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1 - 1 Photocatalysis: From the treatment of emerging contaminants to energy conversion Preface
Puma GL, Rodriguez-Gonzalez V, Perez-Larios A
2 - 10 Photocatalytic hydrogen production by water/methanol decomposition using Au/TiO2 prepared by deposition-precipitation with urea
Oros-Ruiz S, Zanella R, Lopez R, Hernandez-Gordillo A, Gomez R
11 - 19 On the role of Fe3+ ions in FexOy/C catalysts for hydrogen production from the photodehydrogenation of ethanol
Galindo-Hernandez F, Wang JA, Chen LF, Bokhimi X, Gomez R, Perez-Larios A, Entzana NN
20 - 27 Green tide deactivation with layered-structure cuboids of Ag/CaTiO3 under UV light
Lee SW, Lozano-Sanchez LM, Rodriguez-Gonzalez V
28 - 35 Photocatalytic degradation of trimethoprim by metallic nanoparticles supported on TiO2-P25
Oros-Ruiz S, Zanella R, Prado B
36 - 44 Solar photocatalytic activity of TiO2 modified with WO3 on the degradation of an organophosphorus pesticide
Ramos-Delgado NA, Gracia-Pinilla MA, Maya-Trevino L, Hinojosa-Reyes L, Guzman-Mar JL, Hernandez-Ramirez A
45 - 51 Sonochemical synthesis of solar-light-driven Ag degrees-PbMoO4 photocatalyst
Gyawali G, Adhikari R, Joshi B, Kim TH, Rodriguez-Gonzalez V, Lee SW
52 - 60 Understanding the adsorptive and photoactivity properties of Ag-graphene oxide nanocomposites
Martinez-Orozco RD, Rosu HC, Lee SW, Rodriguez-Gotzallez V
61 - 66 Evaluation of photocatalytic activities of supported catalysts on NaX zeolite or activated charcoal
de Brites-Nobrega FF, Polo ANB, Benedetti AM, Leao MMD, Slusarski-Santana V, Fernandes-Machado NRC
67 - 72 Photocatalytic degradation of 2,4-dichlorophenol with MgAlTi mixed oxides catalysts obtained from layered double hydroxides
Mendoza-Damian G, Tzompantzi F, Mantilla A, Barrera A, Lartundo-Rojas L
73 - 83 Novel preparation of carbon-TiO2 composites
Elizalde-Gonzalez MP, Garcia-Diaz E, Sabinas-Hernandez SA
84 - 92 High temperature stability of anatase in titania-alumina semiconductors with enhanced photodegradation of 2, 4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid
Lopez-Granada G, Barceinas-Sanchez JDO, Lopez R, Gomez R
93 - 94 Stressors in Mediterranean River Basins under water scarcity
Pico Y, Navarro-Ortega A, Barcelo D
95 - 104 Screening of currently used pesticides in water, sediments and biota of the Guadalquivir River Basin (Spain)
Masia A, Campo J, Vazquez-Roig P, Blasco C, Pico Y
105 - 115 Determination of microcystins and nodularin (cyanobacterial toxins) in water by LC-MS/MS. Monitoring of Lake Marathonas, a water reservoir of Athens, Greece
Kaloudis T, Zervou SK, Tsimeli K, Triantis TM, Fotiou T, Hiskia A
116 - 121 Emerging and historical halogenated flame retardants in fish samples from Iberian rivers
Santin G, Baron E, Eljarrat E, Barcelo D
122 - 130 Integrated study of metal behavior in Mediterranean stream ecosystems: A case-study
Roig N, Sierra J, Ortiz JD, Merseburger G, Schuhmacher M, Domingo JL, Nadal M
131 - 138 Study of the influence of temperature and precipitations on the levels of BTEX in natural waters
