Applied Catalysis A: General

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ISSN: 0926-860X (Print) 

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1 - 8 Transesterification of acrylates by heterogeneous basic catalysis
Adriana M, Nadine E, Lorraine C, Francois F
9 - 9 New palladium catalysts on polyketone prepared through different smart methodologies and their use in the hydrogenation of cinnamaldehyde (vol 447, pg 49, 2012)
Galletti AMR, Toniolo L, Antonetti C, Evangelisti C, Forte C
10 - 17 Catalytic activity of aqueous cationic polyurethane dispersions: A novel feature of polyurethanes
Daemi H, Rad RR, Barikani M, Adib M
18 - 25 A novel nickel-based catalyst for methane dry reforming: A metal honeycomb-type catalyst prepared by sol-gel method and electroless plating
Fukuhara C, Hyodo R, Yamamoto K, Masuda K, Watanabe R
26 - 31 Preoxidated polyacrylonitrile fiber mats supported copper catalyst for Mizoroki-Heck cross-coupling reactions
Shao LJ, Qi CZ
32 - 37 Study of Co/SBA-15 catalysts prepared by microwave and conventional heating methods and application in Fischer-Tropsch synthesis
Rodrigues JJ, Fernandes FAN, Rodrigues MGF
38 - 43 Fischer-Tropsch synthesis: effect of ammonia impurities in syngas feed over a cobalt/alumina catalyst
Pendyala VRR, Gnanamani MK, Jacobs G, Ma WP, Shafer WD, Davis BH
44 - 51 An efficient Ni-Mo-K sulfide catalyst doped with CNTs for conversion of syngas to ethanol and higher alcohols
Wang JJ, Xie JR, Huang YH, Chen BH, Lin GD, Zhang HB
52 - 58 Highly selective production of value-added gamma-valerolactone from biomass-derived levulinic acid using the robust Pd nanoparticles
Yan K, Lafleur T, Wu GS, Liao JY, Ceng C, Xie XM
59 - 67 Efficient and recyclable carbon-supported Pd nanocatalysts for the Suzuki-Miyaura reaction in aqueous-based media: Microwave vs conventional heating
Garcia-Suarez EJ, Lara P, Garcia AB, Ojeda M, Luque R, Philippot K
68 - 74 One-step hydrodeoxygenation of palm oil to isomerized hydrocarbon fuels over Ni supported on nano-sized SAPO-11 catalysts
Liu QY, Zuo HL, Wang TJ, Ma LL, Zhang Q
75 - 87 Magnetic inorganic-organic hybrid nanomaterial for the catalytic preparation of bis(indolyl)arylmethanes under solvent-free conditions: Preparation and characterization of H5PW10V20O40/pyridino-Fe3O4 nanoparticles
Tayebee R, Amini MM, Abdollahi N, Aliakbari A, Rabiei S, Ramshini H
88 - 94 New fungi for whole-cell biotransformation of carvone enantiomers. Novel p-menthane-2,8,9-triols production
Nunes FM, dos Santos GF, Saraiva NN, Trapp MA, de Mattos MC, Oliveira MDF, Rodrigues E
95 - 101 Chitosan as biosupport for the MW-assisted synthesis of palladium catalysts and their use in the hydrogenation of ethyl cinnamate
Galletti AMR, Antonetti C, Bertoldo M, Piccinelli F
102 - 111 The impact of zeolite pore structure on the catalytic behavior of CuZnAl/zeolite hybrid catalysts for the direct DME synthesis
Garcia-Trenco A, Valencia S, Martinez A
112 - 119 Regioselective ring opening reaction of epichlorohydrin with acetic acid to 3-chloro-2-hydroxypropyl acetate over cesium modified heteropolyacid on clay support
Yadav GD, Surve PS
120 - 134 Preparation and characterization of neat and ZnCl2 modified zeolites and alumina for methyl chloride synthesis
