Journal of Hazardous Materials

Journal of Hazardous Materials, Vol.165, No.1-3 Entire volume, number list
ISSN: 0304-3894 (Print) 

In this Issue (174 articles)

1 - 12 Pesticide use and application: An Indian scenario
Abhilash PC, Singh N
13 - 26 Geochemical processes controlling fate and transport of arsenic in acid mine drainage (AMD) and natural systems
Cheng HF, Hu YN, Luo J, Xu B, Zhao JF
27 - 33 Equilibrium sorption isotherms for nitrate on resin Amberlite IRA 400
Chabani M, Amrane A, Bensmaili A
34 - 38 Photolytic degradation of polybromodiphenyl ethers under UV-lamp and solar irradiations
Shih YH, Wang CK
39 - 47 The control of valence state: How V/TiO2 catalyst is hindering the deactivation using the mechanochemical method
Seo PW, Lee JY, Shim KS, Hong SH, Hong SC, Hong SI
48 - 51 Inactivation and injury of total coliform bacteria after primary disinfection of drinking water by TiO2 photocatalysis
Rizzo L
52 - 62 Removal of direct blue-106 dye from aqueous solution using new activated carbons developed from pomegranate peel: Adsorption equilibrium and kinetics
Amin NK
63 - 70 Removal of lead ions by Unye (Turkey) bentonite in iron and magnesium oxide-coated forms
Eren E
71 - 77 Bioprocessing of seleno-oxyanions and tellurite in a novel Bacillus sp strain STG-83: A solution to removal of toxic oxyanions in presence of nitrate
Soudi MR, Ghazvini PTM, Khajeh K, Gharavi S
78 - 86 Factors influencing the dechlorination of 2,4-dichlorophenol by Ni-Fe nanoparticles in the presence of humic acid
Zhang Z, Cissoko N, Wo JJ, Xu XH
87 - 94 Preparation of activated carbons from coffee husks utilizing FeCl3 and ZnCl2 as activating agents
Oliveira LCA, Pereira E, Guimaraes IR, Vallone A, Pereira M, Mesquita JP, Sapag K
95 - 99 Power of TATP based explosives
Matyas R, Selesovsky J
100 - 110 Removal of Direct N Blue-106 from artificial textile dye effluent using activated carbon from orange peel: Adsorption isotherm and kinetic studies
Khaled A, El Nemr A, EI-Sikaily A, Abdelwahab O
111 - 119 Analysis of heavy metals during composting of the tannery sludge using physicochemical and spectroscopic techniques
Haroun M, Idris A, Omar S
120 - 125 The application of silicalite-1/fly ash cenosphere (S/FAC) zeolite composite for the adsorption of methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE)
Lu J, Xu F, Wang DJ, Huang J, Cai WM
126 - 133 Investigation of the biosorption characteristics of lead(II) ions onto Symphoricarpus albus: Batch and dynamic flow studies
Akar ST, Gorgulu A, Anilan B, Kaynak Z, Akar T
134 - 140 Modified aluminosilicates as low-cost sorbents of As(III) from anoxic groundwater
Dousova B, Fuitova L, Grygar T, Machovic V, Kolousek D, Herzogova L, Lhotka M
141 - 147 Molecular simulation studies on chemical reactivity of methylcyclopentadiene
Wang QS, Zhang YC, Rogers WJ, Mannan MS
148 - 155 Sorptive removal of tetracycline from water by palygorskite
Chang PH, Li ZH, Yu TL, Munkhbayer S, Kuo TH, Hung YC, Jean JS, Lin KH
156 - 161 Toxicity and quantitative structure-activity relationships of benzoic acids to Pseudokirchneriella subcapitata
Lee PY, Chen CY
162 - 167 Anaerobic degradation of nonylphenol in subtropical mangrove sediments
Chang BV, Lu ZJ, Yuan SY
