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1 - 8 Biochar combined with polyvalent phage therapy to mitigate antibiotic resistance pathogenic bacteria vertical transfer risk in an undisturbed soil column system
Sun MM, Ye M, Zhang ZY, Zhang ST, Zhao YC, Deng SP, Kong LY, Ying RG, Xia B, Jiao WT, Cheng JQ, Feng YF, Liu MQ, Hu F
9 - 15 Flame retardant vinylon/poly(m-phenylene isophthalamide) blended fibers with synergistic flame retardancy for advanced fireproof textiles
Zhang XS, Shi MW
16 - 25 Rapid depressurization and phase transition of CO2 in vertical ducts - Small-scale experiments and Rankine-Hugoniot analyses
Hansen PM, Gaathaug AV, Bjerketvedt D, Vaagsaether K
26 - 33 Assessment of individual-based perfluoroalkly substances exposure by multiple human exposure sources
Kim DH, Lee JH, Oh JE
34 - 43 Removal kinetics of sulfamethazine and its transformation products formed during treatment using a horizontal flow-anaerobic immobilized biomass bioreactor
Oliveira CA, Penteado ED, Tomita IN, Santos-Neto AJ, Zaiat M, da Silva BF, Gomes PCFL
44 - 52 Performance of anaerobic treatment of blackwater collected from different toilet flushing systems: Can we achieve both energy recovery and water conservation?
Gao MJ, Zhang L, Florentino AP, Liu Y
53 - 63 Selective removal of nicotine from the main stream smoke by using a surface-imprinted polymer monolith as adsorbent
Huang XH, Song JJ, Li H, Gong MT, Zhang Y
64 - 73 Efficient removal of zinc from water and wastewater effluents by hydroxylated and carboxylated carbon nanotube membranes: Behaviors and mechanisms of dynamic filtration
Ali S, Rehman SAU, Shah IA, Farid MU, An AK, Huang HO
74 - 80 Continuous removal of the model pharmaceutical chloroquine from water using melanin-covered Escherichia coli in a membrane bioreactor
Lindroos M, Hornstrom D, Larsson G, Gustaysson M, van Maris AJA
81 - 87 Novel synthesis of Bi-Bi2O3-TiO2-C composite for capturing iodine-129 in off-gas
Zou H, Yi FC, Song MX, Wang XQ, Bian L, Li WM, Pan N, Jiang XQ
88 - 96 Biodegradation and toxicity of emerging contaminants: Isolation of an exopolysaccharide-producing Sphingomonas sp. for ionic liquids bioremediation
Koutinas M, Vasquez MI, Nicolaou E, Pashali P, Kyriakou E, Loizou E, Papadaki A, Koutinas AA, Vyrides L
97 - 106 The enantioselective environmental behavior and toxicological effects of pyriproxyfen in soil
Liu H, Yi XT, Bi JW, Wang P, Liu DH, Zhou ZQ
107 - 117 Enhanced visible-light activation of persulfate by Ti3+ self-doped TiO2/graphene nanocomposite for the rapid and efficient degradation of micropollutants in water
Yang L, Xu L, Bai X, Jin PK
118 - 124 Co-immobilization of laccase and ABTS onto novel dual-functionalized cellulose beads for highly improved biodegradation of indole
Gu YH, Xue P, Jia F, Shi KR
125 - 136 A green approach to fabricating nacre-inspired nanocoating for super efficiently fire-safe polymers via one-step self-assembly
Xie HL, Lai XJ, Wang YL, Li HQ, Zeng XR
137 - 145 Wetland plant microbial fuel cells for remediation of hexavalent chromium contaminated soils and electricity production
Guan CY, Tseng YH, Tsang DCW, Hu A, Yu CP
146 - 154 Efficiency and mechanism of atenolol decomposition in Co-FeOOH catalytic ozonation
Xu ZZ, Xie ML, Ben Y, Shen JM, Qi F, Chen ZL
155 - 163 Degradation of diclofenac using palladized anaerobic granular sludge: Effects of electron donor, reaction medium and deactivation factors
Quan XC, Wang XR, Sun Y, Li WL, Chen L, Zhao JB
164 - 177 Experimental and numerical simulation study of the thermal hazards of four azo compounds
Liu SH, Cao CR, Lin WC, Shu CM
178 - 185 Characterization and ecotoxicological investigation of biochar produced via slow pyrolysis: Effect of feedstock composition and pyrolysis conditions
Yang X, Ng W, Wong BSE, Baeg GH, Wang CH, Ok YS
