Journal of Hazardous Materials

Journal of Hazardous Materials, Vol.262 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0304-3894 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Copper catalysis for enhancement of cobalt leaching and acid utilization efficiency in microbial fuel cells
Liu YX, Shen JY, Huang LP, Wu D
9 - 15 Melting behavior of typical thermoplastic materials - An experimental and chemical kinetics study
Wang N, Tu R, Ma X, Xie QY, Jiang X
16 - 24 Adsorption-photodegradation of humic acid in water by using ZnO coupled TiO2/bamboo charcoal under visible light irradiation
Wang XJ, Wu Z, Wang Y, Wang W, Wang X, Bu YJ, Zhao JF
25 - 30 Formation of diphenylthioarsinic acid from diphenylarsinic acid under anaerobic sulfate-reducing soil conditions
Hisatomi S, Guan L, Nakajima M, Fujii K, Nonaka M, Harada N
31 - 37 Ex situ remediation of polluted soils by absorptive polymers, and a comparison of slurry and two-phase partitioning bioreactors for ultimate contaminant degradation
Tomei MC, Angelucci DM, Annesini MC, Daugulis AJ
38 - 47 Bio-templated synthesis of lithium manganese oxide microtubes and their application in Li+ recovery
Yu QQ, Sasaki K, Hirajima T
48 - 54 Transformation of cefazolin during chlorination process: Products, mechanism and genotoxicity assessment
Li LP, Wei DB, Wei GH, Du YG
55 - 63 Arsenate and cadmium co-adsorption and co-precipitation on goethite
Jiang W, Lv JT, Luo L, Yang K, Lin YF, Hu FB, Zhang J, Zhang SZ
64 - 70 Multilayer films of layered double hydroxide/polyaniline and their ammonia sensing behavior
Xu DM, Guan MY, Xu QH, Guo Y
71 - 82 Three-way principal component analysis as a tool to evaluate the chemical stability of metal bearing residues from wastewater treatment by the ferrite process
Pardo R, Vega M, Barrado E, Castrillejo Y, Sanchez I
83 - 90 Novel hydrophobic PDVB/R-SiO2 for adsorption of volatile organic compounds from highly humid gas stream
Lu HF, Cao JJ, Zhou Y, Zhan DL, Chen YF
91 - 99 Structural ceramics containing electric arc furnace dust
Stathopoulos VN, Papandreou A, Kanellopoulou D, Stournaras CJ
100 - 105 Elucidating the role of phenolic compounds in the effectiveness of DOM adsorption on novel tailored activated carbon
Yan L, Fitzgerald M, Khov C, Schafermeyer A, Kupferle MJ, Sorial GA
106 - 113 POME is treated for removal of color from biologically treated POME in fixed bed column: Applying wavelet neural network (WNN)
Bello MM, Nourouzi MM, Abdullah LC, Choong TSY, Koay YS, Keshani S
114 - 120 Different recycle behavior of Cu2+ and Fe3+ ions for phenol photodegradation over TiO2 and WO3
Wan LH, Sheng JY, Chen HH, Xu YM
121 - 129 Preparation of stir cake sorptive extraction based on poly(4-vinylbenzoic acid-divinylbenzene) monolith and its application in sensitive determination of beta-agonists in milk and swine urine samples
Huang XJ, Chen LL, Yuan DX
130 - 136 Sea-urchin-like iron oxide nanostructures for water treatment
Lee HU, Lee SC, Lee YC, Vrtnik S, Kim C, Lee S, Lee YB, Nam B, Lee JW, Park SY, Lee SM, Lee J
137 - 142 Degradation characteristics of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetic acid in electro-biological system
Zhang JL, Cao ZP, Zhang HW, Zhao LM, Sun XD, Mei F
