Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology

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ISSN: 0273-2289 (Print) 

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1 - 13 Biochemical and Molecular Study of Trichoderma harzianum Enriched Secretome Protein Profiles Using Lectin Affinity Chromatography
Nauom S, Neto BRDS, Ribeiro MS, Pedersoli WR, Ulhoa CJ, Silva RN, Monteiro VN
14 - 27 Evaluation of Antidiabetic Potential of Sarcostemma brevistigma Wight & Arn. Using Alloxan-Induced Diabetic Murine Model
Vijayalakshmi K, Selvaraj CI
28 - 46 Methane Production by Co-Digesting Vinasse and Whey in an AnSBBR: Effect of Mixture Ratio and Feed Strategy
Lovato G, Albanez R, Triveloni M, Ratusznei SM, Rodrigues JAD
47 - 74 Recent Trends in the Fabrication of Starch Nanofibers: Electrospinning and Non-electrospinning Routes and Their Applications in Biotechnology
Ashraf R, Sofi HS, Malik A, Beigh MA, Hamid R, Sheikh FA
75 - 89 One-Pot Enzymatic Synthesis of d-Arylalanines Using Phenylalanine Ammonia Lyase and l-Amino Acid Deaminase
Zhu LB, Feng GQ, Ge F, Song P, Wang TT, Liu Y, Tao YG, Zhou ZM
90 - 100 Predicting Promiscuous T Cell Epitopes for Designing a Vaccine Against Streptococcus pyogenes
Ebrahimi S, Mohabatkar H, Behbahani M
101 - 115 Using Natural Waste Material as a Matrix for the Immobilization of Enzymes: Chicken Eggshell Membrane Powder for -Galactosidase Immobilization
Kessi E, Arias JL
116 - 128 One-Step Bioprocess of Inulin to Product Inulo-Oligosaccharides Using Bacillus subtilis Secreting an Extracellular Endo-Inulinase
Jiang RF, Qiu YB, Huang WW, Zhang L, Xue F, Ni H, Mei DF, Gao J, Xu H
129 - 139 Phycocyanin Production by Aphanothece microscopica Nageli in Synthetic Medium Supplemented with Sugarcane Vinasse
Morais DV, Bastos RG
140 - 151 Influence of Added Nutrients and Substrate Concentration in Biohydrogen Production from Winery Wastewaters Coupled to Methane Production
Carrillo-Reyes J, Albarran-Contreras BA, Buitron G
152 - 162 Novel Competitive Chemiluminescence DNA Assay Based on Fe3O4@SiO2@Au-Functionalized Magnetic Nanoparticles for Sensitive Detection of p53 Tumor Suppressor Gene
Wang LY, Yao MW, Fang XY, Yao X
163 - 175 Reduction of Fumarate to Succinate Mediated by Fusobacterium varium
McDonald NC, White RL
176 - 193 Functionalized Magnetic Bacterial Cellulose Beads as Carrier for Lecitase (R) Ultra Immobilization
Drozd R, Szymanska M, Rakoczy R, Junka A, Szymczyk P, Fijalkowski K
194 - 210 Exploring the Lead Compounds for Zika Virus NS2B-NS3 Protein: an e-Pharmacophore-Based Approach
Rohini K, Agarwal P, Preethi B, Shanthi V, Ramanathan K
211 - 220 Bio-cellulose Production by Beijerinckia fluminensis WAUPM53 and Gluconacetobacter xylinus 0416 in Sago By-product Medium
Voon WWY, Muhialdin BJ, Yusof NL, Rukayadi Y, Hussin ASM
221 - 238 Genome-Wide Identification and Analysis of Biotic and Abiotic Stress Regulation of C-4 Photosynthetic Pathway Genes in Rice
Muthusamy SK, Lenka SK, Katiyar A, Chinnusamy V, Singh AK, Bansal KC
239 - 252 Expression and Extracellular Secretion of Endo-glucanase and Xylanase by Zymomonas mobilis
Todhanakasem T, Sowatad A, Kanokratana P, Havanapan PO, Champreda V
253 - 265 Protein Production Through Microbial Conversion of Rice Straw by Multi-Strain Fermentation
Jia JR, Chen HY, Wu BG, Cui FJ, Fang H, Wang HC, Ni Z
266 - 281 Genomically Defined Paenibacillus polymyxa ND24 for Efficient Cellulase Production Utilizing Sugarcane Bagasse as a Substrate
Bohra V, Tikariha H, Dafale NA
282 - 297 A Tropical Composting Operation Unit at SAo Paulo Zoo as a Source of Bacterial Proteolytic Enzymes
Ramos PL, Kondo MY, Santos SMB, de Vasconcellos SP, Rocha RCS, da Cruz JB, Eugenio PFM, Cabral H, Juliano MA, Juliano L, Setubal JC, da Silva AM, Cappelini LTD
298 - 309 Penicillium purpurogenum Produces a Set of Endoxylanases: Identification, Heterologous Expression, and Characterization of a Fourth Xylanase, XynD, a Novel Enzyme Belonging to Glycoside Hydrolase Family 10
Echeverria V, Eyzaguirre J
310 - 322 Anti-Diabetic and Anti-Nephritic Activities of Grifola frondosa Mycelium Polysaccharides in Diet-Streptozotocin-Induced Diabetic Rats Via Modulation on Oxidative Stress
Kou L, Du MZ, Liu PJ, Zhang BH, Zhang YZ, Yang P, Shang MY, Wang XD
323 - 337 Optimal Conditions for the Asymmetric Polymerase Chain Reaction for Detecting Food Pathogenic Bacteria Using a Personal SPR Sensor
Nagai H, Tomioka K, Okumura S
338 - 351 Autotrophic, Heterotrophic, and Mixotrophic Nitrogen Assimilation for Single-Cell Protein Production by Two Hydrogen-Oxidizing Bacterial Strains
Dou JW, Huang YM, Ren HW, Li ZZ, Cao Q, Liu XF, Li D
352 - 364 Engineered Exosomes for Targeted Transfer of siRNA to HER2 Positive Breast Cancer Cells
Limoni SK, Moghadam MF, Moazzeni SM, Gomari H, Salimi F
365 - 377 ABCA1 Is Coordinated with ABCB1 in the Arsenic-Resistance of Human Cells
Zhou T, Niu WQ, Yuan Z, Guo SL, Song Y, Di CH, Xu XL, Tan XH, Yang L
378 - 395 Acetic Acid Removal from Pre-Pulping Wood Extract with Recovery and Recycling of Extraction Solvents
Abdulrahman A, van Walsum GP, Um BH
396 - 406 Efficient Preparation of Xylonic Acid from Xylonate Fermentation Broth by Bipolar Membrane Electrodialysis
Cao R, Xu Y
407 - 423 N-Acetyl-d-glucosamine Production by a Chitinase of Marine Fungal Origin: a Case Study of Potential Industrial Significance for Valorization of Waste Chitins
Das S, Dey P, Roy D, Maiti MK, Sen R
424 - 437 Identification of a Novel Feruloyl Esterase by Functional Screening of a Soil Metagenomic Library
Li XX, Guo J, Hu YM, Yang YM, Jiang JW, Nan F, Wu SL, Xin ZH