Applied Catalysis A: General

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ISSN: 0926-860X (Print) 

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1 - 14 Passive NOx adsorber: An overview of catalyst performance and reaction chemistry
Gu YT, Epling WS
15 - 22 Synthesis of polyoxymethylene dimethyl ethers from dimethoxymethane and trioxymethylene over graphene oxide: Probing the active species and relating the catalyst structure to performance
Wang RY, Wu ZW, Li ZK, Qin ZF, Chen CM, Zheng ZF, Wang GF, Fan WB, Wang JG
23 - 30 Carbon quantum dots-decorated nano-zirconia: A highly efficient photocatalyst
Ratnayake SP, Mantilaka MMMGPG, Sandaruwan C, Dahanayake D, Murugan E, Kumar S, Arnaratunga GAJ, de Silva KMN
31 - 41 Tuning acidity in zirconium-based metal organic frameworks catalysts for enhanced production of butyl butyrate
Jrad A, Abu Tarboush BJ, Hmadeh M, Ahmad M
42 - 50 SO2 promoted V2O5-MoO3/TiO2 catalyst for NH3-SCR of NOx at low temperatures
Xu YF, Wu XD, Lin QW, Hu JF, Ran R, Weng D
51 - 61 Interface interactions and CO oxidation activity of Ag/CeO2 catalysts: A new approach using model catalytic systems
Kibis LS, Svintsitskiy DA, Kardash TY, Slavinskaya EM, Gotovtseva EY, Svetlichnyi VA, Boronin AI
62 - 72 Rational design of CrOx/LaSrMnCoO6 composite catalysts with superior chlorine tolerance and stability for 1,2-dichloroethane deep destruction
Tian MJ, Jian YF, Ma MD, He C, Chen CW, Liu C, Shi JW
73 - 83 Methanol steam reforming behavior of sol-gel synthesized nanodimensional CuxFe1-xAl2O4 hercynites
Maiti S, Das D, Pal K, Llorca J, Soler L, Colussi S, Trovarelli A, Priolkar KR, Sarode PR, Asakura K, Seikh MM, Gayen A
84 - 95 CoMo/Al2O3 catalysts prepared by tailoring the surface properties of alumina for highly selective hydrodesulfurization of FCC gasoline
Zhang C, Brorson M, Li P, Liu XY, Liu TF, Jiang ZX, Li C
96 - 106 Ethanol conversion into 1,3-butadiene over a mixed Hf-Zn catalyst: A study of the reaction pathway and catalyst deactivation
Gonzalez GMC, Murciano R, Perales ALV, Martinez A, Vidal-Barrero F, Campoy M
107 - 112 Synthesis of acetyl-substituted tetrahydrobenzofuran and tetrahydronaphthalene via cascade Diels-Alder cycloadditions and dehydration of renewable furanics
Marri MR, Zhang XQ, Yan PF, Ramineni K, Xia Z, Huang TY, Balaga R, Zhang ZC
113 - 119 Amorphous SiO2 catalyst for vapor-phase aldol condensation of butanal
Sun DL, Yamada Y, Sato S
120 - 129 Pd-Cu catalysts supported on anion exchange resin for the simultaneous catalytic reduction of nitrate ions and reductive dehalogenation of organochlorinated pollutants from water
Bradu C, Capat C, Papa F, Frunza L, Olaru EA, Crini G, Morin-Crini N, Euvrard E, Balint I, Zgura I, Munteanu C
130 - 138 Trifluoroacetic acid promoted hydration of styrene catalyzed by sulfonic resins: Comparison of the reactivity of styrene, n-hexene and cyclohexene
Bianchini E, Pietrobon L, Ronchin L, Tortato C, Vavasori A
139 - 147 Ethanol aerobic and anaerobic oxidation with FeVO4 and V2O5 catalysts
Malmusi A, Ochoa JV, Tabanelli T, Basile F, Lucarelli C, Agnoli S, Carraro F, Granozzi G, Cavani F
148 - 163 2,3-Butanediol dehydration catalyzed by silica-supported alkali phosphates
Kim W, Shin W, Lee KJ, Cho Y, Kim HS, Filimonov IN
164 - 172 The role of steam in selective oxidation of methacrolein over H3PMo12O40
Yasuda S, Hirata J, Kanno M, Ninomiya W, Otomo R, Kamiya Y
173 - 182 Conversion of methyl ethyl ketone to butenes over bifunctional catalysts
Al-Auda Z, Al-Atabi H, Li X, Zheng QX, Hohn KL
183 - 191 Active site isolation in bismuth-poisoned Pd/SiO2 catalysts for selective hydrogenation of furfural
Cherkasov N, Exposito AJ, Aw MS, Fernandez-Garcia J, Huband S, Sloan J, Paniwnyk L, Rebrov EV
192 - 199 High-performance Cu/ZnO catalysts prepared using a three-channel microreactor
Jiang X, Chen XC, Ling C, Chen SS, Wu ZB
200 - 208 Silica-supported chromia-titania catalysts for selective formation of lactic acid from a triose in water