143 - 150 Ecotoxicological assessment of a high energetic and insensitive munitions compound: 2,4-Dinitroanisole (DNAN)
Dodard SG, Sarrazin M, Hawari J, Paquet L, Ampleman G, Thiboutot S, Sunahara GI
151 - 157 Degradation of naproxen by UV, VUV photolysis and their combination
Arany E, Szabo RK, Apati L, Alapi T, Ilisz I, Mazellier P, Dombi A, Gajda-Schrantz K
158 - 167 Assessment of the efficiency of in situ bioremediation techniques in a creosote polluted soil: Change in bacterial community
Simarro R, Gonzalez N, Bautista LF, Molina MC
168 - 178 Layers of protection analysis in the framework of possibility theory
Ouazraoui N, Nait-Said R, Bourareche M, Sellami I
179 - 188 Health risk assessment of inhalation exposure of irrigation workers and the public to trihalomethanes from reclaimed water in landscape irrigation in Tianjin, North China
Wang CC, Niu ZG, Zhang Y
189 - 211 Pharmaceuticals and personal care products in the aquatic environment in China: A review
Bu QW, Wang B, Huang J, Deng SB, Yu G
212 - 217 Mechanical and thermal properties of polypropylene (PP) composites filled with modified shell waste
Yao ZT, Chen T, Li HY, Xia MS, Ye Y, Zheng H
218 - 227 Beneficiation of limestone plant rejects for value addition
Jena MS, Sahu P, Dash P, Mohanty JK
228 - 233 Perchlorate contamination from the detonation of insensitive high-explosive rounds
Walsh MR, Walsh ME, Ramsey CA, Brochu S, Thiboutot S, Ampleman G
234 - 239 Simultaneous bioreduction of nitrate and chromate using sulfur-based mixotrophic denitrification process
Sahinkaya E, Kilic A, Calimlioglu B, Toker Y
240 - 249 An integrated experimental-modeling approach to study the acid leaching behavior of lead from sub-micrometer lead silicate glass particles
van Elteren JT, Grilc M, Beeston MP, Reig MS, Grgic I
250 - 255 Lead retention in a calcareous soil influenced by calcium and phosphate amendments
Li LP, Xing WQ, Scheckel KG, Xiang GQ, Ji HH, Li H
256 - 264 Convenient synthesis of porous carbon nanospheres with tunable pore structure and excellent adsorption capacity
Chang BB, Guan DX, Tian YL, Yang ZC, Dong XP
265 - 273 Synthesis and application of a unified sorbent for simultaneous preconcentration and determination of trace metal pollutants in natural waters
Kumar SA, Pandey SP, Thakur N, Parab H, Shinde RN, Pandey AK, Wagh DN, Kumar SD, Reddy AVR
274 - 280 Physiological responses of Microcystis aeruginosa under the stress of antialgal actinomycetes
Kong Y, Zou P, Yang Q, Xu XY, Miao LH, Zhu L
281 - 287 Microbial toxicity of the insensitive munitions compound, 2,4-dinitroanisole (DNAN), and its aromatic amine metabolites
Hang JD, Olivares C, Field JA, Sierra-Alvarez R
288 - 296 Development of a model to predict the effect of water chemistry on the acute toxicity of cadmium to Photobacterium phosphoreum
Qu RJ, Wang XH, Liu ZT, Yan ZG, Wang ZY
297 - 303 Mechanism of uranium(VI) uptake by Saccharomyces cerevisiae under environmentally relevant conditions: Batch, HRTEM, and FTIR studies
Lu X, Zhou XJ, Wang TS
304 - 310 Converting hazardous organics into clean energy using a solar responsive dual photoelectrode photocatalytic fuel cell
Li JY, Li JH, Chen QP, Bai J, Zhou BX
311 - 317 Effect of copper on in vivo fate of BDE-209 in pumpkin
