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Journal of the American Ceramic Society, Vol.103, No.8 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0002-7820 (Print) 

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RETRACTION: Retracted:Non-crystalline YVO(4)fiber (Retraction of Vol 0, Pg 1, 2019)
Lan BJ, Yu YZ, Xiao XS, Feng X, Tang JZ, Guo HT, Wu ZP, Zhou SF
4017 - 4034 Review of tellurite glasses purification issues for mid-IR optical fiber applications
Desevedavy F, Strutynski C, Lemiere A, Mathey P, Gadret G, Jules JC, Kibler B, Smektala F
4035 - 4042 Black ZrO2 synthesized by molten lithium reduction strategy for photocatalytic hydrogen generation
Zu D, Wang HY, Yang TZ, Wei HH, Sun SQ, Wu H
4043 - 4050 Boron nitride-reinforced polysilazane-derived ceramic composites via direct-ink writing
Kemp JW, Hmeidat NS, Compton BG
4051 - 4056 Ultrafast formation of Al2O3-Y3Al5O12 eutectic ceramic by flash sintering
Liu JL, Xu X, Liu DG, Chen LY, Zhao K, An LN
4057 - 4062 Controlled nano-crystallization of IR frequency-doubling Cd(4)GeS(6)crystal in chalcogenide glass
Ye QL, Weng KB, Chen D, Lin CG
4063 - 4068 Fabrication and characterization of polymer-derived high-entropy carbide ceramic powders
Du B, Liu HH, Chu YH
4069 - 4073 Self-coiling silicon nitride nanobelts into microrings
Yang WY, Wang W, Xie CX
4074 - 4082 Reinvestigation of the photostrictive effect in lanthanum-modified lead zirconate titanate ferroelectrics
Chen C, Li X, Lu T, Liu Y, Yi ZG
4083 - 4089 Structural and electric properties of Ce-doped Na(0.5)Bi(4.5)Ti(4)O(15)piezoceramics with high Curie temperatures
Qin L, Jiang CB, Liu KH, Chen Y, Du YK, Zuo YD, Chen Y, Cao WQ
4090 - 4100 Effect of Zn and Co doping on antibacterial efficacy and cytocompatibility of spark plasma sintered hydroxyapatite
Bhattacharjee A, Hassan R, Gupta A, Verma M, Murugan PA, Sengupta P, Saravanan M, Manna I, Balani K
4101 - 4109 Solid-state sintering of core-shell ceramic powders fabricated by particle atomic layer deposition
O'Toole RJ, Buur PJ, Gump CJ, Musgrave CB, Weimer AW
4110 - 4121 Flash microwave pressing of zirconia
Maniere C, Lee GT, Torresani E, Gerling JF, Yakovlev VV, Martin D, Olevsky EA
4122 - 4128 Synthesis and photocatalytic activity of BiFeO(3)and Bi/BiFeO(3)cubic microcrystals
Guo YH, Zhou SH, Sun XK, Yuan HL
4129 - 4139 High-density ZnSnO3 nanowire arrays fabricated using single-step hydrothermal synthesis
Chou CH, Lee SY, Chang KS
4140 - 4149 Effect of tetraethoxysilane (TEOS) on melting gel behavior
Klein LC, Al-Marzoki K, Jitianu A, Rodriguez G
4150 - 4158 Perovskite quantum dots growth in situ in transparent medium for short wavelength shielding
Yang Z, Zhao L, Li MX, Yang QH, Fang ZH, Yang LL, Yu X, Qiu JB, Yang Y, Xu XH
4159 - 4166 Microstructure development and optical properties of Fe:ZnSe transparent ceramics sintered by spark plasma sintering
Yu SQ, Carloni D, Wu YQ
4167 - 4177 Low-temperature sintering of magnesium aluminate spinel doped with manganese: Thermodynamic and kinetic aspects
Nakajima K, Li H, Shlesinger N, Neto JBR, Castro RHR
4178 - 4188 Nickel percolation and coarsening in sintered Li4Ti5O12 anode composite
Huddleston W, Dynys F, Sehirlioglu A
4189 - 4202 Synthesis mechanism of amorphous Si2BC3N powders: Structural evolution of 2Si-BN-3C mixtures during mechanical alloying
Liang B, Liao XQ, Zhu QS, Yang ZH, Jia DC, Zhou Y
4203 - 4213 Quantitative prediction of the glass-forming region and luminescence properties in Tm3+-doped germanate laser glasses
Qian GQ, Tang GW, Qian Q, Xiao YB, Chen DD, Jiang ZH, Yang ZM
4214 - 4223 Palladium speciation in UV-transparent glasses
So B, Bust D, Fuhrmann S, Sierka M, Peng MY, Ebendorff-Heidepriem H, Wondraczek L
4224 - 4233 Topological model of alkali germanate glasses and exploration of the germanate anomaly
Welch RS, Wilkinson CJ, Shih YT, Bodker MS, DeCeanne AV, Smedskjaer MM, Huang LP, Affatigato M, Feller SA, Mauro JC
