Applied Catalysis A: General

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ISSN: 0926-860X (Print) 

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1 - 11 Synthesis of biodiesel and acetins by transesterification reactions using novel CaSn(OH)(6) heterogeneous base catalyst.
Sandesh S, Kristachar PKR, Manjunathan P, Halgeri AB, Shanbhag GV
12 - 20 Exceptionally high turnover frequencies recorded for a new chitosan-based palladium(II) catalyst
Baran T, Sargin I, Mentes A, Kaya M
21 - 30 Nobel metal free, oxidant free, solvent free catalytic transformation of alcohol to aldehyde over ZnO-CeO2 mixed oxide catalyst
Enjamuri N, Hassan S, Auroux A, Pandey JK, Chowdhury B
31 - 38 Carbon nitride supported palladium nanoparticles: An active system for the reduction of aromatic nitro-compounds
Nandi D, Siwal S, Choudhary M, Mallick K
39 - 53 Investigating the CrOx/Al2O3 dehydrogenation catalyst model: I. identification and stability evaluation of the Cr species on the fresh and equilibrated catalysts
Fridman VZ, Xing R, Severance M
54 - 60 The effect of copper on benzene hydrogenation to cyclohexane over Ni/Al2O3 catalyst
Michalska K, Kowalik P, Konkol M, Prochniak W, Stolecki K, Slowik G, Borowiecki T
61 - 72 Spectroscopy and catalytic activity study of gold supported on barium titanate nanotubes for styrene epoxidation
Nepak D, Srinivas D
73 - 84 One-pot two-step process for direct propylene oxide production catalyzed by bi-functional Pd(Au)@TS-1 materials
Prieto A, Palomino M, Diaz U, Corma A
85 - 91 Transformation of methyl laurate into lauryl alcohol over a Ru-Sn-Mo/C catalyst by using zerovalent iron and water as an in situ hydrogen source
Sagata K, Hirose M, Hirano Y, Kita Y
92 - 96 Pre-reduction and K loading effects on noble metal free Co-system catalyst for water gas shift reaction
Majima T, Kono E, Ogo S, Sekine Y
97 - 106 An effective Mn-Co mixed oxide catalyst for the solvent-free selective oxidation of cyclohexane with molecular oxygen
Wu MZ, Zhan WC, Guo YL, Guo Y, Wang YS, Wang L, Lu GZ
107 - 117 Efficient approach for simultaneous CO and H-2 production via photoreduction of CO2 with water over copper nanoparticles loaded TiO2
Singhal N, Ali A, Vorontsov A, Pendem C, Kumar U
118 - 129 Catalytic conversion of ethanol over ZSM-11 based catalysts
Liu DP, Liu Y, Goh EYL, Chu CJY, Gwie CG, Chang J, Borgna A
130 - 138 Photoelectrochemical water splitting with porous alpha-Fe2O3 thin films prepared from Fe/Fe-oxide nanoparticles
Emin S, de Respinis M, Mavric T, Dam B, Valant M, Smith WA
139 - 145 Aggregating an olfactory group on the naturally occurring beta-caryophyllene by hydroformylation
Oliveira KCB, Faria AD, Monteiro AC, dos Santos EN, Gusevskaya EV
146 - 158 Fischer-Tropsch synthesis: Anchoring of cobalt particles in phosphorus modified cobalt/silica catalysts
Gnanamani MK, Jacobs G, Pendyala VRR, Graham UM, Hopps SD, Thomas GA, Shafer WD, Sparks DE, Xiao QF, Hu YF, Davis BH
159 - 170 Deactivation of Ni-MoS2 by bio-oil impurities during hydrodeoxygenation of phenol and octanol
Mortensen PM, Gardini D, Damsgaard CD, Grunwaldt JD, Jensen PA, Wagner JB, Jensen AD
171 - 181 Aluminium substituted lanthanum based perovskite type oxides, non-stoichiometry and performance in methane partial oxidation by framework oxygen
Mudu F, Olsbye U, Arstad B, Diplas S, Li YJ, Fjellvag H
