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2277 - 2277 Remembering Joanna McKittrick
Fahrenholtz B, Brennecka G, Dickey E, Ferreira J, Klein L, Mauro J, Ohji T, Riedel R, Viehland D, Wu YQ, Xie RJ, Zhou YC, Foreman J, Martin M
2278 - 2295 A critical evaluation of indentation crack lengths in air
Cook RF
2296 - 2301 Quantitative analyses of electric field-induced phase transition in (Na, K)(0.5)Bi0.5TiO3:Eu ceramics by photoluminescence
Zeng L, Zhou J
2302 - 2308 Mechanical properties, oxygen barrier property, and chemical stability of RE3NbO7 for thermal barrier coating
Yang J, Pan W, Han Y, Zhao M, Huang MZ, Wan CL
2309 - 2314 Field-assisted heating of Gd-doped ceria thin film
Li Phuah X, Wang H, Qi ZM, Misra S, Kalaswad M, Wang HY
2315 - 2321 Tunable microwave dielectric properties in SrO-V2O5 system through compositional modulation
Li CC, Yin CZ, Deng M, Shu LL, Khaliq J
2322 - 2327 Toward a size scale-up cold sintering process at reduced uniaxial pressure
Bang SH, Tsuji K, Ndayishimiye A, Dursun S, Seo JH, Otieno S, Randall CA
2328 - 2339 Processing of CaLa2S4 infrared transparent ceramics: A comparative study of HP and FAST/SPS techniques
Durand GR, Bizot Q, Herbert N, Quemere S, Pasturel M, Zhang XH, Merdrignac-Conanec O
2340 - 2350 CuO (Bromosphaerol) and CeMo (8 Hydroxyquinoline) microcontainers incorporated into commercial marine paints
Kordas G
2351 - 2361 Flash sintering of 3YSZ/Al2O3-platelet composites
Jia YJ, Su XH, Wu YJ, Wang ZJ, Meng LC, Xu XQ, Zhang AN
2362 - 2375 Cr2AlC MAX phase as bond coat for thermal barrier coatings: Processing, testing under thermal gradient loading, and future challenges
Gonzalez-Julian J, Mauer G, Sebold D, Mack DE, Vassen R
2376 - 2388 Gas-solid displacement reactions in the Ti-W-C system
Dempsey RD, Lipke DW
2389 - 2398 In-situ observation of AlN formation from Ni-Al solution using an electromagnetic levitation technique
Adachi M, Hamaya S, Yamagata Y, Loach AJ, Fada JS, Wilson LG, French RH, Carter JLW, Fukuyama H
2399 - 2406 A facile pathway to prepare molybdenum boride powder from molybdenum and boron carbide
Wang Y, Zhang H, Jiao SQ, Chou KC, Zhang GH
2407 - 2420 Measurement of stress build-up of ion exchange strengthened lithium aluminosilicate glass
Hodemann S, Valdmann A, Paemurru M, Anton J, Kiisk V, Tkaczyk E, Kikas J
2421 - 2431 Molecular mechanism of the expansion of silica glass upon exposure to moisture
Garofalini SH, Lentz J, Homann M
2432 - 2442 Structured active fiber fabrication and characterization of a chemically high-purified Dy3+-doped chalcogenide glass
Xiao XS, Xu YT, Cui J, Liu XG, Cui XX, Wang XS, Dai SX, Guo HT
2443 - 2452 Determining the local pressure during aerosol deposition using glass memory
Cicconi MR, Khansur NH, Eckstein UR, Werr F, Webber KG, de Ligny D
2453 - 2462 Experimental study of bubble formation in a glass-forming liquid doped with cerium oxide
Pereira L, Podda O, Fayard B, Laplace A, Pigeonneau F
2463 - 2470 Silver nanoparticles enhanced luminescence and stability of CsPbBr3 perovskite quantum dots in borosilicate glass
Zhang K, Zhou DC, Qiu JB, Long ZW, Zhu R, Wang Q, Lai JN, Wu H, Zhu CC
2471 - 2482 Modeling nonisothermal crystallization in a BaO center dot 2SiO(2) glass
Van Hoesen DC, Xia XS, McKenzie ME, Kelton KF
2483 - 2490 Dual regulation of Li+ migration of Li6.4La3Zr1.4M0.6O12 (M = Sb, Ta, Nb) by bottleneck size and bond length of M-O
Xiang X, Chen F, Yang WY, Yang JB, Ma XB, Chen DF, Su K, Shen Q, Zhang LM
2491 - 2498 Band gap narrowing and magnetic properties of transition-metal-doped Ba0.85Ca0.15Ti0.9Zr0.1O3 lead-free ceramics
Zhang YM, Deng HM, Si SF, Wang TT, Zheng DL, Yang PX, Chu JH
