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Journal of the American Ceramic Society, Vol.98, No.12 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0002-7820 (Print) 

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3603 - 3623 Oxide Electrolytes for Lithium Batteries
Ren YY, Chen K, Chen RJ, Liu T, Zhang YB, Nan CW
3624 - 3627 Onset Criterion for Flash Sintering
Dong YH, Chen IW
3628 - 3630 Grain Boundary Curvatures Measurements in Annealed Yttria-Stabilized Zirconia (3Y-TZP) and Their Relation to Mean Grain Size
Wang J, Conrad H
3631 - 3634 Rapid Sintering of Ceramics with Gradient Porous Structure by Asymmetric Thermal Radiation
Li D, Shen ZJ
3635 - 3638 Synthesis of Multilayered Star-Shaped B6O Particles Using the Seed-Mediated Growth Method
Solodkyi I, Demirskyi D, Sakka Y, Vasylkiv O
3639 - 3642 Microtexture Analysis of the Alumina Scale in Thermal Barrier Coatings
Bai MW, Sarakinou E, Chen Y, Chandio AD, Zhao XF, Preuss M, Xiao P
3643 - 3646 Investigation on the Electric-Induced Light Scattering of PLZT Transparent Ceramics
Yu HZ, Ruan W, Zeng HR, Zhao KY, Zeng JT, Zheng LY, Li GR
3647 - 3650 Enhanced Dielectric Properties of Ba0.5Sr0.5TiO3/MgO Composites Prepared by Coprecipitation Derived Core-Shell Powders
Zhang JJ, Ji LD, Xu Y, Gao YF, Pan YN, Wang JY
3651 - 3654 Densification and Thermal Stability of Hot-Pressed Si3N4-ZrB2 Ceramics
Guo WM, Gu SX, You Y, Jiang QG, Wu SH, Lin HT
3655 - 3658 Optical Investigation of Ce3+ -Activated Borogermanate Glass Induced by Substitution of BaF2 for BaO
Sun XY, Yuan Y, Xiao ZH, Yu XG, Wang WF, Jiang DG, Zheng GT, Kang ZT
3659 - 3662 Lithium Disilicate Glass-Ceramics by Heat Treatment of Lithium Metasilicate Glass-Ceramics Obtained by Hot Pressing
Zhang H, He ZL, Zhang YM, Jing WJ, Wang B, Yang JF
3663 - 3665 Highly Conductive p-Type Zinc blende SiC Thin Films Fabricated on Silicon Substrates by Magnetron Sputtering
Kim KJ, Kim MH, Kim YW
3666 - 3669 Iron Deposition from Aluminosilicate Containing Trace Amount of Iron Oxide by Borate-Enhanced Hydrogen Reduction
Tsuyumoto I
3670 - 3672 A Novel BiFeO3-BaTiO3-BaZrO3 Lead-Free Relaxor Ferroelectric Ceramic with Low-Hysteresis and Frequency-Insensitive Large Strains
Zheng DG, Zuo RH
3673 - 3679 Hybrid Sol-Gel Glasses with Glass-Transition Temperatures Below Room Temperature
Jitianu A, Gonzalez G, Klein LC
3680 - 3689 Hydrothermal Degradation Behavior of Y-TZP Ceramics Sintered by Nonconventional Microwave Technology
Presenda A, Salvador MD, Moreno R, Borrell A
3690 - 3698 Characterizing Brittle Fracture by Modeling Crack Deflection Angles from the Microstructure
Porz L, Wei S, Zhao JM, Patterson EA, Liu B
3699 - 3705 Nanostructured Hybrid Carbon Nanotube/UltraHigh-Temperature Ceramic Heterostructures: Microstructure Evolution and Forming Mechanism
Xu BS, Hong CQ, Zhang XH, Han JC, Han WB, Qin FX
3706 - 3712 Rapid Grain Growth in 3Y-TZP Nanoceramics by Pressure-Assisted and Pressure-Less SPS
Salamon D, Kalousek R, Maca K, Shen ZJ
3713 - 3718 Effect of Pressure on Microstructure of < 111 >-Oriented beta-SiC Films: Research via Electron Backscatter Diffraction
Zhang S, Xu QF, Sun QY, Zhu PP, Tu R, Hu ZY, Han MX, Goto T, Zhang LM, Yan JS, Li SS