Takagaki A, Goto H, Kikuchi R, Oyama ST
209 - 217 Water inhibits the conversion and coking of olefins on SAPO-34
Luo MJ, Fu YD, Hu B, Wang DK, Wang BH, Mao GL
218 - 227 The catalytic cracking of sterically challenging plastic feedstocks over high acid density Al-SBA-15 catalysts
Socci J, Osatiashtiani A, Kyriakou G, Bridgwater T
228 - 237 Additional Lewis acid sites of protonated fibrous silica@BEA zeolite (HSi@BEA) improving the generation of protonic acid sites in the isomerization of C-6 alkane and cycloalkanes
Izan SM, Triwahyono S, Jalil AA, Majid ZA, Fatah NAA, Hamid MYS, Ibrahim M
238 - 244 Condensation of pentose-derived furan compounds to C-15 fuel precursors using supported phosphotungstic acid catalysts: Strategy for designing heterogeneous acid catalysts based on the acid strength and pore structures
Kwon JS, Choo H, Choi JW, Jae J, Suh DJ, Lee KY, Ha JM
245 - 250 Catalytic in-situ hydrogenation of 5-hydroxymethylfurfural to 2,5-dimethylfuran over Cu-based catalysts with methanol as a hydrogen donor
Zhang ZH, Wang CX, Gou X, Chen H, Chen KQ, Lu XY, Ouyang PK, Fu J
251 - 261 Effect of Cu doping on the SCR activity over the CumCe0.1-mTiOx (m=0.01, 0.02 and 0.03) catalysts
Zhang TR, Ma SB, Chen LQ, Li R, Leng XS, Li YS, Yuan FL, Niu XY, Zhu YJ
262 - 270 Explaining the role of vanadium in homogeneous glucose transformation reactions using NMR and EPR spectroscopy
Albert J, Mendt M, Mozer M, Voss D
271 - 282 Novel rhodium on carbon catalysts for the oxidation of benzyl alcohol to benzaldehyde: A study of the modification of metal/support interactions by acid pre-treatments
Wilde CA, Ryabenkova Y, Firth IM, Pratt L, Railton J, Bravo-Sanchez M, Sano N, Cumpson PJ, Coates PD, Liu X, Conte M
283 - 291 Operando HERFD-XANES/XES studies reveal differences in the activity of Fe-species in MFI and CHA structures for the standard selective catalytic reduction of NO with NH3
Agote-Aran M, Lezcano-Gonzalez I, Greenaway AG, Hayama S, Diaz-Moreno S, Kroner AB, Beale AM
292 - 298 Competitive adsorptions between thiophenic compounds over a CoMoS/Al2O3 catalyst under deep HDS of FCC gasoline
dos Santos AS, Girard E, Leflaive P, Brunet S
299 - 307 Oxidative reactivity enhancement for soot combustion catalysts by co-doping silver and manganese in ceria
Li SR, Yan S, Xia YK, Cui B, Pu YC, Ye YY, Wang D, Liu YQ, Chen BH
308 - 318 Rh-Ni/MgAl2O4 catalyst for steam reforming of methane: Effect of Rh doping, calcination temperature and its application on metal monoliths
Katheria S, Deo G, Kunzru D
319 - 328 Ternary Pt/Re/SnO2 nanoparticles for ethanol oxidation reaction: Understanding the correlation between the synthesis route and the obtained material
Parlinska-Wojtan M, Drzymala E, Gruzel G, Depciuch J, Donten M, Kowal A
329 - 338 Palladium supported on carbon nanotube modified nickel foam as a structured catalyst for polystyrene hydrogenation
Feng M, Luo ZH, Chen RQ, Yi S, Lu H, Cao GP, Lu C, Feng SY, Li CY
339 - 347 UV-vis spectroscopy combined with azastilbene probe as a tool for testing basicity of mesoporous silica modified with nitrogen compounds
Stawicka K, Prukala D, Siodla T, Sikorski M, Ziolek M
348 - 354 AuI as a cheap, nontoxic, and efficient alternate to commercial mercury catalyst for production of vinyl chloride monomer
Chai YL, Tian XH, Jiang BB, Wang JD, Yang YR, Zhang MZ
355 - 366 SO32- / SO42- functionalization-tailorable catalytic surface features of Sb-promoted Cu3V2O8 on TiO2 for selective catalytic reduction of NOx with NH3
Kim J, Lee S, Kwon DW, Lee KY, Ha HP
367 - 375 Rapid transfer hydrogenation of acetophenone using ruthenium catalysts bearing commercially available and readily accessible nitrogen and phosphorous donor ligands
Braden DJ, Cariou R, Shabaker JW, Taylor RA
376 - 386 On the deactivation of Ni-Al catalysts in CO2 methanation
Ewald S, Kolbeck M, Kratky T, Wolf M, Hinrichsen O
387 - 394 Combination of Pt@CeO2/MCM-56 and CeO2-CuO/MCM-56 to purify the exhaust emissions from diesel vehicles
Yi T, Zhang YB, Yang XG