Schmidt SA, Kumar N, Shchukarev A, Eranen K, Mikkola JP, Murzin DY, Salmi T
135 - 142 Behavior of PtPb/MgAl2O4 catalysts with different Pb contents and trimetallic PtPbIn catalysts in n-butane dehydrogenation
Bocanegra SA, Scelza OA, de Miguel SR
143 - 149 Oxidative desulfurization of diesel with oxygen: Reaction pathways on supported metal and metal oxide catalysts
Dooley KM, Liu DX, Madrid AM, Knopf FC
150 - 159 Synthesis, characterisation and catalytic performance of a mesoporous tungsten silicate: W-TUD-1
ten Dam J, Badloe D, Ramanathan A, Djanashvili K, Kapteijn F, Hanefeld U
160 - 174 Pd-Au and Pd-Pt catalysts for the direct synthesis of hydrogen peroxide in absence of selectivity enhancers
Sterchele S, Biasi P, Centomo P, Canton P, Campestrini S, Salmi T, Zecca M
175 - 183 Preparation and characterization of Pt-promoted NiY and CoY catalysts employed for 4-nitrophenol reduction
El-Bahy ZM
184 - 189 Carbon nitride-catalyzed oxidative cleavage of carbon-carbon bond of alpha-hydroxy ketones with visible light and thermal radiation
Zhan HY, Liu WJ, Fu ML, Cen JH, Lin JX, Cao H
190 - 203 Understanding the molecular basics behind catalyst shaping: Preparation of suspensions of vanadium-aluminum mixed (hydr)oxides
Baldovino-Medrano VG, Alcazar C, Colomer MT, Moreno R, Gaigneaux EM
204 - 215 An egg-shell type Ni/Al2O3 catalyst derived from layered double hydroxides precursor for selective hydrogenation of pyrolysis gasoline
Wen X, Li RS, Yang YX, Chen JL, Zhang FZ
216 - 229 Toward a better understanding of residue hydroconversion catalysts using NiMo catalysts supported over silica grafted Al2O3
Magendie G, Guichard B, Chaumonnot A, Quoineaud AA, Legens C, Espinat D
230 - 239 Oxidative dehydrogenation of propane with nitrous oxide over Fe-ZSM-5 prepared by grafting: Characterization and performance
Wu GJ, Hei F, Zhang N, Guan NJ, Li LD, Grunert W
240 - 249 Photocatalytic oxidation of carbamazepine in triclinic-WO3 suspension: Role of alcohol and sulfate radicals in the degradation pathway
Rao YF, Chu W, Wang YR
250 - 259 Sol-derived AuNi/MgAl2O4 catalysts: Formation, structure and activity in dry reforming of methane
Horvath A, Guczi L, Kocsonya A, Safran G, La Parola V, Liotta LF, Pantaleo G, Venezia AM
260 - 268 Facile synthesis of CeO2-supported gold nanoparticle catalysts for selective oxidation of glycerol into lactic acid
Lakshmanan P, Upare PP, Le NT, Hwang YK, Hwang DW, Lee UH, Kim HR, Chang JS
269 - 275 Catalytic combustion of benzene over gamma-alumina supported chromium oxide catalysts
Xing T, Wan HQ, Shao Y, Han YX, Xu ZY, Zheng SR
276 - 287 Sequential desilication-isomorphous substitution route to prepare mesostructured silica nanoparticles loaded with ZnO and their photocatalytic activity
Jusoh NWC, Jalil AA, Triwahyono S, Setiabudi HD, Sapawe N, Satar MAH, Karim AH, Kamarudin NHN, Jusoh R, Jaafar NF, Salamun N, Efendi J
288 - 295 Alkali-treatment of template-containing MCM-22 zeolite and its application in alkylation and transalkylation reactions
Liu KF, Xie SJ, Wei HJ, Li XJ, Liu SL, Xu LY
296 - 304 Highly selective synthesis of ethylene glycol and ethanol via hydrogenation of dimethyl oxalate on Cu catalysts: influence of support
Zhu YF, Zhu YL, Ding GQ, Zhu SH, Zheng HY, Li YW
