Applied Catalysis A: General

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ISSN: 0926-860X (Print) 

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1 - 7 Calcination effects on CeZrOx geometry and styrene production from ethylbenzene
Kovacevic M, Espinosa RB, Lefferts L, Mojet BL
8 - 17 Partial oxidation of ethanol to acetaldehyde over surface-modified single-walled carbon nanotubes
Abdullahi I, Davis TJ, Yun DM, Herrera JE
18 - 32 Biofuel production from green seed canola oil using zeolites
Baroi C, Mahto S, Niu C, Dalai AK
33 - 44 Synthesis of reverse micelle alpha-FeOOH nanoparticles in ionic liquid as an only electrolyte: Inhibition of electron-hole pair recombination for efficient photoactivity
Jusoh R, Jalil AA, Triwahyono S, Idris A, Haron S, Sapawe N, Jaafar NF, Jusoh NWC
45 - 51 Influence of HZSM5 on the activity of Ru Catalysts and product selectivity during the hydrogenolysis of glycerol
Li YM, Ma L, Liu HM, He DH
52 - 64 Effect of pressure in the autothermal catalytic partial oxidation of CH4 and C3H8: Spatially resolved temperature and composition profiles
Donazzi A, Livio D, Diehm C, Beretta A, Groppi G, Forzatti P
65 - 73 Activity and stability of supported gold nano- and submicro-particles toward the electrocatalytic oxidation of carbon monoxide
Zhang DF, Diao P
74 - 80 Dehydrogenation of n-dodecane over Pt-Sn/Mg-Al-O catalysts: Investigating the catalyst performance while monitoring the products
Lai YL, He SB, Li XR, Sun CL, Seshan K
81 - 88 Silicon carbide foam decorated with carbon nanofibers as catalytic stirrer in liquid-phase hydrogenation reactions
Truong-Phuoc L, Tri TH, Lam ND, Baaziz W, Romero T, Edouard D, Begin D, Janowska I, Pham-Huu C
89 - 97 Effect of stepwise sulfidation on a MoO3/CeO2 Al2O3 catalyst for sulfur-resistant methanation
Jiang MH, Wang BW, Yao YQ, Wang HY, Li ZH, Ma XB, Qin SD, Sun Q
98 - 107 Effect of praseodymium and europium doping in La(1-x)Ln(x)MnO(3+delta) (Ln: Pr or Eu, 0 <= x <= 1) perosvkite catalysts for total methane oxidation
Najjar H, Batis H, Lamonier JF, Mentre O, Giraudon JM
108 - 115 Catalytic production of isosorbide from cellulose over mesoporous niobium phosphate-based heterogeneous catalysts via a sequential process
Xi JX, Zhang Y, Ding DQ, Xia QN, Wang JJ, Liu XH, Lu GZ, Wang YQ
116 - 123 Aqueous-phase fructose dehydration using Bronsted acid zeolites: Catalytic activity of dissolved aluminosilicate species
Kruger JS, Nikolakis V, Vlachos DG
124 - 131 New manganese porphyrin as biomimetic catalyst of cyclohexane oxidation: Effect of water or imidazole as additives
da Silva VS, Teixeira LI, do Nascimento E, Idemori YM, DeFreitas-Silva G
132 - 138 Pd-nanoparticles supported onto functionalized poly(lactic acid)-based stereocomplexes for partial alkyne hydrogenation
Petrucci G, Oberhauser W, Bartoli M, Giachi G, Frediani M, Passaglia E, Capozzoli L, Rosi L
139 - 145 Investigation of hydrogen occlusion by molybdenum carbide
Oliveira RR, Rocha AS, da Silva VT, Rocha AB
146 - 152 Cooperative catalysis of palladium nanoparticles and cobalt oxide support for formylation of aryl iodides under syngas atmosphere
Hamasaki A, Yasutake Y, Norio T, Ishida T, Akita T, Ohashi H, Yokoyama T, Honma T, Tokunaga M
153 - 158 Substrate dependent photocatalytic performance of TiO2/MWCNT photocatalysts
Reti B, Mogyorosi K, Dombi A, Hernadi K
159 - 164 Size-dependent work function and catalytic performance of gold nanoparticles decorated graphene oxide sheets
Khoa NT, Kim SW, Yoo DH, Kim EJ, Hahn SH
165 - 172 Synthesis of glycerol carbonate from glycerol and urea over tin-tungsten mixed oxide catalysts
Jagadeeswaraiah K, Kumar CR, Prasad PSS, Loridant S, Lingaiah N
173 - 182 Competitive hydrodesulfurization of dibenzothiophene and hydrodenitrogenation of quinoline over unsupported MoS2 catalyst
