Journal of the American Ceramic Society

Journal of the American Ceramic Society, Vol.102, No.5 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0002-7820 (Print) 

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2245 - 2250 In situ synthesis of three-dimensional nanofiber-knitted ceramic foams via reactive sintering silicon foams
Huo WL, Zhang XY, Xu J, Hu ZL, Yan S, Gan K, Yang JL
2251 - 2256 Hardness of polycrystalline SiO2 coesite
Kulik E, Nishiyama N, Higo Y, Gaida NA, Katsura T
2257 - 2262 3D printing of dense structural ceramic microcomponents with low cost: Tailoring the sintering kinetics and the microstructure evolution
Liu W, Wu HD, Tian Z, Li YH, Zhao Z, Huang MP, Deng X, Xie ZP, Wu SH
2263 - 2271 A strategy for defects healing in 3D printed ceramic compact via cold isostatic pressing: Sintering kinetic window and microstructure evolution
An D, Liu W, Xie ZP, Li HZ, Luo XD, Wu HD, Huang MP, Liang JW, Tian Z, He RX
2272 - 2277 Low-temperature ultrasound-activated joining of ZrO2 ceramics using Sn-Al-Cu solder
Dong HJ, Li ZL, Song XG, Guo XJ, Luo YX, Bai TS, Wei SJ, Zhao HY, Yan JC, Feng JC
2278 - 2282 Modification of NdNbO4 microwave dielectric ceramic by Bi substitutions
Pang LX, Zhou D
2283 - 2293 Particle atomic layer deposition of alumina for sintering yttria-stabilized cubic zirconia
O'Toole RJ, Bartel CJ, Kodas MU, Horrell AJ, Ricote S, Sullivan NP, Gump CJ, Musgrave CB, Weimer AW
2294 - 2303 Reactive flash sintering: MgO and alpha-Al2O3 transform and sinter into single-phase polycrystals of MgAl2O4
Yoon B, Yadav D, Ghose S, Raj R
2304 - 2315 Microwave heating controlled reactive melt infiltration for graphite-Si-SiC ceramics manufacturing
Cornolti L, Martinelli S, Bianchi G, Ortona A
2316 - 2324 Facile preparation of ultralight polymer-derived SiOCN ceramic aerogels with hierarchical pore structure
Zhao WY, Shao G, Han SX, Cai CH, Liu XC, Sun MR, Wang HL, Li XJ, Zhang R, An LN
2325 - 2336 Molten salt synthesis of BaTiO3 nanorods: Dielectric, optical properties, and structural characterizations
Xue PJ, Wu H, Xia WR, Pei ZP, Lu Y, Zhu XH
2337 - 2352 Novel device for in situ process characterization of oxide/oxide ceramic matrix composites fabricated by flexible injection
Scola A, Podgorski M, Eberling-Fux N, Turenne S, Ruiz E
2353 - 2369 Ultra-narrow band blue emission of Eu2+ in halogenated (Alumino)borate systems based on high lattice symmetry
Wei Y, Qu XY, Li GG, Cheng ZY, Molokeev MS, Lin CC, Chan TS, Chang CK, Chuang YC, Lin J
2370 - 2376 Structural evolution of thermal sprayed bismuth sodium titanate piezoelectric ceramic coatings
Guo K, Mirshekarloo MS, Yao K, Tay FEH
2377 - 2389 Planetary ball-milling of AlON powder for highly transparent ceramics
Feng Z, Qi JQ, Huang X, Guo XF, Yu Y, Cao XX, Wang YZ, Wu D, Meng CM, Lu TC
2390 - 2397 Improved photocatalytic activity of Bi4TaO8Cl by Gd3+ doping
Feng ZQ, Li G, Yuan XJ, Zhang ZZ, Tang MQ, Zhang RZ
2398 - 2404 Lithium aluminum-layered double hydroxide chlorides (LDH): Formation enthalpies and energetics for lithium ion capture
Wu LL, Li L, Evans SF, Eskander TA, Moyer BA, Hu ZC, Antonick PJ, Harrison S, Paranthaman MP, Riman R, Navrotsky A