186 - 195 Evaluation of floor-wise pollution status and deposition behavior of potentially toxic elements and nanoparticles in air conditioner dust during urbanistic development
Ali MU, Liu GJ, Yousaf B, Ullah H, Irshad S, Ahmed R, Hussain M, Rashid A
196 - 204 Efficiently capturing tobacco specific nitrosamines with HP zeolite in solution
Shi CL, Sun XD, Gao YH, Zheng SJ, Li SH, Yang J, Wang YZ, Xiong JW, Shen Y, Wang Y, Zhu JH
205 - 226 The reduction of Cr(VI) to Cr(III) mediated by environmentally relevant carboxylic acids: State-of-the-art and perspectives
Jiang B, Gong YF, Gao JN, Sun T, Liu YJ, Oturan N, Oturan MA
227 - 236 The role of data source selection in chemical hazard assessment: A case study on organic photovoltaics
He HY, Gutierrez Y, Young TM, Schoenung JM
237 - 244 Equilibrium and kinetic studies for silver removal from aqueous solution by hybrid hydrogels
Hong TT, Okabe H, Hidaka Y, Hara K
245 - 251 Role of interfacial reactions in biodegradation: A case study in a montmorillonite, Pseudomonas sp. Z1 and methyl parathion ternary system
Rong XM, Zhao G, Fein JB, Yu Q, Huang QY
252 - 260 Zn adsorption onto Irish Fucus vesiculosus: Biosorbent uptake capacity and atomistic mechanism insights
Brinza L, Geraki K, Breaban JG, Neamtu M
261 - 269 Organophosphorus hydrolase-poly-beta-cyclodextrin as a stable self-decontaminating bio-catalytic material for sorption and degradation of Check tor update. organophosphate pesticide
Moon Y, Jafry AT, Kang SB, Seo JY, Baek KY, Kim EJ, Pan JG, Choi JY, Kim HJ, Lee KH, Jeong K, Bae SW, Shin S, Lee J, Lee Y
270 - 279 Resistance and resilience of representative low nucleic acid-content bacteria to free chlorine exposure
Song YH, Mao GN, Gao GH, Bartlam M, Wang YY
280 - 288 Grain size distribution and exposure evaluation of organophosphorus and brominated flame retardants in indoor and outdoor dust and PM10 from Chengdu, China
Chen MQ, Jiang JY, Gan ZW, Yan Y, Ding SL, Su SJ, Bao XM
289 - 296 Removal of imidazolium-based ionic liquid by coupling Fenton and biological oxidation
Gomez-Herrero E, Tobajas M, Polo A, Rodriguez JJ, Mohedano AF
297 - 305 Low - cost multilayered green fiber for the treatment of textile industry waste water
Mathew ML, Gopalakrishnan A, Aravindakumar CT, Aravind UK
306 - 311 Peroxide-treated metal-organic framework templated adsorbents for remediation of high level nuclear waste
Gilhula JC, Patterson JT, Williams NJ, Itani R, Taylor-Pashow KML, Abney CW
312 - 321 MIL-PVDF blend ultrafiltration membranes with ultrahigh MOF loading for simultaneous adsorption and catalytic oxidation of methylene blue
Ren Y, Li T, Zhang WM, Wang S, Shi MQ, Shan C, Zhang WB, Guan XH, Lv L, Hua M, Pan BC
322 - 330 Integrated approach to enhance the anaerobic biodegradation of benz[a] anthracene: A high -molecule-weight polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon in sludge by simultaneously improving the bioavailability and microbial activity
Luo JY, Wu LJ, Chen YG, Feng LY, Cao JS
331 - 339 Thermally and photocatalytically active multifunctional porous coatings for high temperature applications
Akarsu E, Arpac E
340 - 345 Profiling of intracellular and extracellular antibiotic resistance genes in tap water
Hao H, Shi DY, Yang D, Yang ZW, Qiu ZG, Liu WL, Shen ZQ, Yin J, Wang HR, Li JW, Wang H, Jin M
346 - 365 Neurotoxin BMAA and its isomeric amino acids in cyanobacteria and cyanobacteria-based food supplements
Manolidi K, Triantis TM, Kaloudis T, Hiskia A
366 - 374 Intra-NAPL diffusion and dissolution of a MGP NAPL exposed to persulfate in a flow-through system
Shafieiyoun S, Thomson NR
375 - 385 Suppression effects of micro-fin surface on the explosive boiling of liquefied gas under rapid depressurization
Duan ZD, Ren T, Ding GL
386 - 394 The capability of commercial CFD code to predict organic peroxide fireball characteristics
