Journal of Hazardous Materials

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1 - 9 Photocatalytic degradation of ibuprofen over BiOCl nanosheets with identification of intermediates
Arthur RB, Bonin JL, Ardill LP, Rourk EJ, Patterson HH, Stemmler EA
10 - 19 Adsorption of boron by CA@KH-550@EPH@NMDG (CKEN) with biomass carbonaceous aerogels as substrate
Sun L, Huang JC, Liu HN, Zhang YJ, Ye XS, Zhang HF, Wu AG, Wu ZJ
20 - 32 Room-temperature fabrication of bismuth oxybromide/oxyiodide photocatalyst and efficient degradation of phenolic pollutants under visible light
Sun M, Bi YL, Yan T, Zhang YR, Wu TG, Shao Y, Wei D, Du B
33 - 43 Occurrence and persistence of carbapenemases genes in hospital and wastewater treatment plants and propagation in the receiving river
Proia L, Anzil A, Borrego C, Farre M, Llorca M, Sanchis J, Bogaerts P, Balcazar JL, Servais P
44 - 52 Mesoporous TiO2 with WO3 functioning as dopant and light-sensitizer: A highly efficient photocatalyst for degradation of organic compound
Han JS, Li Y, Yang LM, Li TT, Luo Y, Yang LX, Luo SL
53 - 61 Oxidation of Rhodamine B by persulfate activated with porous carbon aerogel through a non-radical mechanism
Jiang LL, Zhang Y, Zhou MH, Liang L, Li KR
62 - 68 Boron- and phenyl-codoped graphitic carbon nitride with greatly enhanced light responsive range for photocatalytic disinfection
Lin TR, Song ZP, Wu YR, Chen L, Wang SY, Fu FF, Guo LQ
69 - 81 Innovative application for bauxite residue: Red mud-based inorganic polymer spheres as pH regulators
Novais RM, Carvalheiras J, Seabra MP, Pullar RC, Labrincha JA
82 - 91 Contributions of the microbial community and environmental variables to antibiotic resistance genes during co-composting with swine manure and cotton stalks
Zhang RR, Gu J, Wang XJ, Li Y, Zhang KY, Yin YN, Zhang X
92 - 100 Biomimetic strategies to design metallic proteins for detoxification of hazardous heavy metal
Janeena JA, Ilamaran M, George A, George SA, Raghavan SS, Lakshmi PS, Aarthy M, Kamini NR, Gunasekaran K, Ayyadurai N
101 - 112 Foetal-neonatal exposure of Di (2-ethylhexyl) phthalate disrupts ovarian development in mice by inducing autophagy
Zhang Y, Mu XY, Gao RF, Geng YQ, Liu XQ, Chen XM, Wang YH, Ding YB, Wang YX, He JL
113 - 121 Significant enhancement in hydrolytic degradation of sulfur mustard promoted by silver nanoparticles in the Ag NPs@HKUST-1 composites
Li YQ, Gao Q, Zhou YS, Zhang LJ, Zhong YX, Ying Y, Zhang MC, Liu YQ, Wang YA
122 - 128 Pilot trial of detoxification of chromium slag in cyclone furnace and production of slag wool fibres
Zhao GZ, Zhang LL, Cang DQ
129 - 135 Application of a ceramic membrane contacting process for ozone and peroxone treatment of micropollutant contaminated surface water
Stylianou SK, Katsoyiannis IA, Mitrakas M, Zouboulis AI
136 - 144 Three-dimensional hierarchical porous sludge-derived carbon supported on silicon carbide foams as effective and stable Fenton-like catalyst for odorous methyl mercaptan elimination
Yang JL, Zhang Q, Zhang F, Xia DH, Liu HD, Tian SH, Sun LP, Shu D, He C, Runa S
145 - 154 Multifunctional photoactive and selective adsorbent for arsenite and arsenate: Evaluation of nano titanium dioxide-enabled chitosan cross-linked with copper
Pincus LN, Melnikov F, Yamani JS, Zimmerman JB
155 - 164 The plasticity of indigenous microbial community in a full-scale heavy oil produced water treatment plant
Wang XY, Jiang LM, Gai ZH, Tao F, Tang HZ, Xu P
165 - 170 Regulation of clay particles charge for design of protective electrokinetic barriers
Korolev VA, Nesterov DS
