Journal of Hazardous Materials

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1 - 7 Hazards from failure of CNG automotive cylinders in fire
Tschirschwitz R, Krentel D, Kluge M, Askar E, Habib K, Kohlhoff H, Kruger S, Neumann PP, Rudolph M, Schoppa A, Storm SU, Szczepaniak M
8 - 14 Degradation of ozonized tire rubber by aniline - Degrading Candida methanosorbosa BP6 strain
Marchut-Mikolajczyk O, Drozdzynski P, Januszewicz B, Domanski J, Wrzesniewska-Tosik K
15 - 25 In situ redox-oxidation polymerization for magnetic core-shell nanostructure with polydopamine-encapsulated-Au hybrid shell
Fang QL, Zhang JF, Bai LF, Duan JY, Xu HJ, Leung KCF, Xuan SH
26 - 34 Graphene oxide wrapped melamine sponge as an efficient and recoverable adsorbent for Pb(II) removal from fly ash leachate
Feng T, Xu JJ, Yu CF, Cheng K, Wu Y, Wang Y, Li FT
35 - 42 Reducing methylmercury accumulation in fish using Escherichia coli with surface-displayed methylmercury-binding peptides
Liu MR, Lu X, Khan A, Ling ZM, Wang P, Tang Y, Liu P, Li XK
43 - 49 Compound tribo-electrostatic separation for recycling mixed plastic waste
Li J, Xu ZM
50 - 58 Debrominated high quality oil production by the two-step catalytic pyrolysis of phenolic printed circuit boards (PPCB) using natural clays and HY
Park YK, Han TU, Jeong J, Kim YM
59 - 67 Mechanistic insights for the electro-Fenton regeneration of carbon materials saturated with methyl orange: Dominance of electrodesorption
Xiao Y, Hill JM
68 - 76 Comparison of two- and three-compartment cells for electrodialytic removal of heavy metals from contaminated material suspensions
Kirkelund GM, Jensen PE, Ottosen LM, Pedersen KB
77 - 82 A novel way of using pyrolytic gas derived from waste rubber: Pyrometallurgical reduction of NiO
Altay MC, Eroglu S
83 - 90 Is vermicompost the possible in situ sorbent? Immobilization of Pb, Cd and Cr in sediment with sludge derived vermicompost, a column study
Zhang YX, Tian Y, Hu DF, Fan JS, Shen MC, Zeng GM
91 - 98 Rapid activation of basic hydrogen peroxide by borate and efficient destruction of toxic industrial chemicals (TICs) and chemical warfare agents (CWAs)
Zhao SP, Xi HL, Zuo YJ, Han ST, Zhu YB, Li ZG, Yuan L, Wang ZC, Liu CC
99 - 108 Co-occurrence patterns of the microbial community in polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon-contaminated riverine sediments
Yan ZS, Hao Z, Wu HF, Jiang HL, Yang MZ, Wang CH
109 - 119 Seasonal microbial variation accounts for arsenic dynamics in shallow alluvial aquifer systems
Zheng TL, Deng YM, Wang YX, Jiang HC, O'Loughlin EJ, Flynn TM, Gan YQ, Ma T
120 - 127 Use of an integrated metabolomics platform for mechanistic investigations of three commonly used algaecides on cyanobacterium, Microcystis aeruginosa
Zhang H, Meng G, Mao FJ, Li WX, He YL, Gin KYH, Ong CN
128 - 136 Formation of dioxins from triclosan with active chlorine: A potential risk assessment
Wu JL, Ji FF, Zhang HN, Hu CQ, Wong MH, Hu D, Cai ZW
137 - 143 Evaluation of the effectiveness of in situ stabilization in the field aged arsenic-contaminated soil: Chemical extractability and biological response
An J, Jeong B, Nam K
144 - 151 Characterization and functional gene analysis of a newly isolated indole-degrading bacterium Burkholderia sp. IDO3
Ma Q, Liu ZY, Yang BY, Dai CX, Qu YY
152 - 159 Fate of adsorbed Pb(II) on graphene oxide under variable redox potential controlled by electrochemical method
Zhang JF, Li Y, Xie XD, Zhu WH, Meng XG
160 - 170 Gestational exposure to acrylamide inhibits mouse placental development in vivo
Yu DN, Xie XX, Qiao B, Ge WJ, Gong LX, Luo D, Zhang DL, Li YZ, Yang B, Kuang HB
171 - 181 Metformin-induced endocrine disruption and oxidative stress of Oryzias latipes on two-generational condition
