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Journal of the American Ceramic Society, Vol.102, No.4 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0002-7820 (Print) 

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1541 - 1547 Synergetic tuning of electrical/thermal transport via dual-doping in Bi0.96-xMgxPb0.06CuSeO
Liu Y, Zhu YC, Liu WS, Marcelli A, Xu W
1548 - 1552 Gas-pressure assisted sintering of copper indium gallium selenide thin films
Wu YC, Yang CT, Sun MT, Hsiang HI
1553 - 1559 Amorphous SiCNO hollow nanofibers with mesoporous walls
Yang WY, Wang W, Xie CX
1560 - 1565 Quantum-dots-precipitated rare-earth-doped glass for ultra-broadband mid-infrared emissions
Wang WC, Xiao YB, Zhou B, Xu SH, Zhang QY
1566 - 1578 Influence of partial charge on the material removal rate during chemical polishing
Suratwala T, Steele R, Miller PE, Wong LN, Destino JF, Feigenbaum E, Shen N, Feit M
1579 - 1588 Effects of yttria and magnesia on densification and thermal conductivity of sintered reaction-bonded silicon nitrides
Zhou Y, Hyuga H, Kusano D, Matsunaga C, Hirao K
1589 - 1598 Laser-induced coloration of ceramic tiles covered with magnetron sputtered precursor layers
Rico VJ, Lahoz R, Rey-Garcia F, de Francisco I, Gil-Rostra J, Espinos JP, de la Fuente GF, Gonzalez-Elipe AR
1599 - 1607 A novel core-shell structured ultra-coarse WC-Co composite powders prepared by fluidized bed chemical vapor deposition
Zhang L, Xin FX, Du Z, Xiang MQ, Yang YF, Zhu QS, Shi Y
1608 - 1618 Robocasting: Prediction of ink printability in solgel bioactive glass
Ben-Arfa BAE, Neto AS, Salvado IMM, Pullar RC, Ferreira JMF
1619 - 1627 Correlation between ultrabroadband near-infrared emission and Yb3+/Ni2+ dopants distribution in highly transparent germanate glass-ceramics containing zinc gallogermanate nanospinels
Gao ZG, Lu XS, Zhang YD, Guo S, Liu L, Yang G, Liu YY, Sun SY, Ren J, Yang J
1628 - 1641 Structural and physical characteristics of Au2O3-doped sodium antimonate glasses - Part I
Ashok J, Kostrzewa M, Reddy MS, Kumar VR, Venkatramiah N, Piasecki M, Veeraiah N
1642 - 1651 Radiophotoluminescence phenomenon in copper-doped aluminoborosilicate glass
Hashikawa R, Fujii Y, Kinomura A, Saito T, Okada A, Wakasugi T, Kadono K
1652 - 1664 Effects of surface initial condition on aqueous corrosion of glassA study with a model nuclear waste glass
Liu HS, Ngo D, Ren MG, Du JC, Kim SH
1665 - 1676 Differences in surface failure modes of soda lime silica glass under normal indentation versus tangential shear: A comparative study on Na+/K+-ion exchange effects
Luo JW, Grisales W, Rabii M, Pantano CG, Kim SH
1677 - 1685 Gradient refractive index structure of phosphor-in-glass coating for packaging of white LEDs
Xu XJ, Li H, Zhuo Y, Xiong DH, Chen MX
1686 - 1693 Preparation of Er3+/Yb3+ co-doped citrate microstructure fiber of large mode field and its 3.0 m laser performance
Zhou DC, Jin DY, Lan ZD, Bai XM
1694 - 1702 Mechanism for broadening and enhancing Nd3+ emission in zinc aluminophosphate laser glass by addition of Bi2O3
