Journal of Hazardous Materials

Journal of Hazardous Materials, Vol.298 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0304-3894 (Print) 

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1 - 10 Negative impact of oxygen molecular activation on Cr(VI) removal with core-shell Fe@Fe2O3 nanowires
Mu Y, Wu H, Ai ZH
11 - 18 Determining the selectivity of divalent metal cations for the carboxyl group of alginate hydrogel beads during competitive sorption
An B, Lee H, Lee S, Lee SH, Choi JW
19 - 27 Role of surfactant derived intermediates in the efficacy and mechanism for radiation chemical degradation of a hydrophobic azo dye, 1-phenylazo-2-naphthol
Das L, Chatterjee S, Naik DB, Adhikari S
28 - 35 Three-dimensional Fe3O4-graphene macroscopic composites for arsenic and arsenate removal
Guo LQ, Ye PR, Wang J, Fu FF, Wu ZJ
36 - 45 Nanoparticle formation in a chemical storage room as a new incidental nanoaerosol source at a nanomaterial workplace
Kim KH, Kim JB, Ji JH, Lee SB, Bae GN
46 - 57 Vermicomposting eliminates the toxicity of Lantana (Lantana camara) and turns it into a plant friendly organic fertilizer
Hussain N, Abbasi T, Abbasi SA
58 - 72 A monograph on the remediation of hazardous phthalates
Benjamin S, Pradeep S, Josh MS, Kumar S, Masai E
73 - 82 Towards the design of organocatalysts for nerve agents remediation: The case of the active hydrolysis of DCNP (a Tabun mimic) catalyzed by simple amine-containing derivatives
Barba-Bon A, Martinez-Manez R, Sancenon F, Costero AM, Gil S, Perez-Pla F, Llopis E
83 - 90 Cr(VI)-contaminated groundwater remediation with simulated permeable reactive barrier (PRB) filled with natural pyrite as reactive material: Environmental factors and effectiveness
Liu YY, Mou HY, Chen LQ, Mirza ZA, Liu L
91 - 101 Genotypic responses of bacterial community structure to a mixture of wastewater-borne PAHs and PBDEs in constructed mangrove microcosms
Wang YF, Wu Y, Wu ZB, Tam NFY
102 - 110 Optimized removal of antibiotic drugs from aqueous solutions using single, double and multi-walled carbon nanotubes
Ncibi MC, Sillanpaa M
111 - 121 PES mixed matrix nanofiltration membrane embedded with polymer wrapped MWCNT: Fabrication and performance optimization in dye removal by RSM
Ghaemi N, Madaeni SS, Daraei P, Rajabi H, Shojaeimehr T, Rahimpour F, Shirvani B
122 - 128 Decreased blood hepatitis B surface antibody levels linked to e-waste lead exposure in preschool children
Xu XJ, Chen XJ, Zhang J, Guo P, Fu TZ, Dai YF, Lin SL, Huo X
129 - 137 Heavy metal-immobilizing organoclay facilitates polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon biodegradation in mixed-contaminated soil
Biswas B, Sarkar B, Mandal A, Naidu R
138 - 145 Sulfate reduction in sulfuric material after re-flooding: Effectiveness of organic carbon addition and pH increase depends on soil properties
Yuan CL, Fitzpatrick R, Mosley LM, Marschner P
146 - 153 Photocatalytic degradation of sulfamethoxazole in aqueous solution using a floating TiO2-expanded perlite photocatalyst
Diugosz M, Zmudzki P, Kwiecien A, Szczubialka K, Krzek J, Nowakowska M
154 - 161 Room-temperature NH3 gas sensors based on Ag-doped gamma-Fe2O3/SiO2 composite films with sub-ppm detection ability
Tang YL, Li ZJ, Zu XT, Ma JY, Wang L, Yang J, Du B, Yu QK
162 - 169 Removal of element mercury by medicine residue derived biochars in presence of various gas compositions
Li GL, Shen BX, Li YW, Zhao B, Wang FM, He C, Wang YY, Zhang M
170 - 177 Metallic ions catalysis for improving bioleaching yield of Zn and Mn from spent Zn-Mn batteries at high pulp density of 10%
Niu ZR, Huang QF, Wang J, Yang YR, Xin BP, Chen S
