Journal of Hazardous Materials

Journal of Hazardous Materials, Vol.373 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0304-3894 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Co-pyrolysis of metal contaminated oily waste for oil recovery and heavy metal immobilization
Tian Y, Li JB, Yan XY, Whitcombe T, Thring R
11 - 22 Bio-inspired robust superhydrophobic-superoleophilic polyphenylene sulfide membrane for efficient oil/water separation under highly acidic or alkaline conditions
Fan TT, Miao JL, Li ZH, Cheng BW
23 - 28 Degradation of some organophosphorus pesticides in aqueous solution by gamma irradiation
Khedr T, Hammad AA, Elmarsafy AM, Halawa E, Soliman M
29 - 38 Construction of an Escherichia coli strain to degrade phenol completely with two modified metabolic modules
Wang B, Xu J, Gao JJ, Fu XY, Han HJ, Li ZJ, Wang LJ, Tian YS, Peng RH, Yao QH
39 - 49 Comparative studies on Pb(II) biosorption with three spongy microbe-based biosorbents: High performance, selectivity and application
Wang NN, Qiu YY, Xiao TF, Wang JQ, Chen YX, Xu XJ, Kang ZC, Fan LL, Yu HW
50 - 59 Facile in situ generation of bismuth tungstate nanosheet-multiwalled carbon nanotube composite as unconventional affinity material for quartz crystal microbalance detection of antibiotics
Munawar A, Schirhagl R, Rehman A, Shaheen A, Taj A, Bano K, Bassous NJ, Webster TJ, Khan WS, Bajwa SZ
60 - 66 New insight into effect of antibiotics concentration and process configuration on the removal of antibiotics and relevant antibiotic resistance genes
Yang L, Wen QX, Zhao YQ, Chen ZQ, Wang Q, Burgmann H
67 - 74 Removal of chlorpyrifos and its hydrolytic metabolite 3,5,6-trichloro-2-pyridinol in constructed wetland mesocosms under soda saline-alkaline conditions: Effectiveness and influencing factors
Yu XF, Zhu H, Yan BX, Xu YY, Banuelos G, Shutes B, Wen HY, Cheng R
75 - 84 Mesoporous zirconia nanostructures (MZN) for adsorption of As(III) and As(V) from aqueous solutions
Shehzad K, Ahmad M, Xie C, Zhan DY, Wang W, Li ZX, Xu WH, Liu JH
85 - 96 Tetracycline degradation by persulfate activated with magnetic Cu/CuFe2O4 composite: Efficiency, stability, mechanism and degradation pathway
Li ZL, Guo CS, Lyu JC, Hu Z, Ge M
97 - 105 Enhanced arsenite removal from water by radially porous Fe-chitosan beads: Adsorption and H2O2 catalytic oxidation
Wei YF, Yu XW, Liu CB, Ma JH, Wei SD, Chen T, Yin K, Liu H, Luo SL
106 - 114 The relative importance of different carbon structures in biochars to carbamazepine and bisphenol A sorption
Chu G, Zhao J, Liu Y, Lang D, Wu M, Pan B, Steinberg CEW
115 - 121 Sensitive and multiplexed detection of antibiotics using a suspension array platform based on silica-agarose hybrid microbeads
Wang X, Gong JH, Yuan BL, Chen ZF, Jiang JC
122 - 130 Treatment of antibiotic-resistant bacteria by encapsulation of ZnO nanoparticles in an alginate biopolymer: Insights into treatment mechanisms
Baek S, Joo SH, Toborek M
131 - 140 Removal of the heavy metal ion nickel (II) via an adsorption method using flower globular magnesium hydroxide
Jiang DM, Yang YH, Huang CT, Huang MY, Chen JJ, Rao TD, Ran XY
141 - 151 An efficient mechanochemical synthesis of alpha-aluminum hydride: Synergistic effect of TiF3 on the crystallization rate and selective formation of alpha-aluminum hydride polymorph
Duan CW, Cao YZ, Hu LX, Fu D, Ma JL, Youngblood J