Wang YF, Cao JK, Li XM, Li JM, Tan LL, Xu SH, Peng MY
1703 - 1709 Compositional dependency of Cd-S-Se quantum dots within silicate glass on color conversion for a white LED
Han K, Im WB, Heo J, Chung WJ
1710 - 1719 Enhanced NIR photoemission from Bi-doped aluminoborate glasses via topological tailoring of glass structure
Cao JK, Xue YF, Peng J, Li X, Huang MK, Xu SH, Yang ZM, Peng MY
1720 - 1725 Enhanced luminescence in Tb3+-doped germanate glass ceramic scintillators containing CaF2 nanocrystals
Zhao JT, Huang LH, Zhao SL, Xu SQ
1726 - 1733 Effect of Al2O3 on the formation of Se2-color centers and CdSe/Cd1-xZnxSe quantum dots in SiO2-Na2O-ZnO glasses
Xia ML, Liu C, Xu YS, Zhao XJ
1734 - 1740 Influence of PbO content on the dielectric failure of Nb-doped {100}-oriented lead zirconate titanate films
Zhu WL, Borman T, DeCesaris K, Truong B, Lieu MM, Ko SW, Mardilovich P, Trolier-McKinstry S
1741 - 1747 Optical, electrical, and photoelectric properties of nitrogen-doped perovskite ferroelectric BaTiO3 ceramics
Long PQ, Chen C, Pang DF, Liu XT, Yi ZG
1748 - 1757 Eu-substitution-induced commensurate phase with enhanced ferroelectric property in Ba-4(EuxLa1-x)(2)Fe2Nb8O30 multiferroics
Hong JS, Huang YH, Wu YJ, Fu MS, Li J, Liu XQ
1758 - 1767 Fabrication and kW-level MOPA laser output of planar waveguide YAG/Yb:YAG/YAG ceramic slab
Jiang N, Lin WP, Zhao Y, Wang JT, Gao QS, Qu HY, Ge L, Xie TF, Liu Q, Pan YB, Li J
1768 - 1775 In situ study of electric-field-induced ferroelectric and antiferromagnetic domain switching in polycrystalline BiFeO3
Liu LS, Hinterstein M, Rojac T, Walker J, Makarovic M, Daniels J
1776 - 1783 High-energy density of Pb0.97La0.02(Zr0.50Sn0.45Ti0.05)O-3 antiferroelectric ceramics prepared by sol-gel method with low-cost dibutyltin oxide
Dan Y, Xu HJ, Zhang YY, Zou KL, Zhang QF, Lu YM, Chang G, Zhang Q, He YB
1784 - 1793 Synthesis, structure, and luminescence of Eu3+-activated La4Ti3O12 nanoparticles with layered perovskite structure
Zhang SY, Zhang PY, Liu X, Yang ZX, Huang YL, Seo HJ
1794 - 1804 A realization of excellent piezoelectricity and good thermal stability in CaBi2Nb2O9: Pseudo phase boundary
Liu G, Wang D, Wu C, Wu JG, Chen Q
1805 - 1813 The influence of air annealing on the microstructure and scintillation properties of Ce,Mg:LuAG ceramics
Chen XP, Hu ZW, Dai JW, Chen HH, Shi Y, Kou HM, Wang TT, Vedda A, Beitlerova A, Kucerkova R, Nikl M, Li J
1814 - 1821 Laser excitation-activated self-propagating sintering of NaYbF4:Pr3+/Gd3+ white light microcrystal phosphors
Jiang MC, Shen S, He JY, Wu E, Zeng HP
1822 - 1831 Energy transfer and color-tunable emission in Ba2Y2Si4O13:Bi3+,Eu3+ phosphors
Song WH, Chen XY, Teng LM, Zheng ZG, Wen J, Hu FF, Wei RF, Chen LP, Guo H
1832 - 1842 Optical property evaluation of thoria doped with heavier rare-earth oxides LnO(1.5) (Ln = Er3+, Ho3+, Tm3+, and Yb3+)
Kumar M, Pokhriyal M, Gupta M, Prakash GV, Uma S, Nagarajan R
1843 - 1851 Exploration of bluish violet-emitting phosphor Ca3Al4ZnO10:Ti4+ with enhanced emission by Ca2+ vacancies
