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1 - 11 Zeolite-supported nanoscale zero-valent iron: New findings on simultaneous adsorption of Cd(II), Pb(II), and As(III) in aqueous solution and soil
Li ZT, Wang L, Meng J, Liu XM, Xu JM, Wang F, Brookes P
12 - 22 Hexavalent chromium removal by multilayer membrane assisted by photocatalytic couple nanoparticle from both permeate and retentate
Kazemi M, Jahanshahi M, Peyravi M
23 - 32 Surfactants selectively reallocated the bacterial distribution in soil bioelectrochemical remediation of petroleum hydrocarbons
Li XJ, Zhao Q, Wang X, Li YT, Zhou QX
33 - 41 One-step synthesis of silicon carbide foams supported hierarchical porous sludge-derived activated carbon as efficient odor gas adsorbent
Yang JL, Xu WJ, He C, Huang YJ, Zhang ZL, Wang YC, Hu LL, Xia DH, Shu D
42 - 54 Three-dimensional Ag2O/Bi5O7I p-n heterojunction photocatalyst harnessing UV-vis-NIR broad spectrum for photodegradation of organic pollutants
Chen YN, Zhu GQ, Hojamberdiev M, Gao JZ, Zhu RL, Wang CH, Wei XM, Liu P
55 - 63 Risk assessment of dietary lead exposure among First Nations people living on-reserve in Ontario, Canada using a total diet study and a probabilistic approach
Juric AK, Batal M, David W, Sharp D, Schwartz H, Ing A, Fediuk K, Black A, Tikhonov C, Chan HM, Chan L
64 - 72 Sustainable superior function of the synthesized NixCo1-xFe2Oz nanosphere on the destruction of chlorinated biphenyls in the effluent
Huang LY, Li QQ, Su GJ, Zheng MH, Liu YL, Gu YY, Gao LR, Liu GR, Liu WB
73 - 80 Removal of metallic Al and Al/Zn alloys in MSWI bottom ash by alkaline treatment
Xuan DX, Poon CS
81 - 89 Comparative assessment of the adverse outcome of wastewater effluents by integrating oxidative stress and histopathological alterations in endemic fish
Samanta P, Im H, Yoo J, Lee H, Kim NY, Kim W, Hwang SJ, Kim WK, Jung J
90 - 97 Calcination effect of borate-bearing hydroxyapatite on the mobility of borate
Sasaki K, Toshiyuki K, Guo BL, Ideta K, Hayashi Y, Hirajima T, Miyawaki J
98 - 103 Roles of hydroxyl and sulfate radicals in degradation of trichloroethene by persulfate activated with Fe2+ and zero-valent iron: Insights from carbon isotope fractionation
Liu YD, Zhou AG, Gan YQ, Li XQ
104 - 112 Molecular-level insights into mercury removal mechanism by pyrite
Yang YJ, Liu J, Liu F, Wang Z, Miao S
113 - 122 Three dimensional hierarchical heterostructures of g-C3N4 nanosheets/TiO2 nanofibers: Controllable growth via gas-solid reaction and enhanced photocatalytic activity under visible light
Zhou XJ, Shao CL, Li XH, Wang XX, Guo XH, Liu YC
123 - 135 Formation of brominated oligomers during phenol degradation on boron-doped diamond electrode
Zhang CY, Xian JH, Liu M, Fu DG
136 - 145 Bicarbonate-activated hydrogen peroxide and efficient decontamination of toxic sulfur mustard and nerve gas simulants
Zhao SP, Xi HL, Zuo YJ, Wang Q, Wang ZC, Yan ZY
146 - 162 A review on environmental monitoring of water organic pollutants identified by EU guidelines
Sousa JCG, Ribeiro AR, Barbosa MO, Pereira MFR, Silva AMT
163 - 168 Influence of inoculating white-rot fungi on organic matter transformations and mobility of heavy metals in sewage sludge based composting
Zhang CS, Xu Y, Zhao MH, Rong HW, Zhang KF
169 - 178 Process integration for material synthesis from a deactivated catalyst: Studies on the interaction of metal ions between two immiscible phases
