Journal of the American Ceramic Society

Journal of the American Ceramic Society, Vol.103, No.10 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0002-7820 (Print) 

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5421 - 5423 A tribute to Eric Raymond (Lou) Vance: Ceramic materials physicist and nuclear wasteform expert-15(th) November, 1942-7(th) March, 2019
Finlayson TR, Franks GV, Gregg DG
5424 - 5441 Synroc technology: Perspectives and current status (Review)
Gregg DJ, Farzana R, Dayal P, Holmes R, Triani G
5442 - 5453 A review: Recent advances in sol-gel-derived hydroxyapatite nanocoatings for clinical applications
Choi G, Choi AH, Evans LA, Akyol S, Ben-Nissan B
5454 - 5469 Hot Isostatically Pressed (HIPed) fluorite glass-ceramic wasteforms for fluoride molten salt wastes
Gregg DJ, Vance ER, Dayal P, Farzana R, Aly Z, Holmes R, Triani G
5470 - 5479 Pyrochlore glass-ceramics fabricated via both sintering and hot isostatic pressing for minor actinide immobilization
Zhang YJ, Zhang ZM, Nei T, Kong LG, Kim YJ, Gregg DJ
5480 - 5487 Vibronic spectra of europium in the X-ray storage phosphor polycrystalline cesium bromide
Edgar A
5488 - 5495 Evaluation of isotopic boron (B-11) for the fabrication of low activation (MgB2)-B-11 superconductor for next generation fusion magnets
Jie H, Luzin V, Zaman M, Abdulsalam AV, Chae KH, Choi HI, Levchenko V, Nijhuis A, Kim JH, Mustapic M, Dou SX, Yamauchi Y, Khan A, Hossain MSA
5496 - 5501 Mossbauer study of the temperature dependence of electron delocalization in mixed valence freudenbergite
Cashion JD, Vance ER, Ryan DH
5502 - 5514 Ion beam irradiation of ABO(4) compounds with the fergusonite, monazite, scheelite, and zircon structures
de los Reyes M, Aughterson RD, Gregg DJ, Middleburgh SC, Zaluzec NJ, Huai P, Ren CL, Lumpkin GR
5515 - 5524 Partitioning of Ce, as a simulant for Pu, in a multiphase ceramic nuclear waste form
Zhang ZM, Spiers KM, Vance ER, Davis J
5525 - 5535 Structural evolution of Lu(2-x)Ce(x)Ti(2)O(7)pyrochlores under 400 keV Ne irradiation
Xia Y, Yang DY, Chen CH, Hao Y, Ewing RC, Li YH
5536 - 5545 Novel complex ceramic oxides, Ln(2)TiO(5)(Ln = La, Sm, Gd, Tb, Dy, Ho, Er, and Yb), for polyphase nuclear waste-forms
Aughterson RD, Lumpkin GR, Smith KL, Cairney JM
5546 - 5553 Metastability, tetragonality and quadrupolar glass states in cubic stabilized zirconia
Sellar JR, Chen CY
5554 - 5566 Direct ink writing of hierarchical porous alumina-stabilized emulsions: Rheology and printability
Chan SSL, Sesso ML, Franks GV
5567 - 5572 Improved thermal conductivity of beta-Si(3)N(4)ceramics by lowering SiO2/Y(2)O(3)ratio using YH(2)as sintering additive
Wang WD, Yao DX, Liang HQ, Xia YF, Zuo KH, Yin JW, Zeng YP
5573 - 5578 Simplified melting rate correlation for radioactive waste vitrification in electric furnaces
Lee S, Ferkl P, Pokorny R, Klouzek J, Hrma P, Eaton WC, Kruger AA
5579 - 5585 Controllable synthesis of SiC@Graphene core-shell nanoparticles via fluidized bed chemical vapor deposition
Zhao J, Liu ML, Chang JX, Shao YL, Liu B, Liu RZ
5586 - 5593 CVD synthesis and characterization of thin Mo2C crystals
Turker F, Caylan OR, Mehmood N, Kasirga TS, Sevik C, Buke GC
5594 - 5598 Large-scale synthesis and growth mechanism of boron nitride nanocomposite assembled by nanosheets and nanotubes
Wang H, Xu M, Ping H, Fu ZY
