Journal of the American Ceramic Society

Journal of the American Ceramic Society, Vol.102, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0002-7820 (Print) 

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873 - 878 Optical and Judd-Ofelt spectroscopic study of Er3+-doped strontium gadolinium gallium garnet single-crystal
Piao RQ, Wang Y, Zhang ZB, Zhang CY, Yang XF, Zhang DL
879 - 883 Observation and practical implications of nano-scale phase separation in aluminosilicate glass optical fibers
Cavillon M, Dragic P, Greenberg B, Garofalini SH, Ballato J
884 - 888 In situ synthesis of [Ca24Al28O64](4+)(4e(-)) electride ceramic from C12A7+C3A mixture precursor
Li F, Zhang X, Liu HL, Zhao JP, Xiao YX, Feng Q, Zhang JX
889 - 895 The effect of ZrO2 alloying on the microstructures and thermal properties of DyTaO4 for high-temperature application
Wu P, Hu MY, Chen L, Wu FS, Chong XY, Feng J
896 - 900 Superdense Tb3+-activated borogermanate-tellurite scintillating glasses
Sun XY, Wen ZX, Liu XJ, Hu QL, Yang QM, Kang ZT
901 - 906 Relaxation processes in barium strontium titanate glass-ceramics by thermally simulated depolarization current
Song XZ, Zhang TY, Zhao ZY, Hu KJ, Baturin I, Shur V, Zhang Y
907 - 913 Influence of free carbon on the Young's modulus and hardness of polymer-derived silicon oxycarbide glasses
Soraru GD, Kundanati L, Santhosh B, Pugno N
914 - 918 Combustion synthesis of fine aluminum nitride powders under micropositive N-2 pressure with water additive
Sun SY, Ge YY, Wang Q, Cui W, Zhang J, Tian ZB, Chen KX, Liu GH
919 - 923 Synthesis and characterization of (Zr1/3Nb1/3Ti1/3)C metal carbide solid-solution ceramic
Ye BL, Chu YH, Huang KH, Liu D
924 - 929 On the onset of fracture as a silicon-based polymer converts into the ceramic phase
Raj R, Pederiva L, Narisawa M, Soraru GD
930 - 935 SiO2-improved stability of Mn-doped CsPbBr0.5I2.5 NC and their application for white LED
He ML, Liu SM, Ding L, Zhang ZL, Liu JP, Xiang WD, Liang XJ
936 - 943 Enhancements of dielectric and energy storage performances in lead-free films with sandwich architecture
Pan H, Zhang QH, Wang M, Lan S, Meng FQ, Ma J, Gu L, Shen Y, Yu P, Lin YH, Nan CW
944 - 948 Novel cupric acetate self-induced, stabilized cupric oxide mesoporous nanosheets via a reflux-hydrothermal method
Liu C, Liu C, Ji XJ, Zhao YY, Chen QL, Fang ZY
949 - 954 3D structure of oil droplets in hardened geopolymer emulsions
Davy CA, Hauss G, Planel B, Lambertin D
955 - 961 Silica foams with ultra-large specific surface area structured by hollow mesoporous silica spheres
Huo WL, Zhang XY, Hu ZL, Chen YG, Wang YL, Yang JL
962 - 969 Novel micro-spherical Si3N4 nanowire sponges from carbon-doped silica sol foams via reverse templating method
Zhang XY, Huo WL, Chen Y, Hu ZL, Wang YL, Gan K, Yang JL
970 - 975 Good thermal stability, giant permittivity, and low dielectric loss for X9R-type (Ag1/4Nb3/4)(0.005)Ti0.995O2 ceramics
Peng H, Liang PF, Zhou XB, Peng ZH, Xiang YC, Chao XL, Yang ZP
976 - 980 Mechanochemical synthesis of alpha-Al2O3-Cr3+ (Ruby) and chi-Al2O3
Cortes-Vega FD, Yang WL, Zarate-Medina J, Brankovic SR, Calderon HA, Hernandez FCR
981 - 987 Hydrothermal synthesis of Litchi-like SrTiO3 with the help of ethylene glycol
Zhao W, Wang HG, Liu NQ, Rong JC, Zhang Q, Li MX, Yang XF
988 - 996 Textured dense zinc oxide layers for active noise canceling windows
Luchtenborg J, Kober D, Weber AP, Melcher J, Gunster J
997 - 1009 High fracture toughness of HfC through nano-scale templating and novel sintering aids
Hao W, Ni N, Guo FW, Cao FC, Jiang J, Zhao XF, Xiao P
1010 - 1020 Biosilicate((R)) scaffolds produced by 3D-printing and direct foaming using preceramic polymers
Elsayed H, Rebesan P, Crovace MC, Zanotto ED, Colombo P, Bernardo E
1021 - 1029 Dense freeze-cast Li7La3Zr2O12 solid electrolytes with oriented open porosity and contiguous ceramic scaffold
Buannic L, Naviroj M, Miller SM, Zagorski J, Faber KT, Llordes A