168 - 173 Design equation with mathematical kinetic modeling for photooxidative degradation of CI Acid Orange 7 in an annular continuous-flow photoreactor
Behnajady MA, Modirshahla N, Shokri M, Vahid B
174 - 179 Arsenic, lead and nickel accumulation in Rubus ulmifolius growing in contaminated soil in Portugal
Marques APGC, Moreira H, Rangel AOSS, Castro PML
180 - 186 A hazardous waste from secondary aluminium metallurgy as a new raw material for calcium aluminate glasses
Lopez-Delgado A, Tayibi H, Perez C, Alguacil FJ, Lopez FA
187 - 192 Particulate matter characteristics during agricultural waste burning in Taichung City, Taiwan
Cheng MT, Horng CL, Su YR, Lin LK, Lin YC, Chou CCK
193 - 199 Rapid decolorization and mineralization of simulated textile wastewater in a heterogeneous Fenton like system with/without external energy
Zhou T, Lu XH, Wang J, Wong FS, Li YZ
200 - 205 Liquid phase microextraction and ultratrace determination of cadmium by modified graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry
Nazari S
206 - 217 Nickel-iron layered double hydroxide (LDH): Textural properties upon hydrothermal treatments and application on dye sorption
Saiah FBD, Su BL, Bettahar N
218 - 222 Removal of fluoride ions from aqueous solution using modified attapulgite as adsorbent
Zhang J, Xie SD, Ho YS
223 - 231 Adsorption characteristics of Cu(II) from aqueous solution onto poly(acrylamide)/attapulgite composite
Chen H, Wang AQ
232 - 239 Characterization of adsorption uptake curves for both intraparticle diffusion and liquid film mass transfer controlling systems
Sonetaka N, Fan HJ, Kobayashi S, Su YC, Furuya E
240 - 249 Preparation and characterisation of raw chars and physically activated carbons derived from marine Posidonia oceanica (L.) fibres
Ncibi MC, Jeanne-Rose V, Mahjoub B, Jean-Marius C, Lambert J, Ehrhardt JJ, Bercion Y, Seffen M, Gaspard S
250 - 255 Removal of Cr3+ from aqueous solution by biosorption with aerobic granules
Yao L, Ye ZF, Tong MP, Lai P, Ni JR
256 - 265 Selective precipitation of Cu from Zn in a pS controlled continuously stirred tank reactor
Sampaio RMM, Timmers RA, Xu Y, Keesman KJ, Lens PNL
266 - 270 Utilization of silkworm cocoon waste as a sorbent for the removal of oil from water
Moriwaki H, Kitajima S, Kurashima M, Hagiwara A, Haraguchi K, Shirai K, Kanekatsu R, Kiguchi K
271 - 278 Azadirachta indica leaf powder as a biosorbent for Ni(II) in aqueous medium
Bhattacharyya KG, Sarma J, Sarma A
279 - 284 Isotherm and kinetic studies of Burazol Blue ED dye biosorption by dried anaerobic sludge
Caner N, Kiran I, Ilhan S, Iscen CF
285 - 290 Incorporation of 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene (TNT) transforming bacteria into explosive formulations
Nyanhongo GS, Aichernig N, Ortner M, Steiner W, Guebitz GM
291 - 299 Methylene blue number as useful indicator to evaluate the adsorptive capacity of granular activated carbon in batch mode: Influence of adsorbate/adsorbent mass ratio and particle size
Raposo F, De La Rubia MA, Borja R
300 - 305 Evaluation of steel slag coarse aggregate in hot mix asphalt concrete
Ahmedzade P, Sengoz B
306 - 316 Identification of the degradation pathways of alkanolamines with TiO2 photocatalysis
Lu CS, Chen CC, Mai FD, Li HK
