Applied Catalysis A: General

Applied Catalysis A: General, Vol.391, No.1-2 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0926-860X (Print) 

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1 - 2 Preface for Helmut Knozinger's special issue
Mestl G
3 - 10 Reduced iron sites in Fe-BEA and Fe-ZSM-5 zeolites: FTIR study of CO adsorption and (CO)-C-12-O-16-(CO)-C-13-O-18 co-adsorption
Mihaylov M, Ivanova E, Chakarova K, Novachka P, Hadjiivanov K
11 - 21 In situ FTIR characterization of NH3 adsorption and reaction with O-2 and CO on Pd-based FCC emission control additives
Bahrami B, Komvokis VG, Singh UG, Ziebarth MS, Alexeev OS, Amiridis MD
22 - 30 CO adsorption and oxidation studies on nanofabricated model catalysts using multilayer enhanced IRAS technique
Deshlahra P, Pfeifer K, Bernstein GH, Wolf EE
31 - 35 The interaction of carbon monoxide with clean and surface-modified zinc oxide nanoparticles: A UHV-FTIRS study
Noei H, Woll C, Muhler M, Wang YM
36 - 42 The generality of surface vanadium oxide phases in mixed oxide catalysts
Wachs IE
43 - 51 Catalytic coatings for structured supports and reactors: VOx/TiO2 catalyst coated on stainless steel in the oxidative dehydrogenation of propane
Lofberg A, Giornelli T, Paul S, Bordes-Richard E
52 - 62 Synthesis, characterization and catalytic performance of titania supported VPO catalysts for the ammoxidation of 3-picoline
Kalevaru VN, Madaan N, Martin A
63 - 69 Phase formation and selective oxidation of propane over MoVTeNbOx catalysts with varying compositions
Naraschewski FN, Kumar CP, Jentys A, Lercher JA
70 - 77 Selection of mixed conducting oxides for oxidative dehydrogenation of propane with pulse experiments
Crapanzano S, Babich IV, Lefferts L
78 - 85 Opposite effect of Al on the performances of MoO3/SiO2-Al2O3 catalysts in the metathesis and in the partial oxidation of propene
Debecker DP, Hauwaert D, Stoyanova M, Barkschat A, Rodemerck U, Gaigneaux EM
86 - 91 The effect of support on redox properties and methanol-oxidation activity of vanadia catalysts
Baldychev I, Vohs JM, Gorte RJ
92 - 101 On the nature of active sites in MoVTeO and MoVTeNbO catalysts: The influence of catalyst activation temperature
Concepcion P, Hernandez S, Nieto JML
102 - 109 Impact of redox properties on dehydration of glycerol to acrolein over heteropolyacids assessed by operando-EPR spectroscopy
Erfle S, Armbruster U, Bentrup U, Martin A, Brueckner A
110 - 117 Effect of Fe, Ga, Ti and Nb substitution in approximate to SbVO4 for propane ammoxidation
Wickman A, Andersson A
118 - 124 Evidence for the presence of alternative mechanisms in the oxidation of cyclohexanone to adipic acid with oxygen, catalysed by Keggin polyoxometalates
Cavani F, Ferroni L, Frattini A, Lucarelli C, Mazzini A, Raabova K, Alini S, Accorinti P, Babini P
125 - 136 Effect of water on oxidative scission of 1-butene to acetic acid over V2O5-TiO2 catalyst. Transient isotopic and kinetic study
Suprun W, Sadovskaya EM, Rudinger C, Eberle HJ, Lutecki M, Papp H
137 - 143 Electronic structure of MoO2. DFT periodic and cluster model studies
Tokarz-Sobieraj R, Grybos R, Witko M
144 - 152 Hydrogen production by catalytic partial oxidation of iso-octane at varying flow rate and fuel/oxygen ratio: From detailed kinetics to reactor behavior
Hartmann M, Maier L, Deutschmann O
153 - 157 Selective hydrogenolysis of glycerol over copper catalysts both in liquid and vapour phase: Correlation between the copper surface area and the catalyst's activity
Bienholz A, Hofmann H, Claus P
158 - 168 The influence of the nanostructure on the effect of CO2 on the properties of Pd-Ag thin-film for H-2 separation
Abate S, Centi G, Perathoner S, Su DSS, Weinberg G
169 - 174 Friedel-Crafts alkylations on nanoscopic inorganic fluorides
Candu N, Wuttke S, Kemnitz E, Coman SM, Parvulescu VI
175 - 186 Strong metal-support interactions on rhodium model catalysts
Linsmeier C, Taglauer E
187 - 193 Nano-structural investigation of Ag/Al2O3 catalyst for selective removal of O-2 with excess H-2 in the presence of C2H4
Inceesungvorn B, Lopez-Castro J, Calvino JJ, Bernal S, Meunier FC, Hardacre C, Griffin K, Delgado JJ
194 - 204 Catalytic performance of niobium species in crystalline and amorphous solids-Gas and liquid phase oxidation
Ziolek M, Decyk P, Sobczak I, Trejda M, Florek J, Golinska H, Klimas W, Wojtaszek A
205 - 214 Oxidative coupling of methane over Ca- and alkali metal-doped ThO2
Baidya T, van Vegten N, Jiang YJ, Krumeich F, Baiker A
215 - 224 Adsorption-desorption equilibrium investigations of n-butane on nanocrystalline sulfated zirconia thin films
Lloyd R, Hansen TW, Ranke W, Jentoft FC, Schlogl R
225 - 233 Nitridation of BaO supported on mesoporous materials: Basicity characterization and catalytic properties
Wu GJ, Jiang SL, Li LD, Guan NJ
234 - 243 Shape selective methanol to olefins over highly thermostable DDR catalysts
Kumita Y, Gascon J, Stavitski E, Moulijn JA, Kapteijn F