Moliner-Martinez Y, Herraez-Hernandez R, Verdu-Andres J, Campins-Falco P, Garrido-Palanca C, Molins-Legua C, Seco A
139 - 145 Irrigation agriculture affects organic matter decomposition in semi-arid terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems
Arroita M, Causape J, Comin FA, Diez J, Jimenez JJ, Lacarta J, Lorente C, Merchan D, Muniz S, Navarro E, Val J, Elosegi A
146 - 157 Occurrence and removal efficiency of pesticides in sewage treatment plants of four Mediterranean River Basins
Campo J, Masia A, Blasco C, Pico Y
158 - 167 Reuse of olive mill effluents from two-phase extraction process by integrated advanced oxidation and reverse osmosis treatment
Ochando-Pulido JM, Hodaifa G, Victor-Ortega MD, Rodriguez-Vives S, Martinez-Ferez A
168 - 176 Effective treatment of olive mill effluents from two-phase and three-phase extraction processes by batch membranes in series operation upon threshold conditions
Ochando-Pulido JM, Hodaifa G, Victor-Ortega MD, Rodriguez-Vives S, Martinez-Ferez A
177 - 186 Transformation products and reaction pathways of carbamazepine during photocatalytic and sonophotocatalytic treatment
Jelic A, Michael I, Achilleos A, Hapeshi E, Lambropoulou D, Perez S, Petrovic M, Fatta-Kassinos D, Barcelo D
187 - 196 Integrated Risk Index of Chemical Aquatic Pollution (IRICAP): Case studies in Iberian rivers
Fabrega F, Marques M, Ginebreda A, Kuzmanovic M, Barcelo D, Schuhmacher M, Domingo JL, Nadal M
197 - 206 Dynamic interactions between hydrogeological and exposure parameters in daily dose prediction under uncertainty and temporal variability
Kumar V, de Barros FPJ, Schuhmacher M, Fernandez-Garcia D, Sanchez-Vila X
207 - 213 Modelling the emerging pollutant diclofenac with the GREAT-ER model: Application to the Llobregat River Basin
Aldekoa J, Medici C, Osorio V, Perez S, Marce R, Barcelo D, Frances F
214 - 223 An environmental forensic procedure to analyse anthropogenic pressures of urban origin on surface water of protected coastal agro-environmental wetlands (L'Albufera de Valencia Natural Park, Spain)
Pascual-Aguilar J, Andreu V, Pico Y
224 - 232 The impact of climate change on water provision under a low flow regime: A case study of the ecosystems services in the Francoli river basin
Marques M, Bangash RF, Kumar V, Sharp R, Schuhmacher M
233 - 238 A multiple stressor approach to study the toxicity and sub-lethal effects of pharmaceutical compounds on the larval development of a marine invertebrate
Gonzalez-Ortegon E, Blasco J, Le Vay L, Gimenez L
239 - 247 Ecological screening indicators of stress and risk for the Llobregat river water
Lopez-Roldan R, Jubany I, Marti V, Gonzalez S, Cortina JL
248 - 255 Is reproduction of the snail Physella acuta affected by endocrine disrupting compounds? An in situ bioassay in three Iberian basins
De Castro-Catala N, Lopez-Doval J, Gorga M, Petrovic M, Munoz I
256 - 265 Is Atyaephyra desmarestii a useful candidate for lethal and sub-lethal toxicity tests on pharmaceutical compounds?
