Journal of the American Ceramic Society

Journal of the American Ceramic Society, Vol.102, No.1 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0002-7820 (Print) 

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5 - 31 The effects of external fields in ceramic sintering
Jha SK, Phuah XL, Luo J, Grigoropoulos CP, Wang HY, Garcia E, Reeja-Jayan B
32 - 36 Laser-induced metallization of porous Si3N4 ceramic and its brazing to TiAl alloy
Zhao YX, Bian H, Fu W, Hu Y, Song XG, Liu D
37 - 41 On the grain size proportionality constants calculated in MI Mendelson's "Average Grain Size in Polycrystalline Ceramics"
Gerlt ARC, Criner AK, Semiatin L, Payton EJ
42 - 47 Spray-combustion synthesis of indium tin oxide nanopowder
Chen ZY, Zhu Y, Duan QY, Chen AQ, Tang ZK
48 - 52 Tunable broadband emission from red to blue by gamma radiation in multicomponent phosphate glasses
He QL, Wang PF, Li WN, Sun MY, Lu M, Peng B
53 - 57 Obtaining complex-shaped oxide ceramic composites via ionotropic gelation
Almeida RSM, Pereira TFS, Tushtev K, Rezwan K
58 - 62 Consolidation and characterization of highly dense single-phase Ta-Hf-C solid solution ceramics
Zhang J, Wang S, Li W
63 - 69 Formation mechanism of a wrinkled and textured Al2O3-ZrO2 nanoeutectic rapidly solidified from oxy-acetylene flame remelting
Wang ZG, Ouyang JH, Ma YH, Wang YJ, Liu ZG, Xie LY, Sun DS, Wang YM
70 - 78 Architectural engineering inspired method of preparing C-f/ZrC-SiC with graceful mechanical responses
Hu P, Cheng Y, Guo X, Ma C, Hu PT, Qu Q, Zhao H, Du SY
79 - 84 Orientation-dependent electrical property and domain configuration of Mn-doped Pb(In0.5Nb0.5)O-3-PbTiO3 single crystal
Qiao HM, He C, Wang ZJ, Li XZ, Liu Y, Tailor H, Long XF
85 - 89 Response of isotopically tailored titanium diboride to neutron irradiation
Koyanagi T, Katoh Y, Ang C, King D, Hilmas GE, Fahrenholtz WG
90 - 97 Statistical size scaling of ceramic strength
Lei WS
98 - 103 Pressure-enhanced densification of TaC ceramics during flash spark plasma sintering
Gu JF, Fu ZY
104 - 108 In situ observation of crystallization of mold slag using a digital optical microscope in an infrared furnace
Zhu LL, Wang Q, Wang QQ, Zhang SD, He SP
109 - 117 Colored amorphous silica-based powder with TiN nanocrystals precipitated by ammonolysis of Ti-Si-O ternary glass
Sagawa Y, Masubuchi Y, Kikkawa S
118 - 122 Preparation and characterization of transparent magneto-optical Ho2O3 ceramics
Lu B, Cheng HM, Xu XX, Chen HB
123 - 135 Design of tailored biodegradable implants: The effect of voltage on electrodeposited calcium phosphate coatings on pure magnesium
Horynova M, Remesova M, Klakurkova L, Dvorak K, Rocnakova I, Yan SK, Celko L, Song GL
136 - 143 Influences of rare-earth oxide additives on the formation and properties of porous Si2N2O ceramic
Wen JB, Wang HJ, Fan L, Wei LT, Niu M, Gao HF, Cai ZX
144 - 157 Investigation of antimicrobial properties and in-vitro bioactivity of Ce3+-Sr2+ dual-substituted nano hydroxyapatites
Sundarabharathi L, Chinnaswamy M, Ponnamma D, Parangusan H, Al-Maadeed MA
158 - 166 Effects of CuO on constrained sintering of a polycrystalline TiO2 ceramics
Lee CF, Wu CF, Jean JH
167 - 177 In situ Y2Si2O7 coatings on SiC fibers: Thermodynamic analysis and processing
Mogilevsky P, Boakye EE, Key TS, Parthasarathy TA, Hay RS, Cinibulk MK
178 - 184 Fabrication and properties of transparent Nd-doped BaF2 ceramics
Li JL, Chen XQ, Tang LF, Li YY, Wu YQ
185 - 194 Quantitative prediction of the structure and properties of Li2O-Ta2O5-SiO2 glasses via phase diagram approach
Tan LL, Mauro JC, Peng J, Yang XL, Peng MY
195 - 206 Low gallium-content, dysprosium III-doped, Ge-As-Ga-Se chalcogenide glasses for active mid-infrared fiber optics
Tang ZQ, Furniss D, Neate NC, Benson TM, Seddon AB
207 - 221 Understanding the atomistic origin of hydration effects in single and mixed bulk alkali-silicate glasses
Baral K, Li AZ, Ching WY
222 - 238 Luminescence effects in reactive powder sintered silica glasses for radiation sensing
Shaw RE, Kalnins CAG, Spooner NA, Whittaker C, Grimm S, Schuster K, Ottaway D, Moffatt JE, Tsiminis G, Ebendorff-Heidepriem H
239 - 250 Sintering aid (ZnO) effect on proton transport in BaCe0.35Zr0.5Y0.15O3-delta and electrode phenomena studied by distribution function of relaxation times
