Applied Catalysis A: General

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ISSN: 0926-860X (Print) 

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1 - 5 Evaluation of catalytic activity in ethylene polymerization and ethylene/10-undecen-1-ol copolymerization of new orthopalladated complexes derived from tridentade ligands [C,N,S]
Ortega-Jimenez F, Lopez-Cortes JG, Ortega-Alfaro MC, Penieres-Carrillo JG, Quijada R, Alvarez-Toledano C
6 - 12 CeO2-catalyzed one-pot selective synthesis of N-alkyl amides from nitriles, amines and water
Tamura M, Tonomura T, Shimizu K, Satsuma A
13 - 18 A novel nanoengineered VOx catalyst supported on highly ordered TiO2 nanotube arrays for partial oxidation reactions
Herrera JE, Isimjan TT, Abdullahi I, Ray A, Rohani S
19 - 25 Effect of TiO2 on the hydrodesulfurization performance of bulk Ni2P
Li X, Sun ZC, Wang AJ, Yang XN, Wang Y
26 - 36 Comparative study on UV and visible light sensitive bare and doped titanium dioxide photocatalysts for the decomposition of environmental pollutants in water
Vereb G, Ambrus Z, Pap Z, Kmetyko A, Dombi A, Danciu V, Cheesman A, Mogyorosi K
37 - 42 Sulfur promoted Pt/SiO2 catalyzed cross-coupling of anilines and amines
Shimizu K, Shimura K, Tamagawa N, Tamura M, Satsuma A
43 - 52 Application of ETS-10 microporous titanosilicate as support of Ru nanoparticles for hydrogen production
Faroldi BM, Lombardo EA, Cornaglia LM, Irusta S
53 - 58 A novel CeO2 supported on carbon nanotubes coated with SiO2 catalyst for catalytic cracking of naphtha
Keyvanloo K, Mohamadalizadeh A, Towfighi J
59 - 65 Gas phase hydrogenation of maleic anhydride at low pressure over silica-supported cobalt and nickel catalysts
Meyer CI, Regenhardt SA, Marchi AJ, Garetto TF
66 - 75 Selective oxidation of CO in H-2-rich stream over Au/CeO2 and Cu/CeO2 catalysts: An insight on the effect of preparation method and catalyst pretreatment
Scire S, Crisafulli C, Riccobene PM, Patane G, Pistone A
76 - 86 Effect of extra-framework Al formed by successive steaming and acid leaching of zeolite MCM-22 on its structure and catalytic performance
Mihalyi RM, Kollar M, Kiraly P, Karoly Z, Mavrodinova V
87 - 92 Performance of vanadium based catalyst in a membrane contactor for the benzene hydroxylation to phenol
Molinari R, Lavorato C, Poerio T
93 - 101 Low-temperature combustion of chlorinated hydrocarbons over CeO2/H-ZSM5 catalysts
de Rivas B, Sampedro C, Lopez-Fonseca R, Gutierrez-Ortiz MA, Gutierrez-Ortiz JI
102 - 110 Evaluation of oxide catalysts' properties based on isopropyl alcohol conversion
Turek W, Krowiak A
111 - 118 Microwave-assisted synthesis of CdS intercalated K4Nb6O17 and its photocatalytic activity for hydrogen production
Cui WQ, Liu YF, Liu L, Hu JS, Liang YH
119 - 128 Correlation patterns and effect of syngas conversion level for product selectivity to alcohols and hydrocarbons over molybdenum sulfide based catalysts
Andersson R, Boutonnet M, Jaras S
129 - 136 Cooperative effect of gold nanoparticles with CUS aluminium from nanoalumina support in the catalysis of an electron transfer reaction
Rashidi F, Lima E, Rashidi H, Rashidi A, Guzman A
137 - 144 Conversion of ethanol to propylene over HZSM-5(Ga) co-modified with lanthanum and phosphorous
Furumoto Y, Tsunoji N, Ide Y, Sadakane M, Sano T
