Journal of the American Ceramic Society

Journal of the American Ceramic Society, Vol.102, No.7 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0002-7820 (Print) 

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3809 - 3813 Electric field tuning of magnetization in an antiferroelectric-based heterostructure: Example of NMG/PLZST/NMG
Han LY, Ponchel F, Tiercelin N, Remiens D, Lasri T, Pernod P, Wang GS
3814 - 3818 Synthesis of nanostructured ThO2 pellets
De Bona E, Walter O, Stormer H, Wiss T, Baldinozzi G, Cologna M, Popa K
3819 - 3822 A novel lead-free bismuth magnesium titanate thin films for energy storage applications
Xie J, Yao ZH, Hao H, Xie YJ, Li ZX, Liu HX, Cao MH
3823 - 3828 Ca5Ga6O14:Eu3+: A novel phosphor with outstanding heat resistance for white light-emitting diodes
Liu ZC, Shen CY, Yuan L, Chen Y, Shen LL, He ML, Yuan RR, Liang XJ, Liu JP, Xiang WD
3829 - 3835 Phase stability of rare earth sesquioxides with grain size controlled in the nanoscale
Kimmel G, Shneck RZ, Lojkowski W, Porat Z, Chudoba T, Mogilyanski D, Gierlotka S, Ezersky V, Zabicky J
3836 - 3842 Quantum chemical calculations of the thermochemistry of tantalum oxyhydroxide species
Bauschlicher CW, Jacobson NS, Myers DL
3843 - 3848 Strength retention in hot-pressed ZrB2-SiC composite after thermal cycling exposure in air at 1200 and 1400 degrees C
Guo SQ
3849 - 3853 Improvement of quality factor of SrTiO3 dielectric ceramics with high dielectric constant using Sm2O3
Luo T, Shan XX, Zhao JW, Feng HH, Zhang Q, Yu HT, Liu JS
3854 - 3859 Large-scale growth of patterned SiC nanowire arrays and their field emission performance
Yang WY, Wang W, Xie CX
3860 - 3869 Monolithic silicon carbide with interconnected and hierarchical pores fabricated by reaction-induced phase separation
Zhang BX, Zhang YB, Luo ZH, Han WJ, Qiu WF, Zhao T
3870 - 3878 Influence of Ba2+ consumption and intermediate dwelling during processing of YBa2Cu3O7 nanocomposite films
Rijckaert H, Hanisch J, Pollefeyt G, Backer M, Van Driessche I
3879 - 3886 Production and characterization of durable self-cleaning and engineering porous Al2O3/CaAl12O19 ceramic membranes
Dong BB, Yang MY, Wang FH, Wang JW, Hao LY, Xu X, Wang G, Agathopoulos S
3887 - 3896 Revisiting aqueous alkaline silicates as precursors for sol-gel optical coatings
Jaffres A, Boudot M, Chevalier S, Mohammedi R, Maron S, Devys L, Gacoin T
3897 - 3907 Facial synthesis of a novel Ag4V2O7/g-C3N4 heterostructure with highly efficient photoactivity
Zhang TT, Zhao DF, Wang Y, Chang YK, Zhang DF, Tang YX, Pu XP, Shao X
3908 - 3922 Correlation of exfoliation performance with interlayer cations of montmorillonite in the preparation of two-dimensional nanosheets
Bai HY, Zhao YL, Zhang X, Wang W, Zhang TT, Liu C, Yi H, Song SX
3923 - 3931 Effects of sintering process on the structural, dielectric, and optical absorption properties of KNbO3-based ceramics
Gennari RC, Lang R, Eiras JA, Lente MH
3932 - 3939 ZnO-activated formation of phase pure perovskite Pb(In1/2Nb1/2)O-3-Pb(Zn1/3Nb2/3)O-3-PbTiO3 powder
Brova MJ, Watson BH, Kupp ER, Fanton MA, Meyer RJ, Messing GL
3940 - 3950 Kinetics of pore formation and resulting properties of lightweight inorganic polymers
Denissen J, Kriskova L, Pontikes Y
3951 - 3964 Linking fresh paste microstructure, rheology and extrusion characteristics of cementitious binders for 3D printing
Nair SAO, Alghamdi H, Arora A, Mehdipour I, Sant G, Neithalath N
