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1 - 8 Supplementing multi-functional groups to polysulfone membranes using Azadirachta indica leaves powder for effective and highly selective acid recovery
Yadav S, Soontarapa K, Jyothi MS, Padaki M, Balakrishna RG, Lai JY
9 - 16 Sub-lethal concentrations of heavy metals induce antibiotic resistance via mutagenesis
Li XY, Gu AZ, Zhang Y, Xie B, Li D, Chen JM
17 - 24 Understanding the interaction of carbon quantum dots with CuO and Cu2O by fluorescence quenching
Bharathi D, Krishna RH, Siddlingeshwar B, Divakar DD, Alkheraif AA
25 - 30 SPS technique for ionizing radiation source fabrication based on dense cesium-containing core
Papynov EK, Shichalin OO, Mayorov VY, Kuryavyi VG, Kaidalova TA, Teplukhina LV, Portnyagin AS, Slobodyuk AB, Belov AA, Tananaev IG, Avramenko VA, Sergienko VI
31 - 39 Analysis of the relationship of extracellular polymeric substances to the dewaterability and rheological properties of sludge treated by acidification and anaerobic mesophilic digestion
Zhang SW, Liang JL, Huang JJ, Huang SS, Zheng L, Sun SY, Zhong ZY, Zhang XH, Yu XY, Guan ZJ
40 - 49 Intermittent light and microbial action of mixed endogenous source DOM affects degradation of 17 beta-estradiol day after day in a relatively deep natural anaerobic aqueous environment
Gu LP, Huang B, Han FX, Xu ZX, Ren D, He H, Pan XJ, Dionysiou DD
50 - 61 Construction of magnetic lignin-based adsorbent and its adsorption properties for dyes
Jiang CL, Wang XH, Qin DM, Da WX, Hou BX, Hao C, Wu JB
62 - 69 Shock initiation of multi-component insensitive PBX explosives: Experiments and MC-DZK mesoscopic reaction rate model
Bai ZL, Duan ZP, Wen LJ, Zhang ZY, Ou ZC, Huang FL
70 - 78 Graphene oxide/titania photocatalytic ozonation of primidone in a visible LED photoreactor
Checa M, Figueredo M, Aguinaco A, Beltran FJ
79 - 86 Bioremediation of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) present in biomass fly ash by co-composting and co-vermicomposting
Kosnar Z, Wiesnerova L, Castkova T, Kroulikova S, Boucek J, Mercl F, Tlustos P
87 - 95 Remediation of Cd- and Pb- contaminated clay soils through combined freeze-thaw and soil washing
Rui DH, Wu ZP, Ji MC, Li JF, Wang SR, Ito Y
96 - 107 Palladium nanoparticles decorated on amine functionalized graphene nanosheets as excellent nanocatalyst for the hydrogenation of nitrophenols to aminophenol counterparts
Sogukomerogullari HG, Karatas Y, Celebi M, Gulcan M, Sonmez M, Zahmakiran M
108 - 115 Impacts of texture properties and airborne particles on accumulation of tobacco-derived chemicals in fabrics
Wu CC, Wang WJ, Bao LJ, Shi L, Tao S, Zeng EY
116 - 124 Effects of pool size and spacing on burning rate and flame height of two square heptane pool fires
Wan HX, Gao ZH, Ji J, Zhang YM, Li KY, Wang LZ
125 - 131 Degradation process regulation of waste LCD panel to ensure the remain of indium in solid phase by hydrothermal reaction
Cao Y, Li F, Li GM, Huang JW, Zhu HC, He WZ
132 - 141 Interactions between Microcystis aeruginosa and coexisting bisphenol A at different nitrogen levels
Yang M, Wang XR
142 - 149 Comparing pollution patterns and human exposure to atmospheric PBDEs and PCBs emitted from different e-waste dismantling processes
Liu RR, Ma ST, Li GY, Yu YX, An TC
150 - 163 Overexploitation hazards and salinization risks in crucial declining aquifers, chemo-isotopic approaches
Bagheri R, Nosrati A, Jafari H, Eggenkamp HGM, Mozafari M
164 - 170 Enhancing the digestion of waste activated sludge through nitrite addition: insight on mechanism through profiles of extracellular polymeric substances (EPS) and microbial communities
Wang XL, Zhang L, Peng YZ, Zhang Q, Li JL, Yang SH
171 - 179 Photosensitized diastereoisomer-specific degradation of hexabromocyclododecane (HBCD) in the presence of humic acid in aquatic systems
