Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology

Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology, Vol.172, No.7 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0273-2289 (Print) 

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3307 - 3329 Mixotrophic Cultivation of Microalgae for Biodiesel Production: Status and Prospects
Wang JH, Yang HZ, Wang F
3330 - 3341 Direct Fermentation of Gelatinized Cassava Starch to Acetone, Butanol, and Ethanol Using Clostridium acetobutylicum Mutant Obtained by Atmospheric and Room Temperature Plasma
Li HG, Luo W, Wang Q, Yu XB
3342 - 3353 Purification, Partial Characterization, and CNBr-Sepharose Immobilization of a Vasorelaxant Glucose/Mannose Lectin from Canavalia virosa Seeds
Osterne VJS, Santiago MQ, Pinto VR, Cajazeiras JB, Correia JLA, Leitao CCF, Carneiro RF, Pereira FN, Vasconcelos M, Rocha BAM, Assreuy AMS, Bringel PHSF, Nagano CS, Nascimento KS, Cavada BS
3354 - 3362 Plantaricin LD1: A Bacteriocin Produced by Food Isolate of Lactobacillus plantarum LD1
Gupta A, Tiwari SK
3363 - 3373 Antibacterial Activity of Synthetic Curcumin Derivatives: 3,5-Bis(benzylidene)-4-Piperidone (EF24) and EF24-Dimer Linked via Diethylenetriaminepentacetic Acid (EF(2)DTPA)
Vilekar P, King C, Lagisetty P, Awasthi V, Awasthi S
3374 - 3389 Characterization of a New Bacteriocin from Lactobacillus plantarum LE5 and LE27 Isolated from Ensiled Corn
Amortegui J, Rodriguez-Lopez A, Rodriguez D, Carrascal AK, Almeciga-Diaz CJ, Melendez AD, Sanchez OF
3390 - 3401 Production and Characterization Te-Peptide by Induced Autolysis of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae
Morya VK, Dong SJ, Kim EK
3402 - 3413 Control of Spoilage Fungi by Protective Lactic Acid Bacteria Displaying Probiotic Properties
Varsha KK, Priya S, Devendra L, Nampoothiri KM
3414 - 3423 Purification and Characterization of a Zinc-Dependent Cinnamyl Alcohol Dehydrogenase from Leucaena leucocephala, a Tree Legume
Pandey B, Pandey VP, Shasany AK, Dwivedi UN
3424 - 3432 Propanol Addition Improves Natamycin Biosynthesis of Streptomyces natalensis
Li M, Chen SW, Li JH, Ji ZX
3433 - 3447 Enhanced Biodegradation of Alkane Hydrocarbons and Crude Oil by Mixed Strains and Bacterial Community Analysis
Chen Y, Li C, Zhou ZX, Wen JP, You XY, Mao YZ, Lu CZ, Huo GX, Jia XQ
3448 - 3460 Screening of a Glucoside 3-Dehydrogenase-Producing Strain, Sphingobacterium faecium, Based on a High-Throughput Screening Method and Optimization of the Culture Conditions for Enzyme Production
Zhang JF, Chen WQ, Ke W, Chen H
3461 - 3475 Pseudomonas stutzeri Strain Possessing a Self-Transmissible TOL-Like Plasmid Degrades Phenol and Promotes Maize Growth in Contaminated Environments
Jiang QY, Zhou CH, Wang YJ, Si FY, Zhou YJ, Chen B, Zhao Y, Chen J, Xiao M
3476 - 3487 Expression and Characterization of Hyperthermotolerant Xylanases, SyXyn11P and SyXyn11E, in Pichia pastoris and Escherichia coli
Li JF, Zhang HM, Wu MC, Wang CJ, Dong YH, Zhu LJ, Zhang P
3488 - 3501 Thermostable Hemicellulases of a Bacterium, Geobacillus sp DC3, Isolated from the Former Homestake Gold Mine in Lead, South Dakota
Bergdale TE, Hughes SR, Bang SS
3502 - 3512 Statistical Analysis and Modeling of Pelletized Cultivation of Mucor circinelloides for Microbial Lipid Accumulation
Xia CJ, Wei W, Hu B
3513 - 3528 Antimicrobial and Cytotoxicity Properties of 2,3-Dihydroxy-9,10-Anthraquinone Isolated from Streptomyces galbus (ERINLG-127)
Balachandran C, Arun Y, Duraipandiyan V, Ignacimuthu S, Balakrishna K, Al-Dhabi NA
3529 - 3537 A beta-Secretase (BACE1)-inhibiting C-Methylrotenoid Induced by Yeast Elicitation in Abronia nana Suspension Cultures
Kim SI, Yang EJ, Park SH, Kim CK, Song KS
3538 - 3557 Application of Endo-beta-1,4,d mannanase and Cellulase for the Release of Mannooligosaccharides from Steam-Pretreated Spent Coffee Ground
Chiyanzu I, Brienzo M, Garcia-Aparicio MP, Gorgens JF
3558 - 3569 Modification of Lysine Residues of Horseradish Peroxidase and Its Effect on Stability and Structure of the Enzyme
Hassani L, Nourozi R
3570 - 3582 Activities of Hydrolases and Oxidases as Influenced by the Application of Monocrotophos in Sandy Loam Soil of Rajasthan
Jain R, Garg V
3583 - 3592 Flavonoid-Rich Plants Used as Sole Substrate to Induce the Solid-State Fermentation of Laccase
Qiu WH, Zhang WY, Chen HZ
3593 - 3605 Purification and Side Chain Selective Chemical Modifications of Glutamate Dehydrogenase from Bacillus subtilis Natto
Ni YY, Wang JL, Qian BJ, Song GY, Yao XM, Zhang JH
3606 - 3620 Exploration of a Cheaper Carbon Source for Extracellular beta-glucosidase Synthesis from Debaryomyces pseudopolymorphus NRRL YB-4229
Pandit NT, Pandit AB
3621 - 3634 Biorefining of Waste Paper Biomass: Increasing the Concentration of Glucose by Optimising Enzymatic Hydrolysis
Elliston A, Collins SRA, Faulds CB, Roberts IN, Waldron KW
3635 - 3645 Expression of Avian Influenza Virus (H5N1) Hemagglutinin and Matrix Protein 1 in Pichia pastoris and Evaluation of their Immunogenicity in Mice
Subathra M, Santhakumar P, Naidu SS, Narasu ML, Senthilkumar TMA, Lal SK
3646 - 3655 Exploring Thermophilic Cellulolytic Enzyme Production Potential of Aspergillus fumigatus by the Solid-State Fermentation of Wheat Straw
Mehboob N, Asad MJ, Asgher M, Gulfraz M, Mukhtar T, Mahmood RT
3656 - 3669 Sequential Extrusion-Ozone Pretreatment of Switchgrass and Big Bluestem
Karunanithy C, Muthukumarappan K, Gibbons WR
3670 - 3685 Biohydrogen Production Through Dark Fermentation by a Microbial Consortium Using Whey Permeate as Substrate
Romao BB, Batista FRX, Ferreira JS, Costa HCB, Resende MM, Cardoso VL
3686 - 3700 Influence of Different Processing Treatments on the Detectability of Nucleic Acid and Protein Targets in Transgenic Soybean Meal
Tian F, Guan QF, Wang XM, Teng D, Wang JH