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Journal of the American Ceramic Society, Vol.103, No.9 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0002-7820 (Print) 

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4733 - 4737 A novel approach to the rapid synthesis of high-entropy carbide nanoparticles
Zhao QL, Mei J, Jin W, Jiang QC
4738 - 4741 Synthesis of high-entropy diboride nanopowders via molten salt-mediated magnesiothermic reduction
Ye BL, Fan C, Han YJ, Ma MD, Chu YH
4742 - 4747 Highly efficient field emission from aligned ZnO/TiN core-shell nanorods
Ma LA, Lai WZ, Wei ZH, Chen YB, Chen HX
4748 - 4753 Sodium-nickel pyrophosphate as a novel oxygen evolution electrocatalyst in alkaline medium
Song HJ, Yoon H, Ju B, Kim DW
4754 - 4773 Crack initiation, propagation, and arrest in sintering powder aggregates
Carazzone JR, Martin CL, Cordero ZC
4774 - 4784 Dye degradation and bacterial disinfection using multicatalytic BaZr0.02Ti0.98O3 ceramics
Sharma M, Singh G, Vaish R
4785 - 4793 Correlation between the grain size and phase structure, electrical properties in BiScO3-PbTiO3-based piezoelectric ceramics
Dong YZ, Zhou ZY, Liang RH, Dong XL
4794 - 4802 Processing and electromechanical properties of high-coercive field ZnO-doped PIN-PZN-PT ceramics
Brova MJ, Watson BH, Walton RL, Kupp ER, Fanton MA, Meyer RJ, Messing GL
4803 - 4821 Sources of parasitic features in the visible range of oxide transparent ceramics absorption spectra
Goldstein A, Katz M, Boulesteix R, Shames AI, Coureau C, Raethels J, Mateos-Ferre X, Loiko P
4822 - 4831 Containerless processing of metastable multiferroic composite in Ln-(Mn, Fe)-O system (Ln: Lanthanide)
Kuribayashi K, Shirasawa S, Hayasaka Y, Shiratori S, Ozawa S
4832 - 4839 Photocatalytic plate-like La2Ti2O7 nanoparticles synthesized via liquid-feed flame spray pyrolysis (LF-FSP) of metallo-organic precursors
Abe Y, Laine RM
4840 - 4845 Environmental barrier coatings using low pressure plasma spray process
Chen DY, Pegler A, Dorfman M
4846 - 4858 Ceramic processing and multiferroic properties of the perovskite YMnO3-BiFeO3 binary system
Quintana-Cilleruelo JA, Castro A, Amorin H, Veerapandiyan VK, Deluca M, Pena O, Alguero M
4859 - 4866 Wetting and spreading of Ca-Y-Ba-Cu-O solution on Y2O3 and CaSZ crucible in growing Y1-xCaxBa2Cu3O7-delta single crystal
Huang S, Zhu YH, Qian J, Wan Y, Yin YQ, Zhou LG, Diko P, Kucharova V, Zmorayova K, Kim YJ, Yao X
4867 - 4875 Melting temperature measurement of refractory oxide ceramics as a function of oxygen fugacity using containerless methods
Agca C, Neuefeind JC, McMurray JW, Weber R, Navrotsky A
4876 - 4893 Multicomponent bulk metal nitride (Nb1/3Ta1/3Ti1/3)N1-delta synthesis via reaction flash sintering and characterizations
Mondal S, Durygin A, Drozd V, Belisario J, Cheng Z
4894 - 4902 Model for the cold sintering of lead zirconate titanate ceramic composites
Wang DX, Tsuji K, Randall CA, Trolier-McKinstry S
4903 - 4912 Thermodynamics and kinetics of sintering of Y2O3
Nakajima K, Castro RHR
4913 - 4924 A data-driven approach for predicting nepheline crystallization in high-level waste glasses
Sargin I, Lonergan CE, Vienna JD, McCloy JS, Beckman SP
4925 - 4938 Influence of composition and microstructure on transparency and diffusivity in ion-exchangeable spinel glass-ceramics
Mitchell AL, Smith CM
4939 - 4956 Optimization of electrical conductivity in the Na2O-P2O5-AlF3-SO3 glass system
Le QH, Calahoo C, Xia Y, Buchheim J, Bragatto CB, Wondraczek L
