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1481 - 1481 Thank you Lisa Klein
Fahrenholtz WG
1482 - 1513 Forty years after the promise of << ceramic steel?>>: Zirconia-based composites with a metal-like mechanical behavior
Chevalier J, Liens A, Reveron H, Zhang F, Reynaud P, Douillard T, Preiss L, Sergo V, Lughi V, Swain M, Courtois N
1514 - 1519 Investigation of room-temperature super-stabilized suspension casting system mechanism
Marsico CA, Orlicki JA, Blair VL
1520 - 1526 Submicronic spherical inclusion black pigment by double-shell reaction sintering
Chen SL, Fu SY, Lang Y, Tian CJ, Wei HK, Wang CA
1527 - 1535 Effects of microstructure on fracture strength and conductivity of sintered NMC333
Huddleston W, Dynys F, Sehirlioglu A
1536 - 1541 Incorporation of spherical shaped CuO@SiO2 light microtraps into CuCoMnOx spinels to enhance solar absorbance
Kordas G
1542 - 1548 Substrate damage and incorporation of sapphire into barium hexaferrite films deposited by aerosol deposition
Ranjit S, Law KM, Budhathoki S, Allred JM, Rosenberg RA, Park DS, Johnson S, Hauser AJ
1549 - 1562 Synthesis, structural, mechanical, and in vitro evaluations of NiFe2O4/ZrO2 composites
Raveendran S, Khan MIK, Dhayalan A, Kannan S
1563 - 1574 Role of various alcohol washing media in obtaining a remarkable texture for La2Ce2O7 powders and ceramics
Kumar K, Srivastava S, Chowdhury A
1575 - 1581 3D printing of high-purity silicon carbide
Terrani K, Jolly B, Trammell M
1582 - 1592 Ti(C,N)-based cermets with strengthened interfaces: Roles of secondary cubic carbides
Xiong HW, Xie D, Chen JJ, Chu SL, Gan XP, Li ZY, Zhou KC
1593 - 1599 Quantitative estimation of crystallization kinetics in GeGaS and Au-doped GeGaS glass-ceramics
Chen YM, Li QL, Yang Z, Shen X, Wang XS, Wang RP, Zhang MJ
1600 - 1614 Structural features of sodium silicate glasses from reactive force field-based molecular dynamics simulations
Deng L, Urata S, Takimoto Y, Miyajima T, Hahn SH, van Duin ACT, Du JC
1615 - 1630 Viscosity of glass-forming melt at the bottom of high-level waste melter-feed cold caps: Effects of temperature and incorporation of solid components
Lee SM, McCarthy BP, Hrma P, Chun J, Pokorny R, Klouzek J, Kruger AA
1631 - 1646 Effect of high-energy mechanical milling on the medium-range ordering in glassy As-Se
Shpotyuk Y, Demchenko P, Bujn?kov? Z, Bal?z P, Boussard-Pledel C, Bureau B, Shpotyuk O
1647 - 1655 Transparent glass and glass-ceramic in the binary system NaPO3-Ta2O5
Marcondes LM, Maestri S, de Sousa BP, da Cunha CR, Evangelista RO, Manzani D, Cassanjes FC, Poirier GY
1656 - 1665 Indentation cracking and deformation mechanism of sodium aluminoborosilicate glasses
Januchta K, Liu PF, Hansen SR, To T, Smedskjaer MM
1666 - 1676 Modeling birefringence in SiO2 glass fiber using surface stress relaxation
Hausmann BD, Miller PA, Aaldenberg EM, Blanchet TA, Tomozawa M
1677 - 1684 Near infrared light-induced photocurrent in NaYF4:Yb3+, Er3+/WO2.72 composite film
Zhang HL, Yang ZW, Wang YH, Ma YJ, Qiu JB, Song ZG
1685 - 1697 Insight into cations substitution on structural and electrochemical properties of nanostructured Li2FeSiO4/C cathodes
Sivaraj P, Abhilash KP, Nalini B, Selvin PC, Goel S, Yadav SK
1698 - 1708 Enhanced temperature stability in the O-T phase boundary of (K, Na)NbO3-based ceramics
Wu B, Ma J, Gou Q, Wu WJ, Chen M
1709 - 1721 LaCoO3 acts as a high-efficiency co-catalyst for enhancing visible-light-driven tetracycline degradation of BiOI
Yao SY, Zheng RF, Li R, Chen YQ, Zhou XS, Ning XM, Zhan L, Luo J
1722 - 1731 Bi-modified SrTiO3-based ceramics for high-temperature energy storage applications
Kong X, Yang LT, Cheng ZX, Zhang SJ
1732 - 1743 Enhanced electromagnetic wave absorption of Fe-doped silicon oxycarbide nanocomposites
Du B, Qian JJ, Hu P, He C, Cai M, Wang X, Shui AZ