152 - 159 Long-term impact of heavy metals on the performance of biological wastewater treatment processes during shock-adaptation-restoration phases
Wang DQ, Tang G, Yang ZJ, Li XX, Chai GD, Liu T, Cao X, Pan BZ, Li JK, Sheng GP, Zheng X, Ren ZJ
160 - 167 Role of complexing agents on oxidative degradation of chlorophenolic compounds by pyrite-Fenton process: Batch and column experiments
Kantar C, Oral O, Urken O, Oz NA
168 - 175 A positively charged tight UF membrane and its properties for removing trace metal cations via electrostatic repulsion mechanism
Zhou MY, Zhang P, Fang LF, Zhu BK, Wang JL, Chen JH, Abdallah HM
176 - 186 Nanoscale zero valent iron supported on MgAl-LDH-decorated reduced graphene oxide: Enhanced performance in Cr(VI) removal, mechanism and regeneration
Lv XS, Qin XF, Wang KF, Peng YY, Wang P, Jiang GM
187 - 196 Mechanisms of Cu2+, triethylenetetramine (TETA), and Cu-TETA sorption on rectorite and its use for metal removal via metal-TETA complexation
Li ZH, Chang PH, Jiang WT
197 - 203 beta-Cyclodextrin based air filter for high-efficiency filtration of pollution sources
Wang L, Kang Y, Xing CY, Guo K, Zhang XQ, Ding LS, Zhang S, Li BJ
204 - 211 The efficacy of pH-dependent leaching tests to provide a reasonable estimate of post-carbonation leaching
Ai HP, Clavier KA, Watts BE, Gale SA, Townsend TG
212 - 223 Management of chromium (VI) toxicity by calcium and sulfur in tomato and brinjal: Implication of nitric oxide
Singh S, Prasad SM
224 - 231 Length-specific occurrence and profile of perfluoroalkyl acids (PFAAs) in animal protein feeds
Li XM, Gao K, Dong SJ, Liu X, Fu KH, Wang PL, Zhang AQ, Su XO, Fu JJ
232 - 242 Adsorption and oxidation of arsenic by two kinds of beta-MnO2
Wei ZG, Wang ZR, Yan JH, Liu Y, Wu Y, Fang YF, Yu L, Cheng G, Pan ZC, Hu GH
243 - 249 Bio-oxidation of elemental mercury during growth of mercury resistant yeasts in simulated hydrosphere
Oyetibo GO, Miyauchi K, Suzuki H, Endo G
250 - 257 Interactive effects of rice straw biochar and gamma-Al2O3 on immobilization of Zn
Wu P, Cui PX, Alves ME, Peijnenburg WJGM, Liu C, Zhou DM, Wang HL, Ok YS, Wang YJ
258 - 270 Adsorption mechanism of hexavalent chromium onto layered double hydroxides-based adsorbents: A systematic in-depth review
Tran HN, Nguyen DT, Le GT, Tomul F, Lima EC, Woo SH, Sarmah AK, Nguyen HQ, Nguyen PT, Nguyen DD, Nguyen TV, Vigneswaran S, Vo DVN, Chao HP
271 - 277 Molecular-level investigation of soils contaminated by oil spilled during the Gulf War
Cho E, Park M, Hur M, Kang G, Kim YH, Kim S
278 - 284 Platinum-enhanced amorphous TiO2-filled mesoporous TiO2 crystals for the photocatalytic mineralization of tetracycline hydrochloride
Lyu JZ, Zhou Z, Wang YH, Li J, Li QY, Zhang YK, Ma XF, Guan JY, Wei X
285 - 293 Novel M (Mg/Ni/Cu)-Al-O-3 layered double hydroxides synthesized by aqueous miscible organic solvent treatment (AMOST) method for CO2 capture
Shang SS, Hanif A, Sun MZ, Tian YM, Ok YS, Yu IKM, Tsang DCW, Gu QF, Shang J
294 - 302 Preparation, characterization, and application of an eco-friendly sand-fixing material largely utilizing coal-based solid waste
Peng DD, Wang YG, Liu XM, Tang BW, Zhang N
303 - 312 Preparation of Ag-AgVO3/g-C3N4 composite photo-catalyst and degradation characteristics of antibiotics
Chen DY, Li BL, Pu QM, Chen X, Wen G, Li ZS
313 - 320 Fluorine removal and calcium fluoride recovery from rare-earth smelting wastewater using fluidized bed crystallization process
Zeng GS, Ling B, Li ZJ, Luo SL, Sui XZ, Guan Q
