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Journal of the American Ceramic Society, Vol.100, No.8 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0002-7820 (Print) 

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3345 - 3345 Editorial on the Centennial Feature "Movers, Shakers, and Storers of Charge: The Legacy of Ferroelectricians L. Eric Cross and Robert E. Newnham"
Halloran JW
3346 - 3359 Movers, shakers, and storers of charge: The legacy of ferroelectricians L. Eric Cross and Robert E. Newnham
Trolier-McKinstry S, Randall CA
3360 - 3364 Aluminum nitride-single walled carbon nanotube nanocomposite with superior electrical and thermal conductivities
Chakravarty A, Singh R, Roy S, Chowdhury U, Basu S, Biswas SK
3365 - 3369 Flash sintering of highly insulating nanostructured phase-pure BiFeO3
Perez-Maqueda LA, Gil-Gonzalez E, Perejon A, Lebrun JM, Sanchez-Jimenez PE, Raj R
3370 - 3374 Formation of Core-Shell Mesoporous Ceramic Fibers
Elishav O, Beilin V, Shter GE, Dinner O, Halperin V, Grader GS
3375 - 3379 Direct and template-free synthesis of one-dimensional nanostructures of sodium trititanate and sodium hexatitanate
Bumajdad A
3380 - 3384 Texture, microstructures, and mechanical properties of AlN-based ceramics with Si3N4-Y2O3 additives
Liu C, Guo WM, Sun SK, Zou J, Wu SH, Lin HT
3385 - 3392 Bismuth sodium titanate lead-free piezoelectric coatings by thermal spray process
Guo K, Chen ST, Tan CKI, Mirshekarloo MS, Yao K, Tay FEH
3393 - 3401 Synthesis and physical properties of (Zr1-x,Ti-x)(3)AlC2 MAX phases
Zapata-Solvas E, Hadi MA, Horlait D, Parfitt DC, Thibaud A, Chroneos A, Lee WE
3402 - 3414 Luminescent calcium phosphate bioceramics doped with europium derived from fish industry byproducts
Piccirillo C, Adamiano A, Tobaldi DM, Montalti M, Manzi J, Castro PML, Panseri S, Montesi M, Sprio S, Tampieri A, Iafisco M
3415 - 3424 Dual layer SiC coating on matrix graphite sphere prepared by pack cementation and fluidized-bed chemical vapor deposition
Zhou P, Zheng ZJ, Liu RZ, Liu XX, Liu ML, Wang TW, Li ZQ, Shao YL, Zhao HS, Liu B
3425 - 3433 Electrospun mullite nanofibers derived from diphasic mullite sol
Dong X, Liu JQ, Li XT, Zhang XJ, Xue YJ, Liu JC, Guo AR
3434 - 3439 Phase transitions and glass transition in a hyperquenched silica-alumina glass
Zhang YF, Zhao DH, Yue YZ
3440 - 3450 Geopolymer foams obtained by the saponification/peroxide/gelcasting combined route using different soap foam precursors
Cilla MS, Innocentini MDD, Morelli MR, Colombo P
3451 - 3466 Interfacial microstructure evolution of glass-based coating on IC10 superalloy with a Ni3Al bond-coat at 1050 degrees C
Wang X, Zhu SL, Li ZX, Zhang YS, Chen MH, Wang FH
3467 - 3477 Light-induced electrons suppressed by Eu3+ ions doped in Ca11.94-xSrxAl14O33 caged phosphors for LED and FEDs
Bian HY, Liu YX, Yan DT, Zhu HC, Liu CG, Xu CS, Wang XJ, Zhang H
3478 - 3487 Microstructural evolution, non-Ohmic properties, and giant dielectric response in CaCu3Ti4-xGexO12 ceramics
Boonlakhorn J, Thongbai P, Putasaeng B, Kidkhunthod P, Maensiri S, Chindaprasirt P
3488 - 3496 Cold sintering and co-firing of a multilayer device with thermoelectric materials
Funahashi S, Guo HZ, Guo J, Baker AL, Wang K, Shiratsuyu K, Randall CA
3497 - 3504 Microwave dielectric properties and crystal structures of Mg0.7Al2.2O4 and Mg0.4Al2.4O4 ceramics with defect structures
Takahashi S, Kan A, Ogawa H
3505 - 3513 Dielectric and electric relaxations induced by the complex defect clusters in (Yb plus Nb) co-doped rutile TiO2 ceramics
Zhao XG, Liu P
3514 - 3521 Long persistent properties of CaGa2O4:Bi3+ at different ambient temperature
Wang SB, Chen WB, Zhou DC, Qiu JB, Xu XH, Yu X
3522 - 3529 High-temperature piezoelectric properties of 0-3 type CaBi4Ti4O15:x wt%BiFeO3 composites
Hussain A, Qaiser MA, Zhang J, Zhang ST, Wang YP, Yang Y, Liu ZG, Yuan GL
3530 - 3539 Intense upconversion luminescence and energy-transfer mechanism of Ho3+/Yb3+ co-doped SrLu2O4 phosphor
Liu SB, Ye XY, Liu SF, Chen MY, Niu H, Hou DJ, You WX
3540 - 3549 Enhanced photocatalytic performance of Bi2Fe4O9/graphene via modifying graphene composite
