Journal of Hazardous Materials

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ISSN: 0304-3894 (Print) 

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1 - 8 Mathematical modeling of high-rate Anammox UASB reactor based on granular packing patterns
Tang CJ, He R, Zheng P, Chai LY, Min XB
9 - 18 Development of a multi-residue enantiomeric analysis method for 9 pesticides in soil and water by chiral liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry
Li YB, Dong FS, Liu XG, Xu J, Chen X, Han YT, Liang XY, Zheng YQ
19 - 28 Preparation of graphene/TiO2 composites by nonionic surfactant strategy and their simulated sunlight and visible light photocatalytic activity towards representative aqueous POPs degradation
Li KX, Xiong JJ, Chen T, Yan LS, Dai YH, Song DY, Lv Y, Zeng ZX
29 - 36 Difficulties in using soil-based methods to assess plant availability of potentially toxic elements in biochars and their feedstocks
Farrell M, Rangott G, Krull E
37 - 44 Adsorptive denitrogenation of model fuels with porous metal-organic framework (MOF) MIL-101 impregnated with phosphotungstic acid: Effect of acid site inclusion
Ahmed I, Khan NA, Hasan Z, Jhung SH
45 - 52 Dithizone functionalized CdSe/CdS quantum dots as turn-on fluorescent probe for ultrasensitive detection of lead ion
Zhao Q, Rong XL, Ma HB, Tao GH
53 - 60 Amines immobilized double-walled silica nanotubes for CO2 capture
Ko YG, Lee HJ, Oh HC, Choi US
61 - 67 Evaluation of peracetic acid fog for the inactivation of Bacillus anthracis spore surrogates in a large decontamination chamber
Wood JP, Calfee MW, Clayton M, Griffin-Gatchalian N, Touati A, Egler K
68 - 75 Superoxide mediated production of hydroxyl radicals by magnetite nanoparticles: Demonstration in the degradation of 2-chlorobiphenyl
Fang GD, Zhou DM, Dionysiou DD
76 - 81 A new insight into Fenton and Fenton-like processes for water treatment: Part II. Influence of organic compounds on Fe(III)/Fe(II) interconversion and the course of reactions
Jiang CC, Gao Z, Qu HL, Li JW, Wang XX, Li P, Liu H
82 - 90 Recurrent arrival of oil to Galician coast: The final step of the Prestige deep oil spill
Bernabeu AM, Fernandez-Fernandez S, Bouchette F, Rey D, Arcos A, Bayona JM, Albaiges J
91 - 98 Synergistic inactivation of anaerobic wastewater biofilm by free nitrous acid and hydrogen peroxide
Jiang GM, Yuan ZG
99 - 105 Degradation of sulfamethazine by gamma irradiation in the presence of hydrogen peroxide
Liu YK, Wang JL
106 - 114 Microwave-assisted in situ synthesis of reduced graphene oxide-BiVO4 composite photocatalysts and their enhanced photocatalytic performance for the degradation of ciprofloxacin
Yan Y, Sun SF, Song Y, Yan X, Guan WS, Liu XL, Shi WD
115 - 121 Association of exposure to phenols and idiopathic male infertility
Chen MJ, Tang R, Fu GB, Xu B, Zhu PF, Qiao SL, Chen XJ, Xu B, Qin YF, Lu CC, Hang B, Xia YK, Wang XR
122 - 130 Modification and characterization of PET fibers for fast removal of Hg(II), Cu(II) and Co(II) metal ions from aqueous solutions
Monier M, Abdel-Latif DA
131 - 137 Enhanced visible-light-driven photocatalytic inactivation of Escherichia coli by Bi2O2CO3/Bi3NbO7 composites
Gan HH, Zhang GK, Huang HX
138 - 146 Transformation of acetaminophen using manganese dioxide - mediated oxidative processes: Reaction rates and pathways
Xiao H, Song HY, Xie HQ, Huang W, Tan J, Wu JZ