Mishra D, Sahu KK, Agrawal A
179 - 199 An overview of chemical additives present in plastics: Migration, release, fate and environmental impact during their use, disposal and recycling
Hahladakis JN, Velis CA, Weber R, Iacovidou E, Purnell P
200 - 209 Biodegradation of triclosan in diatom Navicula sp.: Kinetics, transformation products, toxicity evaluation and the effects of pH and potassium permanganate
Ding TD, Lin KD, Yang MT, Bao LJ, Li JY, Yang B, Gan J
210 - 219 Linear and crosslinked Polyurethanes based catalysts for reduction of methylene blue
Sultan M, Javeed A, Uroos M, Imran M, Jubeen F, Nouren S, Saleem N, Bibi I, Masood R, Ahmed W
220 - 229 Fabrication of porous covalent organic frameworks as selective and advanced adsorbents for the on-line preconcentration of trace elements against the complex sample matrix
Liu JM, Wang XZ, Zhao CY, Hao JL, Fang GZ, Wang S
230 - 240 Evaluation of MnO2-templated iron oxide-coated diatomites for their catalytic performance in heterogeneous photo Fenton-like system
He Y, Jiang DB, Jiang DY, Chen J, Zhang YX
241 - 248 Electrochemical inactivation of Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii and removal of the cyanotoxin cylindrospermopsin
Bakheet B, Islam MA, Beardall J, Zhang XW, McCarthy D
249 - 257 Dual-competitive lateral flow aptasensor for detection of aflatoxin B-1 in food and feedstuffs
Zhu C, Zhang GL, Huang YF, Yang SM, Ren SY, Gao ZX, Chen AL
258 - 273 The removal of mercury ion pollution by using Fe3O4-nanocellulose: Synthesis, characterizations and DFT studies
Zarei S, Niad M, Raanaei H
274 - 282 Growth inhibition of rice (Oryza saliva L.) seedlings in Ga- and In-contaminated acidic soils is respectively caused by Al and Al plus In toxicity
Su JY, Syu CH, Lee DY
283 - 290 Fast, highly selective and sensitive anionic metal-organic framework with nitrogen-rich sites fluorescent chemosensor for nitro explosives detection
Wang XS, Li L, Yuan DQ, Huang YB, Cao R
291 - 298 Comprehensive analysis of transcriptional and proteomic profiling reveals silver nanoparticles-induced toxicity to bacterial denitrification
Zheng X, Wang J, Chen YG, Wei YY
299 - 307 Long-term industrial metal contamination unexpectedly shaped diversity and activity response of sediment microbiome
Jacquiod S, Cyriaque V, Riber L, Abu Al-Soud W, Gillan DC, Wattiez R, Sorensen SJ
308 - 315 Polyaniline (PANI): an innovative support for sampling and removal of VOCs in air matrices
Della Pina C, De Gregorio MA, Clerici L, Dellavedova P, Falletta E
316 - 321 Electrochemical treatment of anti-cancer drug carboplatin on mixed-metal oxides and boron doped diamond electrodes: Density functional theory modelling and toxicity evaluation
Barisci S, Turkay O, Ulusoy E, Soydemir G, Seker MG, Dimoglo A
322 - 332 Suppression of the release of arsenic from arsenopyrite by carrier-microencapsulation using Ti-catechol complex
Park I, Tabelin CB, Magaribuchi K, Seno K, Ito M, Hiroyoshi N
333 - 342 Application of critical water-alcohol composite medium to treat waste printed circuit boards: Oil phase products characteristic and debromination
Xiu FR, Qi YY, Wang SQ, Nie WJ, Weng HW, Chen MJ
343 - 349 Utilization of red mud and Pb/Zn smelter waste for the synthesis of a red mud-based cementitious material