321 - 334 Study of reaction mechanism based on further promotion of low temperature degradation of toluene using nano-CeO2/Co3O4 under microwave radiation for cleaner production in spraying processing
Yang ZY, Yi HH, Tang XL, Zhao SZ, Huang YH, Xie XZ, Song LL, Zhang YY
335 - 346 Investigation of reducing particulate matter (PM) and heavy metals pollutions by adding a novel additive from metallurgical dust (MD) during coal combustion
Gao ZF, Long HM, Dai B, Gao XP
347 - 358 An ionic liquid functionalized polymer for simultaneous removal of four phenolic pollutants in real environmental samples
Zhu GF, Cheng GH, Lu T, Cao ZG, Wang LF, Li QJ, Fan J
359 - 366 The effects of Fe2+ on sulfur-oxidizing bacteria (SOB) driven autotrophic denitrification
Wen SL, Hu KQ, Chen YC, Hu YY
367 - 376 Metal - organic frameworks-derived MnO2/Mn3O4 microcuboids with hierarchically ordered nanosheets and Ti3C2 MXene/Au NPs composites for electrochemical pesticide detection
Song DD, Jiang XY, Li YS, Lu X, Luan SR, Wang YZ, Li Y, Gao FM
377 - 388 Probing the photo- and electro-catalytic degradation mechanism of methylene blue dye over ZIF-derived ZnO
Payra S, Challagulla S, Bobde Y, Chakraborty C, Ghosh B, Roy S
389 - 396 Identification of Cr(VI) speciation in ferrous sulfate-reduced chromite ore processing residue (rCOPR) and impacts of environmental factors erosion on Cr(VI) leaching
Song Y, Li J, Peng M, Deng ZQ, Yang JJ, Liu WZ, Shi ZQ, Lin Z
397 - 407 Enhanced dyes adsorption from wastewater via Fe3O4 nanoparticles functionalized activated carbon
Liu XD, Tian JF, Li YY, Sun NF, Mi S, Xie Y, Chen ZY
408 - 416 Rapid in situ microwave synthesis of Fe3O4@MIL-100(Fe) for aqueous diclofenac sodium removal through integrated adsorption and photodegradation
Li SJ, Cui JN, Wu X, Zhang X, Hu Q, Hou XH
417 - 424 Aerobic removal of iodinated contrast medium by nano-sized zero-valent iron: A combination of oxidation and reduction
Zhou GN, He CS, Wang YX, He PP, Liu J, Mu Y, Zhang LS
425 - 436 Characterization of secondary products in arsenopyrite-bearing mine wastes: influence of cementation on arsenic attenuation
Murciego A, Alvarez-Ayuso E, Aldana-Martinez SC, Sanz-Arranz A, Medina-Garcia J, Run-Perez F, Villar-Alonso P
437 - 446 Photo-Fenton degradation of amoxicillin via magnetic TiO2-graphene oxide-Fe3O4 composite with a submerged magnetic separation membrane photocatalytic reactor (SMSMPR)
Li QL, Kong H, Li P, Shao JH, He YL
447 - 458 Metal organic framework-graphene nano-composites for high adsorption removal of DBT as hazard material in liquid fuel
Matloob AM, Abd El-Hafiz DR, Saad L, Mikhail S, Guirguis D
459 - 467 In-situ prepared ZnO-ZnFe2O4 with 1-D nanofiber network structure: An effective adsorbent for toxic dye effluent treatment
Appiah-Ntiamoah R, Baye AF, Gadisa BT, Abebe MW, Kim H
468 - 475 Mechanism and pathways underlying the self-sensitized photodegradation of methotrexate under simulated solar irradiation
Hsu MH, Tsai CJ, Lin AYC
476 - 482 An experimental study of cotransport of heavy metals with kaolinite colloids
Won J, Wirth X, Burns SE
483 - 492 An eco-designed paper-based algal biosensor for nanoformulated herbicide optical detection
Scognamiglio V, Antonacci A, Arduini F, Moscone D, Campos EVR, Fraceto LF, Palleschi G
493 - 503 Enhanced dye removal using polymeric nanocomposite through incorporation of Ag doped ZnO nanoparticles: Synthesis and characterization