2405 - 2414 Tailoring particle alignment and grain orientation during tape casting and templated grain growth
Walton RL, Vaudin MD, Hofer AK, Kupp ER, Meyer RJ, Messing GL
2415 - 2425 Surface engineering of the flexible metallic substrate by SDP-Gd-Zr-O layer for IBAD-MgO templates
Chu JY, Zhao Y, Jiang GY, Wu W, Zhang ZW, Hong ZY, Jin ZJ
2426 - 2439 Highly-efficient preparation of anisotropic ZrB2-SiC powders and dense ceramics with outstanding mechanical properties
Zeng Y, Liu JH, Liang F, Xu HY, Zhang HJ, Zhang SW
2440 - 2450 Simultaneous control of particle size and morphology of alpha-CaSO4 center dot 1/2H(2)O with organic additives
Guan QJ, Sun W, Hu YH, Yin ZG, Zhang CH, Guan CP, Zhu XN, Khoso SA
2451 - 2461 Consolidation of mine tailings through geopolymerization at ambient temperature
Wan Q, Rao F, Song SX, Leon-Patino CA, Ma YQ, Yin WZ
2462 - 2471 Effects of water immersion and humid weathering on the near-surface mechanical properties of phosphate laser glass
Jiang B, He HT, Zhang YF, Yu JX
2472 - 2481 Multi-phase glass-ceramics containing CaF2: Er3+ and ZnAl2O4:Cr3+ nanocrystals for optical temperature sensing
Wadhwa A, Wang CJ, Wang CH, Ma RH, Qiao XS, Fan XP, Qian GD
2482 - 2505 Development of boron oxide potentials for computer simulations of multicomponent oxide glasses
Deng L, Du JC
2506 - 2521 A statistical model for the failure of glass plates due to nickel sulfide inclusions
Bonati A, Pisano G, Carfagni GR
2522 - 2530 Glass-forming region and enhanced Bi NIR emission in sodium tantalum silicate laser glass
Peng J, Cao JK, Tan LL, Peng MY
2531 - 2541 Effect of Mg2+ and fluorine on the network and highly efficient photoluminescence of Eu3+ ion in MgF2-BaO-B2O3 glasses
Shinozaki K, Sukenaga S, Shibata H, Akai T
2542 - 2550 Photoemission from Bi-doped calcium aluminate glasses similar to sunlight
Li XY, Cao JK, Xu WB, Luo HY, Wang YF, Wang X, Peng MY
2551 - 2557 Multi-component yttrium aluminosilicate (YAS) fiber prepared by melt-in-tube method for stable single-frequency laser
Zhang YM, Wang WW, Li J, Xiao XS, Ma ZJ, Guo HT, Dong GP, Xu SH, Qiu JR
2558 - 2568 Luminomagnetic Nd3+ doped fluorapatite coated Fe3O4 nanostructures for biomedical applications
Karthi S, Govindan R, Gangadharan A, Dannangoda GC, Martirosyan KS, Sardar DK, Chidangil S, Girija EK
2569 - 2577 Pressure-induced ferroelectric-relaxor phase transition in (Bi0.5Na0.5)TiO3-based ceramics
Peng P, Nie HC, Guo WL, Cao F, Wang GS, Dong XL
2578 - 2586 Electrocaloric behavior and piezoelectric effect in relaxor NaNbO3-based ceramics
Tao H, Yang JL, Lv X, Hao XH, Wu JG
2587 - 2592 Submicron-grained Yb:Lu2O3 transparent ceramics with lasing quality
Yin DL, Ma J, Liu P, Yao BQ, Wang J, Dong ZL, Kong LB, Tang DY
2593 - 2603 Polyhedral distortion control of unusual photoluminescence color tuning in garnet phosphors via cation substitution
Zheng YL, Zhuang WD, Xu HB, Chen MY, Li YF, Xing XR, Liu RH, Liu YH, Zhou YA, Gao TY
2604 - 2610 Phenomenological modeling of phase transitions and electrocaloric effect in Ba(Zr0.2Ti0.8)O-3-(Ba0.7Ca0.3)TiO3
Du BF, Ma WH
2611 - 2618 Ferroelectric aging effects and large recoverable electrostrain in ceria-doped BaTiO3 ceramics
Yan K, Wang FF, Wu DW, Ren XB, Zhu KJ