Li YC, Min XB, Ke Y, Chai LY, Shi MQ, Tang CJ, Wang QW, Liang YJ, Lei J, Liu DG
350 - 359 Synergistic effects of biogenic manganese oxide and Mn(II)-oxidizing bacterium Pseudomonas putida strain MnB1 on the degradation of 17 alpha-ethinylestradiol
Tran TN, Kim DG, Ko SO
360 - 368 Evaluating the diffusive gradients in thin films technique for the prediction of metal bioaccumulation in plants grown in river sediments
Song ZX, Shan BQ, Tang WZ
369 - 380 Highly ordered TiO2 nanotube arrays wrapped with g-C3N4 nanoparticles for efficient charge separation and increased photoelectrocatalytic degradation of phenol
Wang H, Liang YH, Liu L, Hu JS, Cui WQ
381 - 389 Alkaline hydrothermal stabilization of Cr(VI) in soil using glass and aluminum from recycled municipal solid wastes
Gattullo CE, D'Alessandro C, Allegretta I, Porfido C, Spagnuolo M, Terzano R
390 - 397 Determination of the soil hazardous concentrations of bisphenol A using the species sensitivity approach
Kwak JI, Moon J, Kim D, Cui R, An YJ
398 - 407 Synthesis of thiourea-immobilized polystyrene nanoparticles and their sorption behavior with respect to silver ions in aqueous phase
Yun JI, Bhattarai S, Yun YS, Lee YS
408 - 416 Photocatalytic reusable membranes for the effective degradation of tartrazine with a solar photoreactor
Aoudjit L, Martins PM, Madjene F, Petrovykh DY, Lanceros-Mendez S
417 - 430 Removal of emerging contaminants daidzein and coumestrol from water by nanozeolite beta modified with tetrasubstituted ammonium cation
Goyal N, Bulasara VK, Barman S
431 - 440 Bioaugmentation of strain Methylobacterium sp C1 towards p-nitrophenol removal with broad spectrum coaggregating bacteria in sequencing batch biofilm reactors
Yue WL, Chen M, Cheng ZQ, Xie LQ, Li MY
441 - 449 Impact of direct application of biogas slurry and residue in fields: In situ analysis of antibiotic resistance genes from pig manure to fields
Pu CJ, Liu H, Ding GC, Sun Y, Yu XL, Chen JH, Ren JY, Gong XY
450 - 457 A new model based on adiabatic flame temperature for evaluation of the upper flammable limit of alkane-air-CO2 mixtures
Wu MQ, Shu GQ, Chen R, Tian H, Wang XY, Wang Y
458 - 465 Toluene and acetaldehyde removal from air on to graphene-based adsorbents with microsized pores
Kim JM, Kim JH, Lee CY, Jerng DW, Ahn HS
466 - 479 Identification and evaluation of bioremediation potential of laccase isoforms produced by Cyathus bulleri on wheat bran
Vats A, Mishra S
480 - 489 Experimental study on ignition mechanisms of wet granulation sulfur caused by friction
Dai HY, Fan JC, Wu SN, Yu YQ, Liu D, Hu ZB
490 - 498 A novel process for preparation of titanium dioxide from Ti-bearing electric furnace slag: NH4HF2-HF leaching and hydrolyzing process
Zheng FQ, Guo YF, Qiu GZ, Chen F, Wang S, Sui YL, Jiang T, Yang LZ
499 - 510 Heterologous expression and characterization of three laccases obtained from Pleurotus ostreatus HAUCC 162 for removal of environmental pollutants
Zhuo R, Yu HB, Yuan P, Fan JH, Chen LJ, Li Y, Ma FY, Zhang XY
511 - 530 Recent developments in nanostructured inorganic materials for sorption of cesium and strontium: Synthesis and shaping, sorption capacity, mechanisms, and selectivity-A review
Alby D, Charnay C, Heran M, Prelot B, Zajac J
531 - 538 Removal and recovery of Critical Rare Elements from contaminated waters by living Gracilaria gracilis
Jacinto J, Henriques B, Duarte AC, Vale C, Pereira E