2499 - 2508 Enhancement of electrical properties in the ternary PMN-PT-PZ through compositional variation, crystallographic texture, and quenching
Dursun S, Mensur-Alkoy E, Unver MU, Alkoy S
2509 - 2519 Second-order-transition like characteristic contributes to strain temperature stability in (K, Na)NbO3-based materials
Liu G, Yin J, Zhao CL, Lv X, Wu JG
2520 - 2527 Novel thermally stable, high quality factor Ba-4(Pr0.4Sm0.6)(28/3)Ti18-yGa4y/3O54 microwave dielectric ceramics
Wang G, Fu QY, Shi H, Tian F, Guo PJ, Yan L, Yu SJ, Zheng ZP, Luo W
2528 - 2539 Crystal structure, dielectric properties, and lattice vibrational characteristics of LiNiPO4 ceramics sintered at different temperatures
Xiao EC, Cao ZK, Li JZ, Li XH, Liu MT, Yue ZX, Chen Y, Chen GH, Song KX, Zhou HF, Shi F
2540 - 2547 Multifunctional optical thermometry based on the stark sublevels of Er3+ in CaO-Y2O3: Yb3+/Er-3(+)
Xiang GT, Liu XT, Liu W, Wang B, Liu Z, Jiang S, Zhou XJ, Li L, Jin Y, Zhang JH
2548 - 2554 Tb3+-doped transparent BaGdF5 glass-ceramics scintillator for X-ray detector
Zheng ZG, Tong Y, Wei RF, Hu FF, Sun XY, Guo H
2555 - 2561 Preparation and characterization of heteroepitaxial Zn2SnO4 single crystalline films prepared on MgO (100) substrates
He LA, Luan CN, Wang D, Le Y, Feng XJ, Ma J
2562 - 2568 Heat-driven Tailored for Eliminating Nd3+ Re-clusters in Nd3+,Gd3+-codoped SrF2 Laser Ceramic
Jiang YG, Jiang BX, Jiang N, Li J, Su LB, Zhang L
2569 - 2574 Crystallization control in Ni2+-doped glass-ceramics for broadband near-infrared luminesce
Mao QN, Lan BJ, Zhou SF
2575 - 2586 Achieving single domain in rhombohedral and tetragonal Mn-doped Pb(In1/2Nb1/2)-Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)-PbTiO3 crystals for infrared detecting applications
Zhu RF, Zhao J, Liu F, Zhang Z, Fang BJ, Chen JW, Xu HQ, Wang XA, Luo HS
2587 - 2601 Hot-pressing platelet alumina to transparency
Schlup AP, Costakis WJ, Rheinheimer W, Trice RW, Youngblood JP
2602 - 2609 New apatite-type phosphor Ca9La(PO4)(5)(SiO4)F-2:Tb3+,Dy3+ with improved color rendering index
Zhang YY, Mei LF, Aksenov SM, Deyneko D, Liu HK, Zhang D, Huang ZH
2610 - 2616 Tunable dual-mode emission with excellent thermal stability in Ca4ZrGe3O12:Eu phosphors prepared in air for NUV-LEDs
Wei RF, Li KJ, Feng JJ, Tian XL, Shi YF, Li XM, Hu FF, Guo H
2617 - 2629 Probing crystal structure and site-selective photo-physical properties of various Eu3+-doped niobates
Phatak R, Pathak N, Mohammed S, Das A, Sali SK
2630 - 2642 Semiconductor-conductor transition of pristine polymer-derived ceramics SiC pyrolyzed at temperature range from 1200 degrees C to 1800 degrees C
Chowdhury MAR, Wang KW, Jia YJ, Xu CY
2643 - 2652 Solution combustion synthesis of crystalline V2O3 and amorphous V2O3/C as anode for lithium-ion battery
Wu HY, Zhang ZY, Qin ML, Wang QY, Cao ZQ, Yu Y, Jia BR, Qu XH
2653 - 2662 Influence of grain interior and grain boundaries on transport properties of scandium-doped calcium zirconate
Ding YS, Li Y, Huang WL
2663 - 2673 Highly IR transparent ZnS ceramics sintered by vacuum hot press using hydrothermally produced ZnS nanopowders
Choi BH, Kim DS, Lee KT, Kim BJ, Kang JS, Nahm S
2674 - 2685 Phase evolution, structure, and up-/down-conversion luminescence of Li6CaLa2Nb2O12:Yb3+/RE3+ phosphors (RE = Ho, Er, Tm)
Du PP, Ma J, Zhu Q, Li JG
2686 - 2693 Enhanced piezoelectric properties of Mn-modified Bi5Ti3FeO15 for high-temperature applications
Wang Q, Wang CM
2694 - 2701 Scaling behavior of dynamic hysteresis of PMN-PT relaxor ferroelectric ceramics near the morphotropic phase boundary
Xia X, Li CB, Zeng JT, Zheng LY, Li GR
