Journal of the American Ceramic Society

Journal of the American Ceramic Society, Vol.103, No.6 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0002-7820 (Print) 

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3453 - 3457 The effect of boron and aluminum additions on the microstructure of arc-melted boron carbide
Xiang SS, Yang QR, Lien HM, Shial K, Gronske E, Haber R, Xie KY
3458 - 3465 Awl-like HfC nanowires grown on carbon cloth via Fe-catalyzed in a polymer pyrolysis route
Fu YQ, Zhang YL, Yin XM, Li T, Zhang J
3466 - 3472 Steam generation by LaB6 nanoparticles through photothermal energy conversion
Zhang CF, Yuan BH, Yang LX, Bai LJ, Yang HW, Wei DL, Wang WX, Liang Y, Wang QY, Chen H
3473 - 3478 Coherency strain induced hardening in bulk polycrystalline ceramics: A case study with MgO-based "ceramic alloys"
Gurnani L, Kumar U, Mukhopadhyay A
3479 - 3492 Aggregate ceramic films produced at room temperature by press forming
Suzuki M, Kusaka Y, Tsuchiya T, Ushijima H, Akedo J
3493 - 3499 Microstructural evolution of 3YSZ flash-sintered with current ramp control
Lavagnini IR, Campos JV, Ferreira JA, Pallone EMJA
3500 - 3512 Aligning alpha-alumina platelets via uniaxial pressing of ceramic-filled polymer blends for improved sintered transparency
Costakis WJ, Schlup A, Youngblood JP, Trice RW
3513 - 3527 Viscoelastic behaviors and drying kinetics of different aqueous gelcasting systems for large Nd: YAG laser ceramics rods
Yao Q, Zhang L, Gao P, Sun BH, Shao C, Ma YL, Zhou TY, Li M, Chen H, Wang Y
3528 - 3540 Simultaneous accommodation of Dy3+ at the lattice site of beta-Ca-3(PO4)(2) and t-ZrO2 mixtures: Structural stability, mechanical, optical, and magnetic features
Kumar PN, Subramanian S, Vijayalakshmi U, Kannan S
3541 - 3551 Fabrication of high-fracture-strength and gas-tightness PDC films via PIP process for pressure sensor application
Yu YX, Liu YX, Zhang ZH, Zhang JB
3552 - 3561 A new identification of the conducting phase in tungsten-titanium-phosphate glass-ceramics
Moore L, Dutta I, Wheaton B, Stapleton E, Parysek R, Aitken B
3562 - 3574 Shifting factor-A new paradigm for studying the rheology of cementitious suspensions
Mantellato S, Flatt RJ
3575 - 3589 Searching for correlations between vibrational spectral features and structural parameters of silicate glass network
Liu HS, Hahn SH, Ren MG, Thiruvillamalai M, Gross TM, Du JC, van Duin ACT, Kim SH
3590 - 3599 Maxwell relaxation time for nonexponential alpha-relaxation phenomena in glassy systems
Doss K, Wilkinson CJ, Yang YJ, Lee KH, Huang LP, Mauro JC
3600 - 3609 Toward hard and highly crack resistant magnesium aluminosilicate glasses and transparent glass-ceramics
Ke XF, Shan ZT, Li ZH, Tao YH, Yue YZ, Tao HZ
3610 - 3619 Thermal properties of sodium borosilicate glasses as a function of sulfur content
Lonergan JM, Lonergan C, Silverstein J, Cholsaipant P, McCloy J
3620 - 3630 Structural and thermal behavior of 45S5 Bioglass (R)-based compositions containing alumina and strontium
Araujo MS, Silva AC, Bartolome JF, Mello-Castanho S
3631 - 3641 Anisotropic structure of alkali metaphosphate glasses
Inaba S, Benino Y, Kohara S, Hosono H, Ito S
3642 - 3649 Control of the near-surface OH concentration of float glass by anodic proton injection
Miyasaka S, Ishiyama T, Hayashi Y, Omata T
3650 - 3656 Linear correlation of crystal structure and spectral properties of Nd3+ in Ca1-xSrxF2 mixed crystals
Tian XQ, Ma FK, Zhang Z, Zhang B, Jiang DP, Wang JY, Wu QH, Qian XB, Su LB
3657 - 3666 Influence of Nb5+ ions on phase transitions and polar disorder above T-C in PbZrO3 studied by Raman spectroscopy