4957 - 4968 From bulk to porous structures: Tailoring monoclinic SrAl2Si2O8 ceramic by geopolymer precursor technique
Zhao SJ, Qin SH, Jia ZL, Fu S, He PG, Duan XM, Yang ZH, Li DX, Jia DC, Zhang J, Zhou Y
4969 - 4982 Structural evolution at short and medium range distances during crystallization of a P2O5-Li2O-Al2O3-SiO2 glass
Glatz P, Comte M, Montagne L, Dountert B, Cousin F, Cormier L
4983 - 4988 Electron energy loss spectra from silica glass optical fibers
Cheng SC, Song CY, Ercius P
4989 - 4998 Tunable chromaticity and high color rendering index of WLEDs with CaAlSiN3:Eu2+ and YAG:Ce3+ dual phosphor-in-silica-glass
Huang P, Zhao YY, Wang JC, Zheng YR, Yang P, Zheng Q, Gu SJ, Zhou BY, Jiang W, Wang LJ
4999 - 5012 Glass-forming regions and enhanced 2.7 mu m emission by Er3+ heavily doping in TeO2-Ga2O3-R2O (or MO) glasses
Wang WC, Mao LY, Liu JL, Xu SH
5013 - 5027 Structure and physical properties of Ba(PO3)(2)-AlF3-BaSO4 fluoro-sulfo-phosphate glasses
Xiao YB, Ji Y, Ye YC, Huang SJ, Wang WC
5028 - 5035 Improved photoluminescence quantum yield of CsPbBr3 quantum dots glass ceramics
Zhang XZ, Guo LZ, Zhang YH, Cheng CH, Cheng Y, Li XP, Zhang JS, Xu S, Cao YZ, Sun JS, Cheng LH, Chen BJ
5036 - 5049 Tough, strong, hard, and chemically durable enstatite-zirconia glass-ceramic
Montazerian M, Zanotto ED
5050 - 5055 Large third-order optical nonlinearity of chalcogenide glasses within gallium-tin-selenium ternary system
Chen FF, Zhang J, Cassagne C, Boudebs G
5056 - 5066 Mapping the glass forming region and making their phosphor-in-glass for application in W-LEDs packaging
Li H, Wang P, Zhuo Y, Cao X, Xiong DH
5067 - 5075 Broadband near-infrared emission enhancement in K2Ga2Sn6O16:Cr3+ phosphor by electron-lattice coupling regulation
Lai JA, Shen WH, Qiu JB, Zhou DC, Long ZW, Yang Y, Zhang K, Khan I, Wang Q
5076 - 5085 Permeability spectra of planar M-type barium hexaferrites with high Snoek's product by two-step sintering
Li QF, Chen YJ, Yu CJ, Qian K, Harris VG
5086 - 5097 Single-phase and binary phase nanogranular ferrites for magnetic hyperthermia application
Thandapani P, Viswanathan MR, Vinicius-Araujo M, Bakuzis AF, Beron F, Thirumurugan A, Denardin JC, Jimenez JA, Akbari-Fakhrabadi A
5098 - 5110 Role of energy transfer, defect, and lattice dimension in photophysical characteristics of AWO(4):Nd3+ (A=Ca, Sr and Ba)
Datrik CS, Sudarshan K, Gupta SK, Nandi P
5111 - 5119 A comparison study on the substitution of Y3+-Al3+ by M2+-Si4+(M = Ba, Sr, Ca, Mg) in Y3Al5O12: Ce3+ phosphor
Jia JJ, Qiang YC, Xu JF, Liang MZ, Wang W, Yang FL, Cui J, Dong Q, Ye XY
5120 - 5128 Copper phosphate compounds with visible-to-near-infrared-active photo-fenton-like photocatalytic properties
Han GS, Cho IS
5129 - 5138 Defect structure evolution and electrical properties of BaTiO3-based ferroelectric ceramics
Lv JH, Hao H, Jiang XW, Liu Z, Emmanuel M, Cao MH, Yao ZH, Liu HX
5139 - 5144 Experimental determination of solidified lithium disilicate crystal bandgap energy using EELS and XPS
Tashiro M, Sukenaga S, Kawanishi S, Sato Y, Takakuwa Y, Shibata H
5145 - 5156 Preparation of MGF phosphor by O-2 postannealing and impact on luminescence properties and crystal lattice
Hasegawa T, Tanaka R, Ueda T, Toda K
5157 - 5168 A far-red-emitting (Gd,Y)(3)(Ga,Al)(5)O-12:Mn2+ ceramic phosphor with enhanced thermal stability for plant cultivation
Qiu XT, Luo ZH, Jiang HC, Ding H, Liu ZH, Chen XP, Xu JT, Jiang J
5169 - 5177 Artificially perforated single-grain YBCO bulks: Dependence of superconducting properties on the bulk thickness