Lu M, Zhang ZZ, Su XL, Xu YX, Wu XJ, Zhang M
318 - 324 Insights into potentially toxic effects of 4-aminoantipyrine on the antioxidant enzyme copper-zinc superoxide dismutase
Teng Y, Liu RT
325 - 331 Immobilization of simulated radionuclide 133Cs(+) by fly ash-based geopolymer
Li Q, Sun ZQ, Tao DJ, Xu Y, Li PM, Cui H, Zhai JP
332 - 338 Reductive defluorination of perfluorooctanoic acid by hydrated electrons in a sulfite-mediated UV photochemical system
Song Z, Tang HQ, Wang N, Zhu LH
339 - 347 In situ determination mechanisms for the depuration of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons adsorbed onto the leaf surfaces of living mangrove seedlings
Sun HF, Li RL, Zhu YX, Zhang Y
348 - 356 Perchlorate reduction by the sulfite/ultraviolet light advanced reduction process
Vellanki BP, Batchelor B
357 - 364 Soil microstructure and organic matter: Keys for chlordecone sequestration
Woignier T, Fernandes P, Soler A, Clostre F, Carles C, Rangon L, Lesueur-Jannoyer M
365 - 376 Evaluation of the potential of volatile organic compound (di-methyl benzene) removal using adsorption on natural minerals compared to commercial oxides
Zaitan H, Korrir A, Chafik T, Bianchi D
377 - 386 Environmental aspects of photooxidative treatment of phenolic compounds
Juretic D, Kusic H, Dionysiou DD, Bozic AL
387 - 393 Effects of electrode geometry on the performance of dielectric barrier/packed-bed discharge plasmas in benzene degradation
Jiang N, Lu N, Shang KF, Li J, Wu Y
394 - 403 Chromium accumulation and changes in plant growth, selected phenolics and sugars of wild type and genetically modified Nicotiana langsdorffii
Del Bubba M, Ancillotti C, Checchini L, Ciofi L, Fibbi D, Gonnelli C, Mosti S
404 - 411 Magnetically separable Fe3O4@SiO2@TiO2-Ag microspheres with well-designed nanostructure and enhanced photocatalytic activity
Chi Y, Yuan Q, Li YJ, Zhao L, Li N, Li XT, Yan WF
412 - 419 Schwertmannite as a new Fenton-like catalyst in the oxidation of phenol by H2O2
Wang WM, Song J, Han X
420 - 427 Assessing the application of advanced oxidation processes, and their combination with biological treatment, to effluents from pulp and paper industry
Merayo N, Hermosilla D, Blanco L, Cortijo L, Blanco A
428 - 438 Micro-structural characterization of the hydration products of bauxite-calcination-method red mud-coal gangue based cementitious materials
Liu XM, Zhang N, Yao Y, Sun HH, Feng H
439 - 446 Microwave-assisted synthesis, characterization and antibacterial activity of Ag/ZnO nanoparticles supported bentonite clay
Motshekga SC, Ray SS, Onyango MS, Momba MNB
447 - 455 Effective visible light-active boron and europium co-doped BiVO4 synthesized by sol-gel method for photodegradion of methyl orange
Wang M, Che YS, Niu C, Dang MY, Dong D
456 - 463 Perfluorooctanoic acid degradation in the presence of Fe(III) under natural sunlight
Liu DD, Xiu ZM, Liu F, Wu G, Adamson D, Newell C, Vikesland P, Tsai AL, Alvarez PJ
464 - 471 Chelant extraction of heavy metals from contaminated soils using new selective EDTA derivatives
Zhang T, Liu JM, Huang XF, Xia B, Su CY, Luo GF, Xu YW, Wu YX, Mao ZW, Qiu RL
472 - 481 Reactivity of NiO for 2,4-D degradation with ozone: XPS studies