539 - 548 Investigating binding characteristics of cadmium and copper to DOM derived from compost and rice straw using EEM-PARAFAC combined with two-dimensional FTIR correlation analyses
Huang M, Li ZW, Huang B, Luo NL, Zhang Q, Zhai XQ, Zeng GM
549 - 557 Assessment of reactive oxygen species generated by electronic cigarettes using acellular and cellular approaches
Zhao JY, Zhang YP, Sisler JD, Shaffer J, Leonard SS, Morris AM, Qian Y, Bello D, Demokritou P
558 - 565 Experimental investigation of the inerting effect of crystalline II type Ammonium Polyphosphate on explosion characteristics of micron-size Acrylates Copolymer dust
Yu Y, Li YH, Zhang QW, Ni WS, Jiang JC
566 - 575 Two contrary roles of Fe3O4 nanoparticles on kinetic and thermodynamic of Paclitaxel degradation by Citrobacter amalonaticus Rashtia immobilized on sodium alginate gel beads
Zamani H, Rakhshaee R, Garakoui SR
576 - 584 Radioactive iodine capture and storage from water using magnetite nanoparticles encapsulated in polypyrrole
Harijan DKL, Chandra V, Yoon T, Kim KS
585 - 592 Investigation of Cr(VI) reduction potential and mechanism by Caldicellulosiruptor saccharolyticus under glucose fermentation condition
Bai YN, Lu YZ, Shen N, Lau TC, Zeng RJ
593 - 601 Adsorptive removal of indole and quinoline from model fuel using adenine-grafted metal-organic frameworks
Sarker M, Song JY, Jeong AR, Min KS, Jhung SH
602 - 614 A novel method of utilization of hot dip galvanizing slag using the heat waste from itself for protection from radiation
Dong MG, Xue XX, Kumar A, Yang H, Sayyed MI, Liu S, Bu EJ
615 - 625 Performance evaluation of a biodiesel fuelled transportation engine retrofitted with a non-noble metal catalysed diesel oxidation catalyst for controlling unregulated emissions
Shukla PC, Gupta T, Agarwal AK
626 - 634 A novel fungal arsenic methyltransferase, WaarsM reduces grain arsenic accumulation in transgenic rice (Oryza sativa L.)
Verma S, Verma PK, Meher AK, Bansiwal AK, Tripathi RD, Chakrabarty D
635 - 648 Statistical comparison of leaching behavior of incineration bottom ash using seawater and deionized water: Significant findings based on several leaching methods
Yin K, Dou XM, Ren F, Chan WP, Chang VWC
649 - 656 Sorption-desorption of antimony species onto calcined hydrotalcite: Surface structure and control of competitive anions
Constantino LV, Quirino JN, Abrao T, Parreira PS, Urbano A, Santos MJ
657 - 668 Tuning role and mechanism of paint sludge for characteristics of sewage sludge carbon: Paint sludge as a new macro-pores forming agent
Li SY, Feng JX, Tian SH, Lan SY, Fan C, Liu XS, Xiong Y
669 - 678 Anoxic biodegradation of triclosan and the removal of its antimicrobial effect in microbial fuel cells
Wang L, Liu YL, Wang C, Zhao XD, Mahadeva GD, Wu YC, Ma J, Zhao F
679 - 688 Highly selective and efficient adsorption of Hg2+ by a recyclable aminophosphonic acid functionalized polyacrylonitrile fiber
Xu G, Wang L, Xie YJ, Tao ML, Zhang WQ
689 - 697 Ultrasonic-enhanced Fenton-like degradation of bisphenol A using a bio-synthesized schwertmannite catalyst
Li X, Zhang YK, Xie Y, Zeng Y, Li PY, Xie TH, Wang YB
698 - 706 Simultaneous molybdate (Mo(VI)) recovery and hazardous ions immobilization via nanoscale zerovalent iron
Qian DX, Su YM, Huang YX, Chu HQ, Zhou XF, Zhang YL