1744 - 1754 Dielectric relaxation and local domain structures of ferroelectric PIMNT and PMNT single crystals
Li K, Sun EW, Qi XD, Yang B, Liu J, Cao WW
1755 - 1764 The grain-boundary resistance of CeO2 ceramics: A combined microscopy-spectroscopy-simulation study of a dilute solution
Parras JP, Cao C, Ma Z, Mucke R, Jin L, Dunin-Borkowski R, Guillon O, De Souza RA
1765 - 1772 Giant electro-strain in textured Li+-doped 0.852BNT-0.11BKT-0.038BT ternary lead-free piezoelectric ceramics
Si Y, Li Y, Li L, Li H, Zhao ZH, Dai YJ
1773 - 1781 Facile synthesis of the desired red phosphor Li2Ca2Mg2Si2N6:Eu2+ for high CRI white LEDs and plant growth LED device
Yang X, Zhang Y, Zhang XJ, Chen J, Huang HS, Wang DS, Chai XR, Xie GN, Molokeev MS, Zhang HR, Liu YL, Lei BF
1782 - 1788 Broadband light emission induced by laser absorption and optimized by thermal injection in Nd3+:Y2SiO5 ceramic powder
Rakov N, Maciel GS
1789 - 1797 Structure, microwave dielectric performance, and infrared reflectivity spectrum of olivine-type Mg2Ge0.98O4 ceramic
Chen JQ, Tang Y, Yin CZ, Yu MY, Xiang HC, Li CC, Xing XR, Fang L
1798 - 1808 Engineering cation vacancies to improve the luminescence properties of Ca14Al10Zn6O35: Mn4+ phosphors for LED plant lamp
Zhou N, Liu LH, Zhou ZP, Zhang Y, Li MH, Zhou C, Xia M, Zhou Z
1809 - 1818 Electric and magnetic properties of Lanthanum Barium Cobaltite
Szpunar I, Wachowski S, Miruszewski T, Dzierzgowski K, Gornicka K, Klimczuk T, Sorby MH, Balaguer M, Serra JM, Strandbakke R, Gazda M, Mielewczyk-Gryn A
1819 - 1830 Fabrication, microstructure, and optical properties of Tm:Y3ScAl4O12 laser ceramics
Feng YG, Toci GD, Patrizi B, Pirri A, Hu ZW, Chen XP, Wei JB, Pan HM, Li XY, Zhang X, Su S, Vannini M, Li J
1831 - 1838 PLZST antiferroelectric ceramics with promising energy storage and discharge performance for high power applications
Xu R, Zhu QS, Xu Z, Feng YJ, Wei XY
1839 - 1845 Low-temperature Maxwell-Wagner relaxation in (Na plus Nb) co-doped rutile TiO2 colossal permittivity ceramics
Wang CC, Li TY, Xie YM, Wang J
1846 - 1853 An abnormal incorporation behavior of Th in Gd2Zr2O7: A first-principles study
Zhao FG, Xiao HY, Zhang HB, Li PC, Shen HH, Zu XT
1854 - 1863 Influence of Zr dopant on polarization in rutile (In0.5Nb0.5)(0.005)(Ti1-xZrx)(0.995)O-2 ceramics
Gut BC, Liu P, Cui XL, Song YC
1864 - 1870 Enhanced luminescence of manganese in singly doped white light zinc phosphate glass
Mao W, Cai MZ, Xie WQ, Li PP, Xu SQ, Zhang JJ
1871 - 1880 Giant dielectric behavior of monovalent cation/anion (Li+, F-) co-doped CaCu3Ti4O12 ceramics
Jumpatam J, Chanlek N, Takesada M, Thongbai P
1881 - 1890 Domain-scale imaging to dispel the clouds over the thermal depolarization of Bi0.5Na0.5TiO3-based relaxor ferroelectrics
Yin J, Tao H, Liu G, Wu JG
1891 - 1902 High temperature creep-mediated functionality in polycrystalline barium titanate
Ren PR, Hofling M, Koruza J, Lauterbach S, Jiang XJ, Fromling T, Khatua DK, Dietz C, Porz L, Ranjan R, Kleebe HJ, Rodel J
1903 - 1911 Correlation between B value deviation and sintering temperature of perovskite solid solution materials
Sang X, Zhang HM, Chang AM, Zhou JY, Li HB, Li XH
1912 - 1926 Effect of cation vacancies on the optical and dielectric properties of KSr2Nb5O15: A first-principles study
Chen Q, Gao F, Xu J, Wu CY, Cao SY, Guo YT, Pawlikowska E, Szafran M, Cheng GH
1927 - 1941 Degradation of a SiC-SiC composite in water vapor environments
Zok FW, Maxwell PT, Kawanishi K, Callaway EB
1942 - 1955 Strain fields around strain-concentrating features in fiber-reinforced oxide composites
Samuel AF, Christodoulou PG, Zok FW
1956 - 1969 Fracture behavior of magnesia refractory materials under combined cyclic thermal shock and mechanical loading conditions
Dai YJ, Li YW, Jin SL, Harmuth H, Xu XF
1970 - 1991 A new hydration kinetics model of composite cementitious materials, part 1: Hydration kinetic model of Portland cement
