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1263 - 1269 Metabolism of Reactive Oxygen Species in Cytoplasmic Male Sterility of Rice by Marking Upmost Pulvinus Interval
Li JX, Dai XM, Li LY, Jiao Z, Huang QC
1270 - 1280 Cytotoxicity of Zinc Oxide Nanoparticles on Antioxidant Enzyme Activities and mRNA Expression in the Cocultured C2C12 and 3T3-L1 Cells
Pandurangan M, Veerappan M, Kim DH
1281 - 1293 The Effect of Heavy Metal-Induced Oxidative Stress on the Enzymes in White Rot Fungus Phanerochaete chrysosporium
Zhang QH, Zeng GM, Chen GQ, Yan M, Chen AW, Du JJ, Huang J, Yi B, Zhou Y, He XX, He Y
1294 - 1305 Elucidation of Fluoranthene Degradative Characteristics in a Newly Isolated Achromobacter xylosoxidans DN002
Ma YL, Lu W, Wan LL, Luo N
1306 - 1317 Improving Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Corn Stover Pretreated by Ethylene Glycol-Perchloric Acid-Water Mixture
He YC, Liu F, Gong L, Lu T, Ding Y, Zhang DP, Qing Q, Zhang Y
1318 - 1329 Recombination of Thermo-Alkalistable, High Xylooligosaccharides Producing Endo-Xylanase from Thermobifida fusca and Expression in Pichia pastoris
Wang Q, Du W, Weng XY, Liu MQ, Wang JK, Liu JX
1330 - 1343 Surface Plasmon Resonance Based Label-Free Detection of Salmonella using DNA Self Assembly
Singh A, Verma HN, Arora K
1344 - 1357 Cloning and Characterization of a Multifunctional Promoter from Maize (Zea mays L.)
Dong Q, Jiang HY, Xu QQ, Li XM, Peng XJ, Yu HB, Xiang Y, Cheng BJ
1358 - 1370 Gene Encoding Inulinase Isolated from Penicillium citrinum ESS and Its Molecular Phylogeny
Flores-Gallegos AC, Morlett-Chavez JA, Aguilar CN, Riutort M, Rodriguez-Herrera R
1371 - 1388 Optimizing Ethanol and Methane Production from Steam-pretreated, Phosphoric Acid-impregnated Corn Stover
Bondesson PM, Dupuy A, Galbe M, Zacchi G
1389 - 1402 Validation of a Novel Sequential Cultivation Method for the Production of Enzymatic Cocktails from Trichoderma Strains
Florencio C, Cunha FM, Badino AC, Farinas CS
1403 - 1411 Fungal Platform for Direct Chiral Phosphonic Building Blocks Production. Closer Look on Conversion Pathway
Zymanczyk-Duda E, Brzezinska-Rodak M, Kozyra K, Klimek-Ochab M
1412 - 1428 Nanohybrid Based on Antibiotic Encapsulated Layered Double Hydroxide as a Drug Delivery System
Khan SB, Alamry KA, Alyahyawi NA, Asiri AM, Arshad MN, Marwani HM
1429 - 1447 High-Level Extracellular Production of Glucose Oxidase by Recombinant Pichia Pastoris Using a Combined Strategy
Gu L, Zhang J, Liu BH, Du GC, Chen J
1448 - 1459 Adsorption Studies of the Gram-Negative Bacteria onto Nanostructured Silicon Carbide
Borkowski A, Szala M, Clapa T
1460 - 1476 Regulation of Resveratrol Production in Vitis amurensis Cell Cultures by Calcium-Dependent Protein Kinases
Aleynova OA, Dubrovina AS, Manyakhin AY, Karetin YA, Kiselev KV
1477 - 1489 Molecular Docking and Inhibition Kinetics of alpha-glucosidase Activity by Labdane Diterpenes Isolated from Tora Seeds (Alpinia nigra BL Burtt.)