4234 - 4247 New insights into the crystallization process of sol-gel-derived 45S5 bioactive glass
Nawaz Q, de Pablos-Martin A, Silva JMDE, Hurle K, Jaimes ATC, Brauer DS, Boccaccini AR
4248 - 4255 Dilatometric fragility and prediction of the viscosity curve of glass-forming liquids
Ding LF, Qu CH, Yang YJ, Wilkinson CJ, Lee KH, DeCeanne AV, Doss K, Mauro JC
4256 - 4265 Thermal expansion of silicate glass-forming systems at high temperatures from topological pruning of ring structures
Yang YJ, Tokunaga H, Ono M, Hayashi K, Mauro JC
4266 - 4274 Color conversion properties of various thick-film phosphor-in-glasses depending on structural design for white LEDs
Nam YH, Han K, Chung WJ, Im WB
4275 - 4285 Effect of B2O3 addition on structure and properties of Yb3+/Al3+/B3+-co-doped silica glasses
Guo MT, Shao CY, Zhang Y, Yu JB, Jiao Y, Guzik M, Boulon G, Ren JJ, Hu LL
4286 - 4294 Femtosecond laser direct writing in SiO2-Al2O3 binary glasses and thermal stability of Type II permanent modifications
Wang YT, Wei SE, Cicconi MR, Tsuji Y, Shimizu M, Shimotsuma Y, Miura K, Peng GD, Neuville DR, Poumellec B, Lancry M
4295 - 4303 Plasticity of borosilicate glasses under uniaxial tension
Lee KH, Yang YJ, Ding LF, Ziebarth B, Davis MJ, Mauro JC
4304 - 4312 Atomic picture of crack propagation in Li2O-2SiO(2) glass-ceramics revealed by molecular dynamics simulations
Deng BH, Harris JT, Luo J
4313 - 4320 Giant permittivity up to 100 MHz in La and Nb co-doped rutile TiO(2)ceramics
Song YC, Liu P, Guo BC, Cui XL, Yang WM
4321 - 4332 Crystal structure, bond energy, Raman spectra, and microwave dielectric properties of Ti-doped Li(3)Mg(2)NbO(6)ceramics
Wang G, Zhang DN, Li J, Gan GW, Rao YH, Huang X, Yang Y, Shi L, Liao YL, Liu C, Jin LC, Zhang HW
4333 - 4341 Structure, infrared spectra and microwave dielectric properties of the novel Eu(2)TiO(5)ceramics
Zheng JJ, Yang YK, Wu HT, Zhou YY, Zhang ZL
4342 - 4351 Construction of carbon quantum dots embed alpha-Co/Ni(OH)(2) hollow nanocages with enhanced supercapacitor performance
Bao YX, Liu P, Zhang JX, Wang L, Wang MH, Mei H, Zhang Q, Chen C, Xiao ZY
4352 - 4362 Relationship between microstructure and electromagnetic properties of SiC fibers
Mo R, Yin XW, Li M, Ye F, Fan XM, Cheng LF
4363 - 4372 Ferroelectric photovoltaic and flexo-photovoltaic effects in (1-x)(Bi0.5Na0.5)TiO3-xBiFeO(3)systems under visible light
Gong YY, Chen C, Zhang FQ, He X, Zeng HR, Yang QB, Li YX, Yi ZG
4373 - 4383 Tuning the luminescence properties of Mn4+-activated CaYAlO4 phosphor by co-doping cations for indoor plant cultivation
Zhang YL, Huang YD, Li MH, Liang C, Zhu HF, Zhong Y, Yang N, Zhou Z, Xia M
4384 - 4389 Electric field control of nonvolatile two-state magnetoelectric coefficient at room temperature in a hexaferrite
Zhai K, Lu PP, Chang YF, Nie AM, Yu ZP, Sun Y
4390 - 4401 Theoretical study on composition- and pressure-dependent mechanical properties of AlON solid solution
Ren L, Wang H, Tu BT, Zong X, Wang WM, Fu ZY
4402 - 4410 Poling temperature-insensitive piezoelectric constant of high-performance potassium sodium niobate piezoceramics
Tao H, Wang Z, Zhao SL, Zhao CL, Yin J, Wu JG
4411 - 4419 Controllable synthesis of Eu3+-doped Y2O3 nanocrystal/g-C3N4 composites with tunable fluorescence
Zheng ZK, Zeng ZX, Guo QY, Pan QW, Qiu JR, Dong GP
4420 - 4428 Enhanced photothermal conversion performances with ultra-broad plasmon absorption of Au in Au/Sm2O3 composites
Yu Y, Xu S, Gao YF, Jiang M, Li XP, Zhang JS, Zhang XZ, Chen BJ
4429 - 4435 Negative piezoelectric behaviors in hybrid improper ferroelectric Ca3-xNaxTi2O7 (x=0, 0.01) ceramics
Jiang Y, Wang SY, Lei YL, Zhang XN, Liu WF
4436 - 4444 Effects of boron content on the microwave-transparent property and high-temperature stability of continuous SiBN fibers
Long X, Shao CW, Wang YD