178 - 187 Can the algicidal material Ca-aminoclay be harmful when applied to a natural ecosystem? An assessment using microcosms
Jung SW, Yun SM, Yoo JW, Li Z, Jang PG, Lim DI, Lee YC, Lee HU, Lee TK, Heo J, Lee JH, Han MS
188 - 194 A novel nanoprobe for the sensitive detection of Francisella tularensis
Kim JE, Seo Y, Jeong Y, Hwang MP, Hwang J, Choo J, Hong JW, Jeon JH, Rhie GE, Choi J
195 - 202 Ecotoxicological assessment of residues from different biogas production plants used as fertilizer for soil
Stefaniuk M, Bartminski P, Rozylo K, Debicki R, Oleszczuk P
203 - 209 An X-ray absorption study of synthesis- and As adsorption-induced microstructural modifications in Fe oxy-hydroxides
Pinakidou F, Katsikini M, Simeonidis K, Paloura EC, Mitrakas M
210 - 220 Analysis of domino effect in pipelines
Ramirez-Camacho JG, Pastor E, Casal J, Amaya-Gomez R, Munoz-Giraldo F
221 - 231 Evaluation of site-specific lateral inclusion zone for vapor intrusion based on an analytical approach
Yao YJ, Wu Y, Tang ML, Wang Y, Wang JJ, Suuberg EM, Jiang L, Liu J
232 - 240 DEHP exposure impairs mouse oocyte cyst breakdown and primordial follicle assembly through estrogen receptor-dependent and independent mechanisms
Mu XY, Liao XG, Chen XM, Li YL, Wang MR, Shen C, Zhang X, Wang YX, Liu XQ, He JL
241 - 251 Sulfur mediated reduction of arsenic toxicity involves efficient thiol metabolism and the antioxidant defense system in rice
Dixit G, Singh AP, Kumar A, Singh PK, Kurnar S, Dwivedi S, Trivedi PK, Pandey V, Norton GJ, Dhankher OP, Tripathi RD
252 - 260 The key microorganisms for anaerobic degradation of pentachlorophenol in paddy soil as revealed by stable isotope probing
Tong H, Liu CS, Li FB, Luo CL, Chen MJ, Hu M
261 - 269 Fe/Al bimetallic particles for the fast and highly efficient removal of Cr(VI) over a wide pH range: Performance and mechanism
Fu FL, Cheng ZH, Dionysiou DD, Tang B
270 - 281 An integrated science-based methodology to assess potential risks and implications of engineered nanomaterials
Tolaymat T, El Badawy A, Sequeira R, Genaidy A
282 - 293 The chemical environment of iron in mineral fibres. A combined X-ray absorption and Mossbauer spectroscopic study
Pollastri S, D'Acapito F, Trapananti A, Colantoni I, Andreozzi GB, Gualtieri AF
294 - 302 Effect of mineral viscosity-enhancing admixtures on the solidification of evaporator concentrates
Lin CY, Huang WT
303 - 309 Changes of bacterial diversity and tetracycline resistance in sludge from AAO systems upon exposure to tetracycline pressure
Huang MH, Qi FF, Wang J, Xu Q, Lin L
310 - 319 Reduction of DNA damage induced by titanium dioxide nanoparticles through Nrf2 in vitro and in vivo
Shi ZQ, Niu YJ, Wang Q, Shi L, Guo HC, Liu Y, Zhu Y, Liu SF, Liu C, Chen X, Zhang R
320 - 327 Genotoxicity assessment of pesticides on terrestrial snail embryos by analysis of random amplified polymorphic DNA profiles
Baurand PE, Capelli N, de Vaufleury A
328 - 337 Debromination of polybrominated diphenyl ethers by attapulgite-supported Fe/Ni bimetallic nanoparticles: Influencing factors, kinetics and mechanism
Liu ZT, Gu CG, Ye M, Bian YR, Cheng YW, Wang F, Yang XL, Song Y, Jiang X
338 - 350 Total mineralization of sulfamethoxazole and aromatic pollutants through Fe2+-montmorillonite catalyzed ozonation
Shahidi D, Moheb A, Abbas R, Larouka S, Roy R, Azzouz A
351 - 360 Occupational exposure to nanoparticles at commercial photocopy centers
Martin J, Bello D, Bunker K, Shaferd M, Christiani D, Woskie S, Demokritou P
361 - 367 Soil retention of hexavalent chromium released from construction and demolition waste in a road-base-application scenario
Butera S, Trapp S, Astrup TF, Christensen TH