Journal of the American Ceramic Society

Journal of the American Ceramic Society, Vol.102, No.6 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0002-7820 (Print) 

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3037 - 3062 Structure and composition of surface depletion layers in poled aluminosilicate glasses
Smith NJ, Regier T, Dutta I
3063 - 3069 Flash sintering of ceramic films: The influence of surface to volume ratio
Avila V, Raj R
3070 - 3075 Catalytic synthesis of SiC nanowires in an open system
Kao KC, Jiang M, Ding LJ, Lin WX, Chen JJ
3076 - 3080 Robust hydrophobicity and evaporation inertness of rare-earth monosilicates in hot steam at very high temperature
Tian ZL, Zhang J, Sun LC, Zheng LY, Wang JY
3081 - 3084 Gel-casting of MgAl2O4 transparent ceramics using a common dispersant
Liu MQ, Shimai SZ, Zhao J, Zhang J, Han D, Li Y, Liu J, Wang SW
3085 - 3089 A low frequency lead-free piezoelectric energy harvester with high-power density
Yan XD, Zheng MP, Zhu MK, Hou YD
3090 - 3096 Strong ZrC ceramics at high temperatures with the addition of W
Shen YB, Wang XG, Zhang GJ, Xue JX, Li Q, Jiang DY
3097 - 3102 Fabrication and properties of Co:MgAl2O4 transparent ceramics for a saturable absorber from coprecipitated nanopowder
Liu Q, Su S, Hu ZW, Chen XP, Xie TF, Yang ZX, Pan HM, Liu X, Li J
3103 - 3109 The spectra analysis and microwave dielectric properties of [Ca-0.55(Sm1-xBix)(0.3)]MoO4 ceramics
Hao SZ, Zhou D, Pang LX
3110 - 3116 On the synchronicity of flash sintering and phase transformation
Yoon B, Yadav D, Ghose S, Sarin P, Raj R
3117 - 3122 Defect dipole evolution and its impact on the ferroelectric properties of Fe-doped KTN single crystals
Cao XL, Tian H, Hu CP, Huang F, Wang Y, Sun XD, Zhou ZX
3123 - 3128 Incipient formation of zircon and hafnon during glass alteration at 90 degrees C
Calas G, Galoisy L, Menguy N, Jollivet P, Gin S
3129 - 3140 Surface shape development of the pitch lap under the loading of the conditioner in continuous polishing process
Liao DF, Xie RQ, Zhao SJ, Ren LL, Zhang FH, Wang J, Xu Q
3141 - 3151 Nanoplastic removal function and the mechanical nature of colloidal silica slurry polishing
Shen N, Feigenbaum E, Suratwala T, Steele W, Wong LN, Feit MD, Miller PE
3152 - 3162 Hydration of C3S in presence of CA: Mineral-pore solution interaction
Nehring J, Jansen D, Neubauer J, Goetz-Neunhoeffer F
3163 - 3174 Increased UV absorption properties of natural hydroxyapatite-based sunscreen through laser ablation modification in liquid
Piccirillo C, Fernandez-Arias M, Boutinguiza M, Tobaldi DM, del Val J, Pintado MM, Pou J
3175 - 3190 Sodium silicate activated slag-fly ash binders: Part IIIComposition of soft gel and calorimetry
Sankar K, Stynoski P, Kriven WM
3191 - 3203 Direct ink writing of macroporous lead-free piezoelectric Ba0.85Ca0.15Zr0.1Ti0.9O3
Nan B, Olhero S, Pinho R, Vilarinho PM, Button TW, Ferreira JMF
3204 - 3227 Slag-fly ash and slag-metakaolin binders: Part IIProperties of precursors and NMR study of poorly ordered phases
Sankar K, Sutrisno A, Kriven WM
3228 - 3235 Ambient pressure synthesis of La2LiHO3 as a solid electrolyte for a hydrogen electrochemical cell
Matsui N, Kobayashi G, Suzuki K, Watanabe A, Kubota A, Iwasaki Y, Yonemura M, Hirayama M, Kanno R
3236 - 3243 Stabilization of cubic phase in scandium-doped zirconia nanocrystals synthesized with sol-gel method
Sobolev A, Musin A, Whyman G, Borodianskiy K, Krichevski O, Kalashnikov A, Zinigrad M
3244 - 3255 First printing of continuous fibers into ceramics
Mei H, Yan Y, Feng LP, Dassios KG, Zhang H, Cheng LF
3256 - 3268 New liquid processing of oxide/oxide 3D wowen ceramic matrix composites
Scola A, Eberling-Fux N, Turenne S, Ruiz E
3269 - 3285 Effect of MgO calcination temperature on the reaction products and kinetics of MgO-SiO2-H2O system
Li ZH, Xu YD, Zhang TS, Hu J, Wei J, Yu Q
3286 - 3295 In situ hot-pressed ZrB2-based composite with polycarbosilane-derived SiC: Microstructure and mechanical behavior