244 - 253 Control of metal ion species in zeolites by distribution of aluminium in the framework: From structural analysis to performance under real conditions of SCR-NOx and NO, N2O decomposition
Dedecek J, Capek L, Sazama P, Sobalik Z, Wichterlova B
254 - 260 Novel extruded fixed-bed MTO catalysts with high olefin selectivity and high resistance against coke deactivation
Freiding J, Kraushaar-Czarnetzki B
261 - 267 MOFs meet monoliths: Hierarchical structuring metal organic framework catalysts
Ramos-Fernandez EV, Garcia-Domingos M, Juan-Alcaniz J, Gascon J, Kapteijn F
268 - 280 CO oxidation with Au/TiO2 aggregates encapsulated in the mesopores of MCM-48: Model studies on activation, deactivation and metal-support interaction
van den Berg MWE, De Toni A, Bandyopadhyay M, Gies H, Grunert W
281 - 288 Palladium-silver bimetallic catalysts with improved activity and selectivity for ethylene epoxidation
Dellamorte JC, Lauterbach J, Barteau MA
289 - 296 Investigations on a Pt/TiO2 catalyst coating for oxidation of SO2 in a microstructured reactor for operation with forced decreasing temperature profile
Pfeifer P, Zscherpe T, Haas-Santo K, Dittmeyer R
297 - 304 Bis(pyridyl)siloxane-Pd(II) complex catalyzed oxidation of alcohol to aldehyde: Effect: of ligand tethering on catalytic activity and deactivation behavior
Missaghi MN, Galloway JM, Kung HH
305 - 310 Hydrodeoxygenation of guaiacol as model compound for pyrolysis oil on transition metal phosphide hydroprocessing catalysts
Zhao HY, Li D, Bui P, Oyama ST
311 - 318 Modification of the catalytic properties of a Pd membrane catalyst for direct hydroxylation of benzene to phenol in a double-membrane reactor by sputtering of different catalyst systems
Dittmeyer R, Bortolotto L
319 - 324 Continuous selective hydrogenation of citral in a trickle-bed reactor using ionic liquid modified catalysts
Worz N, Arras J, Claus P
325 - 333 What drives the selectivity for CO methanation in the methanation of CO2-rich reformate gases on supported Ru catalysts?
Eckle S, Anfang HG, Behm RJ
334 - 341 Chemically modified cyclodextrins as supramolecular tools to generate carbon-supported ruthenium nanoparticles: An application towards gas phase hydrogenation
Wyrwalski F, Leger B, Lancelot C, Roucoux A, Monflier E, Ponchel A
342 - 349 Preparation and characterization of Co-Rh bimetallic model catalysts: From thin films to dispersed clusters
Wang ZJ, Yang F, Axnanda S, Liu CJ, Goodman DW
350 - 359 Microkinetic analysis of CH4 CPO tests with CO2-diluted feed streams
Donazzi A, Maestri M, Beretta A, Groppi G, Tronconi E, Forzatti P
360 - 366 Production of hydrogen from dimethyl ether on supported Au catalysts
Gazsi A, Ugrai I, Solymosi F
367 - 376 XPS characterization of Au/TiO2 catalysts: Binding energy assessment and irradiation effects
Kruse N, Chenakin S
377 - 385 Structural properties of an unsupported model Pt-Sn catalyst and its catalytic properties in cyclohexene transformation
Paal Z, Wootsch A, Teschner D, Lazar K, Sajo IE, Gyorffy N, Weinberg G, Knop-Gericke A, Schlogl R
386 - 393 Dendrimer-based synthesis of Pt catalysts for hydrocarbon conversion
Albiter MA, Morales R, Zaera F
394 - 399 The decarbonylation of acetaldehyde on Pd crystals and on supported catalysts
Bowker M, Cookson L, Bhantoo J, Carley A, Hayden E, Gilbert L, Morgan C, Counsel J, Yaseneva P
400 - 406 Reactivity studies of Au-Pd supported nanoparticles for catalytic applications
Lopez-Sanchez JA, Dimitratos N, Glanville N, Kesavan L, Hammond C, Edwards JK, Carley AF, Kiely CJ, Hutchings GJ
407 - 410 Promotional effect of metal encapsulation on reactivity of iron oxide supported Pt catalysts
Lewandowski M, Sun YN, Qin ZH, Shaikhutdinov S, Freund HJ
411 - 416 Decomposition of nitrous oxide by rhodium catalysts: Effect of rhodium particle size and metal oxide support
Beyer H, Emmerich J, Chatziapostolou K, Koohler K
417 - 426 High-throughput and combinatorial development of multicomponent catalysts for ethanol steam reforming
Szijjarto GP, Tompos A, Margitfavi JL
427 - 435 Hydrolysis of vegetable oils and fats to fatty acids over solid acid catalysts
Satyarthi JK, Srinivas D, Ratnasamy P
436 - 442 Accelerated cellulose depolymerization catalyzed by paired metal chlorides in ionic liquid solvent
Su Y, Brown HM, Li GS, Zhou XD, Amonette JE, Fulton JL, Camaioni DM, Zhang ZC
443 - 454 Innovative porous SiC-based materials: From nanoscopic understandings to tunable carriers serving catalytic needs
Nguyen P, Pham C
455 - 467 Self-decontaminating layer-by-layer functionalized textiles based on WO3-modified titanate nanotubes. Application to the solar photocatalytic removal of chemical warfare agents
Grandcolas M, Sinault L, Mosset F, Louvet A, Keller N, Keller V
468 - 476 Closing the operando gap: The application of high energy photons for studying catalytic solids at work
O'Brien MG, Beale AM, Jacques SDM, Di Michiel M, Weckhuysen BM