Blankenhagel P, Wehrstedt KD, Mishra KB, Steinbach J
395 - 404 Combustion behaviour and dominant shrinkage mechanism of flexible polyurethane foam in the cone calorimeter test
Wang Y, Kang WD, Chen C, Zhang XY, Yang LH, Chen X, Cui GYS, Zhang YR, Zhang F, Li SX
405 - 412 Physical, morphological and chemical modification of Al-based nanofillers in by-products of incinerated nanocomposites and related biological outcome
Chivas-Joly C, Longuet C, Pourchez J, Leclerc L, Sarry G, Lopez-Cuesta JM
413 - 420 Ignition sensitivity and flame propagation of zirconium powder clouds
Cao Y, Su H, Ge LF, Li YY, Wang YX, Xie LF, Li B
421 - 429 Efficient phloem transport significantly remobilizes cadmium from old to young organs in a hyperaccumulator Sedum alfredii
Hu Y, Tian SK, Foyer CH, Hou DD, Wang HX, Zhou WW, Liu T, Ge J, Lu LL, Lin XY
430 - 439 In vitro and in vivo studies of oxidative stress responses against acrylamide toxicity in zebrafish
Komoike Y, Matsuoka M
440 - 447 Non-uniform filtration velocity of process gas passing through a long bag filter
Park S, Joe YH, Shim J, Park H, Shin WG
448 - 456 Degradation of nitrobenzene by synchronistic oxidation and reduction in an internal circulation microelectrolysis reactor
Han YH, Qi MM, Zhang L, Sang YM, Liu ML, Zhao TT, Niu JF, Zhang SQ
457 - 466 The binding properties of copper and lead onto compost-derived DOM using Fourier-transform infrared, UV-vis and fluorescence spectra combined with two-dimensional correlation analysis
Guo XJ, He XS, Li CW, Li NX
467 - 482 State of the art and future challenges for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons is sediments: sources, fate, bioavailability and remediation techniques
Maletic SP, Beljin JM, Roncevic SD, Grgic MG, Dalmacija BD
483 - 493 The collaborative effect of Chlorella vulgaris-Bacillus licheniformis consortia on the treatment of municipal water
Ji XY, Li HM, Zhang JB, Saiyin HXG, Zheng Z
494 - 501 Bio-inspired hollow PDMS sponge for enhanced oil-water separation
Shin JH, Heo JH, Jeon S, Park JH, Kim S, Kang HW
502 - 510 Nationwide reconnaissance of five parabens, triclosan, triclocarban and its transformation products in sewage sludge from China
Chen J, Meng XZ, Bergman A, Halden RU
511 - 518 Mechanistic reaction model for oxidation of sulfur mustard simulant by a catalytic system of nitrate and tribromide
Le NH, Han YH, Ryu SG, Cho J
519 - 530 Lead removal from aqueous solution by means of integral natural clays honeycomb monoliths
Ahrouch M, Gatica JM, Draoui K, Bellido D, Vidal H
531 - 537 Co-site substitution by Mn supported on biomass-derived active carbon for enhancing magnesia desulfurization
Liu J, Lu S, Wang LD, Qi TY, Qi D, Xing XY, Zhang YY, Xiao HN, Zhang SH
538 - 545 Assessment of biodegradation of the anionic surfactant sodium lauryl ether sulphate used in two foaming agents for mechanized tunnelling excavation
Caracciolo AB, Ademollo N, Cardoni M, Di Giulio A, Grenni P, Pescatore T, Rauseo J, Patrolecco L
546 - 554 Development of an algal treatment system for selenium removal: Effects of environmental factors and post-treatment processing of Se-laden algae
Liu F, Huang JC, Zhou CQ, Gao WQ, Xia SF, He SB, Zhou WL
555 - 564 Effectiveness and mechanism of carbamide/fly ash cenosphere with bilayer spherical shell structure as explosion suppressant of coal dust
Wang X, Zhang YS, Liu B, Liang P, Zhang YQ
565 - 571 An experimental and kinetic study of thermal decomposition of phenanthrene
Peng NN, Huang C, Su J
572 - 580 A novel sulfate removal process by ettringite precipitation with aluminum recovery: Kinetics and a pilot-scale study
Tian XC, Zhou Z, Xin Y, Jiang LM, Zhao XD, An Y
581 - 589 Catalytic oxidation at pilot-scale: Efficient degradation of volatile organic compounds in gas phase
Ribeiro BMB, Pinto JF, Suppino RS, Marcola L, Landers R, Tomaz E