2619 - 2628 Synthesis and characterization of (Pr, Ce)-ZrSiO4 ceramic pigments: The properties of the pigments and the effect of Ce
Guo DZ, Xie MG, Ma N, Yang Q, Luo ZK, Chu YH, Zhang Y, Rao PG
2629 - 2639 Tunable trap depth for persistent luminescence by cationic substitution in Pr3+:K1-xNaxNbO3 perovskites
Li LY, Castaing V, Rytz D, Sontakke AD, Katayama Y, Tanabe S, Peng MY, Viana B
2640 - 2647 ZnO-based single crystal-polycrystal structures for piezotronic applications
Keil P, Gehringer M, Fromling T, Novak N, Rodel J
2648 - 2657 Diffused and successive phase transitions of (K, Na)NbO3-based ceramics with high strain and temperature insensitivity
Huang YL, Zhao CL, Wu B, Wu JG
2658 - 2665 Building submicron crystalline piezoceramics: One-step pressureless sintering partially amorphized nanopowder
Yue YG, Hou YD, Zheng MP, Fu J, Zhu MK
2666 - 2674 Low sintering temperature for lead-free BiFeO3-BaTiO3 ceramics with high piezoelectric performance
Lee MH, Kim DJ, Choi HI, Kim MH, Song TK, Kim WJ, Park JS, Do D
2675 - 2683 Design on improving piezoelectric strain and temperature stability of KNN-based ceramics
Cen ZY, Feng W, Zhao PY, Chen LL, Zhu CQ, Yu Y, Li LT, Wang XH
2684 - 2695 Improved ZT in ball-milled and spark plasma sintered Cu15As30Te55 glass-ceramics
Morin C, Monnier J, Vaney JB, Delaizir G, Piarristeguy A, Candolfi C, Pradel A, Lenoir B, Alleno E
2696 - 2705 Sol-gel processed highly (100)-textured (K, Na)NbO3-based lead-free thin films: Effect of pyrolysis temperature
Zhang SW, Luo J, Zhou Z, Li JF
2706 - 2717 The anomalous increase in tunability in Ba0.55Sr0.45TiO3-MgO-Mg2SiO4 composite ceramics
He YY, Peng YK, Xu YB
2718 - 2726 Transparent red -emitting silicone resin for color conversion and encapsulation of NUV light-emitting diodes
Chen H, Wang Y, Lin JH, Shuai MM, Zhu HD, Zhang WG, Ling QD
2727 - 2736 Na2TiGeO5-A self-light-emitting phosphor with the stable structure and tunable emission resulted from Cr3+-doped for FEDs
Wu QS, Hu ZB
2737 - 2744 The role of co-dopants on the luminescent properties of alpha-Al2O3:Mn4+ and BaMgAl10O17:Mn4+
Xu YD, Wang L, Qu BY, Li D, Lu J, Zhou RL
2745 - 2751 Preparation of optical media with NIR luminescent Bi+ impurity centers by ion exchange
Romanov AN, Haula EV, Kouznetsov MS, Lisitsky IS, Pimkin NA, Boldyrev KN, Sereda AE, Shashkin DP, Korchak VN
2752 - 2760 Mg0.5Ni0.5Fe2O4 nanoparticles as heating agents for hyperthermia treatment
Hassanzadeh-Tabrizi SA
2761 - 2769 Bandwidth controlled metal-insulator transition in Au-VO2 nanocomposite thin films
Fu GS, Ning XK, Chen MJ, Wang SF, Liu P, Wang JL, Li XW
2770 - 2780 Phase transition and piezoelectricity of BaZrO3-modified (K,Na)NbO3 lead-free piezoelectric thin films
Luo J, Zhang SW, Zhou Z, Zhang YC, Lee HY, Yue ZX, Li JF
2781 - 2790 Effect of MnO2 on the dielectric properties of Nb-doped BaTiO3-(Bi0.5Na0.5)TiO3 ceramics for X9R MLCC applications
Chen LL, Wang HX, Zhao PY, Shen ZB, Zhu CQ, Cen ZY, Li LT, Wang XH
2791 - 2799 Phonon behaviors and dielectric functions in Bi0.5Na0.5TiO3-based ceramics by Raman scattering and optical ellipsometry
Jiao S, Chen FF, Zhang Y, Hu ZG, Duan ZH, Wang FF, Sun DZ
