Journal of the American Ceramic Society

Journal of the American Ceramic Society, Vol.101, No.3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0002-7820 (Print) 

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973 - 997 Modeling environmentally induced property degradation of SiC/BN/SiC ceramic matrix composites
Parthasarathy TA, Cox B, Sudre O, Przybyla C, Cinibulk MK
998 - 1003 Transparent polycrystalline nanoceramics consisting of triclinic Al2SiO5 kyanite and Al2O3 corundum
Gaida NA, Nishiyama N, Masuno A, Schurmann U, Giehl C, Beermann O, Ohfuji H, Bednarcik J, Kulik E, Holzheid A, Irifune T, Kienle L
1004 - 1008 Hydrothermal synthesis of silicon oxide clad uranium oxide nanowires
He LF, Harp JM, Wagner AR, Hoggan RE, Tolman KR
1009 - 1013 Grain boundary complexions in silicon carbide
Cancino-Trejo F, Navarro-Solis DJ, Lopez-Honorato E, Rabone J, Walker RC, Salomon R
1014 - 1019 Synthesis and microwave dielectric properties of new high quality Mg2NdNbO6 ceramics
Zhang SB, Shi LW, Zhang LY, Zhu HY, Xia WS
1020 - 1024 Enhanced and stable strain memory in Mn-doped Pb(Mn1/3Sb2/3)O-3-Pb(Zr,Ti)O-3 ceramics realized by sesquipolar loading
Chen CY, Zhou ZY, Liu Z, Liang RH, Zhang WB, Dong XL
1025 - 1028 Exact identification of migrating ion species in scandium tungstate solid electrolyte
Imanaka N, Nunotani N, Araki K, Yamane M
1029 - 1035 Effect of interfacial energy on microstructure of a directionally solidified Al2O3/YAG eutectic ceramic
Wang X, Zhong YJ, Wang D, Sun LC, Jiang BL, Wang JY
1036 - 1041 Highly porous mullite ceramics from engineered alkali activated suspensions
Romero AR, Elsayed H, Bernardo E
1042 - 1047 Highly porous Y2SiO5 ceramic with extremely low thermal conductivity prepared by foam-gelcasting-freeze drying method
Wu Z, Sun LC, Pan JJ, Wang JY
1048 - 1057 High-speed heteroepitaxial growth of 3C-SiC (111) thick films on Si (110) by laser chemical vapor deposition
Sun QY, Zhu PP, Xu QF, Tu R, Zhang S, Shi J, Li HW, Zhang LM, Goto T, Yan JS, Li SS
1058 - 1073 Electrical and hydrogen reduction enhances kinetics in doped zirconia and ceria: II. Mapping electrode polarization and vacancy condensation in YSZ
Dong YH, Chen IW
1074 - 1086 Chemical stability of KNbO3, NaNbO3, and K0.5Na0.5NbO3 in aqueous medium
Ozmen O, Ozsoy-Keskinbora C, Suvaci E
1087 - 1094 High temperature electrode-electrolyte interface formation between LiMn1.5Ni0.5O4 and Li1.4Al0.4Ge1.6(PO4)(3)
Robinson JP, Kichambare PD, Deiner JL, Miller R, Rottmayer MA, Koenig GM
1095 - 1104 Enhanced anti-deliquescent property and ultralow thermal conductivity of magnetoplumbite-type LnMeAl(11)O(19) materials for thermal barrier coating
Wang CA, Lu HR, Huang ZY, Xie HM
1105 - 1115 Dense nanocrystalline UO2+x fuel pellets synthesized by high pressure spark plasma sintering
Yao TK, Scott SM, Xin GQ, Gong BW, Lian J
1116 - 1121 Optimization of a gadolinium-rich oxyhalide glass scintillator for gamma ray spectroscopy
Struebing C, Beckert MB, Nadler JH, Kahn B, Wagner B, Kang ZT
1122 - 1134 Insights from abinitio molecular dynamics simulations for a multicomponent oxide glass
Ohkubo T, Tsuchida E, Deguchi K, Ohki S, Shimizu T, Otomo T, Iwadate Y
1135 - 1148 Simulations of the surfaces of soda lime aluminoborosilicate glasses exposed to water
Garofalini SH, Ha MT, Urraca J
1149 - 1158 Pressure dependence of density and structural relaxation of glass near the glass transition region