317 - 324 Water quality in the upper Han River basin, China: The impacts of land use/land cover in riparian buffer zone
Li SY, Gu S, Tan X, Zhang QF
325 - 331 Anaerobic degradation of naphthalene by the mixed bacteria under nitrate reducing conditions
Dou JF, Liu X, Ding AZ
332 - 344 An environmental screening model to assess the consequences to soil and groundwater from railroad-tank-car spills of light non-aqueous phase liquids
Yoon H, Werth CJ, Barkan CPL, Schaeffer DJ, Anand P
345 - 352 Treatment of bio-digester effluent by electrocoagulation using iron electrodes
Kumar M, Ponselvan FIA, Malviya JR, Srivastava VC, Mall ID
353 - 358 Immersed single-drop microextraction-electrothermal vaporization atomic absorption spectroscopy for the trace determination of mercury in water samples
Bagheri H, Naderi M
359 - 365 Recovery of hazardous semiconductor-industry sludge as a useful resource
Lee TC, Liu FJ
366 - 371 Study of the heavy metal phytoextraction capacity of two forage species growing in an hydroponic environment
Bonfranceschi BA, Flocco CG, Donati ER
372 - 378 The heats of formation in a series of nitroester energetic compounds: A theoretical study
Li XH, Tang ZX, Zhang XZ, Yang XD
379 - 387 The influence of using Jordanian natural zeolite on the adsorption, physical, and mechanical properties of geopolymers products
Yousef RI, El-Eswed B, Alshaaer M, Khalili F, Khoury H
388 - 393 Isolation and properties of a 2-chlorovinylarsonic acid-degrading microorganism
Nakamiya K, Nakayama T, Ito H, Shibata Y, Morita M
394 - 407 Combined column and cell flotation process for the treatment of PAH contaminated hazardous wastes produced by an aluminium production plant
Dhenain A, Mercier G, Blais JF, Chartier M
408 - 414 Enhanced removal of pentachlorophenol and 2,4-D from aqueous solution by an aminated biosorbent
Deng SB, Ma R, Yu Q, Huang J, Yu G
415 - 426 Mercury sorption on a thiocarbamoyl derivative of chitosan
Gavilan KC, Pestov AV, Garcia HM, Yatluk Y, Roussy J, Guibal E
427 - 434 Removal of hazardous gaseous pollutants from industrial flue gases by a novel multi-stage fluidized bed desulfurizer
Mohanty CR, Adapala S, Meikap BC
435 - 440 Effects of additives on 2,4,6-trinitrotoluene (TNT) removal and its mineralization in aqueous solution by gamma irradiation
Lee BJ, Jeong SW
441 - 446 Distribution characteristics of phenanthrene in the water, suspended particles and sediments from Yangtze River under hydrodynamic conditions
Wang LL, Shen ZY, Wang HY, Niu JF, Lian GX, Yang ZF
447 - 453 Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in Tripui River, Ouro Preto, MG, Brazil
Brum DM, Netto ADP
454 - 460 Defluoridation of water using neodymium-modified chitosan
Yao RH, Meng FP, Zhang LJ, Ma DD, Wang ML
461 - 468 Preparation and characteristics of quaternary amino anion exchanger from wheat residue
Gao BY, Xu X, Wang Y, Yue QY, Xu XM
469 - 474 Equilibrium and kinetic studies of copper(II) removal by three species of dead fungal biomasses
Li XN, Xu QY, Han GM, Zhu WQ, Chen ZH, He XB, Tian XJ
475 - 480 Electrochemical catalytic treatment of phenol wastewater
Ma HZ, Zhang XH, Ma QL, Wang B
481 - 485 Preparation and characterization of activated carbon from waste biomass
Tay T, Ucar S, Karagoz S