Nieto E, Blasco J, Gonzalez-Ortegon E, Drake P, Hampel M
267 - 267 Contaminant removal
Bekbolet M, Selcuk H, Demirel CSU, Demirel B
268 - 274 Pharmaceuticals and organic pollution mitigation in reclamation osmosis brines by UV/H2O2 and ozone
Justo A, Gonzalez O, Acena J, Perez S, Barcelo D, Sans C, Esplugas S
275 - 282 Advanced oxidation of a commercially important nonionic surfactant: Investigation of degradation products and toxicity
Karci A, Arslan-Alaton I, Bekbolet M
283 - 290 Bisphenol A treatment by the hot persulfate process: Oxidation products and acute toxicity
Olmez-Hanci T, Arslan-Alaton I, Genc B
291 - 298 Enhanced photoelectrocatalytic performance of titanium dioxide/carbon cloth based photoelectrodes by graphene modification under visible-light irradiation
Zhai CY, Zhu MS, Ren FF, Yao ZQ, Du YK, Yang P
299 - 306 Influence of promoter on the catalytic activity of high performance Pd/PATP catalysts
Han WL, Zhang P, Pan X, Tang ZC, Lu GX
307 - 310 Removal of bisphenol A (BPA) from water by various nanofiltration (NF) and reverse osmosis (RO) membranes
Yuksel S, Kabay N, Yuksel M
311 - 321 Phosphorus-modified poly(styrene-co-divinylbenzene)-PAMAM chelating resin for the adsorption of uranium(VI) in aqueous
Cao Q, Liu YC, Wang CZ, Cheng JS
322 - 333 Waste biomass adsorbents for copper removal from industrial wastewater-A review
Bilal M, Shah JA, Ashfaq T, Gardazi SMH, Tahir AA, Pervez A, Haroon H, Mahmood Q
334 - 341 A facile approach to fabricate porous nanocomposite gels based on partially hydrolyzed polyacrylamide and cellulose nanocrystals for adsorbing methylene blue at low concentrations
Zhou CJ, Lee S, Dooley K, Wu QL
342 - 352 Application of a new adsorbent for fluoride removal from aqueous solutions
Srivastav AL, Singh PK, Srivastava V, Sharma YC
353 - 360 Porous carbon material containing CaO for acidic gas capture: Preparation and properties
Przepiorski J, Czyzewski A, Pietrzak R, Toyoda M, Morawski AW
361 - 366 An evaluation of tannery industry wastewater treatment sludge gasification by artificial neural network modeling
Ongen A, Ozcan HK, Arayici S
367 - 373 Presence of Fe3+ and Zn2+ promoted biotransformation of Cd-citrate complex and removal of metals from solutions
Qian JW, Tao Y, Zhang WJ, He XH, Gao P, Li DP
374 - 381 Effects of spill-treating agents on growth kinetics of marine microalgae
Rial D, Murado MA, Menduina A, Fucinos P, Gonzalez P, Miron J, Vazquez JA
382 - 390 Remediation of soils contaminated with particulate depleted uranium by multi stage chemical extraction
Crean DE, Livens FR, Sajih M, Stennett MC, Grolimund D, Borca CN, Hyatt NC
391 - 397 Cationic polymer-immobilized polysulfone-based fibers as high performance sorbents for Pt(IV) recovery from acidic solutions
Won SW, Kim S, Kotte P, Lim A, Yun YS
398 - 403 Exogenous auxin alleviates cadmium toxicity in Arabidopsis thaliana by stimulating synthesis of hemicellulose 1 and increasing the cadmium fixation capacity of root cell walls
Zhu XF, Wang ZW, Dong F, Lei GJ, Shi YZ, Li GX, Zheng SJ
404 - 411 The comparison of naturally weathered oil and artificially photo-degraded oil at the molecular level by a combination of SARA fractionation and FT-ICR MS
Islam A, Cho Y, Yim UH, Shim WJ, Kim YH, Kim S
412 - 421 Combination of two-dimensional correlation spectroscopy and parallel factor analysis to characterize the binding of heavy metals with DOM in lake sediments
Xu HC, Yu GH, Yang LY, Jiang HL
422 - 430 Ferrous-activated persulfate oxidation of arsenic(III) and diuron in aquatic system