Kajewski D, Jankowska-Sumara I, Ko JH, Lee JW, Sitko R, Majchrowski A, Bussmann-Holder A, Roleder K
3667 - 3675 Design of p-type NKN-based piezoelectric ceramics sintered in low oxygen partial pressure by defect engineering
Wang ZX, Huan Y, Feng Y, Qiu Y, Wei T, Zuo RZ
3676 - 3690 Hydration and reaction mechanisms on sodium silicate glass surfaces from molecular dynamics simulations with reactive force fields
Mahadevan TS, Du JC
3691 - 3697 Transition in temperature scaling behaviors and super temperature stable polarization in BiScO3-PbZrO3-PbTiO3 system
Hu QR, Yang Y, Li L, Wang YP, Chen L, Yuan GL, Zhang ST
3698 - 3705 Improvement in electronic conductivity of perovskite electrolyte by variable-valence element doping
Cheng X, Wang JL, Qiang WJ, Huang BX
3706 - 3715 Atomic layer deposition (ALD) of nanoscale coatings on SrAl2O4-based phosphor powders to prevent aqueous degradation
Karacaoglu E, Ozturk E, Uyaner M, Losego MD
3716 - 3725 Synthesis of blue-emitting AlN:Eu2+ spherical phosphors by carbothermal reduction nitridation method
Li S, Zhang J, Tian ZB, Yuan XY, Du SM, Wang Q, Cao WB
3726 - 3731 Self-assembled patterned CoFe2O4-SrRuO3 electrodes: Enhanced functional properties by polar nano-regions reorientation
Tang X, Gao M, Luo HS, Li JF, Viehland DD
3732 - 3738 Hydrostatic pressure influence on electric relaxation response of bismuth manganite ceramics
Szeremeta AZ, Pawlus S, Nowok A, Grzybowska K, Zubko M, Molak A
3739 - 3747 Large electrostrain in low-temperature sintered NBT-BT-0.025FN incipient piezoceramics
Liu K, Zhang YY, Marwat MA, Wang G, Wang DW, Ma WG, Wei T, Li M, Xu JW, Yang HB, Kongparakul S, Samart C, Zang JD, Fan PY, Zhang HB
3748 - 3756 Ferroelectric domains and luminescent properties of Pr3+-doped Ca2Nb2O7 ceramics
Lu ZH, Luo LH, Du P, Li WP
3757 - 3762 Effects of nano-grain structures and surface defects on fracture of micro-scaled polysilicon components
Xu R, Hu XZ
3763 - 3775 Pressure-induced anomalous behavior of thaumasite crystal
Moon J, Kim S, Bae S, Clark SM
3776 - 3787 The ionic conductivity of Sm-doped ceria
Koettgen J, Martin M
3788 - 3796 Thermal properties and performance of carbon fiber-based ultra-high temperature ceramic matrix composites (C-f-UHTCMCs)
Rubio V, Ramanujam P, Cousinet S, LePage G, Ackerman T, Hussain A, Brown P, Dautremonte I, Binner J
3797 - 3811 Thermodynamic, lattice dynamical, and elastic properties of iron-vanadium oxides from experiments and first principles
Xie W, Xing XR, Cao ZM
3812 - 3825 Thermodynamic descriptions of the light rare-earth elements in silicon carbide ceramics
Xu K, Chang KK, Zhou XB, Chen LL, Liu JW, Deng ZX, Huang F, Huang Q
3826 - 3836 Bioinspired alumina/reduced graphene oxide fibrous monolithic ceramic and its fracture responses
Chen SN, Su YF, Song JJ, Fan HZ, Jiang XF, Hu LT, Zhang YS
3837 - 3850 Phase relations in the calcium carbonate/ammonium phosphate system under aqueous conditions and 25 degrees C
Balonis M, Ma X, Kakoulli I
3851 - 3870 Influence of water activity on hydration of tricalcium aluminate-calcium sulfate systems
Lapeyre J, Ma HY, Okoronkwo M, Sant G, Kumar A
3871 - 3879 Formation mechanism of Ti4O7 phase prepared by carbothermal reduction reaction
Wang GR, Liu Y, Ye JW, Yang XJ, Lin ZF
3880 - 3895 A new hydration kinetics model of composite cementitious materials, Part 2: Physical effect of SCMs
Zhang ZQ, Chen WY, Han FH, Yan PY
3896 - 3904 Thermodynamic assessment of BaO-Ln(2)O(3) (Ln = La, Pr, Eu, Gd, Er) systems
Gong WP, Liu YZ, Xie Y, Zhao ZT, Ushakov SV, Navrotsky A
3905 - 3916 Mechanism on reduction and nitridation of micrometer-sized titania with ammonia gas
Liu YJ, Wang Y, Zhang Y, You ZX, Lv XW