3719 - 3725 A Novel Highly Sensitive Humidity Sensor Based on ZnO/SBA-15 Hybrid Nanocomposite
Tomer VK, Duhan S, Malik R, Nehra SP, Devi S
3726 - 3732 Direct Formation and Luminescence of Nanocrystals in the System Eu2Sn2O7-Gd2Sn2O7 Complete Solid Solutions
Hirano M, Ohmori T
3733 - 3739 Dense Iodoapatite Ceramics Consolidated by Low-Temperature Spark Plasma Sintering
Yao TK, Scott S, Xin GQ, Lu FY, Lian J
3740 - 3747 Combustion Based Synthesis of AlN Nanoparticles Using a Solid Nitrogen Promotion Reaction
Nersisyan HH, Yoo BU, Lee TH, Lee JH
3748 - 3757 Ab initio Molecular Dynamics Simulations of the Hydroxylation of Nanoporous Silica
Rimsza JM, Du JC
3758 - 3769 Influence of Particle Size and Soaking Conditions on Rheology and Microstructure of Amorphous Calcium Polyphosphate Hydrogel
Song W, Seta J, Kast RE, Auner GW, Chen L, Markel DC, Ren WP
3770 - 3774 Glass Formation and Ionic Conduction Behavior in GeSe2-Ga2Se3-NaI Chalcogenide System
Zhai SM, Li LG, Chen FF, Jiao Q, Russel C, Lin CG
3775 - 3781 Modeling of Reactive Diffusion in Glass-Ceramics
Tagantsev DK
3782 - 3787 Highly Dense Amorphous Si2BC3N Monoliths with Excellent Mechanical Properties Prepared by High Pressure Sintering
Liang B, Yang ZH, Rao JC, Cai DL, Duan XM, Jia DC, Zhou Y, Yu DL, Tian YJ
3788 - 3796 Crystallization Behavior of Amorphous Si2BC3N Ceramic Monolith Subjected to High Pressure
Liang B, Yang ZH, Chen QQ, Wang SJ, Duan XM, Jia DC, Zhou Y, Luo K, Yu DL, Tian YJ
3797 - 3806 Tuning the Interfacial Reaction Between Bismuth-Containing Sealing Glasses and Cr-Containing Interconnect: Effect of ZnO
Zhang Q, Fang LH, Shen J, Pascual MJ, Zhang T
3807 - 3812 Ferroelectric Phase Transition, Interfaces Quality, and Stress Evolution of TiOx/BaxSr1-xTiO3 Structures
Ghalem A, Ponchel F, Remiens D, Lasri T
3813 - 3817 Effect of TiC Nanoinclusions on Thermoelectric and Mechanical Performance of Polycrystalline In4Se2.65
Li G, Yang JY, Xiao Y, Fu LW, Luo YB, Zhang D, Liu M, Li WX, Zhang MY
3818 - 3823 Microwave Dielectric Properties, Crystal Structure, and Microstructure of the Bi3Nb1-xTaxO7 Solid Solution
Skapin SD, Pirnat U, Jancar B, Suvorov D
3824 - 3830 Optical Thermometry Based on Up-Conversion Luminescence Behavior of Er3+ -Doped Transparent Sr2YbF7 Glass-Ceramics
Li XM, Cao JK, Wei YL, Yang ZR, Guo H
3831 - 3835 Dual Doping: An Effective Method to Enhance the Electrochemical Properties of Li10GeP2S12-Based Solid Electrolytes
Yang K, Dong JY, Zhang L, Li YM, Wang LM
3836 - 3841 Precipitation Synthesis and Color-Tailorable Luminescence of alpha-Zr(HPO4)(2): RE3+(RE = Eu, Tb) Nanosheet Phosphors
Shi SK, Zhang XJ, Wang SP, Geng LN, Zhang JJ, Chen W
3842 - 3848 Temperature-Insensitive High Strain in Lead-Free Bi-0.5(Na0.84K0.16)(0.5) TiO3-0.04SrTiO(3) Ceramics for Actuator Applications
Malik RA, Hussain A, Maqbool A, Zaman A, Ahn CW, Rahman JU, Song TK, Kim WJ, Kim MH
3849 - 3855 Structure and Luminescence Characteristics of Eu3+-Activated Trigonal Layered Perovskite Ba2La2ZnW2O12
Yu RJ, Li MX, Xie NN, Wang T, Xue N
3856 - 3862 Rare-Earth Free Phosphors with Ultra-Broad Band Emission Application for High Color Rendering Index Lighting Source