486 - 493 Dunaliella salina as marine microalga highly tolerant to but a poor remover of cadmium
Folgar S, Torres E, Perez-Rama M, Cid A, Herrero C, Abalde J
494 - 500 Sediment-porewater partition of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) from Lanzhou Reach of Yellow River, China
Yu Y, Xu J, Wang P, Sun HW, Dai SG
501 - 505 Electrokinetic remediation of Zn and Ni-contaminated soil
Kim DH, Ryu BG, Park SW, Seo CI, Baek K
506 - 510 Photocatalytic inactivation of Bacillus anthracis by titania nanomaterials
Prasad GK, Agarwal GS, Singh B, Rai GP, Vijayaraghavan R
511 - 517 Oxidation of oily sludge in supercritical water
Cui BC, Cui FY, Jing GL, Xu SL, Huo WJ, Liu SZ
518 - 524 Interaction of polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs) with anaerobic mixed bacterial cultures isolated from river sediment
Yen JH, Liao WC, Chen WC, Wang YS
525 - 532 Spatio-temporal modeling of Pb-210 transportation in lake environments
Kulahci F, Sen Z
533 - 539 EDTA leaching of Cu contaminated soil using electrochemical treatment of the washing solution
Pociecha M, Lestan D
540 - 547 Reaction kinetics and transformation products of 1-naphthol by Mn oxide-mediated oxidative-coupling reaction
Shin HS, Lim DM, Lee DH, Kang KH
548 - 557 Particle morphology and mineral structure of heavy metal-contaminated kaolin soil before and after electrokinetic remediation
Roach N, Reddy KR, Al-Hamdan AZ
558 - 565 Isolation of Ochrobactrum sp.QZ2 from sulfide and nitrite treatment system
Mahmood Q, Hu BL, Cai J, Zheng P, Azim MR, Jilani G, Islam E
566 - 572 Characterization of biosorption process of As(III) on green algae Ulothrix cylindricum
Tuzen M, Sari A, Mendil D, Uluozlu OD, Soylak M, Dogan M
573 - 578 Isothermal decomposition of hydroxylamine and hydroxylamine nitrate in aqueous solutions in the temperature range 80-160 degrees C
Liu LJ, Papadaki M, Pontiki E, Stathi P, Rogers WJ, Mannan MS
579 - 588 Novel method for predicting densities of polynitro arene and polynitro heteroarene explosives in order to evaluate their detonation performance
Keshavarz MH
589 - 598 Adsorption behaviour of methylene blue onto Jordanian diatomite: A kinetic study
Al-Ghouti MA, Khraisheh MAM, Ahmad MNM, Allen S
599 - 603 Arsenic stabilization on water treatment residuals by calcium addition
Camacho J, Wee HY, Kramer TA, Autenrieth R
604 - 611 Vitrification: An alternative to minimize environmental impact caused by leather industry wastes
Basegio T, Leao APB, Bernardes AM, Bergmann CP
612 - 622 Field experiments on high expansion (HEX) foam application for controlling LNG pool fire
Suardin JA, Wang YJ, Willson M, Mannan MS
623 - 629 Sorption potential of impregnated charcoal for removal of heavy metals from phosphoric acid
El-Sofany EA, Zaher WF, Aly HF
630 - 636 Study on removal of cadmium from wastewater by emulsion liquid membrane
Mortaheb HR, Kosuge H, Mokhtarani B, Amini MH, Banihashemi HR
637 - 644 Adsorption of Remazol Brilliant Blue R using ZnO fine powder: Equilibrium, kinetic and thermodynamic modeling studies
Ada K, Ergene A, Tan S, Yacin E
645 - 651 Adsorption of phosphate on hydroxyaluminum- and hydroxyiron-montmorillonite complexes
Zhu MX, Ding KY, Xu SH, Jiang X
652 - 663 Risk assessment of arsenic-induced internal cancer at long-term low dose exposure