Rodriguez JL, Valenzuela MA, Poznyak T, Lartundo L, Chairez I
482 - 488 Photoeletrocatalytic activity of an n-ZnO/p-Cu2O/n-TNA ternary heterojunction electrode for tetracycline degradation
Li JH, Lv SB, Liu YB, Bai J, Zhou BX, Hu XF
489 - 495 Vermiremediation: Detoxification of Parthenin toxin from Parthenium weeds
Rajiv P, Rajeshwari S, Yadav RH, Rajendran V
496 - 503 Behaviour of fullerenes (C-60) in the terrestrial environment: Potential release from biosolids-amended soils
Navarro DA, Kookana RS, Kirby JK, Martin SM, Shareef A, Du J, McLaughlin MJ
504 - 516 Validation of OpenFoam for heavy gas dispersion applications
Mack A, Spruijt MPN
517 - 526 Probabilistic spill occurrence simulation for chemical spills management
Cao WH, Li J, Joksimovic D, Yuan A, Banting D
527 - 538 Enhanced photocatalytic degradation of humic acids using Al and Fe co-doped TiO2 nanotubes under UV/ozonation for drinking water purification
Yuan RF, Zhou BH, Hua D, Shi CH
539 - 544 Sustainable nitrate-contaminated water treatment using multi cycle ion-exchange/bioregeneration of nitrate selective resin
Ebrahimi S, Roberts DJ
545 - 553 An amperometric NO2 sensor based on La10Si5NbO27.5 electrolyte and nano-structured CuO sensing electrode
Wang L, Han BX, Dai L, Zhou HZ, Li YH, Wu YL, Zhu J
554 - 560 Fungal permeable reactive barrier to remediate groundwater in an artificial aquifer
Folch A, Vilaplana M, Amado L, Vicent T, Caminal G
561 - 570 Influence of the application of chelant EDDS on soil enzymatic activity and microbial community structure
Yang L, Wang GP, Cheng ZN, Liu Y, Shen ZG, Luo CL
571 - 579 Novel metabolites in cyanobacterium Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii with potencies to inhibit gap junctional intercellular communication
Novakova K, Kohoutek J, Adamovsky O, Brack W, Krauss M, Blaha L
580 - 588 Simultaneous decolorization of reactive Orange M2R dye and reduction of chromate by Lysinibacillus sp KMK-A
Chaudhari AU, Tapase SR, Markad VL, Kodam KM
589 - 597 Adsorptive removal of dibenzothiophene from model fuels over one-pot synthesized PTA@MIL-101(Cr) hybrid material
Jia SY, Zhang YF, Liu Y, Qin FX, Ren HT, Wu SH
598 - 605 Microbial dechlorination activity during and after chemical oxidant treatment
Dogan-Subasi E, Bastiaens L, Boon N, Dejonghe W
606 - 613 Cu-Zn powders as potential Cr(VI) adsorbents for drinking water
Kaprara E, Seridou P, Tsiamili V, Mitrakas M, Vourlias G, Tsiaoussis I, Kaimakamis G, Pavlidou E, Andritsos N, Simeonidis K
614 - 619 Nitrate removal from groundwater driven by electricity generation and heterotrophic denitrification in a bioelectrochemical system
Tong YR, He Z
620 - 626 Concentrations and bioaccessibilities of trace elements in barbecue charcoals
Sharp A, Turner A
627 - 633 A comparative adsorption study of C2H4 and SO2 on clinoptilolite-rich tuff: Effect of acid treatment
Alver BE
634 - 641 Reductive dechlorination of tetrachlorobisphenol A by Pd/Fe bimetallic catalysts
Huang Q, Liu W, Peng PA, Huang WL
642 - 648 Catalytic regeneration of mercury sorbents
Bentley M, Fan MH, Dutcher B, Tang MC, Argyle MD, Russell AG, Zhang YL, Sharma MP, Swapp SM
649 - 655 Effects of nanoscale zero-valent iron particles on biological nitrogen and phosphorus removal and microorganisms in activated sludge