Gouthaman A, Asir JA, Gnanaprakasam A, Sivakumar VM, Thirumarimurugan M, Ahamed MAR, Azarudeen RS
504 - 518 Learning and memory deficits and alzheimer's disease-like changes in mice after chronic exposure to microcystin-LR
Wang J, Chen YB, Zhang CL, Xiang Z, Ding J, Han XD
519 - 526 Transformation of iodide by Fe(II) activated peroxydisulfate
Dong ZJ, Jiang CC, Yang JX, Zhang X, Dai WL, Cai PW
527 - 535 Applications of metabolomics in assessing ecological effects of emerging contaminants and pollutants on plants
Matich EK, Soria NGC, Aga DS, Atilla-Gokcumen GE
536 - 546 Reducing the flammability of hydrophobic silica aerogels by doping with hydroxides
Li Z, Huang SQ, Shi L, Li ZC, Liu Q, Li M
547 - 557 The role of nitrite in electrocatalytic oxidation of phenol: An unexpected nitration process relevant to groundwater remediation with boron-doped diamond electrode
Zhang CY, Dong JY, Liu M, Zhao WJ, Fu DG
558 - 564 Study on the cyanobacterial toxin metabolism of Microcystis aeruginosa in nitrogen-starved conditions by a stable isotope labelling method
Qian ZY, Chen X, Zhu HT, Shi JZ, Gong TT, Xian QM
565 - 571 Construction of an in-situ Fenton-like system based on a g-C3N4 composite photocatalyst
Xiong ZW, Wang Z, Murugananthan M, Zhang YR
572 - 579 Removal of heavy metals by aged zero-valent iron from flue-gas-desulfurization brine under high salt and temperature conditions
Zhang W, Oswal H, Renew J, Ellison K, Huang CH
580 - 590 Two-dimensional copper-based metal - organic frameworks nano-sheets composites: One-step synthesis and highly efficient U(VI) immobilization
Duan SX, Wu LS, Li JX, Huang YS, Tan XL, Wen T, Hayat T, Alsaedi A, Wang XK
591 - 599 Coupling metabolisms of arsenic and iron with humic substances through microorganisms in paddy soil
Yi XY, Yang YP, Yuan HY, Chen Z, Duan GL, Zhu YG
600 - 607 Insights into the activation of ozonation by hydroxylamine: Influential factors, degradation mechanism and reaction kinetics
Qin WL, Yuan XJ, Sun L, Qiang ZM, Xia DS
608 - 619 Microbial degradation of azo dye carmoisine in aqueous medium using Saccharomyces cerevisiae ATCC 9763
Kiayi Z, Lotfabad TB, Heidarinasab A, Shahcheraghi F
620 - 629 Development of a coupled model of quantitative ion character-activity relationships-biotic ligand model (QICARs-BLM) for predicting toxicity for data poor metals
Meng XQ, Wang XD, Ma YB, Wang Y
630 - 639 Toxicological assessment of dust from sanding micronized copper-treated lumber in vivo
Sisler JD, Mandler WK, Shaffer J, Lee T, McKinney WG, Battelli LA, Orandle MS, Thomas TA, Castranova VC, Qi CL, Porter DW, Andrew ME, Fedan JS, Mercer RR, Qian Y
640 - 648 A resource-utilization way of the waste printed circuit boards to prepare silicon carbide nanoparticles and their photocatalytic application
Yang J, Feng JX, Li WQ, Chen XX, Liu XS, Ruan JJ, Qiu RL, Xiong Y, Tian SH
649 - 659 Occurrence of plastic additives in outdoor air particulate matters from two industrial parks of Tarragona, Spain: Human inhalation intake risk assessment
Maceira A, Borrull F, Marce RM
660 - 670 A complete catalytic reaction scheme for Hg-0 oxidation by HCl over RuO2/TiO2 catalyst
Yang YJ, Liu J, Wang Z, Miao S, Ding JY, Yu YN, Zhang JC
671 - 677 Spatial and temporal trends of melamine and its derivatives in sediment from Lake Shihwa, South Korea
Zhu HK, Lee S, Moon HB, Kannan K
678 - 686 Organo-layered double hydroxides for the removal of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons from soil washing effluents containing high concentrations of surfactants