Guo SQ
3296 - 3306 A low temperature approach for photo/cathodoluminescent Gd2O2S:Tb (GOS:Tb) nanophosphors
Wang XJ, Meng QH, Li MT, Wang XJ, Wang ZH, Zhu Q, Li JG
3307 - 3317 Self-assembly of alpha-MoO3 flower as a highly effective organics adsorbent for water purification
Zhang DD, Li J, Liang JY, Li H, Yan YW
3318 - 3328 Effect of Ti addition on the wetting and brazing of Sn0.3Ag0.7Cu filler on SiC ceramic
Li MM, Song X, Hu SP, Chen ZB, Song YY, Niu CN
3329 - 3340 Reduction in internal friction in silica glass with high OH content
Lunin BS, Tokmakov KV
3341 - 3353 Interdiffusion between silica thin films and soda-lime glass substrate during annealing at high temperature
Fonne JT, Burov E, Gouillart E, Grachev S, Montigaud H, Vandembroucq D
3354 - 3367 The effect of TiO2 additions on CaO-MgO-Al2O3-SiO2 (CMAS) crystallization behavior from the melt
Webster RI, Opila EJ
3368 - 3377 Photodarkening and anti-Stokes photoluminescence from PbSe and Sr2+-doped PbSe quantum dots in silicate glasses
Zhang W, Wang J, Liu C, Han JJ
3378 - 3390 Antibacterial and photocatalytic active transparent TiO2 crystallized CaO-BaO-B2O3-Al2O3-TiO2-ZnO glass nanocomposites
Singh G, Kumar S, Sharma SK, Sharma M, Singh VP, Vaish R
3391 - 3401 Energy transfer process and temperature-dependent photoluminescence of PbS quantum dot-doped glasses
Huang XJ, Peng ZX, Guo QY, Song XQ, Qiu JR, Dong GP
3402 - 3410 Solvent-assisted ball milling for synthesizing solid electrolyte Li7P3S11
Xue B, Fan B, Li B, Chen L, Wang F, Luo ZK, Zhang XH, Ma HL
3411 - 3425 Thermal and crystallization behavior of SiO2-PbF2 glass system in the presence of ErF3 and Al2O3
Ahmadi PT, Yekta BE, Mohammadi H, Golestani-Fard F
3426 - 3431 Kinetics of ion-exchange-induced vitrification of glass-ceramics
Lipovskii AA, Redkov AV, Rtischeva AA, Tagantsev DK, Zhurikhina VV
3432 - 3437 Thermally stimulated depolarization current properties of Co4Nb2O9 ceramics
Xie YM, Zang H, Ceng WD, Wang CC
3438 - 3447 Energy storage properties in Ba5LaTi3Ta7O30 tungsten bronze ceramics
Zhu XL, Zhuang KY, Wu SY, Chen XM
3448 - 3456 Anomalous photovoltaic effect in Bi(Ni2/3Ta1/3)O-3-PbTiO3 ferroelectric solid solutions
Pang DF, Liu XT, He X, Chen C, Zheng J, Yi ZG
3457 - 3467 A broadband-sensitive upconverter: Garnet-type Ca3Ga2Ge3O12 codoped with Er3+, Y3+, Li+, Ni2+, and Nb5+
Takeda Y, Mizuno S, Luitel HN, Tani T
3468 - 3476 Solid-state synthesis and characterization of cobalt blue core-shell pigment particles
Yoneda M, Gotoh K, Nakanishi M, Fujii T, Konishi Y, Nomura T
3477 - 3487 Composition-driven broad phase boundary for optimizing properties and stability in lead-free barium titanate ceramics
Zhao CL, Wu B, Wu JG
3488 - 3497 Toward temperature-dependent Bi3+-related tunable emission in the YVO4:Bi3+ phosphor
Xie W, Tian CX, Lyu FC, Wang ZS, Zou CW, Kang FW, Dong HF, Sun GH
3498 - 3509 Simultaneous realization of high transparency and piezoelectricity in low symmetry KNN-based ceramics
Zhao XM, Chao XL, Wu D, Liang PF, Yang ZP
3510 - 3516 Dy3+-doped Y3Al5O12 transparent ceramic for high efficiency ultraviolet excited single-phase white-emitting phosphor
Zheng RL, Ding JY, Zhang Q, Li BB, Wang ZY, Liu CX, Lv P, Yu KH, Wei W
3517 - 3524 A novel Li2CaSi2N4:Eu2+ orange-red phosphor for field-emission displays
Wu QS, He ZY, Zhang HQ, Chen HD, Zhou JC, Xiong JH, Hu ZB
3525 - 3534 Effect of particle size of as-milled powders on microstructural and magnetic properties of Y3MnxAl0.8-xFe4.2O12 ferrites
Huang CC, Mo CC, Hung YH, Zuo WZ, Huang JY, Hsu HH, Cheng CH
3535 - 3546 Composition dependence of the electro-optic properties of iron-doped lithium niobate crystals mounted as bulk modulator
Danielyan A, Kokanyan N, Kostritskii S, Kokanyan E, Aillerie M
3547 - 3554 Low-frequency dielectric dispersion in polymer-derived amorphous silicon carbonitride ceramics
Ma BS, Cao YJ, Zhu Y, Li XQ, Cheng ZY