147 - 154 Pollution profiles, health risk of VOCs and biohazards emitted from municipal solid waste transfer station and elimination by an integrated biological-photocatalytic flow system: A pilot-scale investigation
Li GY, Zhang ZY, Sun HW, Chen JY, An TC, Li B
155 - 166 Adsorption of uranium from aqueous solution by PAMAM dendron functionalized styrene divinylbenzene
Ilaiyaraja P, Deb AKS, Sivasubramanian K, Ponraju D, Venkatraman B
167 - 174 Evaluation of cytotoxicity of polypyrrole nanoparticles synthesized by oxidative polymerization
Vaitkuviene A, Kaseta V, Voronovic J, Ramanauskaite G, Biziuleviciene G, Ramanaviciene A, Ramanavicius A
175 - 180 Coupling the dechlorination of aqueous 4-CP with the mechanochemical destruction of solid PCNB using Fe-Ni-SiO2
Zhang T, Huang J, Zhang W, Yu YF, Deng SB, Wang B, Yu G
181 - 189 Effect of silver or copper middle layer on the performance of palladium modified nickel foam electrodes in the 2-chlorobiphenyl dechlorination
He ZQ, Sun JJ, Wei J, Wang Q, Huang CX, Chen JM, Song S
190 - 197 A comparative study of fungal and bacterial biofiltration treating a VOC mixture
Estrada JM, Hernandez S, Munoz R, Revah S
198 - 203 Inhibitions on the behavior and growth of the nematode progeny after prenatal exposure to sulfonamides at micromolar concentrations
Yu ZY, Zhang J, Chen XX, Yin DQ, Deng HP
204 - 211 miR395 is involved in detoxification of cadmium in Brassica napus
Zhang LW, Song JB, Shu XX, Zhang Y, Yang ZM
212 - 219 Electrodialytic removal of Cd from biomass combustion fly ash suspensions
Kirkelund GM, Damoe AJ, Ottosen LM
220 - 228 Removal of high concentration p-nitrophenol in aqueous solution by zero valent iron with ultrasonic irradiation (US-ZVI)
Lai B, Chen ZY, Zhou YX, Yang P, Wang JL, Chen ZQ
229 - 237 Synthesis of Ce3+ doped ZnFe2O4 self- assembled clusters and adsorption of chromium(VI)
Kuai SK, Zhang ZB, Nan ZD
238 - 245 Optimizing mixed culture of two acidophiles to improve copper recovery from printed circuit boards (PCBs)
Liang GB, Tang JH, Liu WP, Zhou QF
246 - 255 Chemical profile identification of fugitive and confined particle emissions from an integrated iron and steelmaking plant
Hleis D, Fernandez-Olmo I, Ledoux F, Kfoury A, Courcot L, Desmonts T, Courcot D
256 - 264 Assessment of released heavy metals from electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) existing in shipwrecks through laboratory-scale simulation reactor
Hahladakis JN, Stylianos M, Gidarakos E
265 - 271 Phase-dependent phytoavailability of thallium - A synthetic soil experiment
Vanek A, Mihaljevic M, Galuskova I, Chrastny V, Komarek M, Penizek V, Zadorova T, Drabek O
272 - 291 Chemical and microbial remediation of hexavalent chromium from contaminated soil and mining/metallurgical solid waste: A review
Dhal B, Thatoi HN, Das NN, Pandey BD
292 - 297 Dissolution kinetics of magnesium hydroxide for CO2 separation from coal-fired power plants
Bharadwaj HK, Lee JY, Li X, Liu ZY, Keener TC
298 - 307 Contribution to the study of particle resuspension kinetics during thermal degradation of polymers
Ouf FX, Delcour S, Azema N, Coppalle A, Ferry L, Gensdarmes F, Lopez-Cuesta JM, Niang A, Pontreau S, Yon J
308 - 317 Structure and tautomerism of tenuazonic acid - A synergetic computational and spectroscopic approach
Mikula H, Horkel E, Hans P, Hametner C, Frohlich J