590 - 596 Biochar amendment to further reduce methylmercury accumulation in rice grown in selenium-amended paddy soil
Wang YJ, Dang F, Zheng XM, Zhong H
597 - 605 Enhanced adsorption performance of gaseous toluene on defective UiO-66 metal organic framework: Equilibrium and kinetic studies
Zhang XD, Yang Y, Song L, Chen JF, Yang YQ, Wang YX
606 - 614 Graphitic carbon nitride (g-C3N4) nanosheets functionalized composite membrane with self-cleaning and antibacterial performance
Li R, Ren YL, Zhao PX, Wang J, Liu JD, Zhang YT
615 - 621 Crossflow electrochemical filtration for elimination of ibuprofen and bisphenol a from pure and competing electrolytic solution conditions
Bakr AR, Rahaman MS
622 - 631 Removal of persistent DDT residues from soils by earthworms: A mechanistic study
Xu HJ, Bai J, Li WY, Zhao LX, Li YT
632 - 641 Impact of the implementation of Lisbon low emission zone on air quality
Santos FM, Gomez-Losada A, Pires JCM
642 - 649 Performance and microbial community evolution of toluene degradation using a fungi-based bio-trickling filter
Zhang Y, Liu J, Qin YW, Yang ZH, Cao JY, Xing Y, Li J
650 - 658 A novel electro-coagulation-Fenton for energy efficient cyanobacteria and cyanotoxins removal without chemical addition
An JK, Li N, Wang S, Liao CM, Zhou L, Li T, Wang X, Feng YJ
659 - 664 A novel process of extracting precious metals from waste printed circuit boards: Utilization of gold concentrate as a fluxing material
Park HS, Kim YJ
665 - 673 Assembling biochar with various layered double hydroxides for enhancement of phosphorus recovery
Yang F, Zhang SS, Sun YQ, Tsang DCW, Cheng K, Ok YS
674 - 683 Enhanced visible light photoreduction of aqueous Cr(VI) by Ag/Bi4O7/g-C3N4 nanosheets ternary metal/non-metal Z-scheme heterojunction
Ye M, Wei W, Zheng LH, Liu YZ, Wu DW, Gu XY, Wei A
684 - 694 Effect of gasification biochar application on soil quality: Trace metal behavior, microbial community, and soil dissolved organic matter
Yang X, Tsibart A, Nam H, Hur J, El-Naggar A, Tack FMG, Wang CH, Lee YH, Tsang DCW, Ok YS
695 - 706 Novel synergy of Si-rich minerals and reactive MgO for stabilisation/solidification of contaminated sediment
Wang L, Chen L, Cho DW, Tsang DCW, Yang J, Hou D, Baek K, Kua HW, Poon CS
707 - 715 A novel integrated biodegradation-microfiltration system for sustainable wastewater treatment and energy recovery
Goswami L, Kumar RV, Pakshirajan K, Pugazhenthi G
716 - 724 The occurrence of microplastic in specific organs in commercially caught fishes from coast and estuary area of east China
Su L, Deng H, Li BW, Chen QQ, Pettigrove V, Wu CX, Shi HH
725 - 732 Polymer films containing chemically anchored diazonium salts with long-term stability as colorimetric sensors
Bustamante SE, Vallejos S, Pascual-Portal BS, Munoz A, Mendia A, Rivas BL, Garcia FC, Garcia JM
733 - 743 Magnetically separable BiOBr/Fe3O4@SiO2 for visible-light-driven photocatalytic degradation of ibuprofen: Mechanistic investigation and prototype development
Khan M, Fung CSL, Kumar A, Lo IMC
744 - 750 Catalytic ozonation of 4-chloronitrobenzene by goethite and Fe2+ -modified goethite with low defects: A comparative study
Yuan L, Shen JM, Yan PW, Zhang JH, Wang Z, Zhao SX, Chen ZL
751 - 758 Novel synthesis of nanoscale zerovalent iron from coal fly ash and its application in oxidative degradation of methyl orange by Fenton reaction
Yoon S, Bae S
759 - 770 Unary and binary adsorption studies of lead and malachite green onto a nanomagnetic copper ferrite/drumstick pod biomass composite
Khan MA, Otero M, Kazi M, Alqadami AA, Wabaidur SM, Siddiqui MR, Alothman ZA, Sumbul S
771 - 777 Effect of air pollutants and toxic emissions from various mileage of motorcycles and aerosol related carcinogenicity and mutagenicity assessment
Lin YC, Chou FC, Li YC, Jhang SR, Shangdiar S