Baral AK, Tsur Y
251 - 259 Oxygen stoichiometry, chemical expansion or contraction, and electrical properties of rutile, TiO2 +/-delta ceramics
Dang Y, West AR
260 - 266 An optimal spectral model for phosphor-converted white light-emitting diodes used in the mesopic vision
Zheng ZS, Wang L, Zhang H, Zhou TL, Zheng P, Liang P
267 - 274 Ferroelectric and magnetoelectric origins of multiferroic SmCrO3
Ding J, Wen LW, Li HD, Hao HS, Zhang Y
275 - 284 Targeted doping builds a high energy density composite piezoceramics for energy harvesting
Yu XL, Hou YD, Zheng MP, Yan J, Jia WX, Zhu MK
285 - 293 Fabrication and microstructure characterizations of transparent Er:CaF2 composite ceramic
Liu ZD, Jia MY, Yi GQ, Mei BC, Jing QS, Liu P
294 - 302 Significantly improved photoluminescence of the green-emitting beta-sialon:Eu2+ phosphor via surface coating of TiO2
Zhang CN, Uchikoshi T, Xie RJ, Liu LH, Sakka Y, Hirosaki N
303 - 309 Investigations on ferromagnetism of Li and Mn codoped LiZnN by first-principles calculations
Cui Y, Zhu JG, Tao HL, Liu SM, Lv YZ, He M, Song B, Zhang ZH
310 - 319 Direct observation of Eu atoms in AlN lattice and the first-principles simulations
Yin LJ, Zhang SH, Wang H, Jian X, Wang X, Xu X, Liu MZ, Fang CM
320 - 330 Phase stability, microstructure, and dielectric properties of quaternary oxides In(12)Ti(10)A(2)BO(42) (A: Ga or Al; B: Mg or Zn)
Castillon-Barraza FF, Duran A, Farias MH, Brown F, Munive GT, Cubillas F, Alvarez-Montano VE
331 - 341 Mn4+-related photoemission enhancement via energy transfer in La2MgGeO6:Dy3+, Mn4+ phosphor for plant growth light-emitting diodes
Chen W, Shen LL, Shen CY, Zhang ZL, Liang XJ, Xiang WD
342 - 350 High-Q and temperature-stable microwave dielectrics in layer cofired Zn1.01Nb2O6/TiO2/Zn1.01Nb2O6 ceramic architectures
Zhang J, Luo Y, Yue ZX, Li LT
351 - 361 Cycling- and heating-induced evolution of piezoelectric and ferroelectric properties of CuO-doped K0.5Na0.5NbO3 ceramic
Wang T, Liao Y, Wang DM, Zheng QJ, Liao J, Xie FY, Jie WJ, Lin DM
362 - 371 Phase formation and microwave dielectric properties of BiMVO5 (M = Ca, Mg) ceramics potential for low temperature co-fired ceramics application
Kai C, Li CC, Xiang HC, Tang Y, Sun YH, Fang L
372 - 381 The effect of electrochemical cycling on the strength of LiCoO2
Feng L, Lu XF, Zhao TT, Dillon S
382 - 396 Thermo-structural characterization of (As2Se3)(100-x)-(As2Te3)(x) glasses for infrared optics
Brandova D, Svoboda R
397 - 415 Model for SiC fiber strength after oxidation in dry and wet air
Hay RS, Mogilevsky P
416 - 426 Thermo-mechanical properties of mullite ceramics: New data
Krenzel TF, Schreuer J, Laubner D, Cichocki M, Schneider H
427 - 436 Hydration mechanisms of hybrid cements as a function of the way of addition of chemicals
Fernandez-Jimenez A, Garcia-Lodeiro I, Maltseva O, Palomo A
437 - 447 Polar domain structural evolution under electric field and temperature in the (Bi0.5Na0.5)TiO3-0.06BaTiO(3) piezoceramics
Zhao JY, Zhang N, Ren W, Niu G, Walker D, Thomas PA, Wang LY, Ye ZG
448 - 455 Grain size variation in nanocrystalline silicon carbide irradiated at elevated temperatures
Zhang LM, Jiang WL, Ai WS, Chen L, Pan CL, Wang TS
456 - 464 Properties of t-zirconia prepared by a composite-assisted nonhydrolytic sol-gel
Damouny CW, Khoury C, Gazit OM
465 - 475 Phase equilibria, structure, oxygen nonstoichiometry, and thermal expansion of oxides in the 1/2Y(2)O(3)-SrO-1/2Fe(2)O(3) system
Urusova AS, Rudik VV, Mychinko MY, Cherepanov VA
476 - 489 Simple and low-cost synthetic route for SiBCN ceramic powder from a boron-modified cyclotrisilazane
Thiyagarajan GB, Devasia R
490 - 497 Phase evolution of reactive sputtering synthesized holmium silicate coatings
Hu WP, Zhang J, Nian HQ, Wang JY
498 - 507 Insights into the ternary eutectic microstructure formed in intercolony regions in Al2O3-ZrO2(Y2O3) system
Fu LS, Chen GQ, Fu XS, Zhou WL
508 - 523 Nonisothermal crystallization kinetics and stability of leucite and kalsilite from K2O-Al2O3-SiO2 glasses
Christopoulou G, Modarresifar F, Allsopp BL, Jones AH, Bingham PA
524 - 532 Combustion synthesis of AlN doped with carbon and oxygen
Saito G, Kunisada Y, Watanabe T, Yi XM, Nomura T, Sakaguchi N, Akiyama T