Zhou Z, Zhong Y, Gu SM, Su YF, Xia M, Zhang YL, Zhou N, Wang J
1852 - 1865 Complex impedance spectroscopy of perovskite microwave dielectric ceramics with high dielectric constant
Wang ZX, Yuan CL, Zhu BH, Feng Q, Liu F, Xu JW, Zhou CR, Chen GH
1866 - 1874 Structural and electrical properties of ZnO-modified (1-x)Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O-3-xPbTiO(3) ceramics with wide MPB regions
Zhang J, Wang RX, Sun L, Gu ZB, Zhang ST
1875 - 1883 Polarization switching dynamics and switchable diode effect in hybrid improper ferroelectric Ca3Ti2O7 ceramics
Tong BY, Wang SY, Wong-Ng W, Zhang XN, Huang C, Zhao H, Liu WF
1884 - 1892 Investigation of the properties of niobium pentoxide for use in dye-sensitized solar cells
Ucker CL, Gularte LT, Fernandes CD, Goetzke V, Moreira EC, Raubach CW, Moreira ML, Cava SS
1893 - 1903 Low-temperature sintering of microwave ceramics with high Qf values through LiF addition
Lai YM, Su H, Wang G, Tang XL, Huang X, Liang XF, Zhang HW, Li YX, Huang K, Wang XR
1904 - 1911 Defect dipoles induced high-energy storage density in Mn-doped BST ceramics prepared by spark plasma sintering
Huang YH, Liu B, Liu XQ, Li J, Wu YJ
1912 - 1920 Structure variation and energy storage properties of acceptor-modified PBLZST antiferroelectric ceramics
Liu P, Zhang YJ, Zhu YW, Fan BY, Li WR, Zhang HB, Jiang SL
1921 - 1941 Structural and physical characteristics of Au2O3-doped sodium antimonate glasses - Part II electrical characteristics
Ashok J, Kostrzewa M, Ingram A, Nalluri P, Venkatramaiah N, Reddy MS, Kumar VR, Veeraiah N
1942 - 1952 Insights into the influencing factors on the micro-mechanical properties of calcium-silicate-hydrate gel
Hu CL, Yao S, Zou FB, Nie S, Liu ZC, Wang FZ
1953 - 1960 Electrochemical and mechanical stability of LixLa0.557TiO3- perovskite electrolyte at various voltages
Hu XT, Yan G, Cheng X, Malzbender J, Qiang WJ, Huang BX
1961 - 1970 Oxygen-vacancy-mediated microstructure and thermophysical properties in Zr(3)Ln(4)O(12) for high-temperature applications
Zhao M, Pan W, Li TJ, Huang MZ, Huang YJ, Yang J, Li Z, Wan CL
1971 - 1981 Durability and chromatic behavior in cement pastes containing ceramic industry milling and glazing by-products
de Rojas MIS, Frias M, Sabador E, Asensio E, Rivera J, Medina C
1982 - 1993 Role of interfaces in damage process of irradiated lithium aluminate nanocrystals
Setyawan W, Senor DJ, Devanathan R
1994 - 2008 Thermal and mechanical properties of CeO2
Suzuki K, Kato M, Sunaoshi T, Uno H, Carvajal-Nunez U, Nelson AT, McClellan KJ
2009 - 2020 Synthesis and thermal shock evaluation of porous SiC ceramic foams for solar thermal applications
Parvanian AM, Salimijazi HR, Fathi M, Saadatfar M
2021 - 2028 Optical and thermal properties of TiO2-doped Y2O3 transparent ceramics synthesized by hot isostatic pressing
Li XK, Zhu QQ, Xu YY, Mao XJ, Feng MH, Jiang BX, Zhang L
2029 - 2040 CaO-MgO-Al2O3-SiO2 corrosion behavior of air-plasma-sprayed (LaxYb1-x)(2)Zr2O7
Wang M, Lai XC, Guo SC, Wang ZY, Pan W
2041 - 2052 Multiscale toughening of ZrB2-SiC-Graphene@ZrB2-SiC dual composite ceramics