Zhang ZQ, Liu Y, Huang L, Yan PY
1992 - 2000 High-temperature mechanical and thermal properties of Ca1-xSrxZrO3 solid solutions
Yang L, Liu YC, Zhang W, Zhou GH, Jiang DY, Chen HF, Yang G, Nian HQ, Liu B
2001 - 2011 Size-induced grain boundary energy increase may cause softening of nanocrystalline yttria-stabilized zirconia
Bokov A, Neto JBR, Lin F, Castro RHR
2012 - 2023 Strengthening boron carbide through lithium dopant
He Y, Shen YD, Tang B, An Q
2024 - 2034 Comparison of hydrothermal corrosion behavior of SiC with Al2O3 and Al2O3 + Y2O3 sintering additives
Xie X, Liu B, Liu RZ, Zhao XF, Ni N, Xiao P
2035 - 2047 Experimental and computational study on sintering of ceramic coating layers with complex porous structures
Terasaka S, Matsubara H, Shirato T, Kamitakahara M, Yokoi T, Yamaguchi N, Kim BN
2048 - 2061 Thermal cycling performances of multilayered yttria-stabilized zirconia/gadolinium zirconate thermal barrier coatings
Zhou DP, Mack DE, Bakan E, Mauer G, Sebold D, Guillon O, Vassen R
2062 - 2075 Steam pressure and velocity effects on high temperature silicon carbide oxidation
Mouche PA, Terrani KA
2076 - 2089 Low-temperature stiffening of air plasma-sprayed 7 wt% Y2O3-stabilized ZrO2
Lal D, Kumar P, Sampath S, Jayaram V
2090 - 2100 ZrSi2-MgO as novel additives for high thermal conductivity of beta-Si3N4 ceramics
Wang WD, Yao DX, Chen HB, Xia YF, Zuo KH, Yin JW, Liang HQ, Zeng YP
2101 - 2113 Direct observation of the moisture distribution in calcium aluminate cement and hydratable alumina-bonded castables during first-drying: An NMR study
Barakat AJ, Pel L, Krause O, Adan OCG
2114 - 2127 Effects of oxygen partial pressure on the thermodynamics of CaO-SiO2-VOx system at 1873 K
Yan BJ, Wang DY, Deng TF, Wu LS, Dong YC
2128 - 2136 Corrosion modeling of magnesia aggregates in contact with CaO-MgO-SiO2 slags
Zhang WX, Huang A, Zou YS, Gu HZ, Fu LP, Li GQ
2137 - 2145 Correlations between pore structure parameters and gas permeability of corundum porous materials
Xiong X, Wang ZF, Wang XT, Liu H, Ma Y
2146 - 2159 Unveiling hermetic failure of ceramic tubes by digital image correlation and acoustic emission
Bumgardner CH, Heim FM, Roache DC, Jarama A, Xu P, Lu R, Lahoda EJ, Croom BP, Deck CP, Li XD
2160 - 2172 Relationship between aqueous chemistry and composition, structure, and solubility of sodium aluminosilicate hydrates
Williamson T, Katz LE, Han J, Dobbs HA, Chmelka BF, Sant G, Juenger MCG
2173 - 2184 Impact of the solidification path of FeOx-SiO2 slags on the resultant inorganic polymers
Siakati C, Douvalis AP, Ziogas P, Peys A, Pontikes Y
2185 - 2192 Phase transition behavior of Pb(Hf, Sn, Ti, Nb)O-3 ceramics at morphotropic phase boundary
Chao WN, Wei J, Yang TQ, Li YX
2193 - 2209 Quasi-static confined uniaxial compaction of granular alumina and boron carbide observing the particle size effects
Nicewicz P, Peciar P, Macho O, Sano T, Hogan JD
2210 - 2224 Dissolution kinetics of alumina in molten CaO-Al2O3-FetO-MgO-SiO2 oxide representing the RH slag in steelmaking process
Park YJ, Cho YM, Cha WY, Kang YB
2225 - 2234 Combinatorial substrate epitaxy investigation of polytypic growth of AEMnO(3) (AE = Ca, Sr)
Zhou C, De Graef M, Dabrowski B, Rohrer GS, Salvador PA
2235 - 2243 Multiple-response anti-counterfeiting realized in CaYAl3O7 host with the dual coexistence of Eu2+/Eu-3(+)
Yang XX, Zhao L, Zeng W, Liu ZC, Fan XT, Tian SY, Zhang H, Xu XH, Qiu JB, Yu X
2244 - 2251 Low-temperature molten salt synthesis of high-entropy carbide nanopowders
Ning SS, Wen TQ, Ye BL, Chu YH
2252 - 2261 Wide-bandgap HfO2-V2O5 nanowires heterostructure for visible light-driven photocatalytic degradation
Sari FNI, Lu SH, Ting JM
2262 - 2271 Fabrication of lightweight alumina with nanoscale intracrystalline pores
Fu LP, Gu HZ, Huang A, Zou YS, Zhang MJ