Applied Catalysis B: Environmental

Applied Catalysis B: Environmental, Vol.150 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0926-3373 (Print) 

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1 - 11 Ferrous ions promoted aerobic simazine degradation with Fe@Fe2O3 core-shell nanowires
Liu W, Ai ZH, Cao MH, Zhang LZ
12 - 20 Ni/ZrO2 catalysts in ethanol steam reforming: Inhibition of coke formation by CaO-doping
Nichele V, Signoretto M, Pinna F, Menegazzo F, Rossetti I, Cruciani G, Cerrato G, Di Michele A
21 - 29 Effects of multiwalled carbon nanotube morphology on the synthesis and electrocatalytic performance of Pt supported by multiwalled carbon nanotubes
Al-Youbi AO, de la Fuente JLG, Perez-Alonso FJ, Obaid AY, Fierro JLG, Pena MA, Salam MA, Rojas S
30 - 36 Clofibric acid degradation by catalytic ozonation using hydrotalcite-derived catalysts
Sable SS, Medina F, Contreras S
37 - 46 One-pot glycerol oxidehydration to acrylic acid on multifunctional catalysts: Focus on the influence of the reaction parameters in respect to the catalytic performance
Chieregato A, Soriano MD, Basile F, Liosi G, Zamora S, Concepcion P, Cavani F, Nieto JML
47 - 56 Renewable hydrogen production from oxidative steam reforming of bio-butanol over CoIr/CeZrO2 catalysts: Relationship between catalytic behaviour and catalyst structure
Cai WJ, Homs N, de la Piscina PR
57 - 62 Engineering the TiO2 outermost layers using magnesium for carbon dioxide photoreduction
Manzanares M, Fabrega C, Osso JO, Vega LF, Andreu T, Morante JR
63 - 73 Unprecedented high photocatalytic activity of nanocrystalline WO3/NiWO4 hetero-junction towards dye degradation: Effect of template and synthesis conditions
Mohamed MM, Ahmed SA, Khairou KS
74 - 81 Efficient photocatalytic degradation of organic water pollutants using V-N-codoped TiO2 thin films
Patel N, Jaiswal R, Warang T, Scarduelli G, Dashora A, Ahuja BL, Kothari DC, Miotello A
82 - 92 Catalytic performance and characterization of Co/Mg/Al catalysts prepared from hydrotalcite-like precursors for the steam gasification of biomass
Wang L, Li DL, Watanabe H, Tamura M, Nakagawa Y, Tomishige K
93 - 100 Modeling intrinsic kinetics in immobilized photocatalytic microreactors
Visan A, Rafieian D, Ogieglo W, Lammertink RGH
101 - 106 Highly dispersed Pt/C catalysts prepared by the Charge Enhanced Dry Impregnation method
Cao CJ, Yang G, Dubau L, Maillard F, Lambert SD, Pirard JP, Job N
107 - 115 Correlation study between photo-degradation and surface adsorption properties of phenol and methyl orange on TiO2 Vs platinum-supported TiO2
Murcia JJ, Hidalgo MC, Navio JA, Arana J, Dona-Rodriguez JM
116 - 125 Two-step mineralization of Tartrazine solutions: Study of parameters and by-products during the coupling of electrocoagulation with electrochemical advanced oxidation processes
Thiam A, Zhou MH, Brillas E, Sires I
126 - 137 In situ characterization of phase transformation and reactivity of high surface area lanthanum-based Ru catalysts for the combined reforming of methane
Faroldi BM, Munera JF, Cornaglia LM
138 - 146 Activation of MCM-41 mesoporous silica by transition-metal incorporation for photocatalytic hydrogen production
Shen SH, Chen J, Koodali RT, Hu YF, Xiao QF, Zhou JG, Wang XX, Guo LJ
147 - 156 Biofuel production via transesterification using sepiolite-supported alkaline catalysts