Son MH, Gong JY, Seo S, Yoon H, Chang YS
180 - 190 Ambient PM2.5 caused depressive-like responses through Nrf2/NLRP3 signaling pathway modulating inflammation
Chu C, Zhang HY, Cui SJ, Han B, Zhou LX, Zhang N, Su X, Niu YJ, Chen W, Chen R, Zhang R, Zheng YX
191 - 198 Assessing the impacts of sewage sludge amendment containing nano-TiO2 on tomato plants: A life cycle study
Bakshi M, Line C, Bedolla DE, Stein RJ, Kaegi R, Sarret G, del Real AEP, Castillo-Michel H, Abhilash PC, Larue C
199 - 213 Collagenic waste and rubber based resin-cured biocomposite adsorbent for high-performance removal(s) of Hg(II), safranine, and brilliant cresyl blue: A cost-friendly waste management approach
Roy C, Dutta A, Mahapatra M, Karmakar M, Roy JSD, Mitra M, Chattopadhyay PK, Singha NR
214 - 225 3D hierarchical graphene oxide-NiFe LDH composite with enhanced adsorption affinity to Congo red, methyl orange and Cr(VI) ions
Zheng YQ, Cheng B, You W, Yu JG, Ho WK
226 - 235 Study of Cu (II), Co (II), Ni (II) and Pb (II) removal from aqueous solutions using magnetic Prussian blue nano-sorbent
Uoginte I, Lujaniene G, Mazeika K
236 - 243 Effect of impure components in flue gas desulfurization (FGD) gypsum on the generation of polymorph CaCO3 during carbonation reaction
Wang B, Pan ZH, Du ZP, Cheng HG, Cheng FQ
244 - 253 Steam reforming of toluene and naphthalene as tar surrogate in a gliding arc discharge reactor
Zhang H, Zhu FS, Li XD, Xu RY, Li L, Yan JH, Tu X
254 - 260 The mechanism for promoted oxygenation of V(IV) by goethite: Positive effect of surface hydroxyl groups
Hu XY, Peng XJ, Kong LH, Zhu F
261 - 267 Characteristics of multiple pool fires in a tunnel with natural ventilation
He K, Cheng XD, Yao YZ, Shi L, Yang H, Cong W
268 - 278 Non-dimensional analysis of the criticality of Li-ion battery thermal runaway behavior
Huang PF, Chen HD, Verma A, Wang QS, Mukherjee P, Sun JH
279 - 289 Detoxification of municipal solid waste incinerator (MSWI) fly ash by single-mode microwave (MW) irradiation: Addition of urea on the degradation of Dioxin and mechanism
Deng DY, Qiao JQ, Liu MQ, Kolodynska D, Zhang MW, Dionysiou DD, Ju YM, Ma J, Chang MB
290 - 298 Interaction between diet- and exercise-lifestyle and phthalates exposure on sex hormone levels
Zhang JF, Yin WJ, Li P, Hu C, Wang L, Li T, Gao EW, Hou J, Wang GY, Wang X, Wang L, Yu ZQ, Yuan J
299 - 308 In-situ green assembly of spherical Mn-based metal-organic composites by ion exchange for efficient electrochemical oxidation of organic pollutant
Xu ZH, Qin L, Zhang YF, Li X, Nan JL, Guo XW, Zhang GL
309 - 317 Effects of backwashing strategy and dissolved oxygen on arsenic removal to meet drinking water standards in a sulfidogenic attached growth reactor
Shakya AK, Ghosh PK
318 - 323 Microwave sintering of fly ash containing unburnt carbon and sodium chloride
Fujii T, Kashimura K, Tanaka H
324 - 333 Explosion characteristics of a pyrolysis biofuel derived from rice husk
Xu CS, Wang HY, Li XL, Zhou WH, Wang CM, Wang SR
334 - 341 Visualization of graphene oxide transport in two-dimensional homogeneous and heterogeneous porous media
Dong SN, Gao B, Sun YY, Guo HY, Wu JF, Cao SH, Wu JC
342 - 352 Design and synthesis of a calcium modified quaternized chitosan hollow sphere for efficient adsorption of SDBS
Wang AW, Zhu Q, Xing ZP
353 - 361 In-situ solidification/stabilization of heavy metals contaminated site soil using a dry jet mixing method and new hydroxyapatite based binder
Xia WY, Du YJ, Li FS, Li CP, Yan XL, Arulrajah A, Wang F, Song DJ
362 - 374 Pesticide mediated oxidative stress induces genotoxicity and disrupts chromatin structure in fenugreek (Trigonella foenum - graecum L.) seedlings
Mahapatra K, De S, Banerjee S, Roy S
375 - 383 Analogous crystal orientation for immobilizing rGO/ZrO2/Ag3PO4 nanocomposite on a fluorine-doped tin oxide substrate
Anwer H, Park JW