2702 - 2714 Finite element modeling of resistive surface layers by micro-contact impedance spectroscopy
Veazey RA, Gandy AS, Sinclair DC, Dean JS
2715 - 2726 Stability of the Y2O3-SiO2 system in high-temperature, high-velocity water vapor
Parker CG, Opila EJ
2727 - 2740 The thermo-mechanical properties and ferroelastic phase transition of RENbO4 (RE = Y, La, Nd, Sm, Gd, Dy, Yb) ceramics
Wu FS, Wu P, Zhou YX, Chong XY, Feng J
2741 - 2756 Partial safety factors for laminated glass
Bonati A, Pisano G, Carfagni GR
2757 - 2763 Spray-dry synthesis of beta-Cu1.8Zn0.2V2O7 ceramic fine particles showing giant negative thermal expansion
Takenaka K, Sato M, Mitamura M, Yokoyama Y, Katayama N, Okamoto Y
2764 - 2779 Influence of size-classified and slightly soluble mineral additives on hydration of tricalcium silicate
Cook R, Ma HY, Kumar A
2780 - 2790 Mechanical properties of illite-based ceramics with controlled porosity studied by modern in situ techniques
Knapek M, Kusnir J, Hulan T, Minarik P, Csaki S, Lukac F, Dobron P, Chmelik F
2791 - 2807 Modeling of thermo-viscoelastic material behavior of glass over a wide temperature range in glass compression molding
Vu AT, Vu AN, Grunwald T, Bergs T
2808 - 2816 Ab initio calculation of the evolution of [SiN4-nOn] tetrahedron during beta-Si3N4(0001) surface oxidation
Cai JP, Hou XM, Fang Z, Wang EH, Feng J, Chen JH, Liang TX, Bei GP
2817 - 2827 Segregation and properties at curved vs straight (0001 over bar ) inversion boundaries in piezotronic ZnO bicrystals
Trapp M, Keil P, Fromling T, Rodel J, Kleebe HJ
2828 - 2834 Observation of oxygen pyramid tilting induced polarization rotation in strained BiFeO3 thin film
Song DS, Liu HJ, Kovacs A, Dunin-Borkowski RE, Chu YH, Zhu J
2835 - 2844 Li2O-doped MgAl2O4 nanopowders: Energetics of interface segregation
Bernardes AA, Caliman LB, da Silva AL, Bettini J, Guimaraes KL, Gouvea D
2845 - 2858 Thermodynamics and crystallization kinetics of REEs in CaO-SiO2-Ce2O3 system
Lan X, Gao JT, Du Y, Guo ZC
2859 - 2867 Re-entrant dipole glass-like behavior and lattice dynamics of 0.65Bi(Mg1/2Ti1/2)O-3-0.35PbTiO(3)
Chen K, Wei F, Jia L, Tianxiang Y, Lan Z, Fang L, Peng B, Wang D, Liu L
2868 - 2879 Synthesis and structure determination of calcium silicate-cellulose nanograss biocomposite
Biswas N, Samanta A, Mitra S, Biswas R, Podder S, Sanyal A, Ghosh J, Ghosh CK, Mukhopadhyay AK
2880 - 2890 Solute distributions in tantalum-containing zirconium diboride ceramics
Dorner AN, Barton DJ, Zhou Y, Thompson GB, Hilmas GE, Fahrenholtz WG
2891 - 2898 Carbon vacancy ordering in zirconium carbide powder
Zhou Y, Heitmann TW, Bohannan E, Schaeperkoetter JC, Fahrenholtz WG, Hilmas GE
2899 - 2907 Utilizing TiO2 amorphous precursors for polymorph selection: An in situ TEM study of phase formation and kinetics
Mangum JS, Garten LM, Ginley DS, Gorman BP
2908 - 2918 Solid-state synthesis of multicomponent equiatomic rare-earth oxides
Pianassola M, Loveday M, McMurray JW, Koschan M, Melcher CL, Zhuravleva M
2919 - 2932 Reactions of molten silicate deposits with yttrium monosilicate
Summers WD, Poerschke DL, Taylor AA, Ericks AR, Levi CG, Zok FW
2933 - 2933 Development of boron oxide potentials for computer simulations of multicomponent oxide glasses (vol 102, pg 2482, 2019)
Deng L, Du JC
2934 - 2934 Enhanced luminescence of manganese in singly doped white light zinc phosphate glass (November, 10.1111/JACE.16895, 2019)
Mao W, Cai MZ, Calvez L, Xie WQ, Li PP, Rocherulle J, Xu SQ, Zhang JJ
2935 - 2935 Forty years after the promise of "ceramic steel?": zirconia-based composites with a metal-like mechanical behavior" (vol 103, pg 1482, 2020)
Cavoret J, Sainsot P, Touaiher I, Saadaoui M