Liao CM, Shen HH, Chen CL, Hsu LI, Lin TL, Chen SC, Chen CJ
664 - 669 Catalytic reduction of 4-nitrophenol by magnetically recoverable Au nanocatalyst
Chang YC, Chen DH
670 - 676 Thorium biosorption by Aspergillus fumigatus, a filamentous fungal biomass
Bhainsa KC, D'Souza SF
677 - 682 Residual of 17 beta-estradiol in digestion liquid generated from a biogas plant using livestock waste
Suzuki Y, Kubota A, Furukawa T, Sugamoto K, Asano Y, Takahashi H, Sekito T, Dote Y, Sugimoto Y
683 - 689 Uptake and persistence of pesticides in plants: Measurements and model estimates for imidacloprid after foliar and soil application
Juraske R, Castells F, Vijay A, Munoz P, Anton A
690 - 695 Catalytic oxidation of cyanides in an aqueous phase over individual and manganese-modified cobalt oxide systems
Christoskova S, Stoyanova M
696 - 703 Simultaneous removal of color, organic compounds and nutrients in azo dye-containing wastewater using up-flow constructed wetland
Ong SA, Uchiyama K, Inadama D, Yamagiwa K
704 - 713 Interactions of NO2 with activated carbons modified with cerium, lanthanum and sodium chlorides
Kante K, Deliyanni E, Bandosz TJ
714 - 723 Nanofiltration processes applied to the removal of phenyl-ureas in natural waters
Benitez FJ, Acero JL, Real FJ, Garcia C
724 - 728 Investigation of the levels of some element in edible oil samples produced in Turkey by atomic absorption spectrometry
Mendil D, Uluozlu OD, Tuzen M, Soylak M
729 - 735 Facilitated transport of Cr(III) through activated composite membrane containing di-(2-ethylhexyl)phosphoric acid (DEHPA) as carrier agent
Arslan G, Tor A, Cengeloglu Y, Ersoz M
736 - 743 Adsorbent materials from paper industry waste materials and their use in Cu(II) removal from water
Mendez A, Barriga S, Fidalgo JM, Gasco G
744 - 750 Eco-toxicity and metal contamination of paddy soil in an e-wastes recycling area
Jun-Hui Z, Hang M
751 - 758 Thermal stability and kinetics of decomposition of ammonium nitrate in the presence of pyrite
Gunawan R, Zhang DK
759 - 765 Heavy metals removal from acid mine drainage water using biogenic hydrogen sulphide and effluent from anaerobic treatment: Effect of pH
Jimenez-Rodriguez AM, Duran-Barrantesh MM, Borja R, Sanchez E, Colmenarejo MF, Raposo F
766 - 773 Characteristics of elements in waste ashes from a solid waste incinerator in Taiwan
Chang CY, Wang CF, Mui DT, Cheng MT, Chiang HL
774 - 779 Methylene blue degradation by NaTaO3 sol-gel doped with Sm and La
Torres-Martinez LM, Cruz-Lopez A, Juarez-Ramirez I, Meza-de la Rosa ME
780 - 788 Trace determination and chemical speciation of selenium in environmental water samples using catalytic kinetic spectrophotometric method
Chand V, Prasad S
789 - 795 Performance and mechanism of polyferric-quaternary ammonium salt composite flocculants in treating high organic matter and high alkalinity surface water
Wei JC, Gao BY, Yue QY, Wang Y, Lu L
796 - 803 Population dynamic succession and quantification of ammonia-oxidizing bacteria in a membrane bioreactor treating municipal wastewater
Zhang B, Sun BS, Ji M, Liu HN
804 - 811 Color removal from distillery spent wash through coagulation using Moringa oleifera seeds: Use of optimum response surface methodology
Prasad RK