145 - 152 Comparison of oxidizing agents for the oxidative coupling of methane over state-of-the-art catalysts
Langfeld K, Frank B, Strempel VE, Berger-Karin C, Weinberg G, Kondratenko EV, Schomacker R
153 - 162 Oxidative dehydrogenation of propane over cobalt-containing mixed oxides obtained from LDH precursors
Mitran G, Cacciaguerra T, Loridant S, Tichit D, Marcu IC
163 - 173 Catalysed ethylbenzene dehydrogenation in CO2 or N-2-Carbon deposits as the active phase
Nederlof C, Kapteijn F, Makkee M
174 - 182 Kinetic studies of carbon nanofibre and hydrogen evolution via ethane decomposition over fresh and steam regenerated Ni/La2O3 catalyst
Setayesh SR, Waugh KC
183 - 189 One-pot fabrication of magnetically recoverable acid nanocatalyst, heteropolyacids/chitosan/Fe3O4, and its catalytic performance
Kong AG, Wang P, Zhang HG, Yang F, Huang SP, Shan YK
190 - 199 IR study of iridium bonded to perturbed silanol groups of Pt-HZSM5 for n-pentane isomerization
Setiabudi HD, Jalil AA, Triwahyono S, Kamarudin NHN, Mukti RR
200 - 208 Sodium hypophosphite and nano TiO2 inorganic catalysts along with citric acid on textile producing multi-functional properties
Hashemikia S, Montazer M
209 - 219 Optimization of the preparation procedure of cobalt modified silicas as catalysts in methanol decomposition
Tsoncheva T, Gallo A, Scotti N, Dimitrov M, Delaigle R, Gaigneaux EM, Kovacheva D, Dal Santo V, Ravasio N
220 - 235 Steam catalytic cracking of naphtha over ZSM-5 zeolite for production of propene and ethene: Micro and macroscopic implications of the presence of steam
Corma A, Mengual J, Miguel PJ
236 - 242 Cu-doped zeolites for catalytic oxidative carbonylation: The role of Bronsted acids
Huang SY, Wang Y, Wang ZZ, Yan B, Wang SP, Gong JL, Ma XB
243 - 252 Aqueous-phase dehydration of xylose to furfural in the presence of MCM-22 and ITQ-2 solid acid catalysts
Antunes MM, Lima S, Fernandes A, Pillinger M, Ribeiro MF, Valente AA
253 - 258 Photodecolourization of orange II with iron corrosion products and oxalic acid in aqueous solution
Wei SQ, Liu L, Li HB, Shi J, Liu Y, Shao ZC
259 - 262 Aryl sulfonic acid catalyzed hydrolysis of cellulose in water
Amarasekara AS, Wiredu B
263 - 272 Hydrogen photoproduction under visible irradiation of Au-TiO2/activated carbon
Matos J, Marino T, Molinari R, Garcia H
273 - 280 Preparation, characterization and use of V2O5-TiO2 mixed xerogels as catalysts for sustainable oxidation with hydrogen peroxide of 2,3,6-trimethylphenol
Palacio M, Villabrille PI, Romanelli GP, Vazquez PG, Caceres CV
281 - 289 Steam reforming of acetic acid over Ni/ZrO2 catalysts: Effects of nickel loading and particle size on product distribution and coke formation
Li ZK, Hu X, Zhang LJ, Liu SM, Lu GX
290 - 297 Conversion of methanol to hydrocarbons over conventional and mesoporous H-ZSM-5 and H-Ga-MFI: Major differences in deactivation behavior
Mentzel UV, Hojholt KT, Holm MS, Fehrmann R, Beato P
298 - 305 Modification of the catalytic properties of MoO2-x(OH)(y) dispersed on TiO2 by Pt and Cs additives
Al-Kandari H, Mohamed AM, Al-Kharafi F, Zaki MI, Katrib A
306 - 312 Effect of iron oxide on isobutane dehydrogenation over Pt/Fe2O3-Al2O3 catalyst
Kobayashi S, Kaneko S, Ohshima M, Kurokawa H, Miura H
313 - 319 Reductive amination of 2-propanol to monoisopropylamine over Co/gamma-Al2O3 catalysts
Cho JH, Park JH, Chang TS, Seo G, Shin CH