Journal of the American Ceramic Society

Journal of the American Ceramic Society, Vol.103, No.12 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0002-7820 (Print) 

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6655 - 6658 High-pressure sintering of ultrafine-grained high-entropy diboride ceramics
Ma MD, Ye BL, Han YJ, Sun L, He JL, Chu YH
6659 - 6665 Atomic structures of Ti-doped alpha-Al2O3 sigma 13 grain boundary with a small amount of Si impurity
Ishihara S, Tochigi E, Ishikawa R, Shibata N, Ikuhara Y
6666 - 6676 Tape casting and characterizations of MgO ceramics
Chen CF, Baker TJ, Synowicki R, Tegtmeier EL, Forsyth RT, Bissell AL, Orlowski AG, Christopher JM, Savrun E
6677 - 6689 Microstructure evolution and electromechanical properties of (K,Na) NbO3-based thick films
Mercier H, Levassort F, Ursic H, Kuscer D
6690 - 6699 Utilizing the autocatalysis of Co to prepare low-cost WC-Co powder for high-performance atmospheric plasma spraying
Zhang L, Yue F, Li SF, Yang YF
6700 - 6711 Phase development and pore stability of yttria- and ytterbia-stabilized zirconia aerogels
Hurwitz FI, Rogers RB, Guo HQ, Garg A, Olson NS, Phan D, Cashman JL
6712 - 6723 Additive manufacturing of polymer-derived ceramic matrix composites
O'Masta MR, Stonkevitch E, Porter KA, Bui PP, Eckel ZC, Schaedler TA
6724 - 6735 Advances in the control of electrophoretic process parameters to tune the ytterbium disilicate coatings microstructure
Prioux M, Duluard S, Ansart F, Pujol G, Gomez P, Pin L
6736 - 6745 Experimental and numerical investigations of an oxygen single-bubble shrinkage in a borosilicate glass-forming liquid doped with cerium oxide
Pereira L, Klouzek J, Vernerova M, Laplace A, Pigeonneau F
6746 - 6754 New in situ method for the determination of the crystallization kinetics of glass-ceramics
Sander M, Jacobs P, Roos C
6755 - 6763 Transition in deformation mechanism of aluminosilicate glass at high pressure and room temperature
Osada K, Yamada A, Ohuchi T, Yoshida S, Matsuoka J
6764 - 6779 Polymer-derived Co2Si@SiC/C/SiOC/SiO2/Co(3)O(4)nanoparticles: Microstructural evolution and enhanced EM absorbing properties
Wu YF, Zhong YW, Guan Y, Gu C, Shao GY, Shi BY, Su ZM, Xu BB, Yu ZJ, Liu AH
6780 - 6792 Synthesis of Eu-doped hydroxyapatite whiskers and fabrication of phosphor layer via electrophoretic deposition process
Zhang CN, Uchikoshi T, Liu LH, Cai GM, Si JY, Hirosaki N
6793 - 6800 Broadband deep-red-to-near-infrared emission from Mn(2+)in strong crystal-field of nitride MgAlSiN3
Liu SQ, Zhang SY, Mao N, Song Z, Liu QN
6801 - 6810 Synthesis and characterization of a pyrochlore solid solution in the Na2O-Bi2O3-TiO2 system
Pradal-Velazquez E, Yang F, Sinclair DC
6811 - 6821 Ultralow dielectric loss in Y-doped SrTiO(3)colossal permittivity ceramics via designing defect chemistry
Wang B, Pu YP, Shi Y, Guo X, Zhang L, Chang LL, Li JW, Li R, Ji JM, Wei TC
6822 - 6832 High-temperature electromagnetic wave absorption properties of C-f/SiCNFs/Si(3)N(4)composites
Zhou W, Li Y, Long L, Luo H, Wang YC
6833 - 6846 Interface engineering of nanoceramic hematite photoelectrode for solar energy conversion
Freitas ALM, Muche DNF, Leite ER, Souza FL