707 - 715 Sorption and desorption of 17 alpha-ethinylestradiol onto sediments affected by rhamnolipidic biosurfactants
Guo YP, Hu YY, Lin H, Ou XL
716 - 722 Diversity, abundance, and persistence of antibiotic resistance genes in various types of animal manure following industrial composting
Qian X, Gu J, Sun W, Wang XJ, Su JQ, Stedfeld R
723 - 732 Generation and application of a novel transgenic zebrafish line Tg(cyp1a:mCherry) as an in vivo assay to sensitively monitor PAHs and TCDD in the environment
Xie SL, Junaid M, Bian WP, Luo JJ, Syed JH, Wang C, Xiong WX, Ma YB, Niu AP, Yang XJ, Zou JX, Pei DS
733 - 741 Comparison analysis on the thermal runaway of lithium-ion battery under two heating modes
Wu TQ, Chen HD, Wang QS, Sun JH
742 - 748 An innovative method for the solidification/stabilization of PAHs-contaminated soil using sulfonated oil
Ma FJ, Wu B, Zhang Q, Cui DS, Liu QB, Peng CS, Li FS, Gu QB
749 - 757 Biotransformation and detoxification of selenite by microbial biogenesis of selenium-sulfur nanoparticles
Vogel M, Fischer S, Maffert A, Hubner R, Scheinost AC, Franzen C, Steudtner R
758 - 769 Construction of plasmonic Ag modified phosphorous-doped ultrathin g-C3N4 nanosheets/BiVO4 photocatalyst with enhanced visible-near-infrared response ability for ciprofloxacin degradation
Deng YC, Tang L, Feng CY, Zeng GM, Wang JJ, Zhou YY, Liu YN, Peng B, Feng HP
770 - 777 Effective removal of hazardous trace metals from recovery boiler fly ashes
Kinnarinen T, Golmaei M, Jernstrom E, Hakkinen A
778 - 787 Electrolysis assisted persulfate with annular iron sheet as anode for the enhanced degradation of 2, 4-dinitrophenol in aqueous solution
Li J, Ren Y, Lai LD, Lai B
788 - 796 BS12-assisted flotation for the intensification of SNPs separation from CMP wastewater using a novel flotation column
Hu N, Shu T, Wu ZL, Liu GM, Li ZQ, Zhao YL, Yin H, Huang D
797 - 810 Removal of volatile odorous organic compounds over NiAl mixed oxides at low temperature
Zhao SZ, Yi HH, Tang XL, Kang DJ, Gao FY, Wang JG, Huang YH, Yang ZY
811 - 818 Mercuric ion capturing by recoverable titanium carbide magnetic nanocomposite
Shahzad A, Rasool K, Miran W, Nawaz M, Jang J, Mahmoud KA, Lee DS
819 - 828 Electrospun AOPAN/RC blend nanofiber membrane for efficient removal of heavy metal ions from water
Feng Q, Wu DS, Zhao Y, Wei AF, Wei QF, Fong H
829 - 838 Magnetic multi-metal co-doped magnesium ferrite nanoparticles: An efficient visible light-assisted heterogeneous Fenton-like catalyst synthesized from saprolite laterite ore
Diao YF, Yan ZK, Guo M, Wang XD
839 - 848 Melamine-containing polyphosphazene wrapped ammonium polyphosphate: A novel multifunctional organic-inorganic hybrid flame retardant
Qiu SL, Ma C, Wang X, Zhou X, Feng XM, Yuen RKK, Hu Y
849 - 856 Superhydrophobic and superoleophilic porous reduced graphene oxide/polycarbonate monoliths for high-efficiency oil/water separation
Wang YK, Wang B, Wang JH, Ren YF, Xuan CY, Liu CT, Shen CY
857 - 864 Synthesis of CuCl/Boehmite adsorbents that exhibit high CO selectivity in CO/CO2 separation
Cho K, Kim J, Beum HT, Jung T, Han SS
865 - 874 Fabrication of RuO2-Ag3PO4 heterostructure nanocomposites: Investigations of band alignment on the enhanced visible light photocatalytic activity
Dhanabal R, Velmathi S, Bose AC
875 - 882 A novel "turn-on" fluorescent probe based on triphenylimidazole-hemicyanine dyad for colorimetric detection of CN- in 100% aqueous solution