5599 - 5611 Thermophysical properties and cyclic lifetime of plasma sprayed SrAl12O19 for thermal barrier coating applications
Zhou X, Song WJ, Yuan JY, Gong QM, Zhang H, Cao XQ, Dingwell DB
5612 - 5623 Highly efficient preparation of Li2O breeder materials with core-shell structure by oil-based granulation route
Chen RC, Qi JQ, Shi QW, Shi YL, Wang HL, Guo H, Zeng YY, Yang M, Liao ZJ, Lu TC
5624 - 5628 Superheating nature coupled with Mg-doping effect of high thermal stable NdBa(2)Cu(3)O(7-delta)film
Yin YQ, Wan Y, Huang SM, Zhu YH, Chen R, Tao BW, Rao QL, Zhou DF, Yao X
5629 - 5637 Large-scale synthesis of hollow carbon fibers with ultra-large diameter by thermally controlled pyrolysis
Yuan Y, Xiong YY, Li JJ, Yin WL, Peng QY, Lu HB, Li YB, He XD
5638 - 5653 Tracking dynamics of glass formers and modifiers via correlation maps of molecular dynamics simulation
Dongol R, Zhang TM, Rajan K
5654 - 5663 Enhancement in sintering driving force derived from in situ ordered structural collapse of mesoporous powders
Zhao YY, Sun S, Cai XF, Fan YC, Jiang W, Zhou BY, Gu SJ, Shi N, Luo W, Wang LJ
5664 - 5677 Optical properties of Er(3+)and Yb3+/Er3+-doped NaF-Na2SO4-Al(PO3)(3)fluoro-sulfo-phosphate glasses
Ji Y, Xiao YB, Huang SJ, Wang WC
5678 - 5687 Heat transfer control by dispersed metallic particles in glassy mold flux film for continuous steel casting
Hyun SH, Cho JW
5688 - 5699 A broad theoretical investigation ofR-3,R3c, andR-3cpolymorphs of FeCrO3
Lacerda LHD, de Lazaro SR
5700 - 5705 Composition and annealing effects on the linear electro-optic response of solution-deposited barium strontium titanate
Edmondson BI, Kwon S, Ortmann JE, Demkov AA, Kim MJ, Ekerdt JG
5706 - 5720 Facile synthesis of tubular magnetic carbon nanofibers by hypercrosslinked polymer design for microwave adsorption
Wang JQ, Wu F, Cui YH, Chen JJ, Zhang AB, Zhang QY, Zhang BL
5721 - 5730 Optical properties of the CaEuAl(3)O(7)phosphor with dual-activator Eu2+/Eu(3+)for multifunctional applications
Xu Y, Sun Z, Wei YL, Jia MC, Hou BF, Li X, Lin F, Zhang MX, Wang HY, Fu ZL
5731 - 5742 Dielectric properties of polymer-derived ceramic reinforced with boron nitride nanotubes
Jia YJ, Ajayi TD, Xu CY
5743 - 5757 Investigation of structural, optical, and magnetic properties of Nd-doped Sr(2)SnO(4)Ruddlesden Popper oxide
Kumar U, Yadav D, Upadhyay S
5758 - 5768 Unusual concentration induced antithermal quenching of the Eu(2+)emission at 490 nm in Sr4Al14O25:Eu(2+)for near ultraviolet excited white LEDs
Liu HL, Liu XQ, Wang X, Peng MY, Xiong PX, Chen Y, Wang YF, Lei BF, Zeng QG
5769 - 5777 Thermally stable energy storage properties in relaxor BNT-6BT-modified antiferroelectric PNZST ceramics
Li L, Wang RX, Zhang ST
5778 - 5786 MoS(2)co-catalyst sensitized 3D TiO2/CdS photoanodes with enhanced photoelectrochemical performances
Li HX, Cheng ML, Zhang J, Liu XG, Zhang XF
5787 - 5795 Effect of Yb concentration on the microstructures, spectra, and laser performance of Yb: CaF(2)transparent ceramics
Li WW, Huang HJ, Mei BC, Wang C, Liu J, Wang SZ, Jiang DP, Su LB
5796 - 5807 Ca2+/Sr2+/Ba(2+)dependent phase separation, nanocrystallization and photoluminescence in fluoroaluminosilicate glass
Xu XX, Zhao JJ, Chen XT, Xu Q, Wang T, Yu SF, Xu XH, Qiao S, Du JC, Fan XP, Qiu JB, Qian GD
5808 - 5812 Er3+-doped CaF(2)polycrystalline ceramic with perfect transparency for mid-infrared laser
