-assemblies with enhanced photocatalytic performance: A case study on ZnSn-LDH matrix
Seftel EM, Puscasu MC, Mertens M, Cool P, Carja G
261 - 270 Promotion of CeO2-TiO2 photoactivity by g-C3N4: Ultraviolet and visible light elimination of toluene
Munoz-Batista MJ, Fernandez-Garcia M, Kubacka A
271 - 278 Graphene quantum dots mediated charge transfer of CdSe nanocrystals for enhancing photoelectrochemical hydrogen production
Tsai KA, Hsu YJ
279 - 287 Photocatalytic degradation and mineralization mechanism and toxicity assessment of antivirus drug acyclovir: Experimental and theoretical studies
An TC, An JB, Gao YP, Li GY, Fang HS, Song WH
288 - 296 Search for reactive intermediates in catalytic oxidation with hydrogen peroxide over amorphous niobium(V) and tantalum(V) oxides
Ziolek M, Sobczak I, Decyk P, Sobanska K, Pietrzyk P, Sojka Z
297 - 304 Single-crystalline AgIn(MoO4)(2) nanosheets grafted Ag/AgBr composites with enhanced plasmonic photocatalytic activity for degradation of tetracycline under visible light
Yan X, Wang XY, Gu W, Wu MM, Yan Y, Hu B, Che GB, Han DL, Yang JH, Fan W, Shi WD
305 - 315 Ru(II) impregnated Al2O3, Fe3O4, SiO2 and N-ecoordinate ruthenium(II) arene complexes: Multifunctional catalysts in the hydrogenation of nitroarenes and the transfer hydrogenation of aryl ketones
Dayan S, Arslan F, Ozpozan NK
316 - 323 Preparation of Ni-Mg/beta-SiC catalysts for the methane tri-reforming: Effect of the order of metal impregnation
Garcia-Vargas JM, Valverde JL, Diez J, Sanchez P, Dorado F
324 - 333 Pd-MnOx nanoparticles dispersed on amine-grafted silica: Highly efficient nanocatalyst for hydrogen production from additive-free dehydrogenation of formic acid under mild conditions
Bulut A, Yurderi M, Karatas Y, Zahmakiran M, Kivrak H, Gulcan M, Kaya M
334 - 343 Insight into effect of acid/base nature of supports on selectivity of glycerol oxidation over supported Au-Pt bimetallic catalysts
Xu CL, Du YQ, Li C, Yang J, Yang G
344 - 351 Efficiently photocatalytic reduction of carcinogenic contaminant Cr (VI) upon robust AgCl:Ag hollow nanocrystals
Li HY, Wu TS, Cai B, Ma WG, Sun YJ, Gan SY, Han DX, Niu L
352 - 359 Preparation of homogeneous nitrogen-doped mesoporous TiO2 spheres with enhanced visible-light photocatalysis
Li X, Liu PW, Mao Y, Xing MY, Zhang JL
360 - 370 Interaction of H2S with ZrO2 and its influence on reactivity of surface oxygen
Kauppi EI, Kanervo JM, Lehtonen J, Lefferts L
371 - 379 Effect of support on redox stability of iron oxide for chemical looping conversion of methane
Galinsky NL, Shafiefarhood A, Chen YG, Neal L, Li FX
380 - 388 Enhanced photocatalytic activity and stability of Z-scheme Ag2CrO4-GO composite photocatalysts for organic pollutant degradation
Xu DF, Cheng B, Cao SW, Yu JG
389 - 395 Temperature-controlled growth of single-crystal Pt nanowire arrays for high performance catalyst electrodes in polymer electrolyte fuel cells
Lu YX, Du SF, Steinberger-Wilckens R
396 - 406 Iron-copper bimetallic nanoparticles embedded within ordered mesoporous carbon as effective and stable heterogeneous Fenton catalyst for the degradation of organic contaminants
Wang YB, Zhao HY, Zhao GH
407 - 419 Fe/SSZ-13 as an NH3-SCR catalyst: A reaction kinetics and FTIR/Mossbauer spectroscopic study
Gao F, Kollar M, Kukkadapu RK, Washton NM, Wang YL, Szanyi J, Peden CHF
420 - 427 Effect of contact interface between TiO2 and g-C3N4 on the photoreactivity of g-C3N4/TiO2 photocatalyst: (001) vs (101) facets of TiO2
Huang ZA, Sun Q, Lv KL, Zhang ZH, Li M, Li B
428 - 432 Visible-light-assisted aerobic photocatalytic oxidation of amines to imines over NH2-MIL-125(Ti)
Sun DR, Ye L, Li ZH
433 - 442 Methane formation over TiO2-based photocatalysts: Reaction pathways
Cybula A, Klein M, Zaleska A
443 - 452 Cu and Co oxides supported on halloysite for the total oxidation of toluene
Carrillo AM, Carriazo JG
453 - 461 Inhibition of photocorrosion and photoactivity enhancement for ZnO via specific hollow ZnO core/ZnS shell structure
Yu LH, Chen W, Li DZ, Wang JB, Shao Y, He M, Wang P, Zheng XZ
462 - 474 Photocatalytic removal of atrazine using N-doped TiO2 supported on phosphors
Sacco O, Vaiano V, Han C, Sannino D, Dionysiou DD
475 - 482 Combined effect of KCl and SO2 on the selective catalytic reduction of NO by NH3 over V2O5/TiO2 catalyst
Li QC, Chen SF, Liu ZY, Liu QY
483 - 487 An efficient Cu-K-La/gamma-Al2O3 catalyst for catalytic oxidation of hydrogen chloride to chlorine
Feng KK, Li CW, Guo YL, Zhan WC, Ma BQ, Chen BW, Yuan MQ, Lu GZ
488 - 495 Nanosized IrOx and IrRuOx electrocatalysts for the O-2 evolution reaction in PEM water electrolysers
Siracusano S, Van Dijk N, Payne-Johnson E, Baglio V, Arico AS