Journal of Hazardous Materials

Journal of Hazardous Materials, Vol.194 Entire volume, number list
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1 - 6 Removal of UV254 (nm) matter and nutrients from a photobioreactor-wetland system
Wu YH, He JZ, Hu ZY, Yang LZ, Zhang NM
7 - 14 Effective NH2-grafting on attapulgite surfaces for adsorption of reactive dyes
Xue AL, Zhou SY, Zhao YJ, Lu XP, Han PF
15 - 23 Chromate reduction in Fe(II)-containing soil affected by hyperalkaline leachate from chromite ore processing residue
Whittleston RA, Stewart DI, Mortimer RJG, Tilt ZC, Brown AP, Geraki K, Burke IT
24 - 29 Hollow fiber supported liquid-phase microextraction using ionic liquid as extractant for preconcentration of benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene and xylenes from water sample with gas chromatography-hydrogen flame ionization detection
Ma XG, Huang MH, Li ZH, Wu JM
30 - 41 Oxidation by-products and ecotoxicity assessment during the photodegradation of fenofibric acid in aqueous solution with UV and UV/H2O2
Santiago J, Aguera A, Gomez-Ramos MD, Alba ARF, Garcia-Calvo E, Rosal R
42 - 47 Synthesis of TiO2 nano-powders prepared from purified sulphate leach liquor of red mud
Tsakiridis PE, Oustadakis P, Katsiapi A, Perraki M, Agatzini-Leonardou S
48 - 52 Efficient capture of SO2 by a binary mixture of caprolactam tetrabutyl ammonium bromide ionic liquid and water
Duan EH, Guo B, Zhang MM, Guan YN, Sun H, Han J
53 - 61 Magnetic pollen grains as sorbents for facile removal of organic pollutants in aqueous media
Thio BJR, Clark KK, Keller AA
62 - 68 Extraction of phenol from aqueous solutions by means of supported liquid membrane (MLS) containing tri-n-octyl phosphine oxide (TOPO)
Zidi C, Tayeb R, Dhahbi M
69 - 78 Biosorption of copper (II) ions from synthetic aqueous solutions by drying bed activated sludge
Benaissa H, Elouchdi MA
79 - 84 The recycling of Mn-Zn ferrite wastes through a hydrometallurgical route
Li KK, Peng CH, Jiang KQ
85 - 91 Using cheminformatics to find simulants for chemical warfare agents
Lavoie J, Srinivasan S, Nagarajan R
92 - 99 Removal of Cu(II) and Cr(VI) ions from aqueous solution using chelating fiber packed column: Equilibrium and kinetic studies
Ko YG, Chun YJ, Kim CH, Choi US
100 - 108 Feasibility study of a photocatalytic reactor for in situ groundwater remediation of organic compounds
Lim LLP, Lynch RJ
109 - 118 Solar photoelectro-Fenton degradation of the herbicide 4-chloro-2-methylphenoxyacetic acid optimized by response surface methodology
Garcia-Segura S, Almeida LC, Bocchi N, Brillas E
119 - 127 In situ neutralisation of uncarbonated bauxite residue mud by cross layer leaching with carbonated bauxite residue mud
Santini TC, Hinz C, Rate AW, Carter CM, Gilkes RJ
128 - 134 The bioreactivity of the sub-10 mu m component of volcanic ash: Soufriere Hills volcano, Montserrat
Jones T, BeruBe K
135 - 143 Oxidative stress in earthworms short- and long-term exposed to highly Hg-contaminated soils
Colacevich A, Sierra MJ, Borghini F, Milian R, Sanchez-Hernandez JC
144 - 155 Catalytic NOx removal by single-wall carbon nanotube-supported Rh nanoparticles
Vermisoglou EC, Romanos GE, Karanikolos GN, Kanellopoulos NK
156 - 161 Natural organic matter removal by adsorption onto magnetic permanently confined micelle arrays
Wang HT, Keller AA, Clark KK
162 - 168 Surface activated carbon nanospheres for fast adsorption of silver ions from aqueous solutions
Song XH, Gunawan P, Jiang RR, Leong SSJ, Wang KA, Xu R
169 - 177 Radiation damage evaluation on concrete within a facility for Selective Production of Exotic Species (SPES Project), Italy
Pomaro B, Salomoni VA, Gramegna F, Prete G, Majorana CE
178 - 184 Phenol determination on HDTMA-bentonite-based electrodes
Mojovic Z, Jovic-Jovicic N, Milutinovic-Nikolic A, Bankovic P, Abu Rabi-Stankovic A, Jovanovic D
185 - 192 Preparation of fluorescent nanofibrous film as a sensing material and adsorbent for Cu2+ in aqueous solution via copolymerization and electrospinning
Wang W, Yang QB, Sun L, Wang HG, Zhang CQ, Fei XL, Sun MD, Li YX
193 - 201 Removal of Ag+ from water environment using a novel magnetic thiourea-chitosan imprinted Ag+
Fan LL, Luo CN, Lv Z, Lu FG, Qiu HM
202 - 208 Photodegradation of propranolol by Fe(III)-citrate complexes: Kinetics, mechanism and effect of environmental media
Chen Y, Liu ZZ, Wang ZP, Xue MM, Zhu XC, Tao T
209 - 215 Size-dependent enrichment of waste slag aggregate fragments abraded from asphalt concrete
Takahashi F, Shimaoka T, Gardner K, Kida A
216 - 222 Removing aromatic and oxygenated VOCs from polluted air stream using Pt-carbon aerogels: Assessment of their performance as adsorbents and combustion catalysts
Maldonado-Hodar FJ
223 - 231 Interaction of carboxymethylchitosan and heavy metals in cement media