Jiang YG, Jiang BX, Jiang N, Jiang DP, Li J, Su LB, Zhang L
5813 - 5824 Temperature stability of a pure metakaolin based K-geopolymer: Part 2. Variations in the mesoporous network and its rehydration stability
Gomes S, Petit E, Frezet L, Nedelec JM, Gharzouni A, Rossignol S, Renaudin G
5825 - 5836 Catalyst-free in situ synthesis of ZrC nanowires with excellent thermal stability
Yan NN, Fu QG, Li K, Hu D, Xie W, Wang WY, Zhang YY, Zhuang L, Zhou L, Zhang JP, Shi XH
5837 - 5851 Experimental and DFT insights into elastic, magnetic, electrical, and thermodynamic properties of MAB-phase Fe2AlB2
Bai YL, Qi XX, He XD, Song GP, Zheng YT, Hao BB, Yin H, Gao J, Duff AI
5852 - 5869 The effect of microencapsulated phase change materials on the rheology of geopolymer and Portland cement mortars
Pilehvar S, Szczotok AM, Carmona M, Pamies R, Kjoniksen AL
5870 - 5880 Thermodynamics of high-temperature aluminum, zirconium, and yttrium hydroxide and oxyhydroxide vapor species
Bauschlicher CW, Bodenschatz CJ, Myers DL, Jacobson NS
5881 - 5890 Enhanced doping effects of multielement on anisotropic thermal expansion in ZrO2 with new compositions
Qu L, Choy KL, Wheatley R
5891 - 5899 Effect of the binary nonoxide additives on the densification behavior and thermal conductivity of Si(3)N(4)ceramics
Wang WD, Yao DX, Liang HQ, Xia YF, Zuo KH, Yin JW, Zeng YP
5900 - 5913 Influence of grain boundary and grain size on the mechanical properties of polycrystalline ceramics: Grain-scale simulations
Gong ZY, Zhao W, Guan K, Rao PG, Zeng QF, Liu JT, Feng ZA
5914 - 5926 Temperature stability of a pure metakaolin based K-geopolymer: Part 1. Variations in the amorphous mineral network
Gomes S, Petit E, Frezet L, Thirouard R, Taviot-Gueho C, Gharzouni A, Rossignol S, Renaudin G
5927 - 5938 Effect of alcohol leachable chloride on strength of magnesium oxychloride cement
Huang TJ, Yu C, Yuan Q, Liu ZQ, Deng DH
5939 - 5951 Mechanical and thermal properties of light weight boron-mullite Al5BO9
Ren YX, Dai FZ, Xiang HM, Wang XH, Sun LC, Zhou YN
5952 - 5965 Compressive creep of SiC whisker/Ti(3)SiC(2)composites at high temperature in air
Dash A, Malzbender J, Dash K, Rasinski M, Vassen R, Guillon O, Gonzalez-Julian J
5966 - 5977 Synthesis of high-surface area mesoporous SiC with hierarchical porosity for use as catalyst support
Ortega-Trigueros A, Narciso J, Caccia M
5978 - 5989 Thermally grown oxide in water vapor on coated and uncoated SiC
Kowalski B, Harder B
5990 - 5998 The sound absorption performance of the highly porous silica ceramics prepared using freeze casting method
Du ZP, Yao DX, Xia YF, Zuo KH, Yin JW, Liang HQ, Zeng YP
5999 - 6011 The effect of layer thickness on adsorption and catalytic activity of sandwich-like ceramics
Mikhaylov VI, Krivoshapkina EF, Istomina EI, Nazarova EA, Krivoshapkin PV
6012 - 6024 Selective elemental concentration during the solidification of stainless steel slags for increased Cr recovery with MnO addition
Wang ZJ, Sohn I
6025 - 6039 The effects of (di-,tri-valent)-cation partitioning and intercalant anion-type on the solubility of hydrotalcites
Prentice DP, Gomez-Zamorano L, Balonis M, Erdemli B, Ellison K, Neithalath N, Simonetti D, Sant G
6040 - 6049 Influence of multi-step sintering on microstructural evolution and interfacial characteristics of Mo2FeB2-based cermets
Wu H, Zheng Y, Zhang JJ, Zhang GT, Ke Z, Xu XY, Lu XP