Liu SZ, Yang M, Liu YJ, Chen HB, Li HM
883 - 892 Efficiency of the formulated plant-growth promoting Pseudomonas fluorescens MC46 inoculant on triclocarban treatment in soil and its effect on Vigna radiata growth and soil enzyme activities
Sipahutar MK, Piapukiew J, Vangnai AS
893 - 901 A multipronged QSAR approach to predict algal low-toxic-effect concentrations of substituted phenols and anilines
Tugcu G, Sacan MT
902 - 912 Inhibition of aluminum dust explosion by NaHCO3 with different particle size distributions
Jiang HP, Bi MS, Gao W, Gan B, Zhang DW, Zhang Q
913 - 924 Impact of alkali cations on properties of metakaolin and metakaolin/slag geopolymers: Microstructures in relation to sorption of Cs-134 radionuclide
El-Naggar MR, Amin M
925 - 941 Chromium-zinc ferrite nanocomposites for the catalytic abatement of toxic environmental pollutants under ambient conditions
Nair DS, Kurian M
942 - 949 Increase in volatilization of organic compounds using air sparging through addition in alcohol in a soil-water system
Chao HP, Hsieh LHC, Tran HN
950 - 957 Photocatalytic degradation and mineralization of perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) using a composite TiO2 -rGO catalyst
Gomez-Ruiz B, Ribao P, Diban N, Rivero MJ, Ortiz I, Urtiaga A
958 - 967 Roles of different active metal-reducing bacteria in arsenic release from arsenic-contaminated paddy soil amended with biochar
Qiao JT, Li XM, Li FB
968 - 980 Treatment of heavy metal polluted industrial wastewater by a new water treatment process: ballasted electroflocculation
Brahmi K, Bouguerra W, Harbi S, Elaloui E, Loungou M, Hamrouni B
981 - 993 Asbestos containing materials detection and classification by the use of hyperspectral imaging
Bonifazi G, Capobianco G, Serranti S
994 - 999 Recoverable amphiphilic polyoxoniobates catalyzing oxidative and hydrolytic decontamination of chemical warfare agent simulants in emulsion
Li XQ, Dong J, Liu HF, Sun XR, Chi YN, Hu CW
1000 - 1006 Evaluation of biochars in reducing the bioavailability of flubendiamide in water/sediment using passive sampling with polyoxymethylene
Wang PP, Liu XG, Wu XH, Xu J, Dong FS, Zheng YQ
1007 - 1024 The interplay between reactive oxygen and nitrogen species contributes in the regulatory mechanism of the nitro-oxidative stress induced by cadmium in Arabidopsis
Liu SL, Yang RJ, Tripathi DK, Li X, He W, Wu MX, Ali S, Ma MD, Cheng QS, Pan YZ
1025 - 1033 Pressure oscillation with destructive effect of flame propagation of a stoichiometric hydrogen-air mixture in a confined space
Wei HQ, Zhao JF, Zhou L, Xu ZL, Gao DZ
1034 - 1042 Fast adsorption of heavy metal ions by waste cotton fabrics based double network hydrogel and influencing factors insight
Ma JH, Liu YT, Ali O, Wei YF, Zhang SQ, Zhang YM, Cai T, Liu CB, Luo SL
1043 - 1056 Environmental impact and potential use of coal fly ash and sub-economical quarry fine aggregates in concrete
Lieberman RN, Knop Y, Querol X, Moreno N, Munoz-Quiros C, Mastai Y, Anker Y, Cohen H
1057 - 1068 Transcriptional responses and mechanisms of copper nanoparticle toxicology on zebrafish embryos
Zhang YJ, Ding ZC, Zhao G, Zhang T, Xu QH, Cui B, Liu JX
1069 - 1077 Adsorptive removal of aromatic hydrocarbons from water over metal azolate framework-6-derived carbons
Bhadra BN, Song JY, Lee SK, Hwang YK, Jhung SH