Ghosh S, Rangan L
1490 - 1506 ROS and ABA Signaling Are Involved in the Growth Stimulation Induced by Low-Dose Gamma Irradiation in Arabidopsis Seedling
Qi WC, Zhang L, Feng WS, Xu HB, Wang L, Jiao Z
1507 - 1518 Isolation, Purification, and Characterization of Avian Antimicrobial Glycopeptide from the Posterior Salivary Gland of Sepia pharaonis
Karthik R, Saravanan R, Ebenezar KK, Sivamalai T
1519 - 1535 Biphasic Fermentation Is an Efficient Strategy for the Overproduction of delta-Endotoxin from Bacillus thuringiensis
Jisha VN, Smitha RB, Priji P, Sajith S, Benjamin S
1536 - 1547 Efficient Pretreatment of Vietnamese Rice Straw by Soda and Sulfate Cooking Methods for Enzymatic Saccharification
Dien LQ, Phuong NTM, Hoa DT, Hoang PH
1548 - 1556 Ultra-performance Liquid Chromatography Quadrupole Time-of-Flight MS for Identification of Electron Beam from Accelerator Degradation Products of Aflatoxin B-1
Wang RQ, Liu RJ, Chang M, Jin QZ, Huang JH, Liu YF, Wang XG
1557 - 1566 The Aggregation of A beta(42) Induced by Nano Copper and the Antagonistic Action of Polysaccharides
Wang W, Zhang GG, Zou JM
1567 - 1575 Biogenic-Production of SnO2 Nanoparticles and Its Cytotoxic Effect Against Hepatocellular Carcinoma Cell Line (HepG2)
Roopan SM, Kumar SHS, Madhumitha G, Suthindhiran K
1576 - 1587 Production of Therapeutically Relevant Indolizidine Alkaloids in Securinega suffruticosa In Vitro Shoots Maintained in Liquid Culture Systems
Raj D, Kokotkiewicz A, Luczkiewicz M
1588 - 1602 Multivariate Optimization and Supplementation Strategies for the Simultaneous Production of Amylases, Cellulases, Xylanases, and Proteases by Aspergillus awamori Under Solid-State Fermentation Conditions
de Castro AM, Castilho LR, Freire DMG
1603 - 1616 A New Amperometric Biosensor Based on Fe3O4/Polyaniline/Laccase/Chitosan Biocomposite-Modified Carbon Paste Electrode for Determination of Catechol in Tea Leaves
Sadeghi S, Fooladi E, Malekaneh M
1617 - 1621 Molecular Genotyping of Herbicide Resistance in P-minor: ACCase Resistance
Singh R, Sharma D, Raghav N, Chhokar RS, Sharma I
1622 - 1632 Carbonization on Combustion and Biodegradation of Agricultural Waste as a Possible Source of Silica
Krishnamoorthy S, Iyer NR, Murthy AR
1633 - 1643 Inhibition of Tumor Growth by Polyarginine-Fused Mutant Cytosine Deaminase
Wang WF, Zhang N, Zhao TT, Liu MY, Zhang T, Li DS
1644 - 1650 The Synthesis of a Novel Near-Infrared Fluorescent Probe and its Application in Imaging of Living Cells
Sun CL, Cai J, Chen JQ, Wu Y, Wang P, Zhou GX, Zong X, Chen B, Lv YF, Ji M
1651 - 1663 Effects of Lactone, Ketone, and Phenolic Compounds on Methane Production and Metabolic Intermediates During Anaerobic Digestion
Wikandari R, Sari NK, A'yun Q, Millati R, Cahyanto MN, Niklasson C, Taherzadeh MJ
1664 - 1677 Screening of Microorganisms from Deep-Sea Mud for Antarctic Krill (Euphausia superba) Fermentation and Evaluation of the Bioactive Compounds
Sun JN, Kan FF, Liu P, He S, Mou HJ, Xue CH, Mao XZ
1678 - 1688 Utilization of Corncob Acid Hydrolysate for Bacterial Cellulose Production by Gluconacetobacter xylinus
Huang C, Yang XY, Xiong L, Guo HJ, Luo J, Wang B, Zhang HR, Lin XQ, Chen XD
1689 - 1699 Antibacterial and Hemolytic Activity of a new Lectin Purified from the Seeds of Sterculia Foetida L.
Braga AA, Lacerda RRE, Medeiros GKVD, Goncalves GF, Pessoa HDF, Cardoso JD, Gadelha CAD, da Silva BA, Santi-Gadelha T
1700 - 1709 6-Tosyl-4,5,6,7-Tetrahydrothieno[2,3-c]Pyridine-3-Carboxamide Analogues: Synthesis, Characterization, MO Calculation, and Antibacterial Activity
Doshi H, Thakkar S, Khirsariya P, Thakur MC, Ray A
1710 - 1723 Optimization of the Co-Digestion of Catch Crops with Manure Using a Central Composite Design and Reactor Operation
Molinuevo-Salces B, Ahring BK, Uellendahl H
1724 - 1731 Proteins Derived from In Vitro Culture of the Callus and Roots of Calotropis procera Ameliorate Acute Inflammation in the Rat Paw
Kumar VL, Sharma N, Souza ICD, Ramos MV, Carvalho CPD
1732 - 1744 A Cysteine Protease Isolated from the Latex of Ficus microcarpa: Purification and Biochemical Characterization
Mnif IH, Siala R, Nasri R, Mhamdi S, Nasri M, Kamoun AS
1745 - 1770 High-Performance Liquid Chromatographic Quantification of Plumbagin from Transformed Rhizoclones of Plumbago zeylanica L.: Inter-Clonal Variation in Biomass Growth and Plumbagin Production
Nayak P, Sharma M, Behera SN, Thirunavoukkarasu M, Chand PK