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Journal of the American Ceramic Society, Vol.103, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0002-7820 (Print) 

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5 - 22 Analyzing the grain-boundary resistance of oxide-ion conducting electrolytes: Poisson-Cahn vs Poisson-Boltzmann theories
Tong XR, Mebane DS, De Souza RA
23 - 27 A new method for solid-state diffusion of boron atoms into powders of a multicomponent carbide
Zeng Y, Lun HL, Xiong X, Ye ZM, Qian TX, Sun W, Wang YL, Chen ZK
28 - 34 Relaxor behavior and photocatalytic properties of BaBi2Nb2O9
Qi WZ, Wang YQ, Wu JY, Hu ZM, Jia CL, Viola G, Zhang HT, Yan HX
35 - 42 Insights into the direct formation of [Ca24Al28O64](4+)(4e(-)) and its electrical characterization
Li F, Zhang X, Liu HL
43 - 47 Fabrication of porous thick films using room-temperature aerosol deposition
Khansur NH, Eckstein U, Sadl M, Ursic H, Webber KG
48 - 53 Novel thermal-sensitive properties of NBT-BZT composite ceramics for high-temperature NTC thermistors
Liu T, Zhang HM, Zhou JY, Chang AM, Jiang H
54 - 59 Room temperature impact-induced deposition of pure SiC coating layer by vacuum kinetic spraying
Kim KS, Lee KA
60 - 69 Pressureless low temperature sintering of nanocrystalline zirconia ceramics via dry powder processing
Drazin JW, Wollmershauser JA, Ryou H, Wolak MA, Gorzkowski EP
70 - 81 The effect of laser sintering on the microstructure, relative density, and cracking of sol-gel-derived silica thin films
Lei JC, Chen J, Hong YZ, Zhang Q, Chen QS, Tong JH, Xiao H, Peng F, Bordia RK
82 - 93 Bonding strength and thermal shock resistance of a novel bilayer (c-AlPO4-SiCw-mullite)/SiC coated carbon fiber reinforced CMCs
Chen PJ, Xiao P, Li Z, Pan L, Li JW, Liu ZY, Pu DM, Li Y
94 - 102 Surface damage and threshold determination of Ge-As-Se glasses in femtosecond pulsed laser micromachining
Ma WQ, Wang LL, Zhang PQ, Xu YS, Zhu L, Xu PP, Chen FF, Dai SX
103 - 111 Improvement of densification and microstructure of HfB2 ceramics by Ta/Ti substitution for Hf
Zhang Y, Tan DW, Guo WM, Wu LX, Sun SK, You Y, Lin HT, Wang CY
112 - 121 The evolution of the mold flux melt structure during the process of fluorine replacement by B2O3
Zhang L, Wang WL, Zhai BY, Sohn I
122 - 135 Combustion synthesis of MgSiN2 powders and Si3N4-MgSiN2 composite powders: Effects of processing parameters
Xu JK, Hu ZL, Han Y, An D, Xie ZP
136 - 144 Processing and properties of Bi0.98R0.02FeO3 (R = La, Sm, Y) ceramics flash sintered at similar to 650 degrees C in <5 s
Gil-Gonzalez E, Perejon A, Sanchez-Jimenez PE, Raj R, Perez-Maqueda LA
145 - 157 Nickel-containing magnetoceramics from water vapor-assisted pyrolysis of polysiloxane and nickel 2,4-pentanedionate
Yang N, Gao M, Li JF, Lu K
158 - 166 Application of fiber optic reflectance spectroscopy for the detection of historical glass deterioration
Zaleski S, Montagnino E, Brostoff L, Muller I, Buechele A, Ward-Bamford CL, France F, Loew M
167 - 175 Novel gallate-based oxide and oxyfluoride glasses with wide transparency, high refractive indices, and low dispersions
Chung J, Watanabe Y, Yananba Y, Nakatsuka Y, Inoue H
176 - 182 Liquid and amorphous states of boron subarsenide
Durandurdu M
183 - 192 Controllable ultra-broadband visible and near-infrared photoemissions in Bi-doped germanium-borate glasses
Liu XY, Cheng CM, Li XM, Jiao Q, Dai SX
193 - 201 Significantly enhanced pyroelectric performance in novel sodium niobate-based lead-free ceramics by compositional tuning
Zhou MX, Liang RH, Zhou ZY, Dong XL
202 - 213 Site occupancy and enhanced luminescence of broadband NIR gallogermanate phosphors by energy transfer
Gao TY, Zhuang WD, Liu RH, Liu YH, Yan CP, Tian J, Chen G, Chen X, Zheng YH, Wang LG
214 - 223 Crystal structure and enhanced microwave dielectric properties of Ta5+ substituted Li3Mg2NbO6 ceramics