Wu DL, Shen YH, Ding AQ, Mahmood Q, Liu S, Tu QP
656 - 663 Removal of lindane from an aqueous solution by using aminopropyl silica gel-immobilized calix[6]arene
Tor A, Aydin ME, Aydin S, Tabakci M, Beduk F
664 - 673 Removal of priority pollutants from water by means of dielectric barrier discharge atmospheric plasma
Hijosa-Valsero M, Molina R, Schikora H, Muller M, Bayona JM
674 - 684 Biotransformation of Direct Blue 1 by a moderately halophilic bacterium Marinobacter sp strain HBRA and toxicity assessment of degraded metabolites
Prasad ASA, Satyanarayana VSV, Rao KVB
685 - 690 Diverse effects of arsenic on selected enzyme activities in soil-plant-microbe interactions
Lyubun YV, Pleshakoya EV, Mkandawire M, Turkoyskay OV
691 - 700 Investigation of the impacts of ethyl lactate based Fenton treatment on soil quality for polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs)-contaminated soils
Gan SY, Yap CL, Ng HK, Venny
701 - 708 Mobilization and re-adsorption of arsenate on ferrihydrite and hematite in the presence of oxalate
Yu B, Jia SY, Liu Y, Wu SH, Han X
709 - 716 Electrochemical reactor with rotating cylinder electrode for optimum electrochemical recovery of nickel from plating rinsing effluents
Hernandez-Tapia JR, Vazquez-Arenas J, Gonzalez I
717 - 725 Enhanced xylene removal by photocatalytic oxidation using fiber-illuminated honeycomb reactor at ppb level
Wu YT, Yu YH, Nguyen VH, Lu KT, Wu JCS, Chang LM, Kuo CW
726 - 731 Toxicity of perfluorooctanoic acid to Pseudomonas putida in the aquatic environment
Chen HL, Yao J, Wang F, Cai MM, Liu HJ
732 - 740 By-passing acidification limitations during the biofiltration of high formaldehyde loads via the application of ozone pulses
Garcia-Perez T, Aizpuru A, Arriaga S
741 - 747 Past and future cadmium emissions from municipal solid-waste incinerators in Japan for the assessment of cadmium control policy
Ono K
748 - 758 Fe-0-Fe3O4 nanocomposites embedded polyvinyl alcohol/sodium alginate beads for chromium (VI) removal
Lv XS, Jiang GM, Xue XQ, Wu DL, Sheng TT, Sun C, Xu XH
759 - 765 Chlorine and hydrogen cyanide gas interactions with human skin: In vitro studies to inform skin permeation and decontamination in HAZMAT incidents
Gaskin S, Pisaniello D, Edwards JW, Bromwich D, Reed S, Logan M, Baxter C
766 - 774 Facile preparation of Ni(OH)(2)-MnO2 hybrid material and its application in the electrocatalytic oxidation of hydrazine
Prathap MUA, Anuraj V, Satpati B, Srivastava R
775 - 781 Electro-regeneration of Ce(IV) in real spent Cr-etching solutions
Chen TS, Huang KL
782 - 788 Comparison of preparation methods for ceria catalyst and the effect of surface and bulk sulfates on its activity toward NH3-SCR
Chang HZ, Ma L, Yang SJ, Li JH, Chen L, Wang W, Hao JM
789 - 795 Decomposition of 2-chloroethylethylsulfide on copper oxides to detoxify polymer-based spherical activated carbons from chemical warfare agents
Fichtner S, Hofmann J, Moller A, Schrage C, Giebelhausen JM, Bohringer B, Glaser R
796 - 804 Growth, physiological response and phytoremoval capability of two willow clones exposed to ibuprofen under hydroponic culture
Iori V, Zacchini M, Pietrini F