Cheng YH, Lyu Y, Han WB, Hu P, Zhou SB, Zhang XH
2053 - 2065 Erosion behavior and luminescence properties of Y3Al5O12:Ce3+-embedded calcium bismuth borate glass-ceramics for WLEDs
Xia LB, Xiao QH, Ye XY, You WX, Liang TX
2066 - 2074 Microhardness and optical property of chalcogenide glasses and glass-ceramics of the Sn-Sb-Se ternary system
Xue XN, Chen FF, Lin CG, Lin RQ, Zhang XY, Dai SX, Zhang XH, Ji W
2075 - 2083 The adsorption behavior of a single and multi-water molecules on tricalcium silicate (111) surface from DFT calculations
Zhang Y, Lu XY, Song DS, Liu SB
2084 - 2093 Structural studies on Ca3Al4MgO10 (C(3)A(2)M)A ternary phase in the system CaO-Al2O3-MgO
Kahlenberg V, Albrecht R, Schmidmair D, Kruger H, Kruger B, Tribus M, Pauluhn A
2094 - 2103 In situ toughened two-phase B-12(C, Si, B)(3)-SiC ceramics fabricated via liquid silicon infiltration
Sun MY, Bai YH, Li MX, Fan SW, Cheng LF
2104 - 2115 Influence of Cr doping on the phase composition of Cr,Ca:YAG ceramics by solid state reaction sintering
Chaika M, Paszkowicz W, Strek W, Hreniak D, Tomala R, Safronova N, Doroshenko A, Parkhomenko S, Dluzewski P, Kozlowski M, Vovk O
2116 - 2134 Experimental investigation of contact heat transfer coefficients in nonisothermal glass molding by infrared thermography
Vu AT, Vu AN, Liu G, Grunwald T, Dambon O, Klocke F, Bergs T
2135 - 2142 Preparation of (110)-oriented SrTiO3 film on quartz glass by laser chemical vapor deposition
Zhao P, Zhang Q, Wu W, Goto T, Yu JX
2143 - 2153 Aging effect on microstructure and property of strontium zirconate coating co-doped with double rare-earth oxides
Ma W, Meng XF, Wen J, Li EB, Bai Y, Chen WD, Dong HY
2154 - 2164 Thermal properties of 2:1 bismuth borate: Temperature-dependent characterizations of lone electron pairs
Murshed MM, Petersen H, Fischer M, Curti M, Mendive CB, Baran V, Senyshyn A, Gesing TM
2165 - 2175 Microstructural comparison of the AH(3) phase in the hydration of three structural modifications of ye'elimite
Zhang YY, Chang J, Zhao JY
2176 - 2186 Competitive growth of Al2O3/YAG/ZrO2 eutectic ceramics during directional solidification: Effect of interfacial energy
Wang X, Zhong YJ, Sun Q, Qi DQ, Yan FX, Xian QG, Wang D, Du K, Wang JY
2187 - 2194 Effectively controlling the crystal growth of Cr2O3 using SiO2 as the second phase
Yao SZ, Wang EH, Chen JH, Chou KC, Hou XM
2195 - 2202 Phase relations in silicon and germanium nitrides up to 98GPa and 2400 degrees C
Nishiyama N, Langer J, Sakai T, Kojima Y, Holzheid A, Gaida NA, Kulik E, Hirao N, Kawaguchi SI, Irifune T, Ohishi Y
2203 - 2217 High calcium cementless fly ash binder with low environmental footprint: Optimum Taguchi design
Hwang SH, Shahsavari R
2218 - 2227 Synthesis of CeO2 nanoparticles with different morphologies and their properties as peroxidase mimic
Zhang BL, Yu HY, Wang JQ, Wang WB, Zhang QY, Zhang HP
2228 - 2237 Microstructural evolution and mechanical properties of (Mg,Co,Ni,Cu,Zn)O high-entropy ceramics
Hong WC, Chen F, Shen Q, Han YH, Fahrenholtz WG, Zhang LM