384 - 397 A novel L-Histidine (C, N) codoped-TiO2-CdS nanocomposite for efficient visible photo-degradation of recalcitrant compounds from wastewater
Zangeneh H, Zinatizadeh AA, Zinadini S, Feyzi M, Rafiee E, Bahnemann DW
398 - 407 Novel nanocomposite derived from ZnO/CdS QDs embedded crosslinked chitosan: An efficient photocatalyst and effective antibacterial agent
Midya L, Patra AS, Banerjee C, Panda AB, Pal S
408 - 415 Efficient bacteria inactivation by ligand-induced continuous generation of hydroxyl radicals in Fenton-like reaction
Li Z, Wang LY, Li ZH, Tian R, Lu C
416 - 422 A remotely steerable Janus micromotor adsorbent for the active remediation of Cs-contaminated water
Hwang J, Yang HM, Lee KW, Jung YI, Lee KJ, Park CW
423 - 429 Identification and classification of explosives using semi-supervised learning and laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy
Wang QQ, Teng G, Li CY, Zhao Y, Peng Z
430 - 438 Kinetics study on non-thermal plasma mineralization of adsorbed toluene over gamma-Al2O3 hybrid with zeolite
Qin CH, Guo H, Bai WW, Huang JY, Huang XM, Dang XQ, Yan DJ
439 - 447 Combined in-situ bioremediation treatment for perchlorate pollution in the vadose zone and groundwater
Levakov I, Ronen Z, Dahan O
448 - 455 Remediation of soil co-contaminated with decabromodiphenyl ether (BDE-209) and copper by enhanced electrokinetics-persulfate process
Chen F, Li XX, Ma J, Qu JF, Yang YJ, Zhang SL
456 - 464 The detoxification effect of liquid digestate on vanadium toxicity to seed germination and seedling growth of dog's tail grass
Aihemaiti A, Jiang JG, Blaney L, Zou Q, Gao YC, Meng Y, Yang M, Xu YW
465 - 473 Performance of microaeration hydrolytic acidification process in the pretreatment of 2-butenal manufacture wastewater
Song GQ, Yu Y, Liu T, Xi HB, Zhou YX
474 - 482 Plasmonics driven engineered pasteurizers for solar water disinfection (SWADIS)
Kulkarni A, Kapley A, Dhodapkar RS, Nagababu P, Rayalu S
483 - 493 Adsorption of diclofenac sodium on bilayer amino-functionalized cellulose nanocrystals/chitosan composite
Hu DL, Huang HY, Jiang R, Wang N, Xu HP, Wang YG, Ouyang XK
494 - 502 Ball milling synthesis of covalent organic framework as a highly active photocatalyst for degradation of organic contaminants
Lv HZ, Zhao XL, Niu HY, He SJ, Tang Z, Wu FC, Giesy JP
503 - 511 Synergistic utilization of red mud for flue-gas desulfurization and fly ash-based geopolymer preparation
Nie QK, Hu W, Huang BS, Shu X, He Q
512 - 520 Interaction of inhalable volatile organic compounds and pulmonary surfactant: Potential hazards of VOCs exposure to lung
Zhao Q, Li YJ, Chai XL, Xu LZ, Zhang LF, Ning P, Huang JH, Tian SL
521 - 527 Thallium stable isotope fractionation in white mustard: Implications for metal transfers and incorporation in plants
Vanek A, Holubik O, Oborna V, Mihaljevic M, Trubac J, Ettler V, Pavlu L, Vokurkova P, Penizek V, Zadorova T, Voegelin A
528 - 538 Synthesis of a novel 3,5-diacrylamidobenzoic acid based hyper-cross-linked resin for the efficient adsorption of Congo Red and Rhodamine B
Waheed A, Mansha M, Kazi IW, Ullah N
539 - 549 Influences of surface material on the fire behaviors of two-layer combustibles under autoignition conditions
Huang DM, Hu YW, Yu YF, Yuan Q, Wang SW, Shen LM, Shi L
550 - 560 Removal of chromium (VI) from water by porous carbon derived from corn straw: Influencing factors, regeneration and mechanism
Ma HF, Yang JJ, Gao X, Liu ZB, Liu XX, Xu ZG
561 - 568 Utilization of induction furnace steel slag in concrete as coarse aggregate for gamma radiation shielding
Baalamurugan J, Kumar VG, Chandrasekaran S, Balasundar S, Venkatraman B, Padmapriya R, Raja VKB
569 - 576 Selective adsorption and irreversible fixation behavior of cesium onto 2:1 layered clay mineral: A mini review
Park SM, Alessi DS, Baek K
577 - 583 Electrolysis with diamond anodes of the effluents of a combined soil washing - ZVI dechlorination process