171 - 177 Transient reactive transport model for physico-chemical transformation by electrochemical reactive barriers
Hojabri S, Rajic L, Alshawabkeh AN
178 - 186 Self-mediated pH changes in culture medium affecting biosorption and biomineralization of Cd2+ by Bacillus cereus Cd01
Li F, Wang W, Li CC, Zhu RL, Ge F, Zheng Y, Tang YX
187 - 197 Electrochemical treatment of flutriafol wastewater using a novel 3D macroporous PbO2 filter: Operating parameters, mechanism and toxicity assessment
Liu SQ, Cui T, Xu AL, Han WQ, Li JS, Sun XY, Shen JY, Wang LJ
198 - 206 Catalytic removal of mercury from waste carbonaceous catalyst by microwave heating
Liu C, Peng JH, Liu J, Guo P, Wang SX, Liu CH, Zhang LB
207 - 215 Preparation and characterization of nanosilica copper (II) complexes of amino acids
Niu JF, Guo D, Zhang WB, Tang JY, Tang G, Yang JL, Wang WC, Huo H, Jiang N, Cao YS
216 - 221 Unveiling the important roles of coexisting contaminants on photochemical transformations of pharmaceuticals: Fibrate drugs as a case study
Zhang YN, Zhou YJ, Qu J, Chen JW, Zhao JC, Lu Y, Li C, Xie Q, Peijnenburg WJGM
222 - 233 Studies on mass production and highly solar light photocatalytic properties of gray hydrogenated-TiO2 sphere photocatalysts
An HR, Hong YC, Kim H, Huh JY, Park EC, Park SY, Jeong Y, Park JI, Kim JP, Lee YC, Hong WK, Oh YK, Kim YJ, Yang M, Lee HU
234 - 242 New shape-selectivity discovered on graphene-based materials in catching tobacco specific nitrosamines
Sun XD, Shi CL, Li SH, Wang YZ, Qi DW, Wang WM, Yao HM, Wang Y, Zhu JH
243 - 255 Polyvinyl acetate processing wastewater treatment using combined Fenton's reagent and fungal consortium: Application of central composite design for conditions optimization
Ajmi K, Vismara E, Manai I, Haddad M, Hamdi M, Bouallagui H
256 - 264 Subchronic reproductive effects of 6:2 chlorinated polyfluorinated ether sulfonate (6:2 Cl-PFAES), an alternative to PFOS, on adult male mice
Zhou XJ, Wang JS, Sheng N, Cui RN, Deng YQ, Dai JY
265 - 272 EDDS enhanced PCB degradation and heavy metals stabilization in co-contaminated soils by ZVI under aerobic condition
Cao MH, Tu SX, Xiong SL, Zhou HY, Chen J, Lu XH
273 - 285 Graphene-synergized 2D covalent organic framework for adsorption: A mutual promotion strategy to achieve stabilization and functionalization simultaneously
Wen R, Li Y, Zhang MC, Guo XH, Li X, Li XF, Han J, Hu S, Tan W, Ma LJ, Li SJ
286 - 293 Ecotoxicological effects prior to and after the ozonation of tamoxifen
Knoop O, Woermann M, Lutze HV, Sures B, Schmidt TC
294 - 301 Electrocatalytic dechlorination of halogenated antibiotics via synergistic effect of chlorine-cobalt bond and atomic H-star
Liu T, Luo JM, Meng XY, Yang LM, Liang B, Liu MJ, Liu CB, Wang AJ, Liu X, Pei Y, Yuan JL, Crittenden J
302 - 309 Analysis of air photocatalytic purification using a total hazard index: Effect of the composite TiO2/zeolite photocatalyst
Kovalevskiy NS, Lyulyukin MN, Selishchev DS, Kozlov DV
310 - 318 Insights on sulfamethoxazole bio-transformation by environmental Proteobacteria isolates
Reis PJM, Homem V, Alves A, Vilar VJP, Manaia CM, Nunes OC
319 - 326 Fe(III)-oxalate complex mediated phosphate released from diazinon photodegradation: Pathway signatures based on oxygen isotopes
Zhao JW, Jiang YC, Kong MH, Liu GL, Dionysiou DD
327 - 336 Effect of imidazolium-based ionic liquids with varying carbon chain lengths on Arabidopsis thaliana: Response of growth and photosynthetic fluorescence parameters
Liu HJ, Xia YL, Fan HY, Xu QR, Du ST, Fang ZG, Xia HL