805 - 811 Influence of Cu and Ca cations on ciprofloxacin transport in saturated porous media
Chen H, Ma LQ, Gao B, Gu C
812 - 818 Evidence of superoxide radical contribution to demineralization of sulfamethoxazole by visible-light-driven Bi2O3/Bi2O2CO3/Sr6Bi2O9 photocatalyst
Ding SY, Niu JF, Bao YP, Hu LJ
819 - 825 Functional clay supported bimetallic nZVI/Pd nanoparticles used for removal of methyl orange from aqueous solution
Wang T, Su J, Jin XY, Chen ZL, Megharaj M, Naidu R
826 - 835 Sulfonated graphene oxide-ZnO-Ag photocatalyst for fast photodegradation and disinfection under visible light
Gao P, Ng K, Sun DD
836 - 844 CoFe2O4 magnetic nanoparticles as a highly active heterogeneous catalyst of oxone for the degradation of diclofenac in water
Deng J, Shao YS, Gao NY, Tan CQ, Zhou SQ, Hu XH
845 - 852 Radiation-induced grafting of sweet sorghum stalk for copper(II) removal from aqueous solution
Dong J, Hu J, Wang JL
853 - 861 Bioprecipitation of uranium from alkaline waste solutions using recombinant Deinococcus radiodurans
Kulkarni S, Ballal A, Apte SK
862 - 869 Stereoselective uptake and distribution of the chiral neonicotinoid insecticide, Paichongding, in Chinese pak choi (Brassica campestris ssp chinenesis)
Wang HY, Yang Z, Liu RY, Fu QG, Zhang SF, Cai ZQ, Li JY, Zhao XJ, Ye QF, Wang W, Li Z
870 - 877 Laccase production optimization by response surface methodology with Aspergillus fumigatus AF1 in unique inexpensive medium and decolorization of different dyes with the crude enzyme or fungal pellets
Jin XC, Ning Y
878 - 882 Role of DDL processes during electrolytic reduction of Cu(II) in a low oxygen environment
Brosky RT, Pamukcu S
883 - 886 Arsenic ecotoxicology: The interface between geosphere, hydrosphere and biosphere
Bundschuh J, Bhattacharya P, Nath B, Naidu R, Ng J, Guilherme LRG, Ma LQ, Kim KW, Jean JS
887 - 895 Origin, mobility, and temporal evolution of arsenic from a low-contamination catchment in Alpine crystalline rocks
Pili E, Tisserand D, Bureau S
896 - 904 Arsenic release from arsenopyrite weathering: Insights from sequential extraction and microscopic studies
Basu A, Schreiber ME
905 - 914 Crossing redox boundaries-Aquifer redox history and effects on iron mineralogy and arsenic availability
Banning A, Rude TR, Dolling B
915 - 923 Arsenic mobilization in the aquifers of three physiographic settings of West Bengal, India: Understanding geogenic and anthropogenic influences
Bhowmick S, Nath B, Halder D, Biswas A, Majumder S, Mondal P, Chakraborty S, Nriagu J, Bhattacharya P, Iglesias M, Roman-Ross G, Mazumder DG, Bundschuh J, Chatterjee D
924 - 940 Geogenic arsenic and other trace elements in the shallow hydrogeologic system of Southern Poopo Basin, Bolivian Altiplano
Munoz MO, Wern H, Johnsson F, Bhattacharya P, Sracek O, Thunvik R, Quintanilla J, Bundschuh J
941 - 950 Influences of groundwater extraction on the distribution of dissolved As in shallow aquifers of West Bengal, India
Neidhardt H, Berner Z, Freikowski D, Biswas A, Winter J, Chatterjee D, Norra S
951 - 959 Naturally occurring arsenic in terrestrial geothermal systems of western Anatolia, Turkey: Potential role in contamination of freshwater resources
Bundschuh J, Maity JP, Nath B, Baba A, Gunduz O, Kulp TR, Jean JS, Kar S, Yang HJ, Tseng YJ, Bhattacharya P, Chen CY