Mao ZY, Wang F, Chen JJ, Wang DJ
3863 - 3868 A Novel Low-Firing and Low Loss Microwave Dielectric Ceramic Li2Mg2W2O9 with Corundum Structure
Guo HH, Fang L, Jiang XW, Li J, Lu FQ, Li CC
3869 - 3876 New Insights into the Setting Processes of Glass Ionomer Cements from Analysis of Dielectric Properties
Santic A, Calogovic M, Pavic L, Gladic J, Vucic Z, Lovric D, Prskalo K, Jankovic B, Tarle Z, Mogus-Milankovic A
3877 - 3883 Fabrication and Characterization of Transparent (Y0.98-xTb0.02Eux)(2)O-3 Ceramics with Color-Tailorable Emission
Lu B, Li JG, Sun XD, Sakka Y
3884 - 3890 Electric-Field-Induced Domain Switching and Domain Texture Relaxations in Bulk Bismuth Ferrite
Khansur NH, Rojac T, Damjanovic D, Reinhard C, Webber KG, Kimpton JA, Daniels JE
3891 - 3896 Enhancing Properties in Microwave Ceramics Using a Designer Sintering Aid
Nicholls SJ, Reaney IM, Leisten OP
3897 - 3904 Improved Blue-Emitting AlN:Eu2+ Phosphors by Alloying with GaN
Yin LJ, Chen GZ, Zhou ZY, Jian X, Xu B, He JH, Tang H, Luan CH, Xu X, van Ommen JR, Hintzen HT
3905 - 3910 Influence of Yb Concentration on the Optical Properties of CaF2 Transparent Ceramics Codoped with Er and Yb
Liu ZD, Mei BC, Song JH, Yi GQ
3911 - 3917 Nonvacuum Solution Synthesis of (Ag,Cu)(In,Ga)Se-2 Absorbers for Applications in Thin-Film Solar Cells
Wu JJ, Yang CY, Sung JC, Lu CH
3918 - 3924 Dielectric Properties of Pure and Gd-Doped HfO2 Ceramics
Wang CC, Zhang D, Wang H, Yu Y, Li YD, Li QJ
3925 - 3929 Enhanced Electrical Resistivity of Al2O3 Addition Modified Na0.5Bi2.5Nb2O9 High-Temperature Piezoceramics
Zhou ZY, Liang RH, Li YC, Dong XL
3930 - 3934 Cerium Titanate (Ce2Ti2O7): A Ferroelectric Ceramic with Perovskite-Like Layered Structure (PLS)
Gao ZP, Liu LX, Han X, Meng XF, Cao LH, Ma GH, Liu YS, Yang J, Xie QH, He HL
3935 - 3941 Enhanced Piezoelectric Properties and Thermal Stability in the (K0.5Na0.5) NbO3:ZnO Lead-Free Piezoelectric Composites
Pan Z, Chen J, Fan LL, Zhang J, Zhang ST, Huang Y, Liu LJ, Fang L, Xing XR
3942 - 3947 Microwave Dielectric Properties and Thermally Stimulated Depolarization Currents of (1-x)Ba(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O-3-xBaSnO(3) Solid Solutions
Zhang J, Zhou YY, Yue ZX, Zhang XH, Li LT
3948 - 3955 Nanoscale Microstructural and Chemical Analysis of SiO2-Zn1-xAlxO Nanocomposites: Towards a Better Understanding of Si and Al Substitution in ZnO
Gilbert M, Byl C, Berardan D, Gloter A, Dragoe N, Vurpillot F
3956 - 3965 Structural and Crystal Chemical Investigation of Intermediate Phases in the System Ca2SiO4-Ca-3(PO4)(2)-CaNaPO4
Widmer R, Gfeller F, Armbruster T
3966 - 3974 Orientation-Dependence of Thermal Depolarization and Phase Development in Bi1/2Na1/2TiO3-BaTiO3 Single Crystals
Schneider D, Rodel J, Rytz D, Granzow T
3975 - 3980 CuCrSe2 Ternary Chromium Chalcogenide: Facile Fabrication, Doping and Thermoelectric Properties
Cheng YD, Yang JY, Jiang QH, Fu LW, Xiao Y, Luo YB, Zhang D, Zhang MY
3981 - 3987 Sliding Wear Behavior of ZTA with Different Yttria Stabilizer Content
Bartolome JF, Smirnov A, Sommer F, Landfried R, Gadow R