de Almeida CC, Munoz-Morales M, Saez C, Canizares P, Martinez-Huitle CA, Rodrigo MA
584 - 592 PCDD/Fs traceability during triclosan electrochemical oxidation
Sola-Gutierrez C, Schroder S, San Roman MF, Ortiz I
593 - 600 Effects of Fe/S ratio on the kinetics and microbial ecology of an Fe(III)-dosed anaerobic wastewater treatment system
Ahmed M, Lin O, Saup CM, Wilkins MJ, Lin LS
601 - 610 Dissolved organic matter derived from rape straw pretreated with selenium in soil improves the inhibition of Sclerotinia sclerotiorum growth
Jia W, Hu CX, Xu JY, Ming JJ, Zhao YY, Cai MM, Sun XC, Liu XW, Zhao XH
611 - 620 Plasma-catalytic destruction of xylene over Ag-Mn mixed oxides in a pulsed sliding discharge reactor
Jiang N, Qiu C, Guo LJ, Shang KF, Lu N, Li J, Zhang Y, Wu Y
621 - 631 Removal of organic dye by biomass-based iron carbide composite with an improved stability and efficiency
Zhao N, Chang FR, Hao BY, Yu L, Morel JL, Zhang J
632 - 641 Recovery of vanadium from calcification roasted-acid leaching tailing by enhanced acid leaching
Zhang Y, Zhang TA, Dreisinger D, Lv CX, Lv GZ, Zhang WG
642 - 654 Fast removal of methylene blue and Hg(II) from aqueous solution using a novel super-adsorbent containing residues of glycine and maleic acid
Ali SA, Yaagoob IY, Mazumder MAJ, Al-Muallem HA
655 - 664 Treatment of overhaul wastewater containing N-methyldiethanolamine (MDEA) through modified Fe-C microelectrolysis-configured ozonation: Investigation on process optimization and degradation mechanisms
Wang B, Tian K, Xiong XGY, Ren HY
665 - 673 Antimicrobial surfaces with self-cleaning properties functionalized by photocatalytic ZnO electrosprayed coatings
Valenzuela L, Iglesias A, Faraldos M, Bahamonde A, Rosal R
674 - 683 Eco-friendly rapid removal of triclosan from seawater using biomass of a microalgal species: Kinetic and equilibrium studies
Santaeufemia S, Abalde J, Torres E
684 - 690 In situ lysis droplet supply to efficiently extract ATP from dust particles for near-real-time bioaerosol monitoring
Kim HR, An S, Hwang J, Park JH, Byeon JH
691 - 698 Distribution of plastic polymer types in the marine environment; A meta-analysis
Erni-Cassola G, Zadjelovic V, Gibson MI, Christie-Oleza JA
699 - 706 A highly sensitive perovskite oxide sensor for detection of p-phenylenediamine in hair dyes
He J, Sunarso J, Miao J, Sun HN, Dai J, Zhang C, Zhou W, Shao ZP
707 - 718 Ecotoxicological QSAR modeling of endocrine disruptor chemicals
Khan K, Roy K, Benfenati E
719 - 726 Roles of reactive oxygen species (ROS) in the photocatalytic degradation of Check pentachlorophenol and its main toxic intermediates by TiO2/UV
Ma HY, Zhao LX, Guo LH, Zhang H, Chen FJ, Yu WC
727 - 745 Aerodynamic diameter and radioactivity distributions of radioactive aerosols from activated metals cutting for nuclear power plant decommissioning
Chae N, Lee MH, Choi S, Park BG, Song JS
746 - 762 Carbohydrate and collagen-based doubly-grafted interpenetrating terpolymer hydrogel via N-H activated in situ allocation of monomer for superadsorption of Pb(II), Hg(II), dyes, vitamin-C, and p-nitrophenol
Mitra M, Mahapatra M, Dutta A, Roy JSD, Karmakar M, Deb M, Mondal H, Chattopadhyay PK, Bandyopadhyay A, Singha NR
763 - 769 Reappraisal of the toxicity test method using the green alga Ulva pertusa Kjellman (Chlorophyta)
Lee H, Brown MT, Choi S, Pandey LK, De Saeger J, Shin K, Kim JK, Depuydt S, Han T, Park J
770 - 779 Efficient electrochemical degradation of tetrabromobisphenol A using MnO2/MWCNT composites modified Ni foam as cathode: Kinetic analysis, mechanism and degradation pathway
Zhang YM, Chen Z, Zhou LC, Wu PP, Zhao YL, Lai YX, Wang F, Li S
780 - 796 A critical review of clay-based composites with enhanced adsorption performance for metal and organic pollutants
Han HW, Rafiq MK, Zhou TY, Xu R, Masek O, Li XK