Ding LF, Buhre S, Kunisch C, Kaus B
1159 - 1168 Predictable tendency of Bi NIR emission in Bi-doped magnesium aluminosilicate laser glasses
Li XM, Cao JK, Wang LP, Peng MY
1169 - 1179 Predictive model for the composition dependence of glassy dynamics
Guo XJ, Mauro JC, Allan DC, Smedskjaer MM
1180 - 1190 Diffusion of water in silica: Influence of moderate stresses
Wiederhorn SM, Rizzi G, Wagner S, Schell G, Hoffmann MJ, Fett T
1191 - 1200 Structural evolution of the R-T phase boundary in KNN-based ceramics
Lv X, Wu JG, Xiao DQ, Zhu JG, Zhang XX
1201 - 1210 Microstructure and EMW absorption properties of CVI Si3N4-SiCN ceramics with BN interface annealed in N-2 atmosphere
Xue JM, Yin XW, Ye F, Zhang LT, Cheng LF
1211 - 1220 Finite element modeling on the effect of intra-granular porosity on the dielectric properties of BaTiO3 MLCCs
Dale G, Strawhorne M, Sinclair DC, Dean JS
1221 - 1235 Novel insights into electrical transport mechanism in ionic-polaronic glasses
Nikolic J, Pavic L, Santic A, Mosner P, Koudelka L, Pajic D, Mogus-Milankovic A
1236 - 1244 High temperature-insensitive ferro-/piezoelectric properties and nanodomain structures of Pb(In1/2Nb1/2)O-3-PbZrO3-Pb(Mg1/3Nb2/3)O-3-PbTiO3 relaxor single crystals
He WH, Li Q, Xi XQ, Yan QF
1245 - 1254 The properties of Al2O3 coated fine-grain temperature stable BaTiO3-based ceramics sintered in reducing atmosphere
Zhao QC, Wang XH, Gong HL, Liu BB, Luo BC, Li LT
1255 - 1265 Liquid-phase sintering of highly Na+ ion conducting Na3Zr2Si2PO12 ceramics using Na3BO3 additive
Noi K, Suzuki K, Tanibata N, Hayashi A, Tatsumisago M
1266 - 1278 Synthesis and thermophysical properties of RETa3O9 (RE=Ce, Nd, Sm, Eu, Gd, Dy, Er) as promising thermal barrier coatings
Chen L, Jiang YH, Chong XY, Feng J
1279 - 1288 Roughness of oxide glass subcritical fracture surfaces
Pallares G, Lechenault F, George M, Bouchaud E, Ottina C, Rountree CL, Ciccotti M
1289 - 1297 Sintering dense boron carbide without grain growth under high pressure
Liu LX, Li XH, He Q, Xu L, Cao XX, Peng XS, Meng CM, Wang WQ, Zhu WJ, Wang Y
1298 - 1309 Chemical expansion in BaZr0.9-xCexY0.1O3- (x=0 and 0.2) upon hydration determined by high-temperature X-ray diffraction
Hudish G, Manerbino A, Coors WG, Ricote S
1310 - 1322 Can solute segregation in ceramic materials be reduced by lattice strain?
Harrington GF, Skinner SJ, Kilner JA
1323 - 1332 Fracture toughness of random fibrous materials with ultrahigh porosity at elevated temperatures
Li DT, Yu WS, Xia W, Fang QZ, Shen SP
1333 - 1343 Implementing statistical modeling approach towards development of ultrafine grained bioceramics: Case of ZrO2-toughened Al2O3
Sarkar D, Reddy BS, Basu B
1344 - 1355 Pressure-dependent Raman modes near the cubic-tetragonal transition in strontium titanate
Kiraci A, Yurtseven H
1356 - 1360 The missing Ce member of Ln(4)Al(2)O(9) family of aluminates
Kepinski L
1361 - 1370 Combined experimental and computational investigation of thermodynamics and phase equilibria in the CaO-TiO2 system
Gong WP, Wu LL, Navrotsky A
1371 - 1380 In situ synthesis of SiC nanowire porous layer on carbon/carbon composites
Li T, Zhang YL, Sun J, Ren JC, Zhang PF, Fu YQ, Wang HH, Zhang LL
1381 - 1392 Determination of crystal size distributions in alumina ceramics by a novel X-ray diffraction procedure
Neher SH, Klein H, Kuhs WF