1030 - 1040 A process control algorithm for reaction-diffusion minimum time heating cycles for binder removal from green bodies
Lombardo SJ, Retzloff DG
1041 - 1048 Highly effective free-radical-catalyzed curing of hyperbranched polycarbosilane for near stoichiometric SiC ceramics
Li X, Pei XL, Zhong XQ, Mo GM, He L, Huang ZR, Huang Q
1049 - 1056 Boro/carbothermal reduction synthesis of uranium tetraboride and its oxidation behavior in dry air
Guo HX, Wang JR, Chen DL, Tian W, Cao SW, Chen DS, Tan CM, Deng QH, Qin Z
1057 - 1070 Microstructure-conductivity relationship of Na3Zr2(SiO4)(2)(PO4) ceramics
Naqash S, Sebold D, Tietz F, Guillon O
1071 - 1082 Fabricating ceramics with embedded microchannels using an integrated additive manufacturing and laser machining method
Hong YZ, Lei JC, Heim M, Song Y, Yuan L, Mu SL, Bordia RK, Xiao H, Tong JH, Peng F
1083 - 1089 Towards a sustainable fabrication of cryomagnets: Melting-driving approaches for recycling failed REBa2Cu3Ox bulks
Liang K, Huang SM, Qian J, Xiang H, Liu Y, Yao X
1090 - 1100 Doping manganese into CsPb(Cl/Br)(3) quantum dots glasses: Dual-color emission and super thermal stability
He ML, Cheng YZ, Shen LL, Zhang HL, Shen CY, Xiang WD, Liang XJ
1101 - 1121 Crystallization behavior of iron- and boron-containing nepheline (Na2O center dot Al2O3 center dot 2SiO(2)) based model high-level nuclear waste glasses
Deshkar A, Ahmadzadeh M, Scrimshire A, Han E, Bingham PA, Guillen D, McCloy J, Goel A
1122 - 1127 Pressure dependence of interfacial resistance in pellets made from GeS2-Ga2S3-Li2S-LiI glass powder
Fan B, Xue B, Luo ZK, Zhang XH, Ma HL, Calvez L
1128 - 1136 Mixed alkaline-earth effects on several mechanical and thermophysical properties of aluminate glasses and melts
Shan ZT, Liu SJ, Tao HZ, Yue YZ
1137 - 1149 Understanding the structural origin of intermediate glasses
Jaccani SP, Sundararaman S, Huang LP
1150 - 1156 Broadband emission and flat optical gain glass containing Ag aggregates for tunable laser
Zhong H, Chen BJ, Fu SB, Li XP, Zhang JS, Xu S, Zhang YQ, Tong LL, Sui GZ, Xia HP
1157 - 1168 Structural dependence of chemical durability in modified aluminoborate glasses
Mascaraque N, Januchta K, Frederiksen KF, Youngman RE, Bauchy M, Smedskjaer MM
1169 - 1179 Influence of glass composition on photoluminescence from Ge2+ or Ag nano-cluster in germanate glasses for white light-emitting diodes
Zhao JY, Yang ZW, Yu CY, Qiu JB, Song ZG
1180 - 1191 Iron-depleted Bi-YIG having enhanced gyromagnetic properties suitable for LTCC processing
Jia N, Zhang HWW, Harris VG
1192 - 1200 Improved dielectric strength and energy storage density in Ba6-3xLa8+2xTi18O54 (x=0.5, 2/3, and 0.75) ceramics
Yang JY, Zhou HY, Zhu XL, Chen XM
1201 - 1210 Transport properties of proton conductive Y-doped BaHfO3 and Ca or Sr-substituted Y-doped BaZrO3
Kato K, Han DL, Uda T
1211 - 1217 Improvement of reliability and dielectric breakdown strength of Nb-doped lead zirconate titanate films via microstructure control of seed
Ko SW, Zhu WL, Fragkiadakis C, Borman T, Wang K, Mardilovich P, Trolier-McKinstry S
1218 - 1226 Ultralow temperature cofired BiZn2VO6 dielectric ceramics doped with B2O3 and Li2CO3 for ULTCC applications
Xiang HC, Bai Y, Varghese J, Li CC, Fang L, Jantunen H
1227 - 1239 Lead-reduced Bi(Ni2/3Ta1/3)O-3-PbTiO3 perovskite ceramics with high Curie temperature and performance
Pang DF, Liu XT, Zheng J, Long PQ, Lin H, Yi ZG
1240 - 1248 Fabrication of 0.24Pb(In1/2Nb1/2)O-3-0.42Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O-3-0.34PbTiO(3) transparent ceramics by conventional sintering technique
Fujii I, Nakashima S, Wada T
1249 - 1258 Ho3+-doped (K, Na)NbO3-based multifunctional transparent ceramics with superior optical temperature sensing performance
Wu X, Lin JF, Chen PF, Liu CW, Lin M, Lin C, Luo LH, Zheng XH
1259 - 1268 Encapsulation of nitride phosphors into sintered phosphate glass by pressureless firing and hot isostatic pressing