Wang G, Zhang DN, Huang X, Rao YH, Yang Y, Gan GW, Lai YM, Xu F, Li J, Liao YL, Liu C, Jin LC, Harris VG, Zhang HW
224 - 234 Fabrication, microstructure, and optical properties of Yb:Y3ScAl4O12 transparent ceramics with different doping levels
Peng YG, Toci G, Pirri A, Patrizi B, Hu ZW, Wei JB, Pan HM, Zhang X, Li XY, Su S, Vannini M, Li J
235 - 248 On comparison of luminescence properties of La2Zr2O7 and La2Hf2O7 nanoparticles
Gupta SK, Abdou M, Ghosh PS, Zuniga JP, Manoharan E, Kim H, Mao YB
249 - 257 Heterogeneous multilayer dielectric ceramics enabled by ultralow-temperature self-constrained sintering
Hao JY, Yao FZ, Yuan QB, Xu XW, Yao B, Dong JF, Guo J, Wang H
258 - 265 SrAl12O19: Fe3+ @3-aminopropyl triethoxysilane: Ambient aqueous stable near-infrared persistent luminescent nanocomposites
Kang R, Dou XJ, Lian HW, Li Y
266 - 278 The structure and electrical properties of Ca-0.6(Li0.5Bi0.5-xPrx)(0.4)Bi2Nb2O9 high-temperature piezoelectric ceramics
Wang D, Xu YG, Shi YL, Wang HL, Wu XJ, Wu C, Zhu JG, Chen Q
279 - 286 Synthesis and luminescence characterization of Pr3+, Gd3+ co-doped SrF2 transparent ceramics
Yi GQ, Mei BC, Li WW, Song JH, Liu ZD, Zhou ZW, Su LB
287 - 296 Dielectric and structural studies of ferroelectric phase evolution in dipole-pair substituted barium titanate ceramics
Veerapandiyan VK, Deluca M, Misture ST, Schulze WA, Pilgrim SM, Tidrow SC
297 - 303 Structural environment of chloride ion-conducting solids based on lanthanum oxychloride
Nunotani N, Bin Misran MRI, Inada M, Uchiyama T, Uchimoto Y, Imanaka N
304 - 314 The role of diffusion behavior on the formation and evolution of the core-shell structure in BaTiO3-based ceramics
Chen C, Hao H, Cui JJ, Yu C, Tang YF, Cao MH, Yao ZH, Wan BQ, Liu HX
315 - 323 Trap distribution and photo-stimulated luminescence in LaSrAl3O7:Eu2+ long-lasting phosphors for optical data storage
Wang B, Wang HW, Huang JH, Zhou JGO, Liu PF
324 - 334 Phase stability and magnetic properties of SrFe18O27 W-type hexagonal ferrite
Reimann T, Schmidt T, Topfer J
335 - 345 Warm white light emitting from single composition SrGa12O19:Dy3+ phosphors for AC-LED
Lai JA, Long ZW, Qiu JB, Zhou DC, Zhou JH, Zhu CC, Hu SH, Zhang K, Wang Q
346 - 355 Electrochemical and structural influence on BaZr0.8Y0.2O3-delta from manganese, cobalt, and iron oxide additives
Han DL, Otani Y, Goto K, Uemura S, Majima M, Uda T
356 - 366 Solvothermal synthesis of columnar Gd2O2S:Eu3+ and a comparative study with columnar Gd2O3:Eu3+
Qian BF, Wang D, Wang HY, Zou HF, Song YH, Zhou XQ, Sheng Y
367 - 373 Enhanced red photoluminescence in a nanocomposite thin film composed of Bi3.6Eu0.4Ti3O12 and Au-decorated ZnO nanorods
Zhang Y, Su L, Wang HJ, Yu W
374 - 381 Excellent thermal stability and aging behaviors in BiFeO3-BaTiO3 piezoelectric ceramics with rhombohedral phase
Chen JG, Cheng JR, Guo JL, Cheng ZX, Wang JL, Liu HB, Zhang SJ
382 - 390 Synthesis and optical properties of novel mixed-metal cation CsPb1-xTixBr3-based perovskite glasses for W-LED
Shen LL, Zhang ZL, Zhao Y, Yang HS, Yuan L, Chen Y, Xiang WD, Liang XJ
391 - 402 Vacancy- and doping-dependent electronic and magnetic properties of monolayer SnS2
Ullah H, Noor-A-Alam M, Shin YH
403 - 411 Negative permittivity in titanium nitride-alumina composite for functionalized structural ceramics
Fan GH, Zhao YP, Xin JH, Zhang ZD, Xie PT, Cheng CB, Qu YP, Liu Y, Sun K, Fan RH
412 - 422 BNT-based ferroelectric ceramics: Electrical properties modification by Ta2O5 oxide addition
Han JH, Yin J, Wu JG
423 - 431 Microwave dielectric properties of temperature-stable zircon-type (Bi, Ce)VO4 solid solution ceramics
Guo HH, Zhou D, Liu WF, Pang LX, Wang DW, Su JZ, Qi ZM
432 - 443 Green to red and NIR tunable luminescence in heavily Er3+-doped tellurite glasses via selective energy transfer mechanism
Wang WR, Yu GL, Wang RB, Jiang C