Zhou L, Zheng W, Ji YF, Zhang JF, Zeng C, Zhang Y, Wang Q, Yang X
431 - 440 Toxicity of binary mixtures of oil fractions to sea urchin embryos
Rial D, Vaazquez JA, Menduina A, Garcia AM, Gonzalez MP, Miron J, Murado MA
441 - 449 Survival of introduced phosphate-solubilizing bacteria (PSB) and their impact on microbial community structure during the phytoextraction of Cd-contaminated soil
Jeong S, Moon HS, Shin D, Nam K
450 - 457 Influence of generated intermediates' interaction on heterogeneous Fenton's degradation of an azo dye 1-diazo-2-naphthol-4-sulfonic acid by using sludge based carbon as catalyst
Gu L, Huang SQ, Zhu NW, Zhang DF, Yuan HP, Lou ZY
458 - 466 Uptake of zwitterionic antibiotics by rice (Oryza sativa L.) in contaminated soil
Hawker DW, Cropp R, Boonsaner M
467 - 478 Toward 3D graphene oxide gels based adsorbents for high-efficient water treatment via the promotion of biopolymers
Cheng C, Deng J, Lei B, He A, Zhang X, Ma L, Li S, Zhao CS
479 - 485 Physics-based agent to simulant correlations for vapor phase mass transport
Willis MP, Varady MJ, Pearl TP, Fouse JC, Riley PC, Mantooth BA, Lalain TA
486 - 492 Removal of chromium ions from wastewater by duckweed, Lemna minor L. by using a pilot system with continuous flow
Uysal Y
493 - 500 Isolation and characterization of a novel phenanthrene (PHE) degrading strain Psuedomonas sp. USTB-RU from petroleum contaminated soil
Masakorala K, Yao J, Cai MM, Chandankere R, Yuan HY, Chen HL
501 - 516 Removal of 2,4-dichlorophenol using cyclodextrin-ionic liquid polymer as a macroporous material: Characterization, adsorption isotherm, kinetic study, thermodynamics
Raoov M, Mohamad S, Abas MR
517 - 524 Microwave synthesis and adsorption performance of a novel crosslinked starch microsphere
Lin QT, Pan JX, Lin QL, Liu QJ
525 - 532 Scoping candidate minerals for stabilization of arsenic-bearing solid residuals
Raghav M, Shan JL, Saez AE, Ela WP
533 - 540 Tailoring activated carbons for the development of specific adsorbents of gasoline vapors
Vivo-Vilches JF, Bailon-Garcia E, Perez-Cadenas AF, Carrasco-Marin F, Maldonado-Hodar FJ
541 - 549 High surface area Ag-TiO2 nanotubes for solar/visible-light photocatalytic degradation of ceftiofur sodium
Pugazhenthiran N, Murugesan S, Anandan S
550 - 555 Evaluating the interactions of organic compounds with multi-walled carbon nanotubes by self-packed HPLC column and linear solvation energy relationship
Chu YQ, Li XH, Xie HB, Fu ZQ, Yang XH, Qiao XL, Cai XY, Chen JW
556 - 561 Reductive transformation of p-nitrophenol by Fe(II) species: The effect of anionic media
Wu YJ, Geng LN, Wang XR, Chen RF, Wei Y, Wu D
562 - 568 Improvement of the cloud point extraction of uranyl ions by the addition of ionic liquids
Gao S, Sun TX, Chen QD, Shen XH
569 - 574 Photocatalytic degradation of trichloroethylene in aqueous phase using nano-ZNO/Laponite composites
Joo JC, Ahn CH, Jang DG, Yoon YH, Kim JK, Campos L, Ahn H
575 - 583 Physiological and proteomic changes suggest an important role of cell walls in the high tolerance to metals of Elodea nuttallii
Larras F, Regier N, Planchon S, Pote J, Renaut J, Cosio C
584 - 592 Efficient removal of endosulfan from aqueous solution by UV-C/peroxides: A comparative study
Shah NS, He XX, Khan HM, Khan JA, O'Shea KE, Boccelli DL, Dionysiou DD
593 - 599 Influence of Fenton's reagent doses on the degradation and mineralization of H-acid
Liu HH, Chen QY, Yu Y, Liu ZH, Xue G
600 - 609 Could microwave induced catalytic oxidation (MICO) process over CoFe2O4 effectively eliminate brilliant green in aqueous solution?