3988 - 3995 Constrained Sintering of Alumina Stripes on Rigid Substrates: Effect of Substrate Roughness and Coating
Jamin C, Rasp T, Kraft T, Guillon O
3996 - 4002 Thermal Conductivity of Molten Li2O-B2O3 and K2O-B2O3 Systems
Kim Y, Morita K
4003 - 4009 Fracture Behavior of Woven Silicon Carbide Fibers Exposed to High-Temperature Nitrogen and Oxygen Plasmas
Owens W, Merkel D, Sansoz F, Fletcher D
4010 - 4015 Bio-Inspired Microstructure Design to Improve Thermal Ablation and Oxidation Resistance: Experiment on SiC
Fang XF, Liu FS, Lu BW, Feng X
4016 - 4021 Physical Properties of La1-xEuxPO4,0 <= x <= 1, Monazite-Type Ceramics
Thust A, Arinicheva Y, Haussuhl E, Ruiz-Fuertes J, Bayarjargal L, Vogel SC, Neumeier S, Winkler B
4022 - 4027 LaNbO4-NiO-Y2O3 Stabilized ZrO2 Anode-Support Materials for Solid Oxide Fuel Cells
Ma B, Li K, Chi B, Pu J, Li J
4028 - 4035 Reinforcement of a Magnesium-Ammonium-Phosphate Cement with Calcium Phosphate Whiskers
Zorn K, Vorndran E, Gbureck U, Muller FA
4036 - 4043 Direct Synthesis of Alumina Nanowires on Ceramic Substrates Using Sn Catalysts
Jeong N, Hong SK, Kim C, Kim K
4044 - 4049 Phase Transformation of Metastable ZnSnO3 Upon Thermal Decomposition by In-Situ Temperature-Dependent Raman Spectroscopy
Bora T, Al-Hinai MH, Al-Hinai AT, Dutta J
4050 - 4057 Near Surface Changes Due to 700 keV Si+ Irradiation of Titanium Silicon Carbide
Qi Q, Liu CZZ, King BV, O'Connor DJ, Kisi EH, Wang K, Shi LQQ
4058 - 4065 Ni-Coated SiC Particles: Synthesis and Densification
Nechiche M, Gauthier-Brunet V, Eyidi D, Azem S, Dubois S
4066 - 4075 Mechanisms of Ytterbium Monosilicate/Mullite/Silicon Coating Failure During Thermal Cycling in Water Vapor
Richards BT, Begley MR, Wadley HNG
4076 - 4089 Elucidating the Role of the Aluminous Source on Limestone Reactivity in Cementitious Materials
Puerta-Falla G, Balonis M, Le Saout G, Falzone G, Zhang C, Neithalath N, Sant G
4090 - 4095 Soft X-ray Ptychographic Imaging and Morphological Quantification of Calcium Silicate Hydrates (C-S-H)
Bae S, Taylor R, Shapiro D, Denes P, Joseph J, Celestre R, Marchesini S, Padmore H, Tyliszczak T, Warwick T, Kilcoyne D, Levitz P, Monteiro PJM
4096 - 4101 Thermal Expansion of the Orthorhombic Phase in the Ln(2)TiO(5) System
Seymour KC, Hughes RW, Kriven WM
4102 - 4106 Effect of the Glass Structure on Emission of Rare-Earth-Doped Borate Glasses
Jiao Q, Li G, Zhou DC, Qiu JB
4107 - 4110 Laser Desorption Ionisation Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry of Chalcogenide Glasses from (GeSe2)(100-x)(Sb2Se3)(x) System
Sutorova K, Prokes L, Nazabal V, Bouska M, Havel J, Nemec P
4111 - 4116 A Complete Solid Solution with Rutile-Type Structure in SiO2-GeO2 System at 12 GPa and 1600 degrees C
Kulik E, Nishiyama N, Masuno A, Zubavichus Y, Murzin V, Khramov E, Yamada A, Ohfuji H, Wille HC, Irifune T, Katsura T
4117 - 4123 Effect of ZrO2 Addition on Densification and Mechanical Properties of MgAl2O4-CaAl4O7-CaAl12O19 Composite
Xu L, Chen M, Jin LY, Yin XL, Wang N, Liu L
4124 - 4124 INTERGRANULAR Nanostructure Effects on Strength and Toughness of Si3N4 (vol 98, pg 1650, 2015)
Mikijelj B, Nawaz Z, Kruzic JJ, Idrobo J, Swab JJ, Ozcoban H, Jelitto H, Schneider GA, Fett T, Liu Y