Journal of Hazardous Materials

Journal of Hazardous Materials, Vol.363 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0304-3894 (Print) 

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1 - 9 Fire safety enhancement of a highly efficient flame retardant poly (phenylphosphoryl phenylenediamine) in biodegradable poly(lactic acid)
Wu NJ, Fu GL, Yang Y, Xia MF, Yun H, Wang QG
10 - 15 Promotion of graphitic carbon oxidation via stimulating CO2 desorption by calcium carbonate
Yao SL, Zhang HH, Chen ZZ, Lin HH, Han SS, Wu XY, Dong RY, Wu ZL, Nozaki T
16 - 25 Quantitative research on gas explosion inhibition by water mist
Song YF, Zhang Q
26 - 33 Adducts formed during protein digestion decreased the toxicity of five carbonyl compounds against Caco-2 cells
Jiang KY, Huang CH, Jiao R, Bai WB, Zheng J, Ou SY
34 - 40 A unique Pb-binding flagellin as an effective remediation tool for Pb contamination in aquatic environment
Chen BW, Fang LC, Yan XT, Zhang AQ, Chen P, Luan TG, Hu LG, Jiang GB
41 - 54 Visible light promoted degradation of gaseous volatile organic compounds catalyzed by Au supported layered double hydroxides: Influencing factors, kinetics and mechanism
Fu SF, Zheng Y, Zhou XB, Ni ZM, Xia SJ
55 - 63 Reaction kinetics of phenols and p-nitrophenols in flowing aerated aqueous solutions generated by a discharge plasma jet
Chen BY, Zhu CP, Fei JT, Jiang YF, Yin C, Su W, He X, Li Y, Chen Q, Ren QG, Chen YW
64 - 72 Phthalate and alternative plasticizers in indwelling medical devices in pediatric intensive care units
Malarvannan G, Onghena M, Verstraete S, van Puffelen E, Jacobs A, Vanhorebeek I, Verbruggen SCAT, Joosten KFM, Van den Berghe G, Jorens PG, Covaci A
73 - 80 Simultaneous removal of heavy metals and cyanate in a wastewater sample using immobilized cyanate hydratase on magnetic-multiwall carbon nanotubes
Ranjan B, Pillai S, Permaul K, Singh S
81 - 89 Novel nanofibers mat as an efficient, fast and reusable adsorbent for solid phase extraction of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs in environmental water
Jian NG, Qian LL, Wang CM, Li RX, Xu Q, Li J
90 - 98 Catalytic oxidation of chlorobenzene over noble metals (Pd, Pt, Ru, Rh) and the distributions of polychlorinated by-products
Liu XL, Chen L, Zhu TY, Ning RL
99 - 108 Simultaneous p-nitrophenol and nitrogen removal in PNP wastewater treatment: Comparison of two integrated membrane-aerated bioreactor systems
Mei X, Liu J, Guo ZW, Li PP, Bi SQ, Wang Y, Yang Y, Shen WT, Wang YH, Xiao YY, Yang X, Zhou BC, Liu H, Wu S
109 - 118 Synthesis and characterization of La-doped Zn(O,S) photocatalyst for green chemical detoxification of 4-nitrophenol
Abdullah H, Gultom NS, Kuo DH
119 - 126 Mechanism and optimization of electrochemical system for simultaneous removal of nitrate and ammonia
Song QA, Li M, Wang LL, Ma XJ, Liu F, Liu X
127 - 137 Heart developmental toxicity by carbon black waste generated from oil refinery on zebrafish embryos (Danio rerio): Combined toxicity on heart function by nickel and vanadium
Kim K, Wang CH, Ok YS, Lee SE
138 - 151 Functionalized graphene with Co-ZIF adsorbed borate ions as an effective flame retardant and smoke suppression agent for epoxy resin
Xu WZ, Wang XL, Wu Y, Li W, Chen CY
152 - 160 Research on the influence of driving gas types in compound jet on extinguishing the pool fire
Deng BA, Lu LH, Qian XD, Kang QC, Fu LQ
161 - 169 Fabrication of terminal amino hyperbranched polymer modified graphene oxide and its prominent adsorption performance towards Cr(VI)
Kong QP, Wei JY, Hu Y, Wei CH
170 - 178 Plant-microbial synergism: An effective approach for the remediation of shale-gas fracturing flowback and produced water
He M, Chen WJ, Tian L, Shao B, Lin Y
179 - 186 Selective recovery of mercury from high mercury-containing smelting wastes using an iodide solution system
Liu ZL, Wang DL, Yang S, Liu H, Liu C, Xie XF, Xu ZF
187 - 196 The characteristics of flame propagation in ammonia/oxygen mixtures
Liu QM, Chen X, Huang JX, Shen Y, Zhang YM, Liu ZW
197 - 204 Haloalkaliphilic microorganisms assist sulfide removal in a microbial electrolysis cell
Ni GF, Harnawan P, Seidel L, Ter Heijne A, Sleutels T, Buisman CJN, Dopson M
205 - 213 Removal of acetylsalicylate and methyl-theobromine from aqueous environment using nano-photocatalyst WO3-TiO2 @g-C3N4 composite
Tahir MB, Sagir M, Shahzad K
214 - 226 Highly enhanced soot oxidation activity over 3DOM Co3O4-CeO2 catalysts by synergistic promoting effect
Zhai GJ, Wang JG, Chen ZM, Yang SF, Men Y
227 - 232 Biodegradation of the aromatic fraction from petroleum diesel fuel by Oerskovia sp. followed by comprehensive GC x GC-TOF MS