Lee JW, Shin YJ, Kim H, Kim H, Kim J, Min SA, Kim P, Yu SD, Park K
182 - 187 Response of Anammox biofilm to antibiotics in trace concentration: Microbial activity, diversity and antibiotic resistance genes
Zhang XJ, Chen Z, Ma YP, Zhang N, Pang Q, Xie XY, Li YZ, Jia JP
188 - 193 Air pollution exposure in association with maternal thyroid function during early pregnancy
Zhao Y, Cao ZJ, Li HC, Su XJ, Yang YY, Liu C, Hua J
194 - 204 Facile fabrication of hierarchical porous ZIF-8 for enhanced adsorption of antibiotics
Chen X, Jiang X, Yin CJ, Zhang BL, Zhang QY
205 - 214 Solution growth of 1D zinc tungstate (ZnWO4) nanowires; design, morphology, and electrochemical sensor fabrication for selective detection of chloramphenicol
Shad NA, Bajwa SZ, Amin N, Taj A, Harneed S, Khan Y, Dai ZF, Cao CB, Khan WS
215 - 223 A Bacillus strain TCL isolated from Jharia coalmine with remarkable stress responses, chromium reduction capability and bioremediation potential
Banerjee S, Misra A, Chaudhury S, Dam B
224 - 245 Variable diffusivity homogeneous surface diffusion model and analysis of merits and fallacies of simplified adsorption kinetics equations
Inglezakis VJ, Fyrillas MM, Park J
246 - 255 Voltammetric sensor for the monitoring of hazardous herbicide triclopyr (TCP)
Pandey A, Sharma S, Jain R
256 - 266 Removal of arsenic using functionalized cellulose nanofibrils from aqueous solutions
Najib N, Christodoulatos C
267 - 276 The role of secondary minerals in remediation of acid mine drainage by Portland cement
Sephton MG, Webb JA
277 - 285 Efficient utilization of photogenerated electrons and holes for photocatalytic redox reactions using visible light-driven Au/ZnIn2S4 hybrid
Zhu TT, Ye XJ, Zhang QQ, Hui ZZ, Wang XC, Chen SF
286 - 292 Recyclable polyvinyl alcohol sponge containing flower-like layered double hydroxide microspheres for efficient removal of As(V) anions and anionic dyes from water
Dai XH, Zhang SX, Waterhouse GIN, Fan H, Ai SY
293 - 303 Facile one-step economical methodology of metal free g-C3N4 synthesis with remarkable photocatalytic performance under visible light to degrade trans-resveratrol
Khan MA, Mutahir S, Wang FY, Lei W, Xia MZ, Zhu SD
304 - 315 Preparation of BiF3/BiOBr heterojunctions from microwave-assisted method and photocatalytic performances
Zhang SJ, Chen XX, Song LM
316 - 324 Cytotoxicity comparison between fine particles emitted from the combustion of municipal solid waste and biomass
Shang Y, Wu MY, Zhou JZ, Zhang X, Zhong YF, An J, Qian GR
325 - 338 Removal of crystal violet from water using beta-cyclodextrin functionalized biogenic zero-valent iron nanoadsorbents synthesized via aqueous root extracts of Ferula persica
Nasiri J, Motamedi E, Naghavi MR, Ghafoori M
339 - 347 Efficient removal of heavy metal ions by forward osmosis membrane with a polydopamine modified zeolitic imidazolate framework incorporated selective layer
Qiu M, He CJ
348 - 355 A cationic porous organic polymer for high-capacity, fast, and selective capture of anionic pollutants
Liu ZW, Cao CX, Han BH
356 - 356 Response to the comments on "peroxydisulfate chemistry in the environmental literature: A brief critique"
Xiang YJ, Zhou YY, Yang Y, Luo L
357 - 364 Stabilizing of poly(amidoamine) dendrimer on the surface of sand for the removal of nonylphenol from water: Batch and column studies
Khatibikamal V, Torabian A, Panahi HA, Baghdadi M
365 - 374 Enhanced catalytic degradation by using RGO-Ce/WO3 nanosheets modified CF as electro-Fenton cathode: Influence factors, reaction mechanism and pathways
Mi XY, Han JJ, Sun Y, Li Y, Hu WP, Zhan SH
375 - 380 Investigations on the Staudinger explosion and its prevention