812 - 824 Experimental and modelling study of drinking water hydrogenotrophic denitrification in packed-bed reactors
Vasiliadou IA, Karanasios KA, Pavlou S, Vayenas DV
825 - 831 Simultaneous recovery of metals and degradation of organic species: Copper and 2,4,5-trichlorophenoxyacetic acid (2,4,5-T)
Chaudhary AJ, Hassan MU, Grimes SM
832 - 837 Recovery of hydrochloric acid from the waste acid solution by diffusion dialysis
Xu J, Lu SG, Fu D
838 - 845 Complexing agent and heavy metal removals from metal plating effluent by electrocoagulation with stainless steel electrodes
Kabdasli I, Arslan T, Olmez-Hanci T, Arslan-Alaton I, Tunay O
846 - 852 Preferential adsorption of 2,4-dichlorophenoxyacetate from associated binary-solute aqueous systems by Mg/Al-NO3 layered double hydroxides with different nitrate orientations
Chao YF, Lee JJ, Wang SL
853 - 859 Effects of pressure and TEGDN content on decomposition reaction mechanism and kinetics of DB gun propellant containing the mixed ester of TEGDN and NG
Yi JH, Zhao FQ, Xu SY, Zhang LY, Gao HX, Hu RZ
860 - 866 PCB congener sorption to carbonaceous sediment components: Macroscopic comparison and characterization of sorption kinetics and mechanism
Choi H, Al-Abed SR
867 - 873 Transient and steady-state photolysis of p-nitroaniline in aqueous solution
Ma HJ, Wang M, Pu CY, Zhang J, Zhao SF, Yao S, Xiong J
874 - 880 Kinetics of nitrobenzene oxidation and iron crystallization in fluidized-bed Fenton process
Anotai J, Sakulkittimasak P, Boonrattanakij N, Lu MC
881 - 885 Metal interference on luciferase activity induced by 2,3,7,8-tetrachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin in bioassays of recombinant mouse hepatoma cells
Chou IC, Wu YL, Wang LC, Chang-Chien GP, Lee HY
886 - 892 Extractive separation and determination of chromium in tannery effluents and electroplating waste water using tribenzylamine as the extractant
Kalidhasan S, Ganesh M, Sricharan S, Rajesh N
893 - 902 Synthesis, characterization and performance in arsenic removal of iron-doped activated carbons prepared by impregnation with Fe(III) and Fe(II)
Muniz G, Fierro V, Celzard A, Furdin G, Gonzalez-Sanchez G, Ballinas ML
903 - 908 Effect of temperature on the durability of class C fly ash belite cement in simulated radioactive liquid waste: Synergy of chloride and sulphate ions
Guerrero A, Goni S, Allegro VR
909 - 914 Statistical optimization for decolorization of textile dyes using Trametes versicolor
Srinivasan SV, Murthy DVS
915 - 922 Catalytic ozone aqueous decomposition promoted by natural zeolite and volcanic sand
Valdes H, Farfan VJ, Manoli JA, Zaror CA
923 - 927 2,4,6-Trinitrotoluene reduction kinetics in aqueous solution using nanoscale zero-valent iron
Zhang X, Lin YM, Chen ZL
928 - 932 Nanocrystalline zinc oxide for the decontamination of sarin
Mahato TH, Prasad GK, Singh B, Acharya J, Srivastava AR, Vijayaraghavan R
933 - 943 Construction schedule simulation of a diversion tunnel based on the optimized ventilation time
Wang XL, Liu XP, Sun YF, An J, Zhang J, Chen HC
944 - 949 Adsorption characteristics of reactive dyes in columns of activated carbon
Al-Degs YS, Khraisheh MAM, Allen SJ, Ahmad MN
950 - 954 The characteristics and mechanisms of pyridine biodegradation by Streptomyces sp.