960 - 969 Co-occurrence of arsenic and fluoride in groundwater of semi-arid regions in Latin America: Genesis, mobility and remediation
Alarcon-Herrera MT, Bundschuh J, Nath B, Nicolli HB, Gutierrez M, Reyes-Gomez VM, Nunez D, Martin-Dominguez IR, Sracek O
970 - 979 Characterisation of organic matter associated with groundwater arsenic in reducing aquifers of southwestern Taiwan
Al Lawati WM, Jean JS, Kulp TR, Lee MK, Polya DA, Liu CC, van Dongen BE
980 - 988 Linking geochemical processes in mud volcanoes with arsenic mobilization driven by organic matter
Liu CC, Kar S, Jean JS, Wang CH, Lee YC, Sracek O, Li ZH, Bundschuh J, Yang HJ, Chen CY
989 - 996 Arsenic mineral dissolution and possible mobilization in mineral-microbe-groundwater environment
Islam ABMR, Maity JP, Bundschuh J, Chen CY, Bhowmik BK, Tazaki K
997 - 1003 Kinetics of arsenite oxidation by Variovorax sp MM-1 isolated from a soil and identification of arsenite oxidase gene
Bahar MM, Megharaj M, Naidu R
1004 - 1013 Arsenic bioaccessibility in gold mine tailings of Delita, Cuba
Toujaguez R, Ono FB, Martins V, Cabrera PP, Blanco AV, Bundschuh J, Guilherme LRG
1014 - 1021 Arsenic extractability and uptake by velvetgrass Holcus lanatus and ryegrass Lolium perenne in variously treated soils polluted by tailing spills
Karczewska A, Lewinska K, Galka B
1022 - 1030 Toxicity of synthetic chelators and metal availability in poultry manure amended Cd, Pb and As contaminated agricultural soil
Usman ARA, Almaroai YA, Ahmad M, Vithanage M, Ok YS
1031 - 1038 Human health risk from arsenical pesticide contaminated soils: A long-term greenhouse study
Quazi S, Sarkar D, Datta R
1039 - 1047 Influence of inoculation of arsenic-resistant Staphylococcus arlettae on growth and arsenic uptake in Brassica juncea (L.) Czern. Var. R-46
Srivastava S, Verma PC, Chaudhry V, Singh N, Abhilash PC, Kumar KV, Sharma N, Singh N
1048 - 1055 Environmental arsenic contamination and its health effects in a historic gold mining area of the Mangalur greenstone belt of Northeastern Karnataka, India
Chakraborti D, Rahman MM, Murrill M, Das R, Siddayya, Patil SG, Sarkar A, Dadapeer HJ, Yendigeri S, Ahmed R, Das KK
1056 - 1063 Consumption of arsenic and other elements from vegetables and drinking water from an arsenic-contaminated area of Bangladesh
Rahman MM, Asaduzzaman M, Naidu R
1064 - 1071 Arsenic contamination in the food chain and its risk assessment of populations residing in the Mekong River basin of Cambodia
Phan K, Sthiannopkao S, Heng S, Phan S, Huoy L, Wong MH, Kim KW
1072 - 1079 Arsenic in groundwater and its influence on exposure risks through traditionally cooked rice in Prey Veng Province, Cambodia
O'Neill A, Phillips DH, Kok S, Chea E, Seng B, Sen Gupta B
1080 - 1090 Application of receptor-specific risk distribution in the arsenic contaminated land management
Chen IC, Ng S, Wang GS, Ma HW
1091 - 1097 In vitro assessment on the impact of soil arsenic in the eight rice varieties of West Bengal, India
Bhattacharya P, Samal AC, Majumdar J, Banerjee S, Santra SC
1098 - 1104 Do arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi affect arsenic accumulation and speciation in rice with different radial oxygen loss?