1078 - 1089 In situ growth of OD silica nanospheres on 2D molybdenum disulfide nanosheets: Towards reducing fire hazards of epoxy resin
Zhou KQ, Tang G, Gao R, Jiang SD
1090 - 1100 Amino-functionalized hierarchical porous SiO2-AlOOH composite nanosheets with enhanced adsorption performance
Yan ZL, Fu LJ, Yang HM, Ouyang J
1101 - 1108 Impacts of moisture content during ozonation of soils containing residual petroleum
Chen TF, Yavuz BM, Delgado AG, Montoya G, Van Winkle D, Zuo Y, Kamath R, Westerhoff P, Krajmalnik-Brown R, Rittmann BE
1109 - 1115 Treatment of textile dyeing industry effluent using hydrodynamic cavitation in combination with advanced oxidation reagents
Rajoriya S, Bargole S, George S, Saharan VK
1116 - 1125 Degradation of polychlorinated dibenzo-p-dioxins and dibenzofurans in real-field soil by an integrated visible-light photocatalysis and solvent migration system with p-n heterojunction BiVO4/Bi2O3
Lee Y, Cui M, Choi J, Kim J, Son Y, Khim J
1126 - 1135 Cloning and expression of the carbaryl hydrolase gene mcbA and the identification of a key amino acid necessary for carbaryl hydrolysis
Zhu SJ, Qiu JG, Wang H, Wang X, Jin W, Zhang YK, Zhang CF, Hu G, He J, Hong Q
1136 - 1154 Metal-mediated oxidation of fluoroquinolone antibiotics in water: A review on kinetics, transformation products, and toxicity assessment
Feng MB, Wang ZY, Dionysiou DD, Sharma VK
1155 - 1164 Electrochemical synthesis of ferrate(VI) using sponge iron anode and oxidative transformations of antibiotic and pesticide
Sun XH, Zu KX, Liang H, Sun L, Zhang LY, Wang CY, Sharma VK
1165 - 1173 Quantitative structure-activity relationships for reactivities of sulfate and hydroxyl radicals with aromatic contaminants through single-electron transfer pathway
Luo S, Wei ZS, Spinney R, Villamena FA, Dionysiou DD, Chen D, Tang CJ, Chai LY, Xiao RY
1174 - 1180 Chloride-enhanced oxidation of organic contaminants by Cu(II)-catalyzed Fenton-like reaction at neutral pH
Lee H, Seong J, Lee KM, Kim HH, Choi J, Kim JH, Lee C
1181 - 1187 Accelerated degradation of sulfamethazine in water by VUV/UV photo-Fenton process: Impact of sulfamethazine concentration on reaction mechanism
Wen D, Wu ZD, Tang YB, Li MK, Qiang ZM
1188 - 1197 Synthesis of Au nanoparticle-decorated carbon nitride nanorods with plasmon-enhanced photoabsorption and photocatalytic activity for removing various pollutants from water
Chang YL, Liu ZX, Shen XF, Zhu B, Macharia DK, Chen ZG, Zhang LS
1198 - 1208 3D MnO2 hollow microspheres ozone-catalysis coupled with flat-plate membrane filtration for continuous removal of organic pollutants: Efficient heterogeneous catalytic system and membrane fouling control
He ZY, Xia DH, Huang YJ, Tan XQ, He C, Hu LL, He HJW, Zeng JW, Xu WJ, Shu D
1209 - 1219 Degradation of 2,4-dichlorophenol by activating persulfate and peroxomonosulfate using micron or nanoscale zero-valent copper
Zhou P, Zhang J, Zhang YL, Zhang GC, Li WS, Wei CM, Liang J, Liu Y, Shu SH
1220 - 1228 Activation of peroxymonosulfate using drinking water treatment residuals for the degradation of atrazine
Zhang HJ, Liu XT, Ma J, Lin CY, Qi CD, Li XW, Zhou Z, Fan GX
1229 - 1239 A novel catalytic ceramic membrane fabricated with CuMn2O4 particles for emerging UV absorbers degradation from aqueous and membrane fouling elimination
Guo Y, Song ZL, Xu BB, Li YN, Qi F, Croue JP, Yuan DH