318 - 332 Phytotoxic hazards of NiO-nanoparticles in tomato: A study on mechanism of cell death
Faisal M, Saquib Q, Alatar AA, Al-Khedhairy AA, Hegazy AK, Musarrat J
333 - 344 Individual and combined effects of organic, toxic, and hydraulic shocks on sequencing batch reactor in treating petroleum refinery wastewater
Mizzouri NS, Shaaban MG
345 - 353 Fe(II)-Al(III) layered double hydroxides prepared by ultrasound-assisted co-precipitation method for the reduction of bromate
Zhong Y, Yang Q, Luo K, Wu XQ, Li XM, Liu Y, Tang WW, Zeng GM, Peng B
354 - 361 Effect of polymer concentration on the structure and performance of PEI hollow fiber membrane contactor for CO2 stripping
Naim R, Ismail AF
362 - 369 Removal of ciprofloxacin from water by birnessite
Jiang WT, Chang PH, Wang YS, Tsai YL, Jean JS, Li ZH, Krukowski K
370 - 378 High-performance pure and Fe3+-ion doped ZnS quantum dots as green nanophotocatalysts for the removal of malachite green under UV-light irradiation
Rajabi HR, Khani O, Shamsipur M, Vatanpour V
379 - 386 Adsorption and desorption of Cd(II) onto titanate nanotubes and efficient regeneration of tubular structures
Wang T, Liu W, Xu N, Ni JR
387 - 396 Leaching of spent lead acid battery paste components by sodium citrate and acetic acid
Zhu XF, He X, Yang JK, Gao LX, Liu JW, Yang DN, Sun XJ, Zhang W, Wang Q, Kumar RV
397 - 402 Reductive dechlorination of octachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin by nanosized zero-valent zinc: Modeling of rate kinetics and congener profile
Bokare V, Jung JL, Chang YY, Chang YS
403 - 411 Source attributions of hazardous aromatic hydrocarbons in urban, suburban and rural areas in the Pearl River Delta (PRD) region
Zhang YL, Wang XM, Barletta B, Simpson IJ, Blake DR, Fu XX, Zhang Z, He QF, Liu TY, Zhao XY, Ding X
412 - 420 Graphene oxide-CdS composite with high photocatalytic degradation and disinfection activities under visible light irradiation
Gao P, Liu JC, Sun DD, Ng W
421 - 430 Hybrid life cycle assessment comparison of colloidal silica and cement grouted soil barrier remediation technologies
Gallagher PM, Spatari S, Cucura J
431 - 438 Denitrification performance and microbial diversity in a packed-bed bioreactor using biodegradable polymer as carbon source and biofilm support
Shen ZQ, Zhou YX, Hu J, Wang JL
439 - 446 Enhancing radium solubilization in soils by citrate, EDTA, and EDDS chelating amendments
Prieto C, Lozano JC, Rodriguez PB, Tome FV
447 - 453 Anodic oxidation of o-nitrophenol on BDD electrode: Variable effects and mechanisms of degradation
Rabaaoui N, Saad MEK, Moussaoui Y, Allagui MS, Bedoui A, Elaloui E
454 - 461 Chromium(VI) removal via reduction-sorption on bi-functional silica adsorbents
Zaitseva N, Zaitsev V, Walcarius A
462 - 468 Azo dye decolorization assisted by chemical and biogenic sulfide
Prato-Garcia D, Cervantes FJ, Buitron G
469 - 476 Arsenite adsorption on cryogels embedded with iron-aluminium double hydrous oxides: Possible polishing step for smelting wastewater?
Kumar PS, Onnby L, Kirsebom H
477 - 483 Enhancement of heavy metal phytoremediation by Alnus firma with endophytic Bacillus thuringiensis GDB-1
Babu AG, Kim JD, Oh BT
484 - 490 Fire and explosion hazards related to the industrial use of potassium and sodium methoxides
Kwok Q, Acheson B, Turcotte R, Janes A, Marlair G