Ju YM, Wang XY, Qiao JQ, Li GH, Wu Y, Li Y, Zhang XY, Xu ZC, Qi JY, Fang JD, Dionysiou DD
610 - 617 Technological process and optimum design of organic materials vacuum pyrolysis and indium chlorinated separation from waste liquid crystal display panels
Ma E, Xu ZM
618 - 626 Molecular interactions of benzophenone UV filters with human serum albumin revealed by spectroscopic techniques and molecular modeling
Zhang F, Zhang J, Tong CL, Chen YD, Zhuang SL, Liu WP
627 - 637 Risk assessments of PAHs and Hg exposure via settled house dust and street dust, linking with their correlations in human hair
Wang W, Wu FY, Zheng JS, Wong MH
638 - 642 Fluorescent BINOL-based sensor for thorium recognition and a density functional theory investigation
Wen J, Dong L, Tian J, Jiang T, Yang YQ, Huang Z, Yu XQ, Hu CW, Hu S, Yang TZ, Wang XL
643 - 649 Effective sulfur and energy recovery from hydrogen sulfide through incorporating an air-cathode fuel cell into chelated-iron process
Sun M, Song W, Zhai LF, Cui YZ
650 - 658 Hybrid BiOBr-TiO2 nanocomposites with high visible light photocatalytic activity for water treatment
Wei XX, Cui HT, Guo SQ, Zhao LF, Li W
659 - 669 High photocatalytic activity of immobilized TiO2 nanorods on carbonized cotton fibers
Wang B, Karthikeyan R, Lu XY, Xuan J, Leung MKH
670 - 676 Combination of solid phase extraction and dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction for separation/preconcentration of ultra trace amounts of uranium prior to its fiber optic-linear array spectrophotometry determination
Dadfarnia S, Shabani AMH, Shakerian F, Esfahani GS
677 - 684 Citric acid modifies surface properties of commercial CeO2 nanoparticles reducing their toxicity and cerium uptake in radish (Raphanus sativus) seedlings
Trujillo-Reyes J, Vilchis-Nestor AR, Majumdar S, Peralta-Videa JR, Gardea-Torresdey JL
685 - 693 A new insight on the core-shell structure of zerovalent iron nanoparticles and its application for Pb(II) sequestration
Zhang YL, Su YM, Zhou XF, Dai CM, Keller AA
694 - 701 Use of a Monte Carlo technique to complete a fragmented set of H2S emission rates from a wastewater treatment plant
Schauberger G, Piringer M, Baumann-Stanzer K, Knauder W, Petz E
702 - 710 Adsorption of selected endocrine disrupting compounds and pharmaceuticals on activated biochars
Jung C, Park J, Lim KH, Park S, Heo J, Her N, Oh J, Yun S, Yoon Y
711 - 717 Effect of cadmium ion on biodegradation of decabromodiphenyl ether (BDE-209) by Pseudomonas aeruginosa
Shi GY, Yin H, Ye JS, Peng H, Li J, Luo CL
718 - 725 Understanding effects of water characteristics on natural organic matter treatability by PACl and a novel PACl-chitosan coagulants
Ng M, Liu S, Chow CWK, Drikas M, Amal R, Lim M
726 - 734 Electrocatalytic degradation of methylene blue on PbO2-ZrO2 nanocomposite electrodes prepared by pulse electrodeposition
Yao YW, Zhao CM, Zhao MM, Wang X
735 - 745 Targeting ribonucleic acids by toxic small molecules: Structural perturbation and energetics of interaction of phenothiazinium dyes thionine and toluidine blue O to tRNA(Phe)
Paul P, Kumar GS
746 - 753 Estrogenic chemical effects are independent from the degree of sex role reversal in pipefish
Sarria MP, Santos MM, Castro LFC, Vieira NM, Monteiro NM
754 - 760 Rapid detection of soils contaminated with heavy metals and oils. by laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS)
Kim G, Kwak J, Kim KR, Lee H, Kim KW, Yang H, Park K
761 - 767 Organophosphorus pesticide and ester analysis by using comprehensive two-dimensional gas chromatography with flame photometric detection
Liu XP, Li DK, Li JQ, Rose G, Marriott PJ
768 - 777 Degradation of simazine from aqueous solutions by diatomite-supported nanosized zero-valent iron composite materials
Sun ZM, Zheng SL, Ayoko GA, Frost RL, Xi YF
778 - 783 Transformation of 2,2',4,4'-tetrabromodiphenyl ether under UV irradiation: Potential sources of the secondary pollutants
Wang JZ, Hou YQ, Zhang JS, Zhu JP, Feng YL
784 - 791 Lethal and sublethal toxicity of the industrial chemical epichlorohydrin on Rhinella arenarum (Anura, Bufonidae) embryos and larvae
Wolkowicz IRH, Aronzon CM, Coll CSP