Schaberg A, Goertz R, Brase S
381 - 389 A novel monolith ZnS-ZIF-8 adsorption material for ultraeffective Hg (II) capture from wastewater
Liu FT, Xiong WJ, Feng XR, Shi L, Chen DW, Zhang YB
390 - 396 Organophosphate flame retardants emitted from thermal treatment and open burning of e-waste
Li TY, Bao LJ, Wu CC, Liu LY, Wong CS, Zeng EY
397 - 406 ] H2S removal and microbial community composition in an anoxic biotrickling filter under autotrophic and mixotrophic conditions
Khanongnuch R, Di Capua F, Lakaniemi AM, Rene ER, Lens PNL
407 - 417 Increased flammability hazard when ionic liquid [C(6)mim] [Cl] is exposed to high temperatures
Liaw HJ, Liou YR, Liu PH, Chen HY, Shu CM
418 - 426 Kinetic and microbial response of activated sludge community to acute and chronic exposure to tetracycline
Pala-Ozkok I, Ubay-Cokgor E, Jonas D, Orhon D
427 - 436 Seasonal antimony pollution caused by high mobility of antimony in sediments: In situ evidence and mechanical interpretation
Ren MY, Ding SM, Fu Z, Yang LY, Tang WY, Tsang DCW, Wang D, Wang Y
437 - 446 Determination of Hg2+ and Cu2+ ions by dual-emissive Ag/Au nanocluster/carbon dots nanohybrids: Switching the selectivity by pH adjustment
Babaee E, Barati A, Gholivand MB, Taherpour A, Zolfaghar N, Shamsipur M
447 - 455 Effects of boron, silicon and their interactions on cadmium accumulation and toxicity in rice plants
Chen DM, Chen DQ, Xue RR, Long J, Lin XH, Lin YB, Jia LH, Zeng RS, Song YY
456 - 464 Iron-based metal-organic frameworks as novel platforms for catalytic ozonation of organic pollutant: Efficiency and mechanism
Yu DY, Wu MH, Hu Q, Wang LL, Lv CC, Zhang L
465 - 472 Thiol-ene polymerization for hierarchically porous hybrid materials by adding degradable polycaprolactone for adsorption of bisphenol A
Zhang HY, Ma SJ, Li Y, Ou JJ, Wei YM, Ye ML
473 - 481 A green method of respectively recovering rare earths (Ce, La, Pr, Nd) from rare-earth tailings under super-gravity
Lan X, Gao JT, Li Y, Guo ZC
482 - 491 Numerical investigation of flame behavior and quenching distance in randomly distributed poly-dispersed iron dust cloud combustion within a narrow channel
Bozorg MV, Bidabadi M, Bordbar V
492 - 503 Modified magnetic chitosan microparticles as novel superior adsorbents with huge "force field" for capturing food dyes
Zheng CF, Zheng HL, Wang YJ, Sun YJ, An YY, Liu HX, Liu S
504 - 512 Review on the occurrence and fate of microplastics in Sewage Treatment Plants
Gatidou G, Arvaniti OS, Stasinakis AS
513 - 519 Slow delivery of biocide from nanostructured, microscaled, particles reduces its phytoxicity: A model investigation
Mattos BD, da Silva LR, de Souza IR, Magalhaese WLE, Leme DM
520 - 528 Effects of hydrogen-peroxide supply rate on schwertmannite microstructure and chromium(VI) adsorption performance
Zhang Z, Guo GL, Li XT, Zhao QC, Bi X, Wu KN, Chen HH
529 - 538 Growth inhibition of harmful cyanobacteria by nanocrystalline Cu-MOF-74: Efficiency and its mechanisms
Fan GD, Bao MC, Zheng XM, Hong L, Zhan JJ, Chen Z, Qu FS
539 - 545 A novel manganese oxidizing bacterium-Aeromonas hydrophila strain DS02: Mn(II) oxidization and biogenic Mn oxides generation
Zhang Y, Tang YK, Qin ZY, Luo PH, Ma Z, Tan MY, Kang HY, Huang ZN
546 - 549 Increased handling sensitivity of molten erythritol tetranitrate (ETN)
Lease N, Kay L, Chavez DE, Robbins D, Manner VW
550 - 558 Enhanced photocatalytic activity of hierarchical titanium dioxide microspheres with combining carbon nanotubes as "e-bridge"
Yang LX, Luo YY, Yang LM, Luo SL, Luo XB, Dai WL, Li TT, Luo Y
559 - 567 The occurrence of perfluoroalkyl acids in an important feed material (fishmeal) and its potential risk through the farm-to-fork pathway to humans