337 - 345 Novel ternary nanohybrids of tetraethylenepentamine and graphene oxide decorated with MnFe2O4 magnetic nanoparticles for the adsorption of Pb(II)
Xu WB, Song Y, Dai K, Sun S, Liu GY, Yao JR
346 - 354 A solar responsive photocatalytic fuel cell with the membrane electrode assembly design for simultaneous wastewater treatment and electricity generation
He XF, Chen M, Chen R, Zhu X, Liao Q, Ye DD, Zhang B, Zhang W, Yu YX
355 - 365 Ultrafine Pt NPs-Decorated SnO2/alpha-Fe2O3 Hollow Nanospheres with Highly Enhanced Sensing Performances for Styrene
Liu B, Li YY, Gao L, Zhou F, Duan GT
366 - 375 Assessing bioaccumulation behaviour of hydrophobic organic contaminants in a tropical urban catchment
Wang Q, Kelly BC
376 - 388 Nano-porous SAPO-34 enhanced thin-film nanocomposite polymeric membrane: Simultaneously high water permeation and complete removal of cationic/anionic dyes from water
Ghaemi N, Safari P
389 - 396 A pilot study on the disinfection efficacy of localized UV on the flushing generated spread of pathogens
Lai ACK, Nunayon SS, Tan TF, Li WS
397 - 404 Direct-acting DNA ethylating agents associated with tobacco use primarily originate from the tobacco itself, not combustion
Hu CW, Cooke MS, Chang YJ, Chao MR
405 - 415 Control of dioxin emissions from alternative fuels via regulated activated carbon injection and fluegas recirculation
Tsiliyannis CA
416 - 426 Synthesis and characterization of a heterojunction rGO/ZrO2/Ag3PO4 nanocomposite for degradation of organic contaminants
Anwer H, Park JW
427 - 433 Food influence on lead relative bioavailability in contaminated soils: Mechanisms and health implications
Li HB, Li MY, Zhao D, Zhu YG, Li J, Juhasz AL, Cui XY, Luo J, Ma LQ
434 - 440 Electrokinetically assisted oil-water phase separation in oily sludge with implementing novel controller system
Jahromi AF, Elektorowicz M
441 - 449 Accelerated crystallization of magnetic 4A-zeolite synthesized from red mud for application in removal of mixed heavy metal ions
Xie WM, Zhou FP, Bi XL, Chen DD, Li J, Sun SY, Liu JY, Chen XQ
450 - 458 Impact of preoxidation of UV/persulfate on disinfection byproducts by chlorination of 2,4-Di-tert-butylphenol
Wang QF, Shao YS, Gao NY, Chu WH, Chen JX, Lu X, Zhu YP, An N
459 - 466 Effect of long-term electrodialytic soil remediation on Pb removal and soil weathering
Skibsted G, Ottosen LM, Elektorowicz M, Jensen PE
467 - 474 Electrodialytic 2-compartment cells for emerging organic contaminants removal from effluent
Ferreira AR, Couto N, Guedes P, Pinto J, Mateus EP, Ribeiro AB
475 - 483 Comparison of constant, pulsed, incremental and decremental direct current applications on solid-liquid phase separation in oil sediments
Kariminezhad E, Elektorowicz M
484 - 493 The influence of Arsenic on the toxicity of carbon nanoparticles in bivalves
Freitas R, Coppola F, De Marchi L, Codella V, Pretti C, Chiellini F, Morelli A, Polese G, Soares AMVM, Figueira E
494 - 502 Identification of algal growth inhibitors in treated waste water using effect-directed analysis based on non-target screening techniques
Tousova Z, Froment J, Oswald P, Slobodnik J, Hilscherova K, Thomas KV, Tollefsen KE, Reid M, Langford K, Blaha L
503 - 507 Liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry-based metabolomics and lipidomics reveal toxicological mechanisms of bisphenol F in breast cancer xenografts
Zhao C, Xie PS, Wang HL, Cai ZW
508 - 511 Identifying the gaps: Resources and perspectives on the use of nuclear receptor based-assays to improve hazard assessment of emerging contaminants
Santos MM, Ruivo R, Capitao A, Fonseca E, Castro LFC