Liu PD, Sun HJ, Liu XF, Sui HT, Zhang Y, Zhou DG, Guo QH, Ruan Y
3550 - 3557 Thermal annealing effects on the energy storage properties of BST ceramics
Song Z, Liu HX, Lanagan MT, Zhang SJ, Hao H, Cao MH, Yao ZH, Fu ZX, Huang K
3558 - 3567 Effect of lead content on the performance of niobium-doped {100} textured lead zirconate titanate films
Borman TM, Zhu WL, Wang K, Ko SW, Mardilovich P, Trolier-McKinstry SE
3568 - 3576 Investigation of MnO2-doped (Ba, Ca)TiO3 lead-free ceramics for high power piezoelectric applications
Chen L, Fan HQ, Zhang SJ
3577 - 3588 A comparative study of physical properties in Fe3O4 nanoparticles prepared by coprecipitation and citrate methods
Gholizadeh A
3589 - 3598 Tuning of conductive type and magnetic properties of Ca3Co2O6 ceramics through Pb-doping
Song JY, Zhao BC, Huang YA, Qin YF, Song WH, Sun YP
3599 - 3607 Grain size effect and microstructure influence on the energy storage properties of fine-grained BaTiO3-based ceramics
Liu BB, Wang XH, Zhang RX, Li LT
3608 - 3617 Electrical transport and thermoelectric properties of Ca0.8Y0.2-xDyxMnO3-delta (0 <= x <= 0.2)
Seo JW, Cha J, Won SO, Park K
3618 - 3625 Effects of phase transition on discharge properties of PLZST antiferroelectric ceramics
Xu R, Tian JJ, Zhu QS, Zhao T, Feng YJ, Wei XY, Xu Z
3626 - 3635 Li2MoO4-based composite ceramics fabricated from temperature- and atmosphere-sensitive MnZn ferrite at room temperature
Vaataja M, Kahari H, Juuti J, Jantunen H
3636 - 3645 Composition-induced structural transitions and enhanced strain response in nonstoichiometric NBT-based ceramics
Liu X, Li F, Zhai JW, Shen B, Li P, Liu BH
3646 - 3651 Thermodynamic stability of SFCA (silico-ferrite of calcium and aluminum) and SFCA-I phases
Koryttseva A, Webster NAS, Pownceby MI, Navrotsky A
3652 - 3661 Sealing glass-ceramics with near-linear thermal strain, part III: Stress modeling of strain and strain rate matched glass-ceramic to metal seals
Dai S, Elisberg B, Calderone J, Lyon N
3662 - 3672 First-principles investigations on elevated temperature elastic and thermodynamic properties of ZrB2 and HfB2
Xiang HM, Feng ZH, Li ZP, Zhou YC
3673 - 3683 Multilayer lead-free piezoceramic composites: Influence of co-firing on microstructure and electromechanical behavior
Ayrikyan A, Weyland F, Steiner S, Duerrschnabel M, Molina-Luna L, Koruza J, Webber KG
3684 - 3692 Thermodynamics of copper-manganese and copper-iron spinel solid solutions
Sahu SK, Navrotsky A
3693 - 3702 Structure and energetics of SiOC and SiOC-modified carbon-bonded carbon fiber composites
Niu M, Wang HJ, Chen JW, Su L, Wu D, Navrotsky A
3703 - 3711 Concentration threshold effect on properties of zinc-doped lithium niobate crystals
Palatnikov MN, Sidorov NV, Makarova OV, Manukovskaya DV, Aleshina LA, Kadetova AV
3712 - 3721 Structural features and thermoelectric properties of Al-doped (ZnO)(5)In2O3 homologous phases
Kosir M, Ceh M, Ow-Yang CW, Guilmeau E, Bernik S
3722 - 3735 Three-dimensional mapping of crystalline ceramic waste form materials
Cocco AP, DeGostin MB, Wrubel JA, Damian PJ, Hong T, Xu Y, Liu YJ, Pianetta P, Amoroso JW, Brinkman KS, Chiu WKS
3736 - 3745 Effect of synthesis procedure on carbonation of calcium-silicate-hydrate
Hunnicutt W, Struble L, Mondal P
3746 - 3756 Structural elucidation and iron oxidation states in situ formed beta-Ca-3(PO4)(2)/alpha-Fe2O3 composites
Kumar PN, Mishra SK, Kannan S
3757 - 3770 Experimental investigation and thermodynamic evaluation of the C-Hf-O ternary system
Rejasse F, Rapaud O, Trolliard G, Masson O, Maitre A
3771 - 3783 Understanding the solidification of stainless steel slag and dust mixtures
Jung SS, Kim GB, Sohn I
3784 - 3793 Deep submicrometer YAG:Ce phosphor particles with high photoluminescent quantum yield prepared by flame spray synthesis
Borlaf M, Kubrin R, Aseev V, Petrov AY, Nikonorov N, Graule T
3794 - 3800 Optimization of anode structure for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cell via phase-inversion cotape casting
Lin J, Miao GS, Xia CR, Chen CS, Wang SR, Zhan ZL
3801 - 3818 Quantifying the swelling properties of alkali-silica reaction (ASR) gels as a function of their composition
Gholizadeh-Vayghan A, Rajabipour F