Kudo S, Kishioka A, Kuwahara H, Kuroe H, Hintzen HT, Itatani K
1269 - 1276 Synthesis and photoluminescence properties of a novel red phosphor SrLaGaO4:Mn4+
Jiang CY, Zhang X, Wang J, Zhao QZ, Wong KL, Peng MY
1277 - 1286 Ferroelectric and piezoelectric properties of Ba0.85Ca0.15Ti0.90Zr0.10O3 films in 200 nm thickness range
Reddy SR, Prasad VVB, Bysakh S, Shanker V, Joardar J, Roy SK
1287 - 1295 Enhanced electrical properties related to structural distortion of CaBi2Nb2O9-based piezoelectric ceramics
Xie J, Zhong JQ, Wu C, Shi YL, Wang D, Liu G, Liang DY, Wang B, Zhu JG, Chen Q
1296 - 1308 Characterization of multiferroic PbFe0.5Nb0.5O3 and PbFe0.5Ta0.5O3 ceramics derived from citrate polymeric precursors
Gruszka I, Kania A, Talik E, Szubka M, Miga S, Klimontko J, Suchanicz J
1309 - 1315 Effect of heat treatment on AgI-rich chalcogenide glasses with enhanced ionic conductivity
Huang XY, Jiao Q, Lin CG, Zhang YT, Yang Z, Xu TF, Zhang XH, Ma HL, Liu XY, Dai SX
1316 - 1328 Local coordination, electronic structure, and thermal quenching of Ce3+ in isostructural Sr2GdAlO5 and Sr3AlO4F phosphors
Ji HP, Xu J, Asami K, Ueda J, Brik MG, Tanabe S
1329 - 1337 Synthesis, structure, and dielectric properties of a new binary antiferroelectric solid solution: (1-x)Pb(Mg1/2W1/2)O-3-xPbHfO(3)
Gao P, Liu ZH, Wu H, Ren W, Ye ZG
1338 - 1346 Sample-Controlled analysis under high pressure for accelerated process studies
Perejon A, Sanchez-Jimenez PE, Soria-Hoyo C, Valverde JM, Criado JM, Perez-Maqueda LA
1347 - 1361 An experimental study on adhesion between steel and cement pastes using particle probe scanning force microscopy
Li YJ, Yang J, Hughes J, Tan T
1362 - 1372 Corrosion resistance of Al2O3-Y2O3-SiC coating on depleted uranium prepared by cathode plasma electrolytic deposition
Deng SJ, Jiang C, Liu TW, Hu Y, Ding JJ, Shuai MB
1373 - 1378 A model of crack healing of glass by viscous flow at elevated temperatures
Kanchika S, Wakai F
1379 - 1385 Synthesis, densification, microstructure, and mechanical properties of samarium hexaboride ceramic
Feng L, Fahrenholtz WG, Hilmas GE, Hor YS
1386 - 1393 A robust quasi-superhydrophobic ceria coating prepared using air-plasma spraying
Hu LY, Song XF, Jin DL, Xing C, Shan X, Zhao XF, Guo FW, Xiao P
1394 - 1401 Calorimetric study of the thermodynamic properties of Mn5O8
Zhang PH, Liu J, Page K, Navrotsky A
1402 - 1413 Technological evolution of ceramic glazes in the renaissance: In situ analysis of tiles in the Alcazar (Seville, Spain)
de Viguerie L, Robador MD, Castaing J, Perez-Rodriguez JL, Walter P, Bouquillon A
1414 - 1424 Improvement in hydration resistance of CaO granules by addition of Zr(OH)(4) and Al(OH)(3)
Wei YW, Zhang T, Zhang Q, Han BQ, Li N
1425 - 1434 Dual color tuning in Ce3+-doped oxyfluoride ceramic phosphor plate for white LED application
Arredondo A, Desirena H, Moreno I, Hinostroza IEO
1435 - 1453 Novel g-C3N4 nanosheets/CDs/BiOCl photocatalysts with exceptional activity under visible light
Asadzadeh-Khaneghah S, Habibi-Yangjeh A, Yubuta K
1454 - 1462 A computational search for the zeta phase in the tantalum carbides
Weinberger CR, Thompson GB
1463 - 1478 Kinetic analysis and thermodynamic simulation of alkali-silica reaction in cementitious materials
Guo SC, Dai QL, Chang L, Hu YH, Xie XF, Si RZ, Wang JQ
1479 - 1494 Influence of calcium content on the atomic structure and phase formation of alkali-activated cement binder
Si RZ, Guo SC, Dai QL
1495 - 1506 In situ measurements of reactions in a glass-forming batch by X-ray and neutron diffraction
Peterson IM, Shi Y, Ma D, Rygel JL, Wheaton B, Whitfield PS, Wright J, Carlineo M
1507 - 1521 Yb2Si2O7 Environmental barrier coatings with reduced bond coat oxidation rates via chemical modifications for long life
Lee KN
1522 - 1534 In situ single-step reduction and silicidation of MoO3 to form MoSi2
Sharma P, Kaur T, Pandey OP