Zhang M, Zhao C, Li JY, Xu LH, Wei F, Hou DY, Sarkar B, Ok YS
687 - 697 Immobilization of Zn(II) ions from contaminated biomass using ceramic matrices
Simon D, Quaranta N, Medici S, Costas A, Cristobal A
698 - 704 Mechanism of CO2-formation promotion by Au in plasma-catalytic oxidation of CH4 over Au/gamma-Al2O3 at room temperature
Yao SL, Chen ZZ, Weng S, Mao LN, Zhang XM, Han JY, Wu ZL, Lu H, Tang XJ, Jiang BQ, Nozaki T
705 - 715 High efficient adsorption and storage of iodine on S, N co-doped graphene aerogel
Liu BB, Ren XH, Chen L, Ma XX, Chen Q, Sun QD, Zhang L, Si PC, Ci LJ
716 - 724 Carbon sources mediate microbial pentachlorophenol dechlorination in soils
Li H, Jiang YJ, Chen LJ, Chen YT, Wen XC, Tao L
725 - 732 A hierarchical structured steel mesh decorated with metal organic framework/graphene oxide for high-efficient oil/water separation
Li H, Yin YY, Zhu L, Xiong Y, Li X, Guo TC, Xing W, Xue QZ
733 - 740 A systematic study on the VOCs characterization and odour emissions in a full-scale sewage sludge composting plant
Gonzalez D, Colon J, Sanchez A, Gabriel D
741 - 752 Thermal behaviors and harmful volatile constituents released from asphalt components at high temperature
Xia WJ, Xu T, Wang H
753 - 762 Arsenic-responsive high-affinity rice sulphate transporter, OsSultr1;1, provides abiotic stress tolerance under limiting sulphur condition
Kumar S, Khare R, Trivedi PK
763 - 772 Distribution and characteristics of heavy metals in a first-generation monofill site for incinerator residue
Xiong YQ, Takaoka M, Sano A, Kusakabe T, Yang J, Shiota K, Fujimori T, Oshita K
773 - 782 Low pressure plasma functionalized cellulose fiber for the remediation of petroleum hydrocarbons polluted water
Tursi A, De Vietro N, Beneduci A, Milella A, Chidichimo F, Fracassi F, Chidichimo G
783 - 790 In situ remediation of mercury-contaminated soil using thiol-functionalized graphene oxide/Fe-Mn composite
Huang Y, Wang MX, Li ZJ, Gong YY, Zeng EY
791 - 800 Synthesis of NiAl- layered double hydroxide with nitrate intercalation: Application in cyanide removal from steel industry effluent
Ravuru SS, Jana A, De S
801 - 809 Assessment of optimal conditions for the restoration and recovery of agricultural soil
Race M, Marotta R, Fabbricino M, Pirozzi F, Andreozzi R, Guida M, Siciliano A
810 - 819 Synthesis and characterization of zeolite-based composites functionalized with nanoscale zero-valent iron for removing arsenic in the presence of selenium from water
Suazo-Hernandez J, Sepulveda P, Manquian-Cerda K, Ramirez-Tagle R, Rubio MA, Bolan N, Sarkar B, Arancibia-Miranda N
820 - 834 Biochar-supported nZVI (nZVI/BC) for contaminant removal from soil and water: A critical review
Wang SS, Zhao MY, Zhou M, Li YCC, Wang J, Gao B, Sato S, Feng K, Yin WQ, Igalavithana AD, Oleszczuk P, Wang XZ, Ok YS
835 - 843 A novel environmental-friendly and safe unpacking powder without magnesium, aluminum and sulphur for fireworks
Han ZY, Jiang Q, Du ZM, Hoon HH, Yu Y, Zhang YP, Gong L, Sun Y
844 - 855 Biochar-red clay composites for energy efficiency as eco-friendly building materials: Thermal and mechanical performance
Yang S, Wi S, Lee J, Lee H, Kim S
856 - 865 A novel organic-inorganic hybrid K-HBPE@APP performing excellent flame retardancy and smoke suppression for polypropylene
Zhang NE, Zhang J, Yan H, Guo XR, Sun Q, Guo RJ