Degirmenbasi N, Boz N, Kalyon DM
157 - 166 Assemblies of nanoparticles of CeO2-ZnTi-LDHs and their derived mixed oxides as novel photocatalytic systems for phenol degradation
Seftel EM, Puscasu MC, Mertens M, Cool P, Carja G
167 - 178 Catalytic removal of gaseous HCBz on Cu doped OMS: Effect of Cu location on catalytic performance
Yang Y, Huang J, Zhang SZ, Wang SW, Deng SB, Wang B, Yu G
179 - 186 Mechanistic studies of oxygen reduction on Fe-PEI derived non-PGM electrocatalysts
Serov A, Tylus U, Artyushkova K, Mukerjee S, Atanassov P
187 - 196 Hydrothermal-synthesized SrTiO3 photocatalyst codoped with rhodium and antimony with visible-light response for sacrificial H-2 and O-2 evolution and application to overall water splitting
Niishiro R, Tanaka S, Kudo A
197 - 203 Combining efficiently catalytic hydrodechlorination and wet peroxide oxidation (HDC-CWPO) for the abatement of organochlorinated water pollutants
Munoz M, de Pedro ZM, Casas JA, Rodriguez JJ
204 - 217 Investigation of the nature of silver species on different Ag-containing NOx reduction catalysts: On the effect of the support
Bartolomeu R, Azambre B, Westermann A, Fernandes A, Bertolo R, Hamoud HI, Henriques C, Da Costa P, Ribeiro F
218 - 229 Mechanism of NO-SCR by methane over Co,H-ZSM-5 and Co,H-mordenite catalysts
Lonyi F, Solt HE, Paszti Z, Valyon J
230 - 237 PdTex/C nanocatalysts with high catalytic activity for ethanol electro-oxidation in alkaline medium
Cai JD, Huang YY, Guo YL
238 - 248 Hydroprocessing of waste cooking oil over a dispersed nano catalyst: Kinetics study and temperature effect
Zhang HP, Lin HF, Wang WZ, Zheng Y, Hu PJ
249 - 256 Surface and electrochemical characterisation of a Pt-Cu/C nano-structured electrocatalyst, prepared by galvanic displacement
Geboes B, Mintsouli I, Wouters B, Georgieva J, Kakaroglou A, Sotiropoulos S, Valova E, Armyanov S, Hubin A, Breugelmans T
257 - 267 Silica and zirconia supported catalysts for the low-temperature ethanol steam reforming
Rossetti I, Lasso J, Nichele V, Signoretto M, Finocchio E, Ramis G, Di Michele A
268 - 274 Efficient and poison-tolerant PdxAuy/C binary electrocatalysts for glucose electrooxidation in alkaline medium
Yan LL, Brouzgou A, Meng YZ, Xiao M, Tsiakaras P, Song SQ
275 - 287 Hydrodeoxygenation and hydrocracking of solvolysed lignocellulosic biomass by oxide, reduced and sulphide form of NiMo, Ni, Mo and Pd catalysts
Grilc M, Likozar B, Levec J
288 - 297 Nanocrystalline ZnO doped Dy2O3 a highly active visible photocatalyst: The role of characteristic f orbital's of lanthanides for visible photoactivity
Josephine GAS, Sivasamy A
298 - 304 Ni/reduced graphene oxide nanocomposite as a magnetically recoverable catalyst with near infrared photothermally enhanced activity
Yeh CC, Chen DH
305 - 314 Ce-V loaded metal oxides as catalysts for dechlorination of chloronitrophenol by ozone
Maddila S, Dasireddy VDBC, Jonnalagadda SB
315 - 329 Investigation of the structure, acidity, and catalytic performance of CuO/Ti0.95Ce0.05O2 catalyst for the selective catalytic reduction of NO by NH3 at low temperature
Yao XJ, Zhang L, Li LL, Liu LC, Cao Y, Dong X, Gao F, Deng Y, Tang CJ, Chen Z, Dong L, Chen Y
330 - 337 TiO2 nanofibers of different crystal phases for transesterification of alcohols with dimethyl carbonate