Li JW, Cai WJ, Cai JJ
955 - 960 Stabilization of chromium-bearing electroplating sludge with MSWI fly ash-based Friedel matrices
Qian GR, Yang XY, Dong SX, Zhou JZ, Sun Y, Xu YF, Liu Q
961 - 966 Performance of carbon aerogels particle electrodes for the aqueous phase electro-catalytic oxidation of simulated phenol wastewaters
Lv GF, Wu DC, Fu RW
967 - 973 Chemistry of fly ash and cyclone ash leachate from waste materials and effects of ash leachates on bacterial growth, nitrogen-transformation activity, and metal accumulation
Takeuchi M, Kawahata H, Gupta LP, Itouga M, Sakakibara H, Ohta H, Komai T, Ono Y
974 - 979 Synthesis and dichromate anion sorption of silica gel-immobilized calix[4]arenes
Bozkurt S, Kocabas E, Durmaz M, Yilmaz M, Sirit A
980 - 986 Detoxification of cathode ray tube glass by self-propagating process
Chen MJ, Zhang FS, Zhu JX
987 - 994 Effect of heavy metals on nitrification performance in different activated sludge processes
You SJ, Tsai YP, Huang RY
995 - 1001 Ceramsite obtained from water and wastewater sludge and its characteristics affected by Fe2O3, CaO, and MgO
Zou JL, Xu GR, Li GB
1002 - 1007 Recovery of copper and lead from waste printed circuit boards by supercritical water oxidation combined with electrokinetic process
Xiu FR, Zhang FS
1008 - 1015 Source identification of heavy metals in pastureland by multivariate analysis in NW Spain
Franco-Uria A, Lopez-Mateo C, Roca E, Fernandez-Marcos ML
1016 - 1022 Novel highly reactive and regenerable carbon/iron composites prepared from tar and hematite for the reduction of Cr(VI) contaminant
Magalhaes F, Pereira MC, Fabris JD, Bottrel SEC, Sansiviero MTC, Amaya A, Tancredi N, Lago RM
1023 - 1028 Joint effects of arsenic and cadmium on plant growth and metal bioaccumulation: A potential Cd-hyperaccumulator and As-excluder Bidens pilosa L
Sun YB, Zhou QX, Liu WT, An J, Xu ZQ, Wang L
1029 - 1039 Adsorption studies of methylene blue and phenol onto vetiver roots activated carbon prepared by chemical activation
Altenor S, Carene B, Emmanuel E, Lambert J, Ehrhardt JJ, Gaspard S
1040 - 1048 The effect of carbon source on the biological reduction of ionic mercury
Oehmen A, Fradinho J, Serra S, Carvalho G, Capelo JL, Velizarov S, Crespo JG, Reis MAM
1049 - 1055 Cold-induced aggregation microextraction based on ionic liquids and fiber optic-linear array detection spectrophotometry of cobalt in water samples
Gharehbaghi M, Shemirani F, Farahani MD
1056 - 1061 Preparation and catalytic activities of LaFeO3 and Fe2O3 for HMX thermal decomposition
Wei ZX, Xu YQ, Liu HY, Hu CW
1062 - 1067 Cr(III)/Cr(VI) speciation determination of chromium in water samples by luminescence quenching of quercetin
Hosseini MS, Belador F
1068 - 1073 Mitigation of TNT and Destex explosion effects using water mist
Willauer HD, Ananth R, Farley JP, Williams FW
1074 - 1082 In vitro genotoxic and cytotoxic effects of ivermectin and its formulation ivomec (R) on Chinese hamster ovary (CHOK1) cells
Molinari G, Soloneski S, Reigosa MA, Larramendy ML
1083 - 1090 Microbial community variation and functions to excess sludge reduction in a novel gravel contact oxidation reactor
Lin S, Jin YS, Fu L, Quan C, Yang YS
1091 - 1097 Biodegradation of phenolic compounds from coking wastewater by immobilized white rot fungus Phanerochaete chrysosporium
Lu Y, Yan LH, Wang Y, Zhou SF, Fu JJ, Zhang JF
1098 - 1108 An investigation on mechanism of acid drain in heap leaching structures
Majdi A, Amini M, Chermahini AA
1109 - 1113 Evaluation of phosphate fertilizers for the stabilization of cadmium in highly contaminated soils
Thawornchaisit U, Polprasert C
1114 - 1118 Removal of BTEX vapours from waste gas streams using silica aerogels of different hydrophobicity
Standeker S, Novak Z, Knez Z