Ljesevic M, Gojgic-Cvijovic G, Ieda T, Hashimoto S, Nakano T, Bulatovic S, Ilic M, Beskoski V
233 - 241 Quantum chemistry and experimental studies of hydrothermal destruction of Co-EDTA complexes
Palamarchuk M, Voit A, Papynov E, Marinin D, Bratskaya S, Avramenko V
242 - 247 Preparation of a bioflocculant by using acetonitrile as sole nitrogen source and its application in heavy metals removal
Fan HC, Yu J, Chen RP, Yu L
248 - 257 Highly efficient immobilization of uranium(VI) from aqueous solution by phosphonate-functionalized dendritic fibrous nanosilica (DFNS)
Yang PP, Liu Q, Liu JY, Chen RR, Li RM, Bai XF, Wang J
258 - 267 Characterization of the role of phosphogypsum foam in the transport of metals and radionuclides in the Southern Mediterranean Sea
El Zrelli R, Rabaoui L, Abda H, Daghbouj N, Perez-Lopez R, Castet S, Aigouy T, Bejaoui N, Courjault-Rade P
268 - 276 Impacts of methamphetamine and ketamine on C.elegans's physiological functions at environmentally relevant concentrations and eco-risk assessment in surface waters
Wang ZL, Xu ZQ, Li XQ
277 - 285 Development and application of retention time prediction models in the suspect and non-target screening of emerging contaminants
Aalizadeh R, Nika MC, Thomaidis NS
286 - 294 Temperature-triggered sensitive resistance transition of graphene oxide wide-ribbons wrapped sponge for fire ultrafast detecting and early warning
Xu H, Li Y, Huang NJ, Yu ZR, Wang PH, Zhang ZH, Xia QQ, Gong LX, Li SN, Zhao L, Zhang GD, Tang LC
295 - 308 Engineered nanomaterials for water decontamination and purification: From lab to products
Khan ST, Malik A
309 - 315 Classification of measured unsafe liquids using microwave spectroscopy system by multivariate data analysis techniques
Ozturk T
316 - 327 Environmentally friendly polychlorinated naphthalenes (PCNs) derivatives designed using 3D-QSAR and screened using molecular docking, density functional theory and health-based risk assessment
Gu WW, Zhao YY, Li Q, Li Y
328 - 334 Micro-TiO2 coated glass surfaces safely abate drugs in surface water
Cerrato G, Bianchi CL, Galli F, Pirola C, Morandi S, Capucci V
335 - 345 Intercalation of Bi2O3/Bi2S3 nanoparticles into highly expanded MoS2 nanosheets for greatly enhanced gas sensing performance at room temperature
Ikram M, Liu LJ, Lv H, Liu Y, Rehman AU, Kan K, Zhang WJ, He L, Wang Y, Wang RH, Shi KY
346 - 357 Pristine and Cu decorated hexagonal InN monolayer, a promising candidate to detect and scavenge SF6 decompositions based on first-principle study
Chen DC, Zhang XX, Tang J, Cui ZL, Cui H
358 - 365 Fast and simple assessment of surface contamination in operations involving nanomaterials
Clemente A, Jimenez R, Encabo MM, Lobera MP, Balas F, Santamaria J
366 - 375 A new approach for modelling and optimization of Cu(II) biosorption from aqueous solutions using sugar beet shreds in a fixed-bed column
Blagojev N, Kukic D, Vasic V, Sciban M, Prodanovic J, Bera O
376 - 384 Long-term neutron radiation levels in distressed concrete biological shielding walls
Jing YX, Xi YP
385 - 393 Phytoextraction of Cd from a contaminated soil by tobacco and safe use of its metal-enriched biomass
Yang Y, Ge YC, Tu PF, Zeng HY, Zhou XH, Zou DS, Wang KL, Zeng QR
394 - 400 Mobility and retention of indium and gallium in saturated porous media
Ringering K, Kouhail Y, Yecheskel Y, Dror I, Berkowitz B
401 - 411 A comparative study on ozone, hydrogen peroxide and UV based advanced oxidation processes for efficient removal of diethyl phthalate in water
Mansouri L, Tizaoui C, Geissen SU, Bousselmi L
412 - 420 Bisulfite triggers fast oxidation of organic pollutants by colloidal MnO2
Sun B, Xiao ZJ, Dong HY, Ma SC, Wei GF, Cao TC, Guan XH
421 - 427 Sustainability of construction materials: Electrodialytic technology as a tool for mortars production
Magro C, Paz-Garcia JM, Ottosen LM, Mateus EP, Ribeiro AB
428 - 438 Quantitatively assessing the role played by carbonate radicals in bromate formation by ozonation
Yang JX, Dong ZJ, Jiang CC, Liu H, Li J
439 - 446 A comparative study of MOx (M = Mn, Co and Cu) modifications over CePO4 catalysts for selective catalytic reduction of NO with NH3
Liu C, Li F, Wu J, Hou X, Huang W, Zhang Y, Yang XG
447 - 456 Occurrence of antibiotics and bacterial resistance in wastewater and sea water from the Antarctic
Hernandez F, Calisto-Ulloa N, Gomez-Fuentes C, Gomez M, Ferrer J, Gonzalez-Rocha G, Bello-Toledo H, Botero-Coy AM, Boix C, Ibanez M, Montory M
457 - 463 Stability and performance of gun propellants incorporating 3,6-dihydrazino-s-tetrazine and 5-aminotetrazolium nitrate
Lavoie J, Petre CF, Durand S, Dubois C