Zhang XG, Ke XB, Zheng ZF, Liu HW, Zhu HY
338 - 344 Action spectra of P25 TiO2 and a visible light absorbing, carbon-modified titania in the photocatalytic degradation of stearic acid
Quesada-Cabrera R, Mills A, O'Rourke C
345 - 353 Superior aqueous-phase catalytic hydrogenation activity of palladium modified with nitrogen-containing ligands compared with the TPPTS benchmark modifier in micellar nanoreactors
Bouriazos A, Sotiriou S, Stathis P, Papadogianakis G
354 - 362 Searching for the formation of TiO2 mesoporous films with durable photoactivity by synergy of WO3 and sodium using a simple sputtering and annealing process
Chen GS, Cheng CH
363 - 369 The development of highly crystalline single-phase Bi20TiO32 nanoparticles for light driven oxygen evolution
Su WN, Ayele DW, Ochie V, Pan CJ, Hwang BJ
370 - 379 Stainless steel wire mesh-supported Co3O4 catalysts in the steam reforming of ethanol
del Rio L, Lopez I, Marban G
380 - 388 Bismuth oxybromide promoted detoxification of cylindrospermopsin under UV and visible light illumination
Wang SL, Ma WH, Fang YF, Jia MK, Huang YP
389 - 395 Effect of the type of acid used in the synthesis of titania-silica mixed oxides on their photocatalytic properties
Llano B, Hidalgo MC, Rios LA, Navio JA
396 - 401 Au nanoparticles deposited on the external surfaces of TS-1: Enhanced stability and activity for direct propylene epoxidation with H-2 and O-2
Feng X, Duan XZ, Qian G, Zhou XG, Chen D, Yuan WK
402 - 410 Wet Air Oxidation of phenol over Pt and Ru catalysts supported on cerium-based oxides: Resistance to fouling and kinetic modelling
Keav S, de los Monteros AE, Barbier J, Duprez D
411 - 420 Probing significant light absorption enhancement of titania inverse opal films for highly exalted photocatalytic degradation of dye pollutants
Wu M, Liu J, Jin J, Wang C, Huang SZ, Deng Z, Li Y, Su BL
421 - 431 Silica-poly(styrenesulphonic acid) nanocomposites for the catalytic dehydration of xylose to furfural
Sadaba I, Ojeda M, Mariscal R, Granados ML
432 - 437 Unprecedented photocatalytic activity of carbonized leather skin residues containing chromium oxide phases
Colmenares JC, Lisowski P, Bermudez JM, Cot J, Luque R
438 - 445 The catalytic activity of Pd/WOx/gamma-Al2O3 for hydrodeoxygenation of guaiacol
Hong YK, Lee DW, Eom HJ, Lee KY
446 - 458 Prediction of diffusivity and conversion of n-decane and CO in coated Pt/gamma-Al2O3 catalyst depending on porous layer morphology
Dudak M, Novak V, Koci P, Marek M, Blanco-Garcia P, Jones G
459 - 465 In situ XAS study of an improved natural phosphate catalyst for hydrogen production by reforming of methane
Abba MO, Gonzalez-DelaCruz VM, Colon G, Sebti S, Caballero A
466 - 471 Highly efficient and stable hydrogen evolution from water with CdS as photosensitizer-A noble-metal-free system
Zou JP, Lei SL, Yu J, Luo SL, Luo XB, Tang XH, Dai WL, Sun J, Guo GC, Au CT
472 - 478 Influence of semiconductor/insulator/semiconductor structure on the photo-catalytic activity of Fe3O4/SiO2/polythiophene core/shell submicron composite
Zhang F, Shi YJ, Zhao ZS, Song WJ, Cheng Y
479 - 485 Complete oxidation of acetaldehyde over a composite photocatalyst of graphitic carbon nitride and tungsten(VI) oxide under visible-light irradiation
Jin ZY, Murakami N, Tsubota T, Ohno T
486 - 495 Facile composition-controlled preparation and photocatalytic application of BiOCl/Bi2O2CO3 nanosheets