182 - 192 Enhancing tungsten oxide/SBA-15 catalysts for hydrolysis of cellobiose through doping ZrO2
Wang H, Guo YG, Chang CR, Zhu XL, Liu X, Han JY, Ge QF
193 - 199 In situ TG-MS study of NOx and soot removal over LNT model catalysts
Cortes-Reyes M, Herrera MC, Pieta IS, Larrubia MA, Alemany LJ
200 - 208 Fibrous silica mesoporous ZSM-5 for carbon monoxide methanation
Teh LP, Triwahyono S, Jalil AA, Firmansyah ML, Mamat CR, Majid ZA
209 - 220 High coverage CO adsorption and dissociation on the Co(0001) and Co(100) surfaces from DFT and thermodynamics
Chen CB, Wang Q, Zhang RG, Hou B, Li DB, Jia LT, Wang BJ
221 - 229 Co catalysts supported on oxidized CNTs: Evolution of structure during preparation, reduction and catalytic test in Fischer-Tropsch synthesis
Chernyak SA, Suslova EV, Ivanov AS, Egorov AV, Maslakov KI, Savilv SV, Lunin VV
230 - 240 Aqueous phase reforming of glycerol using highly active and stable Pt0.05CeXZr0.95-XO2 ternary solid solution catalysts
Larimi AS, Kazemeini M, Khorasheh F
241 - 246 N-doped graphene as an efficient electrocatalyst for lithium-thionyl chloride batteries
Li BM, Yuan ZZ, Xu Y, Liu JC
247 - 254 Synthesis and characterization of ether-imine-furfural [ONO] nickel(II) complexes and their application in oligomerization of ethylene
Milani JLS, Casagrande ACA, Livotto PR, Casagrande OL
255 - 262 Water gas shift reaction over monometallic and bimetallic catalysts supported by mixed oxide materials
Tepamatr P, Laosiripojana N, Charojrochkul S
263 - 271 Effects of impregnation strategy on structure and performance of bimetallic CoFe/AC catalysts for higher alcohols synthesis from syngas
Du H, Zhu HJ, Zhao Z, Dong WD, Luo WT, Lu W, Jiang M, Liu T, Ding YJ
272 - 282 Structure and activity of TiO2/FeO co-doped carbon spheres for adsorptive-photocatalytic performance of complete toluene removal from aquatic environment
Sharma A, Lee BK
283 - 293 Hydrogen production by steam reforming of ethanol on a RhPt/CeO2/SiO2 catalyst: Synergistic effect of the Si:Ce ratio on the catalyst performance
Cifuentes B, Hernandez M, Monsalve S, Cobo M
294 - 303 NOx abatement from stationary emission sources by photo-assisted SCR: Lab-scale to pilot-scale studies
Yu JCC, Nguyen VH, Lasek J, Chiang SW, Li DX, Wu JCS
304 - 311 A recoverable sandwich phosphorotungstate stabilized palladium (0) catalyst for aerobic oxidation of alcohols in water
Chen LJ, Feng T, Wang PF, Chen ZW, Yan RQ, Liao B, Xiang YJ
312 - 320 Effect of SiO2/Al2O3 ratio on the performance of nanocrystal ZSM-5 zeolite catalysts in methanol to gasoline conversion
Wan ZJ, Wu W, Li G, Wang CF, Yang H, Zhang DK
321 - 331 Heterogenized hybrid catalyst of 1-sulfonic acid-3-methyl imidazolium ferric chloride over NaY zeolite for one-pot synthesis of 2-amino-4-arylpyrimidine derivatives: A viable approach
Gogoi P, Dutta AK, Saikia S, Borah R
332 - 342 Effect of postsynthesis preparation procedure on the state of copper in CuSEA zeolites and its catalytic properties in SCR of NO with NH3
Baran R, Averseng F, Wierzbicki D, Chalupka K, Krafft JM, Grzybek T, Dzwigaj S
343 - 343 A shuriken-shaped m-BiVO4/{001}-TiO2 heterojunction: Synthesis, structure and enhanced visible light photocatalytic activity (vol 521, pg 42, 2016)
Zhu XD, Zhang F, Wang MJ, Gao X, Luo Y, Xue JW, Zhang Y, Ding JJ, Sun S, Bao J, Gao C