4445 - 4452 Broadened effect of Dy around 3 mu m of Yb/Er/Dy: PbF2 crystal for broadband tunable lasers
Wang YH, Zhang PX, Zhu SQ, Yin H, Li Z, Ji EC, Hang Y, Li HF, Chen ZQ
4453 - 4462 Engineering defect-enabled 3D porous MoS2/C architectures for high performance lithium-ion batteries
Tao K, Wang XF, Xu YF, Liu J, Song XF, Fu CP, Chen XQ, Qu XZ, Zhao XF, Gao L
4463 - 4472 The effect of submicron grain size on thermal stability and mechanical properties of high-entropy carbide ceramics
Wang F, Zhang X, Yan XL, Lu YF, Nastasi M, Chen Y, Cui B
4473 - 4488 High-performance molecular-separation ceramic membranes derived from oxidative cross-linked polytitanocarbosilane
Wang Q, Yu L, Nagasawa H, Kanezashi M, Tsuru T
4489 - 4497 Density functional theory and machine learning guided search for RE2Si2O7 with targeted coefficient of thermal expansion
Ayyasamy MV, Deijkers JA, Wadley HNG, Balachandran PV
4498 - 4506 Influence of surface orientation on the photochemical reactivity of CaTiO3
Zitello KE, Salvador PA, Rohrer GS
4507 - 4516 Preparation of tunable full-color emission carbon dots and their optical applications in ions detection and bio-imaging
Xia C, Cao MM, Xia JF, Jiang DY, Zhou GH, Yu CY, Li HL
4517 - 4535 Thermochemical stability of Y2Si2O7 in high-temperature water vapor
Golden RA, Mueller K, Opila EJ
4536 - 4547 Experimental strategy to determine nitrogen catalytic behavior of high-temperature woven ceramics
Meyers JM, Owens WP, Fletcher DG
4548 - 4557 Mechanically robust ZrO2 foams with 3D reticular architecture prepared from chemical-modified ZrO2 powder
Liu JJ, Ren B, Lu YJ, Rong YD, Wang C, Wang L, Yang JL, Huang Y
4558 - 4572 The synergistic effect of combining the bioactive glasses with polymer blends on biological and material properties
Pawlik J, Dziadek M, Cholewa-Kowalska K, Osyczka AM
4573 - 4585 CNT-induced TiC toughened Al2O3/Ti composites: Mechanical, electrical, and room-temperature crack-healing behaviors
Shi SF, Cho SH, Goto T, Sekino T
4586 - 4601 In situ characterization of foreign object damage (FOD) in environmental-barrier-coated silicon carbide (SiC) ceramic
Kedir N, Garcia E, Kirk C, Guo ZR, Gao JL, Zhai XD, Sun T, Fezzaa K, Sampath S, Chen WNW
4602 - 4610 Preparation of near net size porous alumina-calcium aluminate ceramics by gelcasting-pore-forming agent processs
Hao BL, Lang Y, Bian DQ, Wang CA
4611 - 4624 Processing of 0.55(Ba0.9Ca0.1)TiO3-0.45Ba(Sn0.2Ti0.8)O-3 lead-free ceramics with high piezoelectricity
Bijalwan V, Tofel P, Spotz Z, Castkova K, Sobola D, Erhart J, Maca K
4625 - 4631 CW laser-initiated formation of nano-Si crystals in glass-metal nanostructures
Babich ES, Redkov AV, Melehin VG, Khlopin D, Beal J, Laux F, Gerard D, Lipovskii AA
4632 - 4653 Hybrid organic-inorganic Cu(II) iminoisonicotine@TiO2@Fe3O4 heterostructure as efficient catalyst for cross-couplings
Adam MSS, Ullah F, Makhlouf MM
4654 - 4663 Local structure investigations of accumulated damage in irradiated MgAl2O4
Yoshioka S, Tsuruta K, Yamamoto T, Yasuda K, Matsumura S, Takeharau S, Oba Y, Ishikawa N, Kobayashi E, Okudaira K
4664 - 4677 Effect of pore solution calcium and substrate calcium on PMMA/cement paste interface during early stages of hydration
Nagesh AK, Ilango NK, Alex A, Ghosh P
4678 - 4690 Cyclic martensitic transformations and damage evolution in shape memory zirconia: Single crystals vs polycrystals
Crystal IR, Lai A, Schuh CA
4691 - 4699 Effect of catalyst on carbon nanotubes synthesis on titanium diboride via chemical vapor deposition
Lin J, Yang YH, Zhang HA, Li F, Huang GM, Wang JH
4700 - 4712 Immobilization of simulated waste into pure Gd2Zr2O7 pyrochlore without space occupancy design
Wu JJ, Luo F, Shu XY, Chen SZ, Wei GL, Li BS, Xie Y, Yuan WQ, Yi FC, Lu XR
4713 - 4724 A novel approach to lightweight alumina-carbon refractories for flow control of molten steel
Chen Z, Yan W, Schaffoner S, Dai YJ, Wang Q, Li GQ