444 - 453 Defect engineering electrical properties of lead-free potassium sodium niobate-based ceramics
Li RC, Sun XX, Zheng T, Wu JG
454 - 464 Flux-mediated synthesis and photocatalytic activity of NaNbO3 particles
Hamilton AM, O'Donnell S, Zoellner B, Sullivan I, Maggard PA
465 - 479 Residual stress effect on the fracture toughness of lithium disilicate glass-ceramics
Villas-Boas MOC, Serbena FC, Soares VO, Mathias I, Zanotto ED
480 - 490 Machine learning can predict setting behavior and strength evolution of hydrating cement systems
Oey T, Jones S, Bullard JW, Sant G
491 - 499 Elastic properties and fracture toughness of SiOC-based glass-ceramic nanocomposites
To T, Stabler C, Ionescu E, Riedel R, Celarie F, Rouxel T
500 - 507 High-temperature oxidation behavior of (Hf0.2Zr0.2Ta0.2Nb0.2Ti0.2)C high-entropy ceramics in air
Ye BL, Wen TQ, Chu YH
508 - 519 Nowotny phase Mo3+2xSi3C0.6 dispersed in a porous SiC/C matrix: A novel catalyst for hydrogen evolution reaction
Feng Y, Yu ZJ, Schuch J, Tao SS, Wiehl L, Fasel C, Jaegermann W, Riedel R
520 - 530 Reactive, nonreactive, and flash spark plasma sintering of Al2O3/SiC composites-A comparative study
Torosyan KS, Sedegov AS, Kuskov KV, Abedi M, Arkhipov DI, Kiryukhantsev-Korneev PV, Vorotilo S, Moskovskikh DO, Mukasyan AS
531 - 540 Thermal expansion mechanism of cordierite with titanium or germanium doping based on ab initio molecular dynamics simulation
Bai SD, Nakata H
541 - 557 Nanolayered attributes of calcium-silicate-hydrate gels
Masoumi S, Ebrahimi D, Valipour H, Qomi MJA
558 - 568 Examination of gamma-irradiated calcium silicate hydrates. Part I: Chemical-structural properties
Rodriguez ET, Hunnicutt WA, Mondal P, Le Pape Y
569 - 576 High-entropy, phase-constrained, lanthanide sesquioxide
Tseng KP, Yang Q, McCormack SJ, Kriven WM
577 - 588 Correlative models for perovskites with rock salt B-site ordering
Smith E, Adams C, Ubic R
589 - 596 Element-specific displacements in defect-enriched TiO2: Indication of a flash sintering mechanism
Jongmanns M, Wolf DE
597 - 603 Rapid synthesis of Gd2Zr2O7 glass-ceramics using spark plasma sintering
Shu XY, Chen SZ, Hou CX, Xie Y, Zhang HB, Li BS, Yang YS, Wang XQ, Li LY, Lu XR
604 - 613 Bioinspired multilevel interconnected networks with porous multiwalled nanotubes built by heterogeneous nanocrystallites
Chen SK, Yang CZ, Wu LL, Su HL, Zhu YF, Li GY, Song F, Zhang W, Gu JJ, Liu QL
614 - 621 Effect of La2O3 on the oxidation resistance of SiC ceramic at 1973 K: Experimental and theoretical study
Xie W, Fu QG, Cheng CY, Zhang GP, Yan NN, Wang ZW
622 - 634 Effects of crystal structure and cation size on molten silicate reactivity with environmental barrier coating materials
Stokes JL, Harder BJ, Wiesner VL, Wolfe DE
635 - 644 Atomic occupancy mechanism in brownmillerite Ca2FeAlO5 from a thermodynamic perspective
Tao Y, Zhang WQ, Li N, Wang FZ, Hu SG
645 - 655 Composition-dependent intrinsic defect structures in pyroclore RE2B2O7 (RE = La, Nd, Gd; B = Sn, Hf, Zr)
Yang L, Wang PY, Zhang CG, Liu YC, Cui YY, Zhang LM, Liu B
656 - 669 Design of carbonated r-MgO-PC binder system: Effect of r-MgO replacement level and water-to-binder ratio
Zhang RX, Panesar DK
670 - 680 Determination of interdiffusion coefficients of Si and Al in Ti3SiC2-Ti3AlC2 diffusion couple at 1373-1673 K
Zhang ZR, Yin XH, Qian YH, Xu JJ, Zuo J, Li MS
681 - 691 New insight into design of highly ordered calcium silicate hydrate with graphene oxide
Yao S, Zou FB, Hu CL, Wang FZ, Hu SG
692 - 694 Comment to "Continuous-wave laser irradiation to form Cd1-xZnxSe shell on CdSe QDs in silicate glasses" (J. Amer. Ceram. Soc. 102, 4555-4561 (2019))
Azhniuk YM, Gomonnai AV, Lopushansky VV, Zahn DRT
695 - 695 Reply to the comments on "Continuous-wave laser irradiation to form Cd1-xZnxSe shell on CdSe QDs in silicate glasses"
Lee H, Park WJ, Heo J