6847 - 6859 Visible emission and energy transfer in Tb3+/Dy(3+)co-doped phosphate glasses
Sun Y, Yu F, Liao MS, Ma JP, Wang X, He DB, Gao WQ, Knight J, Hu LL
6860 - 6868 Complex impedance spectra of polymer-derived SiC annealed at ultrahigh temperature
Jia YJ, Chowdhury MAR, Xu CY
6869 - 6880 Dielectric response and electromagnetic wave absorption of novel macroporous short carbon fibers/mullite composites
Long L, Xu JX, Luo H, Xiao P, Zhou W, Li Y
6881 - 6892 Hexavalent (Me- W/Mo)-modified (Ba,Ca)TiO3-Bi(Mg,Me)O(3)perovskites for high-temperature dielectrics
Schulz T, Veerapandiyan VK, Gindel T, Deluca M, Topfer J
6893 - 6900 Scintillating glass-ceramic substrates for indirect flat panel detectors in digital radiography
Leonard RL, Berkowitz DT, Thomas A, Howansky A, Lubinsky AR, Johnson JA
6901 - 6912 HF-free molten salt route for synthesis of highly efficient and water-resistant K2SiF6:Mn(4+)for warm white LED
Wu QY, Liao CX, Pan JQ, Ye XY, You WX, Xia LB
6913 - 6921 Composition-dependent microstructure and electrical property of (1-x)SBN-xBNBT solid solutions
He XJ, Xie ZS, Yuan X, Li L, Huang DF, Tao CW, Wang RX, Hao JG, Yuan GL, Zhang ST
6922 - 6931 Self-activated persistent luminescence from Ba(2)Zr(2)Si(3)O(12)for information storage
Xiong PX, Zheng CB, Peng MY, Zhou ZH, Xu FF, Qin KX, Hong YY, Ma ZJ
6932 - 6940 Enhanced up-conversion luminescence and optical thermometry characteristics of Er3+/Yb(3+)co-doped Sr-10(PO4)(6)O transparent glass-ceramics
Cui SC, Chen GH
6941 - 6950 Enhanced thermal stability of CaAlSiN3:Eu(2+)phosphors by superficial carbon modification
Tian JH, Zhuang WD, Liu RH, Liu YH, Chen GT, Jiang Z, Zhang X, Gao W, Li WJ
6951 - 6960 Atomically thin hydroxylation boron nitride nanosheets for excellent water-based lubricant additives
Bai YF, Wang LX, Ge CH, Liu R, Guan HY, Zhang XD
6961 - 6977 Poisson's ratio of porous and cellular materials with randomly distributed isometric pores or cells
Uhlirova T, Pabst W
6978 - 6990 New insight into the formation and oxygen barrier mechanism of carbonaceous oxide interlayer in a multicomponent carbide
Ye ZM, Zeng Y, Xiong X, Qian TX, Lun HL, Wang YL, Sun W, Chen ZK, Zhang LJ, Xiao P
6991 - 7000 Revisiting the strength of micron-scale ceramic platelets
Doitrand A, Henry R, Chevalier J, Meille S
7001 - 7013 High-temperature phase and microstructure evolution of polymer-derived SiZrCN and SiZrBCN ceramic nanocomposites
Feng B, Peter J, Fasel C, Wen QB, Zhang Y, Kleebe HJ, Ionescu E
7014 - 7030 Durability of YSZ coated Ti2AlC in 1300 degrees C high velocity burner rig tests
Smialek JL, Cuy MD, Harder BJ, Garg A, Rogers RB
7031 - 7040 Microstructure and plasma corrosion behavior of yttria coatings prepared by the aerosol deposition method
Ashizawa H, Masakatsu K, Yoshida K
7041 - 7055 Investigations into the thermal stability of sol-gel-derived glasses as models for thermally grown oxides
McFarland B, Opila E
7056 - 7071 Resistance of pure and mixed rare earth silicates against calcium-magnesium-aluminosilicate (CMAS): A comparative study
Wolf M, Mack DE, Guillon O, Vassen R
7072 - 7081 Short SiC fiber/Ti(3)SiC(2)MAX phase composites: Fabrication and creep evaluation
Dash A, Malzbender J, Vassen R, Guillon O, Gonzalez-Julian J