778 - 788 A new method for ranking potential hazards and risks from wastes
Cheng KY, Wong PY, Whitwell C, Innes LL, Kaksonen AH
789 - 795 Biocatalytic membrane reactor development for organophosphates degradation
Vitola G, Mazzei R, Poerio T, Porzio E, Manco G, Perrotta I, Militano F, Giorno L
796 - 803 Determining the long-term operational performance of pump and treat an the possibility of closure for a large TCE plume
Guo ZL, Brusseau ML, Fogg GE
804 - 812 Identification of first and second generation ozonation transformation products of niflumic acid by LC-QToF-MS
Mila E, Nika MC, Thomaidis NS
813 - 819 Immobilization of hexavalent chromium in contaminated soil using nano-magnetic MnFe2O4
Eyvazi B, Jamshidi-Zanjani A, Darban AK
820 - 826 The potential application of an autochthonous fungus from the northwest of Argentina for treatment of sugarcane vinasse
Del Gobbo LM, Villegas LB, Colin VL
827 - 834 Passive in situ biobarrier for treatment of comingled nitramine explosives and perchlorate in groundwater on an active range
Fuller ME, Hedman PC, Lippincott DR, Hatzinger PB
835 - 845 Selective adsorption of uranyl and potentially toxic metal ions at the core-shell MFe2O4-TiO2 (M = Mn, Fe, Zn, Co, or Ni) nanoparticles
Bian L, Nie JA, Jiang XQ, Song MX, Dong FQ, Shang LP, Deng H, He HC, Belzile N, Chen YW, Xu B, Liu XN
846 - 856 Removal of phenol and chlorine from wastewater using steam activated biomass soot and tire carbon black
Trubetskaya A, Kling J, Ershag O, Attard TM, Schroder E
857 - 867 Analysis of exposure to pesticide residues from Traditional Chinese Medicine
Xiao JJ, Xu X, Wang F, Ma JJ, Liao M, Shi YH, Fang QK, Cao HQ
868 - 882 A novel acid modified alumina adsorbent with enhanced defluoridation property: Kinetics, isotherm study and applicability on industrial wastewater
Kumari U, Behera SK, Meikap BC
883 - 894 Optimizing of pharmaceutical active compounds biodegradability in secondary effluents by beta-lactamase from Bacillus subtilis using central composite design
Al-Gheethi A, Noman E, Mohamed RMSR, Ismail N, Bin Abdullah A, Kassim AHM
895 - 904 Ignition hazard of non-metallic dust clouds exposed to hotspots versus electrical sparks
Bu YJ, Yuan CM, Amyotte P, Li C, Cai JZ, Li G
905 - 911 Electrokinetic remediation of manganese and zinc in copper mine tailings
Ortiz-Soto R, Leal D, Gutierrez C, Aracena A, Rojo A, Hansen HK
912 - 920 A viable approach for commercial VFAs production from sludge: Liquid fermentation in anaerobic dynamic membrane reactor
Liu HB, Wang L, Zhang XD, Fu B, Liu H, Li YJ, Lu XY
921 - 931 Preparation of amine functionalized g-C3N4@(MOF)-M-H/S NCs with visible light photocatalytic characteristic for 4-nitrophenol degradation from aqueous solution
Abazari R, Mahjoub AR, Salehi G
932 - 941 Antioxidant, gene expression and metabolomics fingerprint analysis of Arabidopsis thaliana treated by foliar spraying of ZnSe quantum dots and their growth inhibition of Agrobacterium tumefaciens
Kolackova M, Moulick A, Kopel P, Dvorak M, Adam V, Klejdus B, Huska D
942 - 951 Emission analysis of recycled tire rubber modified asphalt in hot and warm mix conditions
Yang X, You ZP, Perram D, Hand D, Ahmed Z, Wei W, Luo S
952 - 961 Thorium decorporation efficacy of rationally-selected biocompatible compounds with relevance to human application
Ali M, Sadhu B, Boda A, Tiwari N, Das A, Ali SKM, Bhattacharya D, Pandey BN, Kumar A
962 - 970 Trace element mobility from coal combustion residuals exposed to landfill leachate
Sarmiento LM, Roessler JG, Townsend TG
971 - 971 Peroxydisulfate chemistry in the environmental literature: A brief critique
Behrman EJ
972 - 972 Subchronic reproductive effects of 6:2 chlorinated polyfluorinated ether sulfonate (6:2 Cl-PFAES), an alternative to PFOS, on adult male mice (vol 358, pg 256, 2018)
Zhou XJ, Wang JS, Sheng N, Cui RN, Deng YQ, Dai JY