3965 - 3971 Transparent niobate glass-ceramics for optical limiting
Shi Z, Dong NN, Zhang DF, Jiang XF, Du GX, Lv SC, Chen JJ, Wang J, Zhou SF
3972 - 3979 Solution electrowriting of highly stable TiN nanofiber pattern for transparent electrode under extreme environment
Hu SY, Chen T, Liang JY, Zhou HM, Li DQ, Li HP, Yan YW
3980 - 3989 Structure development and dielectric properties of Zn-doped Pb([Mg,Fe],W)O-3 perovskite ceramics
Lee WJ, Kim NK
3990 - 3999 Enhanced pyroelectric properties of lead-free BNT-BA-KNN ceramics for thermal energy harvesting
Shen M, Qin YF, Zhang YJ, Marwat MA, Zhang C, Wang WQ, Li MY, Zhang HB, Zhang GZ, Jiang SL
4000 - 4013 A multifunctional Ag/TiO2/reduced graphene oxide with optimal surface-enhanced Raman scattering and photocatalysis
Wang YF, Zhang M, Fang LL, Yang HC, Zuo Y, Gao J, He G, Sun ZQ
4014 - 4020 Preparation of ultra-low temperature sintering ceramics with ultralow dielectric loss in Na2O-WO3 binary system
Yuan XF, Xue X, Wang H
4021 - 4028 Pressure-induced phase transitions in PZ-xBMN binary solid solutions
Nie HC, Su RG, Peng P, Cao F, Liu YS, He HL, Wang GS, Dong XL
4029 - 4037 Stabilizing temperature-capacitance dependence of (Sr, Pb, Bi)TiO3-Bi4Ti3O12 solutions for energy storage
Wang DB, Liu JS, Zeng MS, Zhang CM, Li HQ, Yu HT, Yuan Y, Zhang SR
4038 - 4047 Impedance spectroscopy and conduction mechanism of magnetoelectric hexaferrite BaFe10.2Sc1.8O19
Zhu QS, Tang RJ, Zhou H, Wang Y, Xu SC, Zhang JM, Jiang CJ, Su XD, Yang H
4048 - 4055 Enhanced dielectric and microwave absorption properties of LiCoO2 powders by magnesium doping in the X-band
Yang MH, Zhou WC, Luo F, Zhu DM
4056 - 4066 Study of Pb(Zr0.52Ti0.48)O-3 microelectromechanical system piezoelectric accelerometers for health monitoring of mechanical motors
Tsai CC, Chien YC, Hong CS, Chu SY, Wei CL, Liu YH, Kao HY
4067 - 4081 Dilute magnetic semiconductor of ZnCoSe thin films: Structural, optical, and magnetic characteristics
Shaaban ER, Mahasen MM, Soraya MM, Yousef E, Mahmoud SA, Ali GAM, Elshaikh HA
4082 - 4091 Enhanced piezoelectric properties of Sr-(1.7)(Na0.5Bi0.5)(0.3)Bi4Ti5O18 ceramics in the system Sr(2-x)(Na0.5Bi0.5)(x)Bi4Ti5O18 (where 0 x 0.5)
Shet T, Bhimireddi R, Varma KBR
4092 - 4102 Crystal structure and microwave dielectric properties of La-2(Zr1-xTix)(3)(MoO4)(9) (0 x 0.1) ceramics
Zhang YH, Wu HT
4103 - 4112 Dielectric relaxation properties of [001](c)-, [011](c)-, and [111](c)-oriented 0.24PIN-0.47PMN-0.29PT single crystals
Qi XD, Sun EW, Li K, Li SY, Zhang R, Yang B, Cao WW
4113 - 4126 Large strain under low driving field in lead-free relaxor/ferroelectric composite ceramics
Fan PY, Zhang YY, Zhu YW, Ma WG, Liu K, He XT, Marwat MA, Xie B, Li M, Zhang HB
4127 - 4135 Crystal structure, densification, and microwave dielectric properties of Li3Mg2(Nb(1-x)Mox)O6+x/2 (0 x0.08) ceramics
Zhang P, Sun KX, Xiao M, Zheng ZT
4136 - 4151 Computational modeling of grain boundary electrostatic effect in polycrystalline SrTiO3 thin film
Cao Y, Wang JJ, Chen LQ
4152 - 4160 Structural and optical properties of 2D Ruddlesden-Popper perovskite (BA)(2)(FA)(n-1)PbnI3n+1 compounds for photovoltaic applications
Lan CF, Liang GX, Zhao S, Fan B, Lan HB, Peng HX, Sun HB, Zhang DP, Luo JT, Fan P
4161 - 4169 Improved quantum efficiency of Sr(Al,Si)(5)(O,N)(7):Ce3+ by selection of Ce raw material
Fukuda Y, Albessard AK, Mitsuishi I
4170 - 4177 Effects of Cu-Zn phases on electronic properties in ZnO:Cu films