Antoncik F, Lojka M, Hlasek T, Valiente-Blanco I, Perez-Diaz JL, Jankovsky O
5178 - 5185 Properties and characterization of alumina platelet reinforced geopolymer composites
Kutyla GP, Kriven WM
5186 - 5195 Predicting the flexural strength of Li-ion-conducting garnet type oxide for solid-state-batteries
Fu ZZ, McOwen D, Zhang L, Gong YH, Ren YY, Gritton JE, Godbey G, Dai JQ, Hu LB, Wachsman E
5196 - 5213 A computational modeling framework for reaction and failure of environmental barrier coatings under silicate deposits
Summers WD, Poerschke DL, Begley MR, Levi CG, Zok FW
5214 - 5231 Identification of a new oxidation/ dissolution mechanism for boria-accelerated SiC oxidation
McFarland B, Avincola VA, Morales M, Opila E
5232 - 5247 Predictions of structural, electronic, mechanical, and thermodynamic properties of TMBCs (TM = Ti, Zr, and Hf) ceramics
Bao LK, Qu DY, Kong ZZ, Duan YH
5248 - 5258 Hydrolytic resistance of K2O-PbO-SiO2 glasses in aqueous and high-humidity environments
Palomar T, Mosa J, Aparicio M
5259 - 5269 High-pressure structural investigation on lead-free piezoelectric 0.5Ba(Ti0.8Zr0.2)O-3-0.5(Ba0.7Ca0.3)TiO3
Mondal A, Saha P, Ghosh B, Sahu M, Mukherjee GD, Ranjan R, Brajesh K
5270 - 5282 Garnet stability in the Al-Ca-Mg-Si-Y-O system with implications for reactions between TBCs, EBCs, and silicate deposits
Godbole E, Karthikeyan N, Poerschke D
5283 - 5290 A fractal analysis of crack branching in borosilicate glass
DeLellis DP, Mecholsky NA, Mecholsky JJ, Quinn GD
5291 - 5301 High-pressure behavior and phase stability of Na2B4O6(OH)(2)center dot 3H(2)O (kernite)
Comboni D, Pagliaro F, Gatta GD, Lotti P, Milani S, Merlini M, Battiston T, Glazyrin K, Liermann HP
5302 - 5311 Effect of titanium chelating compound on hydration resistance of CaO material
Liu SK, Wei YW, Wang JH, Li N, Chen JF, Han BQ
5312 - 5324 Phase equilibria in the Fe-V-O system near "FeO"-V2O3 isopleth
Xie W, Xing XR, Cao ZM
5325 - 5336 A high-performance solid oxide fuel cell with a layered electrolyte for reduced temperatures
Liu MF, Uba F, Liu Y
5337 - 5353 Thermodynamic modeling and experimental investigation of the MgO-Y2O3-ZrO2 system
Roncallo G, Cacciamani G, Vacchieri E, Ilatovskaia M, Saenko I, Fabrichnaya O
5354 - 5364 Formation energies and site preference of substitutional divalent cations in carbonated apatite
Saito T, Yokoi T, Nakamura A, Matsunaga K
5365 - 5373 Low-temperature preparation of high-performance porous ceramics composed of anorthite platelets
Han L, Huang L, Dong LH, Zhang HJ, Pei YT, Li FL, Jia QL, Zhang SW
5374 - 5381 High-pressure structural stability, equation of state, and thermal expansion behavior of cubic HfO2
Irshad KA, Srihari V, Kumar DS, Ananthasivan K, Jena H
5382 - 5391 Properties of MgO transparent ceramics prepared at low temperature using high sintering activity MgO powders
Wei YJ, Gu SJ, Fang HL, Luo W, Zhang X, Wang LJ, Jiang W
5392 - 5399 Charge effects in donor-doped perovskite ferroelectrics
Liu J, Liu LJ, Zhang JL, Jin L, Wang DW, Wei J, Ye ZG, Jia CL
5400 - 5410 Hafnium silicate formation during the reaction of beta-cristobalite SiO2 and monoclinic HfO2 particles
Deijkers JA, Wadley HNG
5411 - 5412 Comment on: "Effect of particle size on the optical properties of lead zirconate titanate nanopowders" [J. Am. Cream. Soc. 2018;101:5335-5345]
Sahebi R
5413 - 5414 Reply to the comments on "Effect of particle size on the optical properties of lead zirconate titanate nanopowders" [J Am Ceram Soc. 2018;101:5335-5345]
Pakizeh E