Li XM, Dong SJ, Zhang W, Fan X, Wang RG, Wang PL, Su XO
568 - 576 Catalytic combustion of VOC on sandwich-structured Pt@ZSM-5 nanosheets prepared by controllable intercalation
Liu GZ, Tian YJ, Zhang BF, Wang L, Zhang XW
577 - 588 Safe trapping of cesium into doping-enhanced pollucite structure by geopolymer precursor technique
He PG, Wang RF, Fu S, Wang MR, Cai DL, Ma GR, Wang M, Yuan JK, Yang ZH, Duan XM, Wang YJ, Jia DC, Zhou Y
589 - 598 Removal of trace hexavalent chromium from aqueous solutions by ion foam fractionation
Ghosh R, Sahu A, Pushpavanam S
599 - 606 Nitrogen supply influences arsenic accumulation and stress responses of rice (Oryza sativa L.) seedlings
Srivastava S, Pathare VS, Sounderajan S, Suprasanna P
607 - 619 The first synthesis of CdFe12O19 nanostructures and nanocomposites and considering of magnetic, optical, electrochemical and photocatalytic properties
Mandiani M, Sobhani A, Salavati-Niasari M
620 - 628 Formation of N-nitrosodimethylamine by chloramination of anthropogenic nitrogenous compounds with dimethylamine monitored by Japanese water authorities
Hinneh KDC, El Hanafi A, He K, Kosaka K, Echigo S, Asada Y, Itoh S
629 - 638 Graphitic carbon nitride QDs impregnated biocompatible agarose cartridge for removal of heavy metals from contaminated water samples
Shorie M, Kaur H, Chadha G, Singh K, Sabherwal P
639 - 646 Stabilization and solidification remediation of soil contaminated with poly- and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFASs)
Sorengard M, Kleja DB, Ahrens L
647 - 657 Facile synthesis of hierarchically nanostructured bismuth vanadate: An efficient photocatalyst for degradation and detection of hexavalent chromium
Jaihindh DP, Thirumalraj B, Chen SM, Balasubramanian P, Fu YP
658 - 667 MgAl layered double oxide: One powerful sweeper of emulsified water and acid for oil purification
Jiang GM, Fu WY, Shu S, Zhang ZY, Zhang S, Zhang YX, Zhang XM, Dong F, Lv XS
668 - 675 Autonomous screening of groundwater remediation technologies in the subsurface using the In Situ Microcosm Array (ISMA)
Kalinowski T, McClellan K, Bruton TA, Krajmalnik-Brown R, Driver EM, Halden RU
676 - 685 Analysis of underwater gas release and dispersion behavior to assess subsea safety risk
Li XH, Chen GM, Khan F
686 - 693 Dual-template imprinted polymers for class-selective solid-phase extraction of seventeen triazine herbicides and metabolites in agro-products
Wang SS, She YX, Hong SH, Du XW, Yan MM, Wang YL, Qi Y, Wang M, Jiang WY, Wang J
694 - 705 Wide spectrum photocatalytic activity in lanthanide-doped upconversion nanophosphors coated with porous TiO2 and Ag-Cu bimetallic nanoparticles
Reddy KL, Kumar S, Kumar A, Krishnan V
706 - 714 Geographical origin of bivalve molluscs in coastal areas using natural radioactivity fingerprinting and multivariate statistical analyses: Andalusian coast as case of study
Hurtado-Bermudez S, Jurado-Gonzalez JA, Santos JL, Diaz-Amigo CF, Aparicio I, Mas JL, Alonso E
715 - 724 Multiple regression analysis to assess the spatial distribution and speciation of mercury in surface sediments of a contaminated lagoon
Stoichev T, Tessier E, Coelho JP, Valenzuela MGL, Pereira ME, Amouroux D
725 - 733 Formation of novel disinfection by-products chlorinated benzoquinone, phenyl benzoquinones and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons during chlorination treatment on UV filter 2,4-dihydroxybenzophenone in swimming pool water
Sun XF, Wei DB, Liu W, Geng JL, Liu J, Du YG
734 - 742 Photochemical treatment of tyrosol, a model phenolic compound present in olive mill wastewater, by hydroxyl and sulfate radical-based advanced oxidation processes (AOPs)
Kilic MY, Abdelraheem WH, He XX, Kestioglu K, Dionysiou DD