Gao Y, Li GJ, Liu SY, Chang L, Wang Z, Wang Q
4178 - 4187 Multifunctional BaTiO3-(Bi0.5Na0.5)TiO3-based MLCC with high-energy storage properties and temperature stability
Chen LL, Wang HX, Zhao PY, Zhu CQ, Cai ZM, Cen ZY, Li LT, Wang XH
4188 - 4199 Infrared-to-ultraviolet light-absorbing BaTiO3-based ferroelectric photovoltaic materials
Wu LY, Akbashev AR, Podpirka AA, Spanier JE, Davies PK
4200 - 4212 Preparation and photoluminescence enhancement of Au nanoparticles with ultra-broad plasmonic absorption in glasses
Yu CY, Yang ZW, Zhao JY, Huang AJ, Qiu JB, Song ZG, Zhou DC, Liu BT
4213 - 4225 A novel Nd3+-doped MgO-Al2O3-SiO2-based transparent glass-ceramics: Toward excellent fluorescence properties
Han L, Li C, Lin CW, Liu JL, Wu JQ, Gui H, Zhang Q, Luo ZW, Liu TY, Lu AX
4226 - 4235 Tunable photoluminescence of apatite phosphor Ca5.95-xSrxLa4(SiO4)(2)(PO4)(4)O-2:0.05Eu(2+) and its application in light-emitting diodes
Yu HJ, Xia YF, Liu YG, Wang BC, Huang ZH, Fang MH
4236 - 4246 Electrochemically assisted room-temperature crack healing of ceramic-based composites
Shi SF, Goto T, Cho S, Sekino T
4247 - 4258 Laser ablation behaviors of vacuum plasma sprayed ZrC-based coatings
Liu T, Niu YR, Pan XH, Shi MH, Zheng XB, Yu JD, Ding CX
4259 - 4271 Fracture and property relationships in the double diboride ceramic composites by spark plasma sintering of TiB2 and NbB2
Demirskyi D, Solodkyi I, Nishimura T, Vasylkiv OO
4272 - 4284 Chemical equilibrium analysis of silicon carbide oxidation in oxygen and air
Chen SY, Boyd ID
4285 - 4295 Prediction of solid solution characteristics of MC (M = Zr, Nb, and Ta) in TiC lattice using phase stability diagrams
Kwon H, Moon A, Kim J
4296 - 4305 Dual-grained (Ti, W)C-Ni cermets by two-step carbonization: Hot isotropic press sintering of NiTiW alloys and colloidal graphite
Xiong HW, Wen Y, Li ZY, Zhou KC
4306 - 4313 Orientation dependence of electric field induced phase transitions in lead-free (Na0.5Bi0.5)TiO3-based single crystals
Chen C, Wang YJ, Jiang XP, Tu N, Chen YJ, Zhou SL, Xia X, Shen ZY, Luo HS
4314 - 4324 Compositional control of radionuclide retention in hollandite-based ceramic waste forms for Cs-immobilization
Zhao MY, Xu Y, Shuller-Nickles L, Amoroso J, Frenkel AI, Li YY, Gong WP, Lilova K, Navrotsky A, Brinkman KS
4325 - 4332 Synthesis of mesoporous strontium titanate by molten salt assisted template-free method
Yu H, Zhao YC, Yan SC, Zhou P
4333 - 4343 Temperature-driven wear behavior of Si3N4-based ceramic reinforced by in situ formed TiC0.3N0.7 particles
Liu JJ, Yang J, Zhu SY, Cheng J, Yu Y, Qiao ZH, Liu WM
4344 - 4352 First-principles study, fabrication, and characterization of (Hf0.2Zr0.2Ta0.2Nb0.2Ti0.2)C high-entropy ceramic
Ye BL, Wen TQ, Huang KH, Wang CZ, Chu YH
4353 - 4366 Local structural changes due to the electric field-induced migration of oxygen vacancies at Fe-doped SrTiO3 interfaces
Ascienzo D, Kurt O, Greenbaum S, Bayer TJM, Russell M, Wang JJ, Randall CA, Ren YH
4367 - 4375 Designing zinc oxide nanostructures (nanoworms, nanoflowers, nanowalls, and nanorods) by pulsed laser ablation technique for gas-sensing application
Labis JP, Al-Anazi AQ, Al-Brithen HA, Hezam M, Alduraibi MA, Algarni A, Alharbi AA, Al-Awadi AS, Khan A, El-Toni AM
4376 - 4387 Hydration of calcium aluminates at 60 degrees C - Development paths of C(2)AH(x) in dependence on the content of free water
Hueller F, Neubauer J, Kaessner S, Goetz-Neunhoeffer F