Li H, Man YB, Ye ZH, Wu C, Wu SC, Wong MH
1105 - 1115 Arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in arsenic-contaminated areas in Brazil
Schneider J, Sturmer SL, Guilherme LRG, Moreira FMD, Soares CRFD
1116 - 1122 Arsenic uptake in upland rice inoculated with a combination or single arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi
Chan WF, Li H, Wu FY, Wu SC, Wong MH
1123 - 1131 Arsenate and arsenite exposure modulate antioxidants and amino acids in contrasting arsenic accumulating rice (Oryza sativa L.) genotypes
Dave R, Tripathi RD, Dwivedi S, Tripathi P, Dixit G, Sharma YK, Trivedi PK, Corpas FJ, Barroso JB, Chakrabarty D
1132 - 1138 Arsenic levels in drinking water and mortality of liver cancer in Taiwan
Lin HJ, Sung TI, Chen CY, Guo HR
1139 - 1146 Comparing the joint effect of arsenic exposure, cigarette smoking and risk genotypes of vascular endothelial growth factor on upper urinary tract urothelial carcinoma and bladder cancer
Wang YH, Yeh SD, Wu MM, Liu CT, Shen CH, Shen KH, Pu YS, Hsu LI, Chiou HY, Chen CJ
1147 - 1153 Coupling predicted model of arsenic in groundwater with endemic arsenism occurrence in Shanxi Province, Northern China
Zhang Q, Rodriguez-Lado L, Liu J, Johnson CA, Zheng QM, Sun GF
1154 - 1158 Relationship between long-term exposure to low-level arsenic in drinking water and the prevalence of abnormal blood pressure
Zhang CW, Mao GY, He SX, Yang ZP, Yang W, Zhang XJ, Qiu WT, Ta N, Cao L, Yang H, Guo XJ
1159 - 1166 Biomarkers for the evaluation of population health status 16 years after the intervention of arsenic-contaminated groundwater in Xinjiang, China
Liu FF, Wang JP, Zheng YJ, Ng JC
1167 - 1175 Application of natural citric acid sources and their role on arsenic removal from drinking water: A green chemistry approach
Majumder S, Nath B, Sarkar S, Islam SM, Bundschuh J, Chatterjee D, Hidalgo M
1176 - 1186 Comparison of treated laterite as arsenic adsorbent from different locations and performance of best filter under field conditions
Maiti A, Thakur BK, Basu JK, De S
1187 - 1195 Treatment of mining acidic leachates with indigenous limestone, Zimapan Mexico
Labastida I, Armienta MA, Lara-Castro RH, Aguayo A, Cruz O, Ceniceros N
1196 - 1203 Increasing arsenic sorption on red mud by phosphogypsum addition
Lopes G, Guilherme LRG, Costa ETS, Curi N, Penha HGV
1204 - 1212 Arsenic sorption by nanocrystalline magnetite: An example of environmentally promising interface with geosphere
Bujnakova Z, Balaz P, Zorkovska A, Sayagues MJ, Kovac J, Timko M
1213 - 1222 Quantification of trace arsenic in soils by field-portable X-ray fluorescence spectrometry: Considerations for sample preparation and measurement conditions
Parsons C, Grabulosa EM, Pili E, Floor GH, Roman-Ross G, Charlet L
1223 - 1229 Studying arsenite-humic acid complexation using size exclusion chromatography-inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry
Liu GL, Cai Y
1230 - 1236 Assessment of solid phase microfiber extraction fibers for the monitoring of volatile organoarsinicals emitted from a plant-soil system
Ruppert L, Lin ZQ, Dixon RP, Johnson KA
1237 - 1244 Arsenic undergoes significant speciation changes upon incubation of contaminated rice with human colon micro biota
Alava P, Tack F, Du Laing G, Van de Wiele T
1245 - 1258 Anatomy and ultrastructure alterations of Leucaena leucocephala (Lam.) inoculated with mycorrhizal fungi in response to arsenic-contaminated soilf
Schneider J, Labory CRG, Rangel WM, Alves E, Guilherme LRG