3555 - 3566 Synthesis, optical, and magnetic properties of six-layered Aurivillius bismuth ferrititanate
Huang YL, Mi LQ, Qin J, Bi S, Seo HJ
3567 - 3577 Conductivity of iron-doped strontium titanate in the quenched and degraded states
Long DM, Cai BY, Baker JN, Bowes PC, Bayer TJM, Wang JJ, Wang R, Chen LQ, Randall CA, Irving DL, Dickey EC
3578 - 3587 Microstructures and photovoltaic performances of bismuth-ion doped Cu(In,Ga)Se-2 films prepared via sputtering process
Lu CH, Lin SH
3588 - 3597 Phase transition, microstructure and electrical properties of K1-xNaxNbO3-based ceramic sintered in reducing atmosphere
Cen ZY, Zhen YC, Feng W, Chen LL, Zhao PY, Yu Y, Xiao MJ, Li LT, Wang XH
3598 - 3608 Bi0.5K0.5TiO3-CaTiO3 ceramics: Appearance of the pseudocubic structure and ferroelectric-relaxor transition characters
Wei YX, Zhang N, Jin CQ, Zhu WT, Zeng YM, Xu G, Gao L, Jian ZY
3609 - 3622 Modeling the influence of two terminal electrode contact geometry and sample dimensions in electro-materials
Veazey RA, Gandy AS, Sinclair DC, Dean JS
3623 - 3629 Phase structure analysis and pyroelectric energy harvesting performance of Ba(HfxTi1-x)O-3 ceramics
Li MD, Tang XG, Zeng SM, Liu QX, Jiang YP, Zhang TF, Li WH
3630 - 3640 Effect of interphase on mechanical properties and microstructures of 3D C-f/SiBCN composites at elevated temperatures
Ding Q, Ni DW, Wang Z, Kan YM, He P, Zhang XY, Ding YS, Dong SM
3641 - 3652 Fractal characterization of ceramic crack patterns after thermal shocks
Qi F, Meng SH, Song F, Guo H, Xu XH, Shao YF, Chen Y
3653 - 3662 Mechanical and microstructural analysis of geopolymer composites based on metakaolin and recycled silica
Villaquiran-Caicedo MA, de Gutierrez RM
3663 - 3672 Dehydrated Na-6[AlSiO4](6) sodalite as a promising SO2 sorbent material: A first principles thermodynamics prediction
Wang YL, Jiang Y, Hu SL, Peng S, Xu CH, Lu AX
3673 - 3684 Enhanced thermal shock response of Al2O3-graphite composites through a layered architectural design
Song JJ, Yang H, Bermejo R, Qu JM, Hu LT, Zhang YS
3685 - 3694 Fabrication of bulk piezoelectric and dielectric BaTiO3 ceramics using paste extrusion 3D printing technique
Kim H, Renteria-Marquez A, Islam MD, Chavez LA, Rosales CAG, Ahsan MA, Tseng TLB, Love ND, Lin YR
3695 - 3704 Co2P2O7-Ni2P2O7 solid solutions: Structural characterization and color
Tena MA, Mendoza R, Trobajo C, Garcia JR, Garcia-Granda S
3705 - 3714 Corrosion mechanism of lightweight microporous alumina-based refractory by molten steel
Fu LP, Zou YS, Huang A, Gu HZ, Ni HW
3715 - 3727 Phase stability and weak metallic bonding within ternary-layered borides CrAlB, Cr2AlB2, Cr3AlB4, and Cr4AlB6
Bai YL, Qi XX, He XD, Sun DD, Kong FY, Zheng YT, Wang RG, Duff AI
3728 - 3737 Phosphoric acid-modified magnesium oxychloride: Study of water stability, kinetics, and pair distribution function
Gochez R, Chapman KW, Wambaugh J, Kitchens CL
3738 - 3744 Facile synthesis of high surface area molybdenum carbide nanoparticles
Nayak SK, Benavidez AD, Garzon FH
3745 - 3752 Domain epitaxy of crystalline BeO films on GaN and ZnO substrates
Lee SM, Yum JH, Larsen ES, Shervin S, Wang WJ, Ryou JH, Bielawski CW, Lee WC, Kim SK, Oh J
3753 - 3762 Aerogel-like ceramic foams with super-high porosity and nanoscale cell wall from sol nanoparticles stabilized foams
Huo WL, Zhang XY, Hou SY, Chen YG, Wang YL, Yang JL
3763 - 3770 Molten salt synthesis, characterization, and formation mechanism of superfine (HfxZr1-x)B-2 solid-solution powders
Liu D, Wen TQ, Ye BL, Zhou XY, Chu YH
3771 - 3778 Functional phase grading of zeta-Ta4C3-x: Kinetics and properties
Meeks GJ, Cutler RA, Shetty DK
3779 - 3790 Grain growth in strontium titanate in electric fields: The impact of space-charge on the grain-boundary mobility
Rheinheimer W, Parras JP, Preusker JH, De Souza RA, Hoffmann MJ
3791 - 3801 Sintering behavior of bimodal iron nanopowder agglomerates
Song JL, Lee GY, Hong EJ, Lee CS, Lee JS