2800 - 2809 Absence of ferromagnetism in ferroelectric Mn-doped BaTiO3 nanofibers
Maldonado-Orozco MC, Ochoa-Lara MT, Sosa-Marquez JE, Talamantes-Soto RP, Hurtado-Macias A, Lopez Anton R, Gonzalez JA, Holguin-Momaca JT, Olive-Mendez SF, Espinosa-Magana F
2810 - 2819 High carriers transmission efficiency ZnS/SnS2 heterojunction channel toward excellent photoelectrochemical activity
Zhang J, Huang GZ, Zeng JH, Shi YX, Lin SJ, Chen X, Wang HB, Kong Z, Xi JH, Ji ZG
2820 - 2829 Residual stress determination of silicon containing boron dopants in ceramic matrix composites
Knauf MW, Przybyla CP, Ritchey AJ, Trice RW, Pipes RB
2830 - 2840 Investigation of mechanical and thermal properties of rare earth pyrochlore oxides by first-principles calculations
Yang L, Zhu CH, Sheng Y, Nian HQ, Li Q, Song P, Lu WC, Yang J, Liu B
2841 - 2852 Temperature-dependent fracture strength of whisker-reinforced ceramic composites: Modeling and factor analysis
Shao JX, Li WG, Li Y, Deng Y, Zhang XH, Kou HB, Xu ND, Zhang XY, Ma JZ, Chen LM, Qu ZL
2853 - 2862 Chemical hardening of glazed porcelain tiles
Barbi S, Mugoni C, Montorsi M, Siligardi C
2863 - 2870 Phase relations of CaO-Al2O3-Sc2O3 ternary system
Zhi WK, Wang F, Yang B, Qu T, Deng Y, Tian Y, Zhao JY
2871 - 2881 NMR study on reaction processes from aluminum chloride hydroxides to alpha alumina powders
Nyblova D, Senna M, Duvel A, Heitjans P, Billik P, Filo J, Sepelak V
2882 - 2904 The comprehensive in vitro evaluation of eight different calcium phosphates: Significant parameters for cell behavior
Supova M, Suchy T, Sucharda Z, Filova E, der Kinderen JNLM, Steinerova M, Bacakova L, Martynkova GS
2905 - 2923 Mesoscale pore structure of a high-performance concrete by coupling focused ion beam/scanning electron microscopy and small angle X-ray scattering
Brisard S, Davy CA, Michot L, Troadec D, Levitz P
2924 - 2931 Large-scale synthesis of hafnium carbide nanowires via a Ni-assisted polymer infiltration and pyrolysis
Fu YQ, Zhang YL, Ren JC, Li T, Wang HH
2932 - 2947 Chemical interaction of D9 alloy clad with B4C in liquid sodium: Studies employing XPS, XRD, and SEM
Chandran K, Clinsha PC, Lavanya M, Anthonysamy S, Gnanasekar KI
2948 - 2964 Thermodynamics of reaction between gas-turbine ceramic coatings and ingested CMAS corrodents
Costa G, Harder BJ, Wiesner VL, Zhu DM, Bansal N, Lee KN, Jacobson NS, Kapush D, Ushakov SV, Navrotsky A
2965 - 2976 New insights into tricalcium silicate hydration in paste
Sowoidnich T, Bellmann F, Damidot D, Ludwig HM
2977 - 2986 Three-dimensional (3D) flexible nanofibrous network knitting on hierarchical porous architecture
Ren B, Liu JJ, Huo WL, Gan K, Yan S, Chen YG, Lu YJ, Yang JL, Huang Y
2987 - 2998 Ni-YSZ(001) solid-solid interfacial energy and orientation relationships
Nahor H, Kaplan WD
2999 - 3008 Growth rate effect on colony formation in directional solidification of Al2O3/YAG/ZrO2
Stelian C, Cherif M, Carroz L, Barhalay N, Duffar T
3009 - 3018 Microstructure evolution and characteristic of Ti(C,N)-based cermets prepared by in situ carbothermal reduction in TiO2
Zhang GT, Zheng Y, Zhou W, Ke Z, Ding WM, Yu LX, Yan YL
3019 - 3031 Empirical models for layered A-site ordering in perovskite titanates
Smith E, Ubic R