1119 - 1123 Qualitative and quantitative evolution of polyphenolic compounds during composting of an olive-mill waste-wheat straw mixture
Baddi GA, Cegarra J, Merlina G, Revel JC, Hafidi M
1124 - 1127 Determination of Orange II in food samples after cloud point extraction using mixed micelles
Pourreza N, Zareian M
1128 - 1141 The spatial-temporal distribution of the atmospheric polluting agents during the period 2000-2005 in the Urban Area of Guadalajara, Jalisco, Mexico
Sanchez HUR, Garcia MDA, Bejaran R, Guadalupe MEG, Vazquez AW, Toledano ACP, Villasenor OD
1142 - 1151 Adsorption kinetics of maxilon yellow 4GL and maxilon red GRL dyes on kaolinite
Dogan M, Karaoglu MH, Alkan M
1152 - 1158 Isolation and characterization of a novel nitrobenzene-degrading bacterium with high salinity tolerance: Micrococcus luteus
Zheng CL, Qu BC, Wang J, Zhou JT, Wang J, Lu H
1159 - 1164 Adsorption of cadmium from aqueous solutions on sulfurized activated carbon prepared from nut shells
Tajar AF, Kaghazchi T, Soleimani M
1165 - 1169 Determination of trace heavy metals in soil and sediments by atomic spectrometry following preconcentration with Schiff bases on Amberlite XAD-4
Kara D, Fisher A, Hill SJ
1170 - 1178 Two-step kinetic study on the adsorption and desorption of reactive dyes at cationic polymer/bentonite
Li Q, Yue QY, Su Y, Gao BY, Li J
1179 - 1185 Comparison of the fixation effects of heavy metals by cement rotary kiln co-processing and cement based solidification/stabilization
Zhang JL, Liu JG, Li C, Jin YY, Nie YF, Li JH
1186 - 1192 Schorl: A novel catalyst in mineral-catalyzed Fenton-like system for dyeing wastewater discoloration
Xu HY, Prasad M, Liu Y
1193 - 1199 Removal of phosphate from aqueous solution by red mud using a factorial design
Zhao Y, Wang J, Luan ZK, Peng XJ, Liang Z, Shi L
1200 - 1203 Spectrophotometric determination of mercury in water samples after cloud point extraction using nonionic surfactant Triton X-114
Niazi A, Momeni-Isfahani T, Ahmari Z
1204 - 1209 Time-correlations in the dynamics of hazardous material pipelines incidents
Sosa E, Alvarez-Ramirez J
1210 - 1214 Fe-0-based alloys for environmental remediation: Thinking outside the box
Noubactep C, Schoner A
1215 - 1218 Removing heavy metals from polluted surface water with a tannin-based flocculant agent
Heredia JB, Martin JS
1219 - 1223 A high-stability silica-clay composite: Synthesis, characterization and combination with TiO2 as a novel photocatalyst for Azo dye
Li FF, Jiang YS, Xia MS, Sun MM, Xue B, Ren XH
1224 - 1228 Combined zero-valent iron and fenton processes for the treatment of Brazilian TNT industry wastewater
Barreto-Rodrigues M, Silva FT, Paiva TCB
1229 - 1233 Pyrene degradation and detoxification in soil by a consortium of basidiomycetes isolated from compost: Role of laccases and peroxidases
Anastasi A, Coppola T, Prigione V, Varese GC
1234 - 1238 Crystal and morphological phase transformation of Pb(II) to Pb(IV) in chlorinated water
Lytle DA, White C, Nadagouda MN, Worrall A
1239 - 1242 Aqueous stability of oxidized carbon nanotubes and the precipitation by salts
Peng XJ, Jia JJ, Gong XM, Luan ZK, Fan B
1243 - 1247 Photodegration of CI Reactive Red 2 by platinized titanium dioxide
Kuo CY, Lin HY
1248 - 1252 Explosion characteristics of LPG-air mixtures in closed vessels
Razus D, Brinzea V, Mitu M, Oancea D
1253 - 1257 Novel synthesis of methoxymethyl benzene by electrochemical coupling reaction of toluene with methanol in ionic liquid media
Chen FT, Wang B, Ma HZ
1258 - 1260 Synergistic effect of catalyst for oxidation removal of toluene
Zhu T, Li J, Liang WJ, Jin YQ
1261 - 1263 Comments on "Decontamination of solutions containing EDTA using metallic iron" by Gyliene O., et al. [J. Hazard. Mater. (2008)]
Noubactep C