Farag H, Kishida M, Al-Megren H
183 - 190 H40-PCL-PEG unimolecular micelles both as anchoring sites for palladium nanoparticles and micellar catalyst for Heck reaction in water
Nabid MR, Bide Y
191 - 197 Alcohol amination with heterogeneous ruthenium hydroxyapatite catalysts
Peeters A, Claes L, Geukens I, Stassen I, De Vos D
198 - 205 The mechanism of bound hydroxyl radical formation and degradation pathway of Acid Orange II in Fenton-like Co2+-HCO3- system
Luo MX, Lv LP, Deng GW, Yao W, Ruan Y, Li XX, Xu AH
206 - 212 Mono-functionalization of porous aromatic frameworks to use as compatible heterogeneous catalysts in one-pot cascade reactions
Merino E, Verde-Sesto E, Maya EM, Corma A, Iglesias M, Sanchez F
213 - 220 Resorcinarene-encapsulated Ni-B nano-amorphous alloys for quasi-homogeneous catalytic cracking of JP-10
Guo YS, Yang YZ, Fang WJ, Hu SL
221 - 228 Photo-catalytic degradation of dimethyl disulfide on S and metal-ions co-doped TiO2 under visible-light irradiation
Lin YH, Tseng TK, Chu H
229 - 238 Modeling impact of catalyst loading on polyurethane foam polymerization
Zhao YS, Zhong F, Tekeei A, Suppes GJ
239 - 249 Preparation of active Cs2HPW12O40 catalyst with the'core-shell' secondary structure by a self-organizing process
Matachowski L, Drelinkiewicz A, Mucha D, Krysciak-Czerwenka J, Rachwalik R
250 - 258 Base directed palladium catalysed Heck arylation of acrolein diethyl acetal in water
Al-Maksoud W, Menuel S, Jahjah M, Monflier E, Pinel C, Djakovitch L
259 - 266 Chromium-induced deactivation of a commercial honeycomb noble metal-based CO oxidation catalyst
Keav S, Lu Y, Matam SK, Maegli AE, Heel A, Weidenkaff A, Ferri D
267 - 274 Structural investigations of porous MgCl2-2-butanol molecular adduct as support for olefin polymerization
Thushara KS, Ajithkumar TG, Rajamohanan PR, Gopinath CS
275 - 283 Comparison of flame-made rhodium on Al2O3 or Ce0.5Zr0.5O2 supports for the partial oxidation of methane
Santis-Alvarez AJ, Buchel R, Hild N, Stark WJ, Poulikakos D
284 - 289 Synthesis, characterization and acid catalysis of solid acid from peanut shell
Zeng DL, Liu SL, Gong WJ, Wang GH, Qiu JH, Chen HX
290 - 299 Efficient dehydration of ethanol on the self-organized surface layer of H3PW12O40 formed in the acidic potassium tungstophosphates
Matachowski L, Drelinkiewicz A, Lalik E, Ruggiero-Mikolajczyk M, Mucha D, Krysciak-Czerwenka J
300 - 305 Catalytic properties of Pt-based intermetallic compounds in dehydrogenation of cyclohexane and n-butane
Furukawa S, Tamura A, Ozawa K, Komatsu T
306 - 311 Development of highly stable catalyst for methanol synthesis from carbon dioxide
Li C, Yuan X, Fujimoto K
312 - 319 Highly dispersed Pd catalyst for anthraquinone hydrogenation supported on alumina derived from a pseudoboehmite precursor
Tang PG, Chai YY, Feng JT, Feng YJ, Li Y, Li DQ
320 - 327 Pd-grafted porous metal-organic framework material as an efficient and reusable heterogeneous catalyst for C-C coupling reactions in water
Roy AS, Mondal J, Banerjee B, Mondal P, Bhaumik A, Islam SM
328 - 339 Hydroconversion of n-hexadecane on Pt/silica-alumina catalysts: Effect of metal loading and support acidity on bifunctional and hydrogenolytic activity
Regali F, Liotta LF, Venezia AM, Boutonnet M, Jaras S
340 - 349 Amine functionalized MCM-41 as a green, efficient, and heterogeneous catalyst for the regioselective synthesis of 5-aryl-2-oxazolidinones, from CO2 and aziridines
Nale DB, Rana S, Parida K, Bhanage BM
350 - 356 Efficient Suzuki-Miyaura coupling reaction in water: Stabilized Pd-o-Montmorillonite clay composites catalyzed reaction
Borah BJ, Borah SJ, Saikia K, Dutta DK