Zhang XC, Guo TY, Wang XW, Wang YW, Fan CM, Zhang H
496 - 505 Oxidative coupling of methane: catalytic behaviour assessment via comprehensive microkinetic modelling
Alexiadis VI, Thybaut JW, Kechagiopoulos PN, Chaar M, Van Veen AC, Muhler M, Marin GB
506 - 514 Low CO generation on tunable oxygen vacancies of non-precious metallic Cu/ZnO catalysts for partial oxidation of methanol reaction
Lee KY, Huang YJ
515 - 522 Yolk-shell structured Fe3O4@C@F-TiO2 microspheres with surface fluorinated as recyclable visible-light driven photocatalysts
Liu GG, He F, Zhang J, Li LJ, Li FJ, Chen LX, Huang Y
523 - 531 Supported palladium hydroxide-catalyzed intramolecular double C-H bond functionalization for synthesis of carbazoles and dibenzofurans
Ishida T, Tsunoda R, Zhang ZZ, Hamasaki A, Honma T, Ohashi H, Yokoyama T, Tokunaga M
532 - 543 Selective catalytic reduction of nitric oxide with ammonia over zirconium-doped copper/ZSM-5 catalysts
Bin F, Song CL, Lv G, Song JO, Wu SH, Li XD
544 - 553 Facile preparation of mesoporous TiO2(B) nanowires with well-dispersed Fe2O3 nanoparticles and their photochemical catalytic behavior
Qin L, Pan XX, Wang L, Sun XP, Zhang GL, Guo XW
554 - 563 Could an efficient WGS catalyst be useful in the CO-PrOx reaction?
Reina TR, Papadopoulou E, Palma S, Ivanova S, Centeno MA, Ioannides T, Odriozola JA
564 - 573 Study on the separation mechanisms of photogenerated electrons and holes for composite photocatalysts g-C3N4-WO3
Chen SF, Hu YF, Meng SG, Fu XL
574 - 584 In-situ one-step synthesis of novel BiOCl/Bi24O31Cl10 heterojunctions via self-combustion of ionic liquid with enhanced visible-light photocatalytic activities
Li FT, Wang Q, Wang XJ, Li B, Hao YJ, Liu RH, Zhao DS
585 - 595 Production of fuel-cell grade hydrogen by sorption enhanced water gas shift reaction using Pd/Ni-Co catalysts
Noor T, Gil MV, Chen D
596 - 604 Butadiene production from bioethanol and acetaldehyde over tantalum oxide-supported ordered mesoporous silica catalysts
Chae HJ, Kim TW, Moon YK, Kim HK, Jeong KE, Kim CU, Jeong SY
605 - 611 Surface plasmon quenched of near band edge emission and enhanced visible photocatalytic activity of Au@ZnO core-shell nanostructure
Misra M, Kapur P, Singla ML
612 - 618 The constraints of transition metal substitutions (Ti, Cr, Mn, Co and Ni) in magnetite on its catalytic activity in heterogeneous Fenton and UV/Fenton reaction: From the perspective of hydroxyl radical generation
Zhong YH, Liang XL, He ZS, Tan W, Zhu JX, Yuan P, Zhu RL, He HP
619 - 629 Disinfection of real and simulated urban wastewater effluents using a mild solar photo-Fenton
Rodriguez-Chueca J, Polo-Lopez MI, Mosteo R, Ormad MP, Fernandez-Ibanez P
630 - 635 Selective catalytic reaction of NOx with NH3 over Ce-Fe/TiO2-loaded wire-mesh honeycomb: Resistance to SO2 poisoning
Shu Y, Aikebaier T, Quan X, Chen S, Yu HT
636 - 646 Dealloyed Pt2Os nanoparticles for enhanced oxygen reduction reaction in acidic electrolytes
Lee YJ, Hsieh YC, Tsai HC, Lu IT, Wu YH, Yu TH, Lee JF, Merinov BV, Goddard WA, Wu PW
647 - 655 Dispersion effects of Ni2P catalysts on hydrotreating of light cycle oil
Yun GN, Lee YK
656 - 662 Mesoporous Pt-TiO2 thin films: Photocatalytic efficiency under UV and visible light
Semlali S, Pigot T, Flahaut D, Allouche J, Lacombe S, Nicole L