305 - 312 Role of macroporosity in macro-mesoporous red mud catalysts for slurry-phase hydrocracking of vacuum residue
Chinh NH, Pham VH, Kim DK, Kim DW, Oh SH, Chung JS, Kim WJ, Shin EW
313 - 321 Catalytic etherification of bioglycerol with C4 fraction
Turan A, Hrivnak M, Klepatova K, Kaszonyi A, Mravec D
322 - 326 Photocatalytic removal of nitric oxide by Bi2Mo3O12 prepared by co-precipitation method
Luevano-Hipolito E, Martinez-de la Cruz A, Yu QL, Brouwers HJH
327 - 333 Effect of solid-state synthesized alumina properties on the structure and catalytic performance of NiMo catalyst in hydrodesulfurization
Zhang M, Yang T, Zhao RY, Liu CG
334 - 340 Thiol-yne click on nano-starch: An expedient approach for grafting of oxo-vanadium Schiff base catalyst and its use in the oxidation of alcohols
Verma S, Le Bras J, Jain SL, Muzart J
341 - 349 Propane ammoxidation catalyst prepared by thermally induced spreading of Sb2O3 on V/Al/O-mixed oxide
Bilde J, Delichere P, Burel L, Loridant S, Millet JMM
350 - 358 Enhancement in activity of Pd-Zn catalyst for methanol steam reforming by coprecipitation on zirconia support
Matsumura Y
359 - 369 CeO2-SiO2 supported nickel catalysts for dry reforming of methane toward syngas production
Taufiq-Yap YH, Sudarno, Rashid U, Zainal Z
370 - 383 Density functional theory study into H2O dissociative adsorption on the Fe5C2(010) surface
Gao R, Cao DB, Liu SL, Yang Y, Li YW, Wang JG, Jiao HJ
384 - 394 Byproducts formation in the ethyl tert-butyl ether (ETBE) synthesis reaction on macroreticular acid ion-exchange resins
Badia JH, Fite C, Bringue R, Ramirez E, Cunill F
395 - 402 Developing global reaction rate model for CO oxidation over Au catalysts from past data in literature using artificial neural networks
Gunay ME, Yildirim R
403 - 409 Enhanced photocatalytic hydrogen production activity of chromium doped lead niobate under visible-light irradiation
Hu YC, Shi JW, Guo LJ
410 - 417 Selective hydroformylation of olefins over the rhodium supported large porous metal-organic framework MIL-101
Vu TV, Kosslick H, Schulz A, Harloff J, Paetzold E, Schneider M, Radnik J, Steinfeldt N, Fulda G, Kragl U
418 - 425 Hydrogenolysis of C-O bond over Re-modified Ir catalyst in alkane solvent
Nakagawa Y, Mori K, Chen KY, Amada Y, Tamura M, Tomishige K
426 - 431 Influence of furanic polymers on selectivity of furfural rearrangement to cyclopentanone
Hronec M, Fulajtarova K, Micusik M
432 - 441 Biodiesel production by acid catalysis with heteropolyacids supported on activated carbon fibers
Alcaniz-Monge J, Trautwein G, Marco-Lozar JP
442 - 452 Influence of modifier (Mn, La, Ce, Zr and Y) on the performance of Cu/Zn/Al catalysts via hydrotalcite-like precursors for CO2 hydrogenation to methanol
Gao P, Li F, Zhao N, Xiao FK, Wei W, Zhong LS, Sun YH
453 - 458 Synergetic combination of an enzyme and gold catalysts for glucose oxidation in neutral aqueous solution
Taketoshi A, Takenouchi S, Takei T, Haruta M
459 - 466 Influence of catalyst preparation on the contribution of homogeneous and heterogeneous steps to the selectivity in nitroaliphatic compounds hydrogenation
Dubois V, Jannes G
467 - 474 Thermally reduced graphene oxide-supported nickel catalyst for hydrogen production by propane steam reforming
Guerra EL, Shanmugharaj AM, Choi WS, Ryu SH