357 - 366 Experimental investigation of ethylene hydroformylation to propanal on Rh and Co based catalysts
Navidi N, Thybaut JW, Marin GB
367 - 372 Tin-containing hydrotalcite-like compounds as catalysts for the Meerwein-Ponndorf-Verley reaction
Jimenez-Sanchidrian C, Ruiz JR
373 - 379 Ag nanoparticles on mixed Al2O3-Ga2O3 supports as catalysts for the N-alkylation of amines with alcohols
Geukens I, Vermoortele F, Meledina M, Turner S, Van Tendeloo G, De Vos DE
380 - 386 Silica-coated silver/gold composite nanoboxes having enhanced catalytic performances and reusability
Lee J, Han K, Jang DJ
387 - 397 Catalytic CH4 reforming with CO2 over activated carbon based catalysts
Xu L, Liu YA, Li YJ, Lin Z, Ma XX, Zhang YL, Argyle MD, Fan MH
398 - 409 Influence of acid-base sites on ZnO-ZnCr2O4 catalyst during dehydrocyclization of aqueous glycerol and ethylenediamine for the synthesis of 2-methylpyrazine: Kinetic and mechanism studies
Venugopal A, Sarkari R, Anjaneyulu C, Krishna V, Kumar MK, Narender N, Padmasri AH
410 - 418 Gas-phase, catalytic hydrodeoxygenation of propanoic acid, over supported group VIII noble metals: Metal and support effects
Lugo-Jose YK, Monnier JR, Williams CT
419 - 426 Selective hydrogenation of acetylene in excess ethylene using Ag- and Au-Pd/SiO2 bimetallic catalysts prepared by electroless deposition
Zhang YY, Diao WJ, Williams CT, Monnier JR
427 - 433 Effect of iron content on selectivity in isomerization of alpha-pinene oxide to campholenic aldehyde over Fe-MMM-2 and Fe-VSB-5
Timofeeva MN, Panchenko VN, Hasan Z, Khan NA, Mel'gunov MS, Abel AA, Matrosova MM, Volcho KP, Jhung SH
434 - 441 The catalytic performance of Ni2P/Al2O3 catalyst in comparison with Ni/Al2O3 catalyst in dehydrogenation of cyclohexane
Li JF, Chai YM, Liu B, Wu YL, Li XH, Tang Z, Liu YQ, Liu CG
442 - 450 Fe(OH)(3) nano solid material: An efficient catalyst for regioselective ring opening of aryloxy epoxide with amines under solvent free condition
Shah AK, Prathap KJ, Kumar M, Abdi SHR, Kureshy RI, Khan NUH, Bajaj HC
451 - 465 Single and combined Fluidized Catalytic Cracking (FCC) catalyst deactivation by iron and calcium metal-organic contaminants
Mathieu Y, Corma A, Echard M, Bories M
466 - 471 Hydrogenation of succinic acid to tetrahydrofuran (THF) over ruthenium-carbon composite (Ru-C) catalyst
Hong UG, Kim JK, Lee J, Lee JK, Song JH, Yi J, Song IK
472 - 482 Effect of gamma-Al2O3 hydrothermal treatment on the formation and properties of platinum sites in Pt/gamma-Al2O3 catalysts
Mironenko RM, Belskaya OB, Talsi VP, Gulyaeva TI, Kazakov MO, Nizovskii AI, Kalinkin AV, Bukhtiyarov VI, Lavrenov AV, Likholobov VA
483 - 489 Light-triggered oxy-chlorination of cyclohexane by metal chlorides
Wu WF, Fu ZH, Wen X, Wang YJ, Zou S, Meng Y, Liu YC, Kirk SR, Yin DL
490 - 511 Production of green aromatics and olefins by catalytic cracking of oxygenate compounds derived from biomass pyrolysis: A review
Rezaei PS, Shafaghat H, Daud WMAW
512 - 516 A study of the formation process of titanium-magnesium catalyst for propylene polymerization
Chumachenko NN, Zakharov VA, Bukatov GD, Sergeev SA
517 - 523 A review on reduction of acetone to isopropanol with Ni nano superactive, heterogeneous catalysts as an environmentally benevolent approach
Rahman A, S-Al-Deyab S
524 - 531 Graphene oxide-iron phthalocyanine catalyzed aerobic oxidation of alcohols
Mahyari M, Shaabani A
532 - 540 Influence of the Bronsted acidity, SiO2/Al2O3 ratio and Rh-Pd content on the ring opening: Part I. Selective ring opening of decalin
D'Ippolito SA, Especel C, Vivier L, Epron F, Pieck CL
541 - 549 Influence of the Bronsted acidity, SiO2/Al2O3 ratio and Rh-Pd content on the ring opening. Part II. Selective ring opening of methylcyclohexane
D'Ippolito SA, Especel C, Vivier L, Epron F, Pieck CL