Lasheras-Zubiate M, Navarro-Blasco I, Alvarez JI, Fernandez JM
232 - 242 Alkali activated solidification/stabilisation of air pollution control residues and co-fired pulverised fuel ash
Shirley R, Black L
243 - 249 Fabrication of WO3/Cu2O composite films and their photocatalytic activity
Wei SQ, Ma YY, Chen YY, Liu L, Liu Y, Shao ZC
250 - 255 The protective effect of flaxseed oil on lead acetate-induced renal toxicity in rats
Moneim AEA, Dkhil MA, Al-Quraishy S
256 - 267 Stabilization of ZnCl2-containing wastes using calcium sulfoaluminate cement: Cement hydration, strength development and volume stability
Berger S, Coumes CCD, Le Bescop P, Damidot D
268 - 276 Stabilization of ZnCl2-containing wastes using calcium sulfoaluminate cement: Leaching behaviour of the solidified waste form, mechanisms of zinc retention
Berger S, Coumes CCD, Champenois JB, Douillard T, Le Bescop P, Aouad G, Damidot D
277 - 282 Effects of lead on neurogenesis during zebrafish embryonic brain development
Dou CM, Zhang J
283 - 289 Analysis of supercritical water oxidation for detoxification of waste organic solvent in university based on life cycle assessment
Kikuchi Y, Kurata K, Nakatani J, Hirao M, Oshima Y
290 - 296 Degradation of methyl orange by Zn(0) assisted with silica gel
Guo J, Jiang DJ, Wu Y, Zhou P, Lan YQ
297 - 302 Production of laccase and decolouration of the textile dye Remazol Brilliant Blue R in temporary immersion bioreactors
Rodriguez-Couto S
303 - 311 Removal of Chemazol Reactive Red 195 from aqueous solution by dehydrated beet pulp carbon
Dursun AY, Tepe O
312 - 323 Removal of cadmium, copper, nickel, cobalt and mercury from water by Apatite II (TM): Column experiments
Oliva J, De Pablo J, Cortina JL, Cama J, Ayora C
324 - 330 Intratracheal administration of fullerene nanoparticles activates splenic CD11b(+) cells
Ding N, Kunugita N, Ichinose T, Song Y, Yokoyama M, Arashidani K, Yoshida Y
331 - 337 Adsorption of cesium on cement mortar from aqueous solutions
Volchek K, Miah MY, Kuang WX, DeMaleki Z, Tezel FH
338 - 344 Alkaline hydrothermal synthesis of homogeneous titania microspheres with urchin-like nanoarchitectures for dye effluent treatments
Wu JM, Song XM, Yan M
345 - 354 Screening evaluation of the ecotoxicity and genotoxicity of soils contaminated with organic and inorganic nanoparticles: The role of ageing
Pereira R, Rocha-Santos TAP, Antunes FE, Rasteiro MG, Ribeiro R, Goncalves F, Soares AMVM, Lopes I
355 - 361 De-mercurization of wastewater by Bacillus cereus (JUBT1): Growth kinetics, biofilm reactor study and field emission scanning electron microscopic analysis
Ghoshal S, Bhattacharya P, Chowdhury R
362 - 368 Degradation and formation of wood odorant beta-cyclocitral during permanganate oxidation
Zhang KJ, Gao NY, Yen HK, Chiu YT, Lin TF
369 - 377 The behavior and long-term fate of metals in simulated landfill bioreactors under aerobic and anaerobic conditions
Kim H, Jang YC, Townsend T
378 - 384 Vacuum pyrolysis and hydrometallurgical process for the recovery of valuable metals from spent lithium-ion batteries
Sun L, Qiu KQ
385 - 392 Modeling and simulations of the removal of formaldehyde using silver nano-particles attached to granular activated carbon
Shin S, Song J
393 - 398 Potential of modified iron-rich foundry waste for environmental applications: Fenton reaction and Cr(VI) reduction
Oliveira PEF, Oliveira LD, Ardisson JD, Lago RM
399 - 406 Co-treatment of converter slag and pyrrhotite tailings via high pressure oxidative leaching
Perederiy I, Papangelakis VG, Buarzaiga M, Mihaylov I
407 - 413 Nano-lead particle synthesis from waste cathode ray-tube funnel glass
Xing MF, Zhang FS
414 - 421 Uptake kinetics of different arsenic species in lowland and upland rice colonized with Glomus intraradices
Li H, Wu C, Ye ZH, Wu SC, Wu FY, Wong MH
422 - 434 CFD simulation of pollutant dispersion around isolated buildings: On the role of convective and turbulent mass fluxes in the prediction accuracy
Gousseau P, Blocken B, van Heijst GJF
435 - 439 Lignin and tannin toxicity to Phaeodactylum tricornutum (Bohlin)
Libralato G, Avezzu F, Ghirardini AV
440 - 444 Mitochondria as target of Quantum dots toxicity
Li JH, Zhang Y, Xiao Q, Tian FF, Liu XR, Li R, Zhao GY, Jiang FL, Liu Y
445 - 445 Layer silicates modified with 1,4-bis(3-aminopropyl)piperazine for the removal of Th(IV), U(VI) and Eu(III) from aqueous media (Retraction of vol 171, pg 514, 2009)
Guerra DL, Pinto AA, Viana RR, Airoldi C
446 - 446 Application of natural and modified hectorite clays as adsorbents to removal of Cr(VI) from aqueous solution - Thermodynamic and equilibrium study (Retraction of vol 172, pg 507, 2009)
Guerra DL, Viana RR, Airoldi C
447 - 447 Frictional properties of single crystals HMX, RDX and PETN explosives (Retraction of vol 183, pg 324, 2010)
Wu YQ, Huang FL