7082 - 7094 Thermal-couple levels of(4)S(3/2)and(2)H(11/2)in Na(Ca, Sr)La(VO4)(2):Er(3+)phosphors for potential optical thermometers
Hua YB, Yu JS
7095 - 7114 Designing environment-friendly chromium-free Spinel-Periclase-Zirconia refractories for Ruhrstahl Heraeus degasser
Mandal S, Kumar CJD, Kumar D, Syed K, Van Ende MA, Jung IH, Finkeldei SC, Bowman WJ
7115 - 7126 Development of gypsum-based composites with tensile strain-hardening characteristics
Wang YC, Jian XR, Yu JT, Ye JH, Dong FY
7127 - 7134 Intrinsic hardness of boron carbide: Influence of polymorphism and stoichiometry
Cheenady AA, Awasthi A, Subhash G
7135 - 7146 Sharp indentation stress fields in fused silica: Finite element analysis and Yoffe analytic model
Davis BC, Glaesemann GS, Reimanis I
7147 - 7158 Observation of yttrium oxide segregation in a ZrO2-SiO2 glass-ceramic at nanometer dimensions
Fu L, Wang YR, Riekehr L, Rathel J, Engqvist H, Xia W
7159 - 7171 Observed volatilization behavior of silicon carbide in flowing hydrogen above 2000 K
Benensky KM, Terrani KA, Zinkle SJ
7172 - 7187 Empirical models of trigonal distortions and polarization in perovskites
Smith E, Wander O, Ubic R
7188 - 7201 Determination of atomistic deformation of tricalcium silicate paste with high-volume fly ash
Jee H, Im S, Kanematsu M, Suzuki H, Morooka S, Taku K, Machida A, Bae S
7202 - 7212 A computational examination of the zeta and eta phases in the hafnium nitrides
Weinberger CR, Thompson GB
7213 - 7225 Influence of metakaolin on the conversion and compressive strength of quaternary phase paste
Ding WW, He YJ, Lu LN, Wang FZ, Hu SG
7226 - 7239 Intrinsic defects, Mo-related defects, and complexes in transition-metal carbide VC: A first-principles study
Guo J, Feng YL, Tang C, Ren XJ
7240 - 7246 Synthesis and microstructure of single-crystalline cobalt oxyhydroxide and topotactic transformation to cobalt oxide
Kusano Y, Kawasaki S, Takada J, Azuma M
7247 - 7258 More effective crack self-healing capability of SiCf/SiC-B4C with Al(2)O(3)modified under wet environment
Shan QL, Xue YD, Hu JB, Xu QK, Ma Q, Zeng SH, Lian JW, Wang YW, Shui AZ
7259 - 7266 Novel scheelite-type [Ca-0.55(Nd1-xBix)(0.3)]MoO4 (0.2 <= x <= 0.95) microwave dielectric ceramics with low sintering temperature
Hao SZ, Zhou D, Hussain F, Su JZ, Liu WF, Wang DW, Wang QP, Qi ZM
7267 - 7282 Sintering behavior of a nanostructured thermal barrier coating deposited using electro-sprayed particles
Xing C, Yi MY, Shan X, Wang X, Zhao XF, Guo FW
7283 - 7290 Enhanced energy storage density in Ca and Ta co-doped AgNbO(3)antiferroelectric ceramics
Chao WN, Yang TQ, Li YX, Liu ZF
7291 - 7298 Isotope-specific analysis of neutron-irradiated lithium aluminate ceramics by nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy
Cho H, Burgeson IE, Adami SR, Sinkov SI
7299 - 7309 Phase equilibria studies in the CaO-SiO2-Al2O3-MgO system with CaO/SiO(2)ratio of 0.9
Wang DQ, Chen M, Jiang Y, Wang S, Zhao ZX, Evans T, Zhao BJ
7310 - 7321 The effect of cesium content on the thermodynamic stability and chemical durability of (Ba,Cs)(1.33)(Al,Ti)(8)O(16)hollandite
Zhao MY, Amoroso JW, Fenker KM